Tuesday 30 December 2014

Crazy Girls

Every now and then you run across these types. They look basically normal and you wonder how come they're single - then they open their mouth and you realize it instantly. They're very, very common in the internet dating scene. These are the "open her mouth and bitch about everything on the first date" girls.

I had a mate last night try to hook me up with one of these. He invited me over, I'm in the kitchen dropping some beer in the fridge, he comes around the corner: "This one's tatted and has a nose-ring. You'll be in with a grin."

I'm instantly on my guard. Crazy chicks always come with very good warning-signs - over the years I've had enough experience to learn about 'em. Tats and a nose-ring is Defcon 3. Round the corner to the group with a beer and there she is:

Legs tatted (lots).

Arms tatted (lots).

Shoulders tatted (lots).


On the good side though:

Long hair.

Cute face (unfortunately marred by that nose-ring).

Then she opened her mouth.

It has been a while since I have been subjected to such a barrage of bitching, whinging, whining, man-bashing bullshit. Within 2 minutes I was thinking "definitely unfuckable".

Girls. If your life is so pathetic that you have to indulge in this crap, there's knives in the kitchen. Get one. Get a sharpie marker, go mark a dotted line along the middle of the wrist. Do the other wrist as well. Good, now there's no excuse to fuck things up. Cut along dotted lines.

While I do thank my mate for thinking of me, please, don't be thinking of me again. Or come up with a far better quality of girl.

X Is My Life

We've all heard it in our time. It could be anything.

"Surfing is my life!"

"Jogging is my life!"

"Dancing is my life!"

Which immediately makes me think: "You have a pretty crap life."

These things are luxuries, enhancements to life. They are fun, on the side, not the all-consuming central "need" that these crazy cunts make it out to be.

"My children are my life!"

"Family is my life!"

I could almost get behind these - except that we know what a crock of fucking shit it is. Women have been known to mistreat and kill their own children when they get into relationships where the new man doesn't dig the kids. And they've certainly stepped out and had some strange cock outside their family/husband life.

The only thing that is "her life" is doing her crazy best to cram her cunt.

Here's the real secret: if she makes a living at it, then it's her life. She sure as fuck won't be proclaiming to all and sundry "X is my life!" Because it's just a fuckin' job that supports her life.

This Public Service Announcement brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ and Black Poison Soul. Also too much hanging around crazy cunts who declared way too often: "Dancing is my life!"

Monday 29 December 2014

Brains to Mush

Recently I had the misfortune of being at a friend's house and being effectively forced to watch some of the so-called "comedy family" movies garbage that comes out of Holly-Shit-Wood.

In this case it was one of the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. (#2 I believe. I can't be arsed finding out for certain. I don't want to know how many crappy sequels there are.)

Picture this. Three adults watching a kids movie on daytime TV - brains switched off. Out of self-defense, actually.

(There are times when I'm just too damn polite for my own fuckin' good. Times when you can't really say "fuck this crap, I'm heading home". Though in retrospect, I should've - if we have that little to talk about when together then perhaps we should just be acquaintances.)

I could feel my fuckin' brain turning to mush.

Friday 26 December 2014

We Get What We Deserve

Merry Fuckin' Christmas. I'm so gonna burn for this one. On an express elevator goin' straight down to hell.

So lets get one thing straight. About everything. We get what we deserve.

Friends. Enemies. Acquaintances. Work. War. Peace.



Life on the whole.

So here we men are, out here, having a whinge about how there's only crap women to be had.

So here the women are, out here, having a whinge about how there's only crap men to be had.

I get feeling that all this fucking bullshit would be done with, finished, gone, over. Within five years. If us men actually started acting as though we had a dick in our pants.

It's easier to complain on the internet.

It's easier to sit at the bar and sip on our exquisitely micro-brewed craft beer.

And fuckin' whinge.

Women don't have a fucking clue what they want. And us men - well, we have no fucking clue what women want. The reason: they only tell us the nice, socially-acceptable shit. And we listen 'cause there's nobody else to tell us. Even to teach us by example.

Here's a radical theory for ya. World War I and II killed off an appreciable fraction of men.

Yes, men. Not the pussies of the modern generations. Men.

Not the "I never knew my father" crying to the psychoanalyst generation. Men.

I look back on the generations of my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather. They were men. They did shit. They knew how to do shit. They didn't question it, they didn't get all angsty about it, they didn't pussy out and say "oh I'm afraid of trying" it, et fucking cetera. They dug in and fucking did it, even if they sucked at it. They were men.

They weren't soft like us.

Take that as you may. Just think about it though.

We already know that women want to be dominated by their man. They don't really want to be a ball-breaking slut.

So I wonder where that idea came from.

No, wait. I think I can guess. "A goil wit moxie." Ah, good old criminal days, immortalized forevermore.

Tastes like liquid pain.

Gentlemen, we seem to have bred for liquid pain. After all - that's what we go for. So we get it. And more of it, as we like it, protestations au contraire.

Hey. If a girl wants to get some action, she'll do what it takes. We let 'em go for it. We didn't say anything even close to resembling: "Stop."

We didn't say it, let alone shout it.

We like our liquid pain.

So here we are. An endless, joyless, sweating intertwining of bodies. An inane, meaningless copulation eternal. A twisted and passionless nothingness - where we attempt to hurt each other and ourselves to feed the bottomless void within.

Another drink? Go ahead.

Another drug? Go ahead.

Another girl? Go ahead.

Have another cigarette. It brings you one day closer to death? Have two then.

Have a couple of donuts. No, seriously. Yes, that white sugar is pure death. Go on, slug down a dozen.

I have some questions for you.

Do you actually have any passion inside you?

(Other than for the next chick you want to fuck - of course, it's "I want to be elsewhere" once you're done busting a nut into her.)

Do your friends actually have any passion inside them?

Do you know anybody who has any passion inside them?

The vast majority of people don't.

Their lives are an endless treadmill. Eat. Work. Fuck. Sleep. Eat. Work. Fuck. Sleep.

Eat work fuck sleep.


Oh sure, little flecks of momentary pleasure. Holidays. Time with friends. Partying. Fucking another chick. Between bouts of tedium.


Now it's the weekend.

Repeat cycle.

99% of humanity could be wiped out in some great catastrophe.

History could look back and scream: "Oh my God! 99% of humanity was wiped out in X catastrophe!"

Name them.

Go on. Name them. Name the dead.

"But. That's 99% of 7 billion people!"

Yes. There'd be about 70 million people left. Name the dead.

"But. My God. That's a terrible loss of life!"

You can't even name the dead. Seriously, stop the crocodile tears. The bullshit. The idiocy.

6.93 billion people could die and you would literally not give a flying fuck. At the most, it would simply make your life harder.

No more fuckin' iPods.

Seriously, it's to fuckin' laugh. 99% of people dead, 6.93 billion bodies to bury, and the survivors miss their latest iPod gadget from Apple manufactured by slave-labor in China.

The next generation iCrap was gonna read your emotions, play appropriate music. Fuck. That ain't never gonna be developed now.

You need a sense of the ridiculous to truly appreciate this.

No strength, no passion, no life, no soul. More importantly: no fuckin' iPods.

Just people endlessly, joylessly, breeding.

Because we don't know what joy is. All we know is the taste of pain.

We complain that women are hedonistic sluts. Strange that. Aren't we men the same? After all, we just bust a nut in some random and then head out the door quick-smart. Send that text, specifically so that she replies with a text along the lines of: "Wow that was awesome!" Kaching! Safe again! No false rape allegation from this one!

Then the next, the next, the next. Another endless cycle around the washing-machine.

We don't care what they are like. So long as their physical beauty is good, everything's good. They got three holes to receive in, They drop out some insanity, we drop them and find another one. They got no personality - well, we didn't select for that. Eventually they bore us. Drop them and find another one.

We get what we want. We get what we deserve.

We don't know what a good woman would be. Neither do they.

Turn the mincer handle once more. Grind it up a little finer. Everything's the same, when it's ground down to a paste. Wrap it in a plastic skin, put it on the skillet, toast it a little - have a bite - chew it down for a bit - then finally, spit it out and throw it away.

Everything's the same when you're the same. Just another guy, looking to bust his nut into the nearest available hole. Here, this one's making itself available for you. Go ahead. Fill your boots. Or more accurately - fill her holes. The more the merrier.

Gangbangs! Bukakke! Mooore cooooock!

Is there a difference between you and her?


You could train her to become a "good woman". If you wanted to.

She'd soon stop her insanity if she realized that the true man of her dreams, the true life of her dreams, required her to actually shape up.

Same goes for you.

Oh dear, this sounds like another "man up" article. Perhaps it is.

And perhaps the truth fuckin' hurts too much for us pussies to accept it.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

The Three Musketeers

With all this race-riot crap going on over the media-frenzy regarding the Ferguson Police (in America, for us poor benighted New Zealanders). Here is the perfect retort to the fucking bullshit:
Preach it!

Sunday 21 December 2014

Men Are Becoming The More Cautious Sex

Ironically, it was Judgy Bitch who caused this post to come together. It was caused by observations regarding her publisher:

A Man Decides Feminists Can Ruin Him And Wisely Opts To Not Engage

Yes indeed. It is irony in the extreme. We men have noted many times that Feminism hurts women - and here is a prime example. A woman author who has had her publisher effectively say after a year of back-and-forth work on her novel: "Thanks, I don't wanna touch it with a bargepole. Good luck."

I get the impression, reading between the lines, that it was a shock to her. This is the fruits of feminism. Destruction of potential good - for both sexes - via proxy fear.
Another contributing factor was this situation. Never allow women into your man-space. They delight in fucking it up.
So here is where we look back through history.

In the old-old days, a woman was the one who had to be cautious. Get knocked up and *kapow* if she was lucky her family would "adopt" the child and keep her on. If she was unlucky - disownment and starvation for her and her child was not unusual. Women *had* to be cautious. Men could go rambling around as they chose.

Fast-forward to today.

"Baby, lets fuck! I'm preggers! So what, the government will help us pay for it! Wait, where'd you go? Well. I now have a baby. Hey government! Help me here, I'm a brave and battling and heroic single mommy!!! Oooooo there's another good-looking boy - rawdog me again!!! I'm preggers!!!"

'Round and 'round and 'round in ever-decreasing circles. Until they spiral up their own cunt and look out at the world while sucking their thumbs uselessly and blubbering to get some sympathy. Yeah she's the real victim here.

In addition: women's (Feminists) hatred is now firmly focused upon men. It almost appears that any reason - or none! - is enough for a woman to scold a man, and the rest of them will dogpile onto it out of sheer reflex. Result: the man is crushed under social bullshit, his reputation (and his life, in the form of his enjoyment and perhaps even his work) shredded to tatters.

"Butbutbut - why would women do this?"

Dunno. Why do women make false rape allegations? Why did fatties start screaming for the blood of the CEO of the company that makes yoga pants? Why didn't they just go and lose some weight? Why do women now do their damnedest to get preggers? Why is it bad-boys she gets wet for? Why do 50% (actually closer to 80%) of marriages end in divorce? Why do women want to invade every bit of male space? Why do women want to change men? Why ... why ... why ... ?

It's complicated. So fucked if I know. All I know is that it looks like there's two ways a man can go to protect himself in the end:

1/ Be a thug. You're gonna do time, but face it, your life is already screwed up. What the fuck, you'll still get to root some slut-whore who looks better than the damn fatties. And she can't suck your wallet dry when it's already empty and you're in jail.

2/ Be a prudent and cautious man - who avoids women and their shit. You get your own place. You get your own stuff. You do your own thing. You don't have some used-up slut-whore who has "changed" - or some fattie - sucking your wallet and life dry.

Or you can do the same crap that all those poor bastards who get reamed in the divorce-courts do: put a ring on that fat slut's finger. Good luck, you got a 50-80% chance of getting reamed and enslaved for life.

Is there a real wonder that men are becoming more cautious? Is there a real wonder that women are throwing caution to the winds?

Never Allow Women Into Your Man-Space

Specifically and especially, involving hunting and games. (I can see women going: "Oooooo BPS plays games! What a looooooser!" Yes cunt, fucking deal with it. Geocaching is a good excuse to get the fuck out of the house. What do you do to stop that fat ass from getting fatter? Eat another "Uh-oh Oreo"?)

So someone I know went and shot a couple of rabbits. The guy's had guns for years, probably close to twenty or twenty-five. He mentioned the rabbit-shooting casually in mixed company.

One of the women took umbrage to that (I think she'd have taken a fuck sight more if she'd been given the chance) and started rocking off at him. Passive-aggressive "poor little bunny rabbits" blah blah whinge whine. The usual shaming fucktardisms and shit from a cunt who doesn't like what you've done.

Being a shitbag, I knew what she was pulling and said to him: "You should have taken a picture, pile of dead rabbits. Cooking pot beside it." 'Cause he hunts and camps out, eats what he shoots, etc.

Instant silence from the cunt brigade.

A little later she said: "You do know, if they're in a cage or have collars, they belong to someone and they're not supposed to be shot." He assured her that they were wild rabbits.

Yes cunt. Thank you for your passive-aggressive insinuation of his mental incapacity. It's amazing when women insinuate - even flat-out state - that men lack social acuity.

Another one was a guy bitching in a channel about someone else who does geocaching. (Look it up. Then get out there and move. Or play Ingress, the same thing without having to go hiking deep into the bush at times. Useful if you're one of those poor bastards who has massive allergies or gets eaten alive by insects.)

The guy he was bitching about does it the easy way: with a helicopter. To be fair the bitched-about guy is old, so hey - but the man needed to vent, so go ahead and let him vent. It's not hurting anyone.

Some silly cunt comes out of nowhere and rocks out with: "Right XXX for fuck sake it's only a game, get over yourself. If you don't like how they play don't play at all!"

This is some useless cunt who just hangs around, does nothing. Rocking off at someone who takes his exercise-fun very seriously on a daily basis. Especially now that it's summertime here in New Zealand.

He was pissed. Did he rock off back at her? No - sadly, he was too polite ("po-faced fat useless cunt" would have been a good description of this ho). He simply said: "indeed. have fun. later." And permanently left.

So we have this fat, po-faced, useless cunt hanging around in a men's space. Men who go around hiking through bush for a couple of days, camping out, hunting, climbing fucking cliff faces even. To do their fun. And a fat, po-face, useless hanger-on cunt thinks she can just rock off at him whenever she doesn't approve of his attitude/behavior/whatever.

Destroying the enjoyment and camaraderie of ALL the guys who enjoy that game/sport.

Your cunt is toast, bitch.

THIS is why you never, never, never allow women into your male-only space. Or games. Or enthusiasms. Or whatever.

Don't even let them know what you do for fun. They'll take a passive-aggressive little snipe at it. Or make some demeaning remark. Anything insinuating, to cut you down, make your fun a little less enjoyable than it is for you.

They can't stand it that you're able to have fun without them. And they're too fucking useless to try it for themselves, join you in your fun. It's vastly easier for the majority of them to destroy others than to join in or create.

Saturday 20 December 2014

You Are A Utility To Single Mommies

At least, in her mind - and the mind of all weak-minded mangina's.

Your choice if you want to be a slave.

I'm not sorry. Neither should you be.

Damaged Women

After some vague thinking, I have come to a realization about women and marriage. It's not really that hard for a woman to get married. Seriously.

If she isn't married by the time she hits 30 years old? There is something very wrong with her that prevents marriage.

It might be debt. I've seen this. No sensible man wants to take on enough debt to pay a house mortgage off.

It might be health. I've seen this. No sensible man wants to try going out with someone who can't enjoy going out (gluten intolerance, picky eater, obsessing over her weight, etc).

Chances are vastly higher that it's something whacked in her head though.

So if she's had "a few" boyfriends, and none have wifed her up as yet, then it's a pretty good indication that she's unmarriageable. Shades of the old days, when an 18yo girl was considered a spinster who was unmarriageable.

On the whole it doesn't take much to turn any halfway-sensible guy off a girl. Some examples:

Constantly snippy.

Half-assed wishy-washy.

Always picking fights.

Using you (say, for expensive dinner dates - or just as a handy living dildo).

"Where are all the good men?" Nah, forget it. You're not marriage material, you spoiled and retarded and crazy cunt.

Female Disrespect Starts Early

Getting towards Christmas, I occasionally think back on previous women from around this time of year. One especially comes to mind. Only average looks, face a 6 or so (6.5-7 when made up) - she acted like my dick was her God.

Quick background: Indian (not Amerindian), very dark-skinned (basically black), Christian. Sucked dick like a pro on the first meet - yeah not *that* good a Christian - and horny as fuck. Very much enjoyed sex. Enjoyed the usual sexual shenanigans in the bedroom. Taking naked pictures of her was a huge turn-on for her.

She even once confessed that she'd always dreamed of having a white cock. Yes, in as many words - I should have taken that as the warning-sign it was. Younger and more naive back then.

So. She sends a picture a bit before Christmas: her and her niece, about 9-10 years old. The niece is giving the finger.

What the fuck?

This little girl is giving the camera the finger. Neither the girl (instantly demoted from "my woman" to "the girl") nor the photographer (her sister) thought that was odd. Both thought it was perfectly fine to send that photo on to her man-friend.

I'll admit to being actually glad of receiving it. Three glaring red flags in one picture, telling me about the entire family. Parents, siblings, children. Everything that you would ever need to know.

My response: "Interesting. Not amused by the kid giving the finger. Find yourself another man."

(Keep in mind that this was a couple years ago - nowadays I'd just block. I've seen enough of this shit to have no interest in it. Nor am I interested in telling them why. Fuck'm, I'm not here to save some retarded whore from herself. Plus there's always another one out there, if I can be bothered picking it up off the table.)

So yes, I blocked her. Not interested in having a ton of excuses and whining and shit shoveled into my ears and down my throat. When someone shows such obvious disrespect and bad manners, when someone shows so blatantly their family values, take it as the pure gift that it is.

Merry Christmas you fucking crazy cunt!

That said, I will enjoy a quiet Christmas this year with my parents and brother. It will be very relaxing. I will not have to cater to someone who deep-down doesn't respect me. If it's not pissing down rain, I will probably include a walk down the beach and up a local mountain.

So for my readers: ignore the frantic marketing hype, ignore the shrill stupidities of women, and enjoy your Christmas for the relaxing holiday that it is. You are free.

Friday 19 December 2014

Men Are Walking Dildos

This is the attitude of most women these days: men are walking dildos. Good only for sex and sucking the money out of, put them up on a shelf when done. She's either sucking your dick or sucking your wallet (or time) away from you.

Actually this is not a modern or new phenomenon of female thought. I ran across it first about 20 years ago. At the time I got exceptionally pissed off and walked away from that crazy cunt.

Later she came back to me. Being a weakling at the time, I let it happen for a couple of weeks - then walked away again. The stink of being used as a sex-toy was still there. She wasn't gonna change.

Later still, she attempted to come back to me one more time. Nah. I wasn't interested, wasn't buying it. I didn't even bother to get close enough to smell if that stink still accompanied her.

I suppose that that was the time I first really, consciously, deliberately acted like a so-called "alpha" male. Or at least, like a man with options.

Have occasionally run across her in town (kinda hard not to - it's not a city). The goo-goo still seems to be strong within her.

Shit on it, still not buying it.

So yeah. The prevailing attitude is: "you are a cock or a wallet". When it comes across even sub-rosa during an interaction with a woman, it shines through (or smells through, whichever analogy you prefer).

Both my cock and wallet are firmly in my pants and under my control. Are yours?

But I Want A Man

The group chatalong on a Friday. Eventually it happens, something along the lines of this.

Her: I want a man in my life.

Me: You don't need a man.

Her: What? But I want a man!

Me: No you don't. Anyway, nobody wants marriage now. Marriage is a crock for women, so men shouldn't oppress you with marriage.

...at this point she's practically incoherent even though my logic isn't that great...

Me: Relax. You don't want to be hanging around somebody 24/7 who is gonna get possessive and clingy and creepy shit like that.

Her: But I want a man! I want babies!

Me: If you want a kid, go pick a random guy up at a bar and get preggers from him. The government will pay for you and it. (I said similar to another chick about a year and a half ago. Still laughable.)

...there was a few more rounds of this - because she couldn't admit out loud that she actually wants a man to sponge off of, rather than working hand-to-mouth until her death with government assistance along the way - followed by...

Me: Forget it, you don't want to get oppressed. Women told men that they don't want men - Feminism realized it and all you girls said "yep! you go girl!" Women don't need men, especially marriage, so we do our own stuff and leave you to yours. It's cleaner.

Her: But I want to have a man! (She's actually tearing up by this point. Almost made me sorry - for about a second.)

Me: Shit sweetheart. Only a real bastard who hates women will drag them into an oppressive situation like marriage. Shit, think about. So this is just a passing thing, eh.

...she basically dribbled into silence after that. The other girl at the table shot me eye-daggers. I simply shrugged. After all what can you say.

I'm actually kinda surprised though. I don't normally tie them up in knots like that - was very much on-form for once.

Notice Women Noticing You

So I spend most of lunchtime walking around, basically doing blocks for exercise (and to help sort out a bad knee - "use it or lose it"). The good thing is that it gives you a chance to do some people-watching. Most especially it is interesting, watching people watch you.

So lunchtime, I noticed two women noticing me.

One gave me a sidelong look and licked her lips. Very noticeable and totally not subtle. She looked like she was ready to jump my bones instantly - lunchtime sex seemed to be on her mind.

Another had the wide-eyed deerstruck look on looking at me, mouth dropped open. (Just right for playa to insert cock? Hah!) That was was staring, outright drooling on me. At least, until I winked at her and passed by. I didn't bother looking back to see her reaction.

These are just the most noticeable of those that I notice. There are probably others who are more surreptitious in their ogling. We men are terrible at noticing when a woman is interested in us - though I can point it out quite accurately to a friend when a woman is interested in him.

Funny, life.

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Single Mothers Are Failures

For this I define a "single mother" as both a single mommy or divorced.

I except only one situation: a woman who was genuinely widowed through no fault of her own. (If she stressed him to the point where he killed himself - either deliberately or via accident, such as careless driving - she is not a widower, she is a murderer.)

So. Single mothers are failures. Failures in that:

  • They failed to provide a nurturing environment for their family (divorce)
  • They failed to provide a home for their husband (divorce)
  • They failed to consider anyone other than themselves (divorce)
  • They failed to consider the consequences of their actions (single mommies)
  • They failed to control themselves (single mommies)
  • They failed spectacularly in life as a whole (crazy cat ladies)
All of these things - and more - are supreme indications of the laziness, patheticness, selfishness, and general failure at life itself of the woman involved.

Fuck'm and chuck'm. That's all they're worth, all they ever were worth, all they ever will be worth.

No One Loves A Muslim

So, preliminary media crapola regarding the Sydney hostage drama with Islamic extremists:

  • Guy was a known rapist (40+ women to his score)
  • Out on bail
  • Murdered his wife
  • His accomplice is out on bail
Now, to take this at full face value. What part of "refugee trash" do the leftist motherfuckers not understand?

But no! It is better for them to wring their hands and say things like: "The poor man, he's had such a hard life..."

Sunday 14 December 2014

Too Many Fucking Pussies

Over on RoK, someone claims that the Social Justice Warriors are now attempting to "take over the Metal Music" scene. It's probably worth reading for background context.

My thoughts (posted there as a comment):
Right at the beginning: you're looking at it wrong. The Red Pill is not about "growing our numbers and gaining sympathizers". That is the thinking of females and manginas. Herdthink! We know exactly how that went, with "A Voice For Manginas". Just another bunch of pussies: "I never knew my father!" And cue the crying in their pussy exquisitely-brewed craft-beer bullshit. 
The Red Pill is exposing the truth for whichever poor sonofabitch is currently lost, in a haze, and trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with his life. Once he's got that he can start the process of getting his shit together and deciding what to do next. 
Sympathizers, fuck. Sympathy is for teh wimminz and manginas going "oh you poor little victim". Nobody "sympathizes" with men, they just kick us up the arse and tell us to fucking deal with it. Sympathy is only for professional victims. 
Now go out there and kick the pieces-of-shit SJW's out of your Man Place, whatever it is. That's what happened with GamerGate.
This kind of bullshit makes me even less interested in the so-called ManoSphere and it's billion acronyms and shortcuts and vagina-pandering. In addition to turning into a crying board a lot of it is just fucking weird. For starters: way too many fucking pussies.

The New "Soul-Mate"

Partners In Crime.

Because hey, a soul-mate sounds all so fru-fru happy-dappy fairies and unicorns shitting rainbows silliness from the flower-power sixties. Far too feminine and soft for modern women.

But a PARTNER, well, that's what Feminism/Equalism is alllll about. Women are stronger, tougher, better than men. Dress in that power-outfit and CRUSH the world, girl! We don't need no stinking men!!


Never mind that I've never seen any "strong, independent women" anywhere.

"You go girrrl!" One slightly disparaging comment later: "WAAAAAAHHHHH!!! You are poopy-mean!" And she goes to sob in the fuckin' corner.

Then team-vagina (including male vagina) goes all-in to scold you into submission.


All the strength and independence of a chunk of toilet-paper that's been pissed on.

Friday 12 December 2014

The Only Male Test Of A Woman

"Can this woman think of her long-term future instead of her current desires?"

If you're fucking her - she failed. If you're fucking her real fast upon meeting - she really failed.

The "women" of these days fail this basic test from a man at high velocity (terminal velocity? heheheh).

The slutty women have always been with us. They've always survived. They've always procreated. And in my opinion, they've always dropped into the depths of the lower stratum of society: the poor. The really worthless types probably end up as low-end prostitutes. ("Gol-darnit, Mr Lamarr, you use that tongue prettier than a twenty-dollar whore." Blazing Saddles.)

Part of what's causing the breakdown of our society is this: slutty women are attempting to convince everyone that they are "normal" and that it's "natural". Which for them, it definitely is both normal and natural. Because they're the low-end trash of society with zero chance of becoming the high-end class of society.

So the women who would normally be more prudent think: "Oh. I must be abnormal." Their defenses get scrapped (because of herd-pressure, aka peer-pressure) and they open up to acting like sluts. Very quickly becoming actual sluts - because the whole process of acting like a slut really screws you up. You might liken it to the habituating factor of a drug.

So the men who would normally be more prudent think: "Oh. I must be abnormal." Plus they get damned horny from lack of sex. Then they put a ring on that slut.

Wednesday 10 December 2014

White Knight Is Not Ready For Reality

A hardcore geek guy that I know recounted a little story, of how a couple of girls got him to protect them from some "creepy stalkerish guy" in the wee hours of the morning.

It was 1am (huh!), the girls were drunk (ah!) in the middle of the week (how classy!). After the stalkerish guy had moved on the geek took the girls back to their home in his car.

What a nice guy.
I didn't bother to try to explain his idiocy. Some people are simply not ready for reality yet.

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Watching the SMP

Once you "take the Red Pill" as such, you start watching the SMP. It can be quite amusing, especially watching eye-movements and body-language.

Situation: Walking down a steep hill behind a group of three girls.

One of the girls was constantly sneaking peeks in my direction (I was above the group).

A man running up the hill, training. As he passed the three he shot them a very obvious side-glance.

No overt response from the group, however they did become more animated ("vivacious" is a better word). You know how it is: when a group of women become the center of attention and they're enjoying it, they become more lively and louder (thus seeking more attention).

It's interesting, seeing things from a meta-perspective. At any rate, despite being interested in me that girl didn't approach. Fairly typical female behavior.

I prefer it when she approaches me. In my experience it's always the best.

Monday 1 December 2014

Anonymous Rape Accusations

Over on Return Of Kings, it seems that the feminists have changed the stats on rape once more - plus it's now going mainstream to accuse someone anonymously:

Are Our Fears About Anonymous Rape Accusations Coming True

So here is my counter-retort to that (put up there as a commentary):
Predicted the decrease in rape-statistic hysteria a while back. Soon it will be 1 in 2, then "all men are rapists". (BPS: like here and here.) 
Look at a girl: "He looked at me. Now I feel violated. Eye-raaaaype!" 
Spank your girl's ass, all her frenemies will scream: "Raaaaype!" 
Give her the best sex she's had in her life, leave her walking funny, huge smile on her face and gushing submissiveness, break up with her six months later: "Raaaaype!" 
This hysteria bullshit has long-past overridden the "innocent until proven guilty" maxim to "always fucking guilty if you're a man". It is long past time that it was reversed: "You cry rape? Proof or it didn't happen. Until you have that proof, shut your mouth." Then enforce that with serious penalties for perjury and false accusation, plus charge them for wasting the time of the courts. 
To deal with this and similar problems, I have a modest proposal for all men to follow. It uses the old adage of: "The best defense is a good offense." 
When she cries "rape". He then cries "child abuse" and "child neglect" and "child molestation". Allow it to be anonymous also. Show them that the street of anonymous accusations goes both ways. Up the ante, turn the dial to eleven, accuse them ALL. 
All these whores of single mommies are suddenly hit in their most vulnerable spots: their reputations and wallets. Suddenly their only "pwecious bubsy-wubsy" child is being taken away from them as a protective measure "for the sake of the child" - and much of their social-circle reputation is stripped away from them into the bargain. Just imagine the glee of their frenemies to that! 
All the welfare mommies and crackwhores suddenly lose their daddy-state-sponsored child-support cheque. For extra fun the government departments responsible for handling and processing said children will have a glut of work, be overwhelmed. 
A further thought. A man might want to add "child sex trafficking" for an extra twist of the knife - and insta-speed on the part of the police. Make them do some extra work as well, chasing something more significant than somebody in possession of 1/10th of an ounce of marijuana.
This is something that seriously does need to be put into practice. Show women that despite the bias of the "feminized family courts" there are some things which they cannot squirm their way out of. Show them that there are points beyond which even they dare not step.

Hell, it's not even physical violence that's occurring in retaliation. It's Black Knighting to the nth power: using their own system of (in)justice against them.

Now you will know what it feels like to be hoist on your own petard.

Friday 28 November 2014

Selfishly Clueless About Men

For some reason it never ceases to amaze me: the clueless, selfish, self-centered narcissism of women.

Her: You're just angry!

Me: ... (if a look of utter contempt could kill)

Utterly and willfully clueless about men.

Women say (smugly) that men have no clue about women. Wrong. We're finding out about it on a daily basis. Thus blogs like this small one, detailing our explorations and findings. The map of women is slowly - with great resistance from our conditioning - being filled in.

The reality is that women have no clue about men. They don't care to. They haven't the attention-span, beyond their dippy little world of babies and puppies and rainbows and OMG HE'S SO FUCKING HOT MY VAGINA JUST IMPLODED FUCK ME HARDER PLEASE YES IN MY ASS TOO LET ME SUCK YOU CLEAN NOW LETS DO IT AGAIN FUCK THAT HURTS SO GOOD BEAT ME MORE I LOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!
Yes, all women are like that. Even the so-called "good Christian" ones. Even yo mama. The map don't look pretty, aye.

You can tell what women think of men simply by the way they react to men's anger. It frightens them so they attempt to shame it out of existence.

Utterly self-centered and clueless.

Now, if a woman gets angry - WHOA! What's wrong girl? What happened? What's the reason? Oh you poor dear! What an asshole/bitch! Dribble, drool, drivel.

A man gets angry: You're just angry! (Subtext: Shame on you, you should just control yourself! Sub-subtext: How pathetic!)

Don't give a shit why. Don't give a damn about understanding it. Can't be bothered. So it's from this that you realize, without a shadow of doubt, that women think of men in only one way: as subhuman.

Me: Thank you for your complete lack of interest in what I might be angry about.

I wish that I'd had the nouse at the time to add "how socially adept of you" to that. Not perfect though, and certainly don't have completely unshakable poise at all times.

Wednesday 26 November 2014

I Love You

When she says it often and early: "I love you."

This is akin to Love Bombing and often used by cultists with fresh recruits - who tend to be lonely and isolated, those most vulnerable to this technique.

Another variation is: "I think I'm falling in love with you."

Yes indeed, you are. Madly, crazily in love with me. Gaspingly, frantically, lustfully in love with me. To the borderline of utter silliness.

Saying it to an MGTOW is amusing, at the least. It certainly puts the more experienced male on his guard - whether MGTOW or PUA or otherwise.

It's just another cynical and selfish manipulation by a woman to entrap a man into giving her what she wants.

Which is why some PUAs will use it in return on women. It's simply another weapon in the arsenal to encourage her to part her legs for you.

Women use it on Men, Men use it on Women. Thus the cycle of cynicism and manipulation goes round and round, escalating each time, a vicious exploitation that violates the social construct of mutual civility.

Implosion will occur eventually.

She Wants To Be Uninteresting

That's what it seems like. She wants to be less interesting - in fact downright repulsive - to men than ever before.

It's almost like this is a contest between women. Who can be both the most sluttiest looks-wise and at the same time most repulsive to men personality-wise in one. Bonus points for the number of cocks she can part her legs for despite the repulsiveness - preferably at the same time.

Then she can go to the other girls in the morning and crow: "I won!"

Yes indeed girl, you won. Here's your prize: an incurable STD that makes you sterile, Type II Diabetes, knee and hip replacements by the time you're thirty, multiple hymenoplasty through your years, daily kegel exercises just to maintain a slightly elastic pussy, quintiple bypass, and your seventh cat to celebrate the beginning of your mid-life crisis at 31 years of age.
What do you mean, you don't want any of those things. The prize isn't optional.

The Eternal Paean Of The Entitled Feminist Twat

Her: Don't judge me, you can't handle half of what I've dealt with.
This is truth: I have no desire to be gangbanged by a football team or drowned in have her skin softened by jizz at a bukkake party. More cock! Of course she doesn't want to be judged. Someone who got her beginner n-count into the mid-double-figures in a single night when she was 18-19 is deathly afraid of being judged.
Her: There's a reason I do what I do, there's a reason I am what I am.
This is also truth: the reason is entitled cuntism masquerading as the so-called Feminine Mystique. Also dribbling double-standards used as an excuse to hide sluttiness and frothing insanity.

Science says that semen in a woman - whichever oriface - has a settling effect on her hormones. That it seems to trigger something in her own hormones. New semen also seems to make her itch or smell bad while her body adjusts to it: something that all men should keep a nose out for, along with her suddenly demanding the use of condoms (hint: another cock is in that pussy).
Imagine how unsettled modern women's hormones are with a different guy rawdogging her two or three nights a week. Or being rawdogged by a different guy every night of the week.
Yes indeed, it is eight miles wide. Further, every sensible man is extremely happy to put a ring on it - in the form of a bullseye around your asshole. Do you want me to tie you face-down and lube that up for you, or can you handle a dry corn-holing with no problems?

Oh, you've taken horse-cock up the ass? No problems babe, dry it is.

Enjoy the subtext of her being stronger and better than you ever can or will be.

A Means To An End

Women view men as a means to an end. For them, the end is simple: to support her in the manner to which she wishes to become accustomed.

Long ago, I had a woman I was fucking actually say those exact words to my face regarding her husband.

Men, we need to reciprocate this view in full. For us, the end is simple: to drop a fuck into her and then send her on her way.

Equality, you know.

My Heart Bleeds For Them

Or maybe not.

Ameriskank Has No Love-Life In Tokyo

Yes, totally. If I were in Tokyo, I also would not be chasing Ameriskanks.

I sure as fuck didn't waste my time chasing them when I was in Bangkok. I chased an Asian girl.

Desperately Unattractive Clinginess

Once a woman has hit the wall - or fucked up with a man big-time and wants him back - she'll become desperately, possessively clingy towards him. Any man involved in this situation becomes an obsession, a craving. (Yeah, when she says she's absolutely craving you, it's a weird sensation.)

This behavior exhibited by a man is extremely repulsive to a woman. Ironically they're too stupid to realize that this behavior also puts men off. So when they start exhibiting it, they get all broken out of shape and turn into a blubbering mess of furious dejection because of rejection.

Nothing has more fury than a woman rejected. They basically dislike being told that they're not good enough for you.

At any rate, be prepared for obsessive behavior: constant phone calls, whining, crying, not letting you have a moment's peace, restraining orders, physical violence, screaming, blubbering, accusations of rape, etc.

It's exactly like being married to the crazy bitch, with the caveat that if you choose: you can have some fairly wild sex as you fuck her round emotionally. 'Cause this cunt is too damn crazed to be of any use for more'n fucking.

Of course, once she thinks that she really has you back (or thinks that she has you in her life) then she suddenly hates you. Hot-cold, hot-cold, hot-cold.

Bitches being desperate, be an ugly fuckin' sight.

Sweaty Selfie Time!

Ah the eternal paean of the narcissistic female twat!

So here I am, at the top of a smallish local "mountain" that I've walked up. It's not tall - only about 250m and a reasonably easy climb (about 30 degrees incline). You end up a little sweaty and panting and all, depending on your fitness level. The view of the sea and local town is great.

It's actually quite a nice place, set up with trails and stairs for the public to do exercise and what-have-you. Typically there are joggers, sprinters, rugby people training, all that sort going around and up to the top.

The view is beautiful, I'm up there enjoying it...

...until a twat (like a gaggle only stupider) of four girls comes sprinting up a trail to the top in their skimpy outfits. First thing outta their mouths at the top: "It's sweaty selfie time!"

Cue provocative poses, pouting, giggling, koo...koo...koooo... (insert extra dribbling and drooling until you get the general idea of their inane mentality)

How cute and adorable.

(That's sarcasm by the way. Just in case you feminists reading this "can't get it" through context. I know, it's real hard to convey the "tone" of sarcasm via the inter-web-things. This is my public service especially for you, 'cause it's all about you, you pathetically inane narcissistic cunts.)

After walking down again I decide to walk around. Partway around: brilliant views, ocean waves, clean fresh air -

- and one stupid blond cunt having a smoke while sitting and talking with her boyfriend. I could smell the stink literally over 50m away, before they came into sight around a corner.

The stupidity of women - of people in general - continually astounds me.

What's really surprising that I'm actually surprised any more.

I need to find some really remote locations. Just so I can enjoy them without being bothered by the stupidity of humanity. While I thought that I'd found one locally - a series of waterfalls - once I'd gotten partway I ran across some useless piece of shit's discarded vodka can. Definitely not remote enough.

Monday 24 November 2014

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Okay, yes, women are masochistic - they love some forms of pain and force and a dominant man.

(Case in point, my latest woman: I threw her on the bed and put my hand around her throat - instant giggling and croonings and submissive wetness.)

This is where we get them loving dogshit like Fifty Shades of Grey ("The Story of O" I could read - put that in your girl's hands and see what happens). Also check out this commentary by F. Roger Devlin regarding Female Masochism.

So looking back at my post regarding Feminism Expressing Endless Rage. Why does feminism express such rage?

Because they're not getting the beatings that they crave deep down inside.

So gentlemen, it behooves us to step up to the plate and give these ho's what they crave.

Throw them on the bed.

Rip their clothing off.

Spank that ass hard until they're a giggling and wet mess.

Then fuck them good.

Just remember one thing though. Don't hit them around too much. You'll never get rid of the bitch after that.

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves. And it will improve.

Thursday 20 November 2014

Feminism Expresses Endless Rage

Consider it (feminism) to be a bottomless pit of hatred and loathing.

Spewing out bile upon their designated targets.

Simply read some of the titles of their various works (if you have a strong stomach and a bank vault for a mind you can even read the books themselves). Simply look at some of the youtube clips out there (even the thought of them tires me out).

You can imagine Feminism to be a variation of hydrophobia, one which hopefully will destroy itself like any "bad" parasite or disease. Burning itself out from lack of hosts to spread it's virulence to.

Just have to wait it out. Though sadly: it will be far far too late for most of us men.

Friday 14 November 2014

Women's Games - Friday Fuckoff Edition

When a woman chases you she should know better than to play games. She started it - she has no hand - no power in the relationship - so games just get her ass turned to toast.

So here's today's game-playing cunt. Any one of these is enough to turn her ass to toast without explanation (I'm a mean-ass motherfucker):

  • being caught out lying
  • not doing what she said she would
  • getting passive-aggressive

She managed all three of these in one day. That twat is not just toast, it's deep fuckin' fried.

In addition she managed to get a creepiness badge in the same day:

  • saying "I love you" a week into a fling, which hadn't yet progressed from sexual to "relationship"
Yeah, I love you too, you creepy cunt. Now fuck off. *RADIO SILENCE*

Fucking crazy cunts these days.

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Wednesday Lunchtime - Female Bad Judgement Edition

So I'm having lunch with some people. Casual talk, yadda yadda...

This girl up and says: "I dumped my fiance to go with the man I love. I'm so happy, and so are my children."

Some more casual conversation and it comes out:

  • girl has two kids to ex-fiance
  • girl and ex-fiance had been fighting for 1½ years
  • girl went over to Sydney (unhappy) with a group of friends (no fiance)
  • girl fell in love with friend on trip (and fucked him)
  • on return from Sydney, girl left fiance to be with (new) man she loves

This is an excellent example of extreeeemely poor judgement on a girl's part. Have two kidlets to a man who she's having fights with. Yeah.

I'm betting that ex-fiance is paying child-support.

Stupid bastard "true love" man bringing up another's child.

It was all I could do to not laugh my ass off.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Validate Me - Female Entitlement Issue

Said chick is 37 years old.

Her: "Do you like younger guys?" asked by a 32 year old. I guess that makes me old. (sadface)

I didn't bother replying. Plus I know validation-bait when I see it.

A few years ago I'd have done the whole suck-up-to-her-ass weakling male thing: "Of course you're not old babe! You're perfect!" And generally massaging away the pains of a bruised ego of an older woman who should have felt complimented that a younger guy was hitting on her.

Notice how instead, she took it badly. One of those women who will take everything in the worst possible light at the slightest opportunity. And then go crying to her suckup orbiters - who come out with the dribbling act on cue.


We aren't fucking. I'm not put on this planet to cater to your bruised ego. Though I could kick it around a little more, if'n ya want.

Don't Tell Me To Smile

Vox Day reminds me with this piece, about women bitching at men :

Stop Telling Women To Smile

Three times in the last two weeks, I've had a woman turn to me completely out of the blue and say "you need to smile".

Yes, I know that this is a left-handed compliment when coming from a woman. It means that she's taken notice of you enough to open a conversation. She's hoping for you to continue it. She wants to continue it. She likes you or thinks you're cute.

If I could be arsed (two of these girls were a 6 at best, the other is a 7 secretary where I work - never fish off the company pier) I could have looked back at her and asked with a straight face: "Are you going to give me something to smile about?" (Sexy wink and smile at the end are optional.)

Since I couldn't be bothered, I left them with a simple: "I am smiling."

Indian Students Think It's Their Right To Cheat On University Exams

This one caught me totally by surprise:

BBC News: The students who feel they have the right to cheat

We all know that some forms of education are Worthless™, yet it somehow surprises me that people actually manage to get it into their head that it's a "right" to cheat. This makes even legit universities less-than-likely to be taken seriously.

Hear that, you Corporate HR Drones? Even a university degree won't mean shit soon.

Fucked-up-ism to the max.

Though I suppose it's no different to some cute student giving her teacher a blow-job for a good grade.

Monday 10 November 2014

When She Chases YOU

Okay, it's happening again. A woman chasing me.

It will happen for you also.

In my opinion this is the best way for it to be. At the least you know that she's interested in you - you can then decide if you want to pick it up or leave it on the table. You still need to keep an eye out for any warning signs that she might give off.

Chasing women - them giving hot'n'cold signs - mixed signals - jacking you around - these are all signs that she's not really that interested in you. Only half-assed interested at best. It's easy to dump them when they do that shit with you, no regrets at all. Don't even bat an eyelid if she has a little whine/paddy.

If she was truly interested in you she wouldn't do any of that bullshit.

At any rate, I will keep a close eye on the signals this one gives off. I'm half-inclined from experience to think that she's only interested in me as a meal-ticket. A lot are like that.

Friday 7 November 2014

Passive-Aggressive Cuntism

Ran into something similar to this today at lunchtime:
Women call this "the feminine mystique". I call it passive-aggressive cuntism aka jerking a guy around for shits and giggles.

Exhibit it once and I will stay away from you forever, because of the cuntish bitch that you have displayed yourself to be.

BTW the first strip is the point where I say "forget it" and walk away. No further interaction happens. That's what happens when a cunt displays her cuntishness to me.

Education Jumping The Shark Again

Of course, they're focusing on teh wimminz - the ones who are brainwashed to death with the "you can have an education/career/life/kiddies/parties" and all and all:
Edumacation. Ah haz it. Mah enzviroomental planeing an' prublum sulving letz mah figgur haw two balllance ah pensil awn mah uper lip.

I know a Canadian chick who spent a couple hundred thousand dollars getting a degree in marine biology. She moved to New Zealand to get work, to pay off the debt. Right now she's working as a secretary and is shacked up with a local computer tech guy - he makes six figures and helps pay her student loan.

Fuckin' pathetic.

Thursday 6 November 2014

Travel Whores Seeking Sugar Daddy

Here you go:
No longer will you men be associated with the stigmata of going overseas just to fuck the local (desperate) girls. Instead, you can take your very-own little travel-whore with you. The best part: after the holiday ends, the whore goes her own way.

Remember: To attract the top-quality travel-whore you must be rich, rich, rich! Warning: Don't forget to use condoms.

(Yes, I know, this phenom has been going on for a long time.)

Sluts Urged To Celebrate Party Season

Good old media rag in the main paper here in NZ:
Yes, party-sluts - kick up your heels, part your legs, and take all the bad-boys on board in large groups.

By the time you're done, your vagina too will be 8 miles wide:
Big enough to take every drop of sperm in this world.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Yohami Shows The Feminist's Entitlement Mindset

An absolutely perfect list, man. I gotta hand it to you.

Feminist Equality: Sexual Assertiveness Is Great

Of course, teh wimminz will never admit to there being any truth to this list of their two-faced bullshit. We're just limp-dicked whiny little momma's-boys for even daring to mention or think about this kind of thing.

All men are automatically guilty of hatethoughtcrime.

All men are automatically guilty of rape.

All men are automatically guilty of being sexist pigs.

All men are automatically guilty of everything - period.

In a way it's amusing to watch Feminism (and women in general) burn down the social construct which was created by women to benefit women. Along with this social construct goes the civilizational construct which was built around it by men, to help protect it and the women and children within it.

I sometimes wonder how long it will be before all men really are rapists, because civilization will be totally gone up in smoke. In the ruins, you might as well rape and pillage.

Sunday 2 November 2014

A Hundred Billion Fucking Selfies A Day

You can tell a lot about our culture by the evolution in photography.

To give some background: when my ex fucked off back to AmeriCunt to suck off her new boyfriend on a daily basis, she went off with a bunch of photographs. Amongst them: the negatives of every damn photo that I've taken in my entire life. Plus some of the photo's too - they're gone for good.

So. Not being content with stealing 10 years of my blood, sweat and diesel, she stole almost all of my pictoral life prior to her showing up. Go figure.

Now I've got these photo's that I'm about to get professionally scanned. To give you an idea of why I want it done, back then:

  • the cameras cost a few hundred dollars
  • the films cost $20-30 a roll
  • the developing and printing cost $30-40 a roll
  • it took time and attention to get a decent photo

All this done at a time when $2 was a decent feed of fish-and-chips, while $10-15 would be the equivalent of a modern $50-80 dinner on the town. So each photograph taken was $2-3 per.

Each photo was a moment deliberately taken and held for later, to trigger happy and interesting memories.

Contrast the modern shitlife specimen of narcissistic ho (both male and female) where taking a photo and uploading it to FaceCrap or InstaCunt costs a couple of microcents per.

You know the type. Mr and Mrs:

  • point-and-click-oh-it-looks-like-shit-lets-try-again
  • oh-my-it-took-ten-tries-how-hopeless-lets-put-it-up-on-facebook-and-see-how-many-likes-it-gets
  • what-photo-from-last-month-I-put-up-thousands-how-am-I-supposed-to-remember-which-one-you're-talking-about
You know those cunts. A hundred mother-fucking selfies a day. "This is me [and whoever] at [insert fancy/stylish location]."

What, you thought I was joking when I said about the Thai people getting bummed because they were not the most prolific photo-takers on InstaCunt any more?


So we have 7 billion people in this world. Assume that "only" 4 billion of them are capable of buying some form of camera, probably built into their cellphone. We will assume that half of these people are not the type to take selfies. Basically the photo's that those ones do take actually look outwards at the world, rather than inwards at themselves. (Me! Me! Me!)

That leaves 2 billion people taking selfies. Assume 50 selfies a day on average - maybe more when they're out doing something speeeeeshul (which happens at least three days a week). All that, to get 5-10 selfies that are "worthy" of putting up online. To be forgotten within 1 month.

How special.

I've looked out at the world a lot in my 48 years of life. Much of it is fucking pathetic.

Friday 31 October 2014

How We Use Technology

Says it fuckin' all.

Fatties Unite

Here's a gem: people are becoming so fat that they're updating the crash-test dummies used for testing cars to cater to the fatty brigade. I'm curious if they're taking into account that the fat forms a cushioning barrier, plus how much bouncing around these fatties will have space to do.

I can just see the new car-designs, designed to be "driven" by bowling-balls. This is probably the only reason that I can see for making driverless cars (apart from women being shit drivers). Fatties can then sit one and two in a pod, swing down a keyboard from the roof, punch in their destination - and sit back corpulently, sucking down sugar-water and munching on emergency "health" food bars.

Overall personal thoughts regarding this: fuckin' hilarious!

Bring back fat-shaming!

Pink Tit Day #2

Pinkies for a day. To support tit-cancer, which is better-supported than the research for male prostate cancer. Bleh.

I'm wearing a black suit with black shirt. For me it's Formal Friday.

It's disgusting to see all the mangina's downstairs poncing around in pink gear, to support Women's Pink Tit Day. No fucking balls, no fucking personal pride. Anything to cater to teh wimminz.

I had to go back upstairs. Zero fucking tolerance for the snippy little passive-aggressive comments from the cunt's-brigade.

Tho am tempted to go down there and start singing "Solidarity Forever", just to pull their collective fuckin' chain.

Monday 27 October 2014

Overall Not Worth The Effort

There comes a point when as a man, you finally click and learn what women are pretty-much all about.

At that point the feminine mystique is gone. At that point you realize that there really isn't anything to love about women - it was simply an illusion of the feminine mystique.

At that point you realize that women are overall not worth the effort.

This is what you're left with. You jump through hoops so you can bust a nut in her, then sorta lay there thinking that you'd rather be elsewhere now you're done. 'Cause to be honest, once you know what drives her, there's nothing to love.

You'd rather know the truth than the lie, though.

How To Create A Subnormal Male

Here's the steps:

1/ remove the father, have the child raised solely by the mother (divorce and single mommies)

2/ belittle and demonize the child (boys are stupid, throw rocks at them)

3/ prevent the child from playing properly (go to your room and be quiet)

4/ confuse the child's sexuality (I knew a woman who dressed her son as a girl)

5/ don't allow the child to indulge in curiosity (nothing intellectually stimulating available)

6/ encourage the child to express themselves (sensitive new age guy or pajamaboy)

7/ demonize the child's sexuality (punish him for his natural urges)

8/ don't allow the child to learn anything gender-specific (cars, electronics, mechanics, etc)

9/ approve of the first slut who comes the child's way (man up and marry that slut)

10/ wonder why the child's  life is such a mess and they're always having to mooch off you

 A special bonus, not in the above list:

0/ always refer to the child in gender-neutral terms (oh yes. they're very gifted)

Enjoy the beginnings of your unthinking slavery.

Friday 24 October 2014

Men Are Slaves

This is not going to be a particularly pleasant one. However, we're men. We're tough. We'll deal with it. So put on your man-pants, take a breath, try not to get too fuckin' depressed. Also: keep the fuckin' whiny-baby nit-picking to a minimum. This isn't meant to be the last fuckin' word on the subject, it's an overview cobbling together of a few ideas that just might make a bit of sense for past, present, and future.

Men are slaves. We've been conditioned to it from birth onwards. Hell, we've been bred to it over hundreds of thousands of years. The man impregnates the woman. The man protects the woman. The man provides for the woman. Men as a group shield and protect women (and children) as a group.

Like I said: bred for it. If you didn't do your part, you probably didn't breed. Unless you as a man went feral and just raped and did whatever, which is a different subject - and yes a lot of men have gone feral these days. There's also the cuckoo for an example, which is why it's said that at least 10% of children are not from the "father".

On the whole: Men built the structure of civilization - which was used to expand and protect the social structure, constructed by and ultimately benefiting women. The better social structure produced the better civilization structure.

In the old days life was nasty, brutal and short. Especially short for women. When she gets preggers her immune system changes to protect both her and the baby. Her immune system, heart, and lungs are altered - making her more susceptible to some things (like influenza and bacteria in food, raw fish for example).

Cooking was a boon not just for easier access to the nutritional and energy content of food. It killed any nasty microbes in it too. Probably at that point, life-expectancy made it's first jump.

Because for the woman things were so much tougher (life in general was so much tougher) she was heavily dependent upon the man. She had to be pleasant towards him or he'd probably just say "fuck it" and leave her in the lurch. You see that these days when you go to a hell-hole and have the girls throw themselves at you. Anything to get out of that hell-hole.

Of course, once she's out, there's nothing to stop her from saying: "I got my green card. Divorce, alimony, fuck off you bastard - though you're still my slave. Next!" My thought is that if you actually stayed in the hell-hole, using your money to make a better life there than the local yokels can manage, your woman would be incredibly loyal to you in every way.

With industrialization, women got more options. Things like medicine, easier access to food and shelter, not having to slave away half as much. That's the point that women started agitating for more freedoms: they had the spare time and energy, less danger, and a highly-developed social network to work through. When a woman's in poverty conditions in a hell-hole she don't have time or energy for bullshit. Staying alive has a higher priority.

Better health and food produced bigger babies, so the C-section was invented. Even though not the best way, it's better than trying to shit a watermelon for 2 days. The incidence of death in birth dropped. The birth-control pill also freed her from the inconveniences of pregnancy - she could fuck around to her heart's content and actually have babies once she decides to settle down with her personal slave and push out some kidlets.

This didn't stop the impulsive girls from fucking around and having dumbass "mistakes" - so of course, the social mores had to change to protect women. The fact that industrialization gives so much spare production capacity made this possible. In the old days bastard children were a tremendous drain on society, these days not so much. Especially with child-support and blanket taxation the "norm".

So here we are now. Fuck around with the "best" men, have a fine time, it all gets picked up by the taxpayer if she can't find a man to settle down with. Nowhere near ideal yet she's gonna live and breed. If she chooses a man for child-support purposes, he gets no say - often even if a paternity test comes up negative. Tremendous social pressure to man up and marry these sluts.

Notice all this was created to benefit the women and for female convenience. The social structure was created by women, the civilization grew around it, advances put the best civilization in control, etc. Not one thing done to benefit men directly (only indirectly regarding breeding), it was all developed around the protection of women and breeding and children.

Which is why you don't see no male birth control yet. Female birth control was developed (via pressure from society, which is controlled by women) to ease the situation of women. Men need not apply. Now if us men walked through the streets in the hundreds of thousands, chanting slogans and demanding "we want male birth control!" it'd be done within a year or two. This because the male plumbing is technically a hell of a lot easier to deal with than the female plumbing.

It ain't happened because men are still mentally slaves en-masse. We are still disposable utilities in the minds of women, in the Zeitgeist of society, and - truth be said - even in our own minds. Just look up the start of this post, where I wrote: "We're men. We're tough. We'll deal with it." That's the male mindset of "just deal with it" from a slave who sighs and knuckles down and does things - in contrast with the female mindset of "whine until a man fixes it for me".

So lets look at the present and near-future. Women have less need of men than ever, other than as sex objects (for breeding) and to keep them in comfort (as a provider-slave). Physical protection? Don't make me laugh. Society is currently thrashing around a bit, trying to sort it's way through this radical change of circumstances that happened in just a short couple of centuries.

Further, society is developing the next piece of technology to alleviate women's difficulties: the inconvenience of birth. Yes, artificial wombs are under development. Currently legal restrictions limit the gestation-period to roughly 14 days. You can be sure that this will be slowly, slightly, extended by another couple of days...weeks,..months. Eventually full gestation will occur.

At that point: no need for pregnancy. Women (especially Feminists) will rejoice! Men won't care too much - we're still in the mindset of slaves. In fact, if the time is spread out enough, even we might think that it's a good idea. The solution to declining population has been found. Plus for other, less-altruistic reasons.

At this point three possible things could happen:

1/ Men latch on to the technology and use it to create sex slaves (not to breed with, just to fuck). All of a sudden, women's only real value to men - as a fucktoy to breed with - is gone. The "personality" of a fucktoy is meaningless (like a robotic sex toy to men or dildo to women).

2/ Women latch on to the technology and use it to breed sex slaves and worker slaves. The sex slaves will be specially-groomed smoothly-social high-quality fucktoys for the women, the worker slaves are low-quality drones to keep civilization going.

3/ Both could happen. Humanity splits off into two divergent civilizations - or possibly creates a hybrid. The male side would probably be more dynamic and growth-oriented, the female side would be more of a stasis civilization filled with bickering and petty cat-fighting and backstabbing.

If you were a woman, you'd not like the male side of civilization. You'd be one of dozens of fucktoys per man, nothing more. Your society wouldn't mean squat. If you were a man, you'd not like the female side of civilization. You'd be a fucktoy or a worker slave, nothing more. There would be dozens of male fucktoys per woman, disposed of or turned into a worker slave after a certain age.

On the whole I would suspect a slightly higher chance of the male civilization becoming dominant. This is because men are on the upper extreme a lot more intelligent than women and generally have a wider IQ distribution. Yes, currently we use it with the mentality of a slave towards women - that mentality might be disposed of (just look at the grass-eaters of Japan and MGTOW).

Plus on the whole, men-only groups of workers tend to be more relaxed and cooperative than women-only groups (who are catty and snippy with each other). Probably because of our breeding to be slaves to women. Unless you're a rogue, you needed to be able to cooperate - you are the outside buffer of civilization, disposable as required.

It's only when women are nearby, when you're suddenly in competition for a woman, that the dynamic changes for men.

A thought-experiment - who knows? Only time will tell.

It's YOUR Life

Keep in mind:

#1 is you

#2 is her

#3 is your kids

And if you ain't the biological dad, why the fuck are you with this chick for more'n a root-'em-and-boot-'em.

Things to live by:

* never give chase, always be chased

* they won't live by your rules, they're not in your life

* keep it simple - drama is for morons

* love is a Hollywood make-believe, like unicorns that shit rainbows

In the end it all comes down to simple rules of thumb.

Entertain Me! Female Entitlement Edition

It never ceases to amaze me as just how entitled some of these women are. Add to that, how many are completely open with sharing their entitled craziness on the internet. They get on social media (FaceCrap) and put up extremely interesting statuses like:

  • So bored.
  • Is there anything interesting happening?
  • Hey xxx what's on this weekend?
All that simple shit from the simple-minded who expect someone else to cater to their entertainment - because they don't have a single interesting idea of what to do with themselves when they're not working / drinking / getting stoned. (Hey, is it surprising that children these days - of both sexes - are the same? Single mommies, teaching their kiddies to be self-helpless.)

So the latest amusing, good-looking, fucktard, enlightened ho puts up the following:

Her: My social life is dying, it's a 911 situation, no kidding :'( :'( :'(

Of course, the White Knight brigade jumped all over it like flies on stinky shit. "Why?" "I don't believe it." "Poor sweeeeetie." Oh, oh, oh...my poor fucking dear ho...

Her: Do I need to get a cat and force to live with me?

Yes, you do, sweetheart. At this point I'm laughing. Fuckin' amusing. Deciding to be a Black Knight cunt, I ask a simple question - with the idea of tying her up in social knots: How on earth can your social life die?

More White Knight ass-kissing going on, making me laugh harder. Yes boys, lap up that chick's runny shit. Maybe she'll fly to where you live and lay you.

Her: I'm considering of leaving my job

White Knight: Leaving your job???

Ever noticed how White Knights love to use multiple ??? and !!! and suchlike for emphasis? I think it's something weird that these retards do to emphasize that they're paying special attention (speeeeshul). Or something like that.

Wahooooo!!!!1!!1! Nah, it's still fuckin' retarded.

Her: Lol, considering so I can pursue my singing career, hehe

Sorry chicky-babe, Karaoke doesn't count. Notice: By this point all the White Knight ass-kissing has improved her attitude. She's gotten validated! Yay, she means something in this world. All these maggots have lapped up her runny shit and she feels better about things.

So more White Knight ass-kissing and shit-lapping goes on. All of a sudden another woman gets involved:

New Woman: How do you define your social life anyway? Just curious...

Her: Dull and lifeless :(

Ah so now we know what's happening. This chick is 41 and is pretty good-looking, despite being well post-wall - pre-wall she'd have been a fuckin' stunner. A 9 easily, possibly close to the mythical 10 that the PUAs harp on about. She probably is wishing that she'd been a model instead of a schoolteacher. So her problem is that she's starting to lose men's attention (at least, the men she likes) - it's not her social-life that's dying, it's that the high-quality dick surrounding her has evaporated.

Here's where I decide it's time for another Black Knight contribution:

Me: You live in Japan sweetheart. Believe you me: if I lived in Japan, I would very easily be able to find something to do. Hell, just hunting for something interesting would be an adventure in itself

Slap! upside the head, you boring and useless and clueless cunt. Whatever happens from this point on is gonna be pure yucks for me. Ah, these entitled cunts - soooo fuckin' stoooooopid, soooo fuckin' amusing.

You can always tell the fuckin' airheads, and this is a prime sample of a narcissistic airhead.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Man Up!

Man up and marry those sluts! (I'm not interested in marrying a slut.)

Man up and help keep civilization going! (I can't be bothered making the effort.)

Because while we're supposed to be trying to do this shit...

While we're supposed to be trying to keep civilization going, plus work our asses off to improve it...

While we're supposed to be doing stuff for women's and the next generation's benefit...

Our best-looking - who (supposedly) have the best female genes for breeding - are out there partying it up and getting stoned.

Never mind, we should still go out there and marry up these used-up cunts once they've hit the wall at 200kph.

Yum yum! Yes please, I really want some!

You Don't Want Poor Men

And we don't want slutty women.

At least, not to marry. We're quite happy to drop a fuck in you.
Unfortunately, this turd of a movie exemplifies the princess mindset: who's fucked her is irrelevant.

Slutty woman, just walk on by. Slutty woman, go ahead and cry. Slutty woman, noooobody wants you here!

PSA by Black Poison Soul.

Making Homemade Beef Jerky

I like beef jerky, being somewhat of a semi-health-conscious-nut who occasionally goes to the gym to push lumps of metal towards the sky.

What I don't like is the price: $100 a kilogram here in New Zealand. I also don't like the weird-ass junk additives that they chuck into it. And finally, I don't like that the stuff tends to be "wet" (aka not properly dried) so they have to seal it in cute plastic packaging - with whatever that has in it.
This jerky is homemade from prime New Zealand beef. Started with 1.5kg of very lean steak, sliced it thin, put it in the racks, sprinkled crystal salt on it (no marinade). Cost: about $30 for the meat and sweet-fuck-all for the salt - it was sitting in the cupboard. Time: about 1/2 an hour to cut and arrange, 6 hours to dry, rotated the racks after 3 hours.

Result: 650 grams of damn delicious, high-protein, properly-dried beef jerky.

Roughly 40g of protein and 200 calories per 100g - damn good snack, helluva lot better for you than the crap you buy in a store. Especially the so-called protein bars: that shit is fulla processed soy.
Just looking at that makes me hungry again.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Strong Empowered Women

The ancient refrain of: "You can't handle a strong, empowered woman!"

You spent your youth chasing dick. I'm out.
Nice room, though.

Never Marry Career Women

This is an old article (2006) from Forbes about: Career, Marriage, and Divorce

Why do I bother putting it up here? Because:

1/ even back when this sort of thing was known

2/ it still makes a shitload of sense, moreso for us in the manosphere

3/ it pissed off a career woman inside Forbes - who decided to do an emotion-laden rebuttal

Finally: Forbes decided to post the two, side-by-side. It's very instructional and I think you'll get a lot of yucks by going over and reading it. Especially when you see that the woman's emotional response shows precisely why no man should marry a career woman.

Some samples:
Point: Don't Marry A Career Woman, by Michael Noer 
Counterpoint: Don't Marry A Lazy Man, by Elizabeth Corcoran
The man's article heading: factual, unemotional. The woman's article heading: emotional, shaming, pejorative.
Point: How do women, careers and marriage mix? Not well, say social scientists. 
Counterpoint: Studies aside, modern marriage is a two-way street. Men should own up to their responsibilities, too.
The man's article summary: factual, unemotional. The woman's article summary: emotional, shaming, pejorative.
Point: Guys: a word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don’t marry a woman with a career.
Counterpoint: Girlfriends: a word of advice. Ask your man the following question: When was the last time you learned something useful, either at home or work?
The man's first paragraph: factual, unemotional. The woman's first paragraph: emotional, shaming, pejorative (also betrays the woman's mindset of "if it's not useful to me, then it's not useful period, don't you dare do it").
Point: Why? Because if many social scientists are to be believed, you run a higher risk of having a rocky marriage. While everyone knows that marriage can be stressful, recent studies have found professional women are more likely to get divorced, more likely to cheat and less likely to have children. And if they do have kids, they are more likely to be unhappy about it. A recent study in Social Forces, a research journal, found that women–even those with a “feminist” outlook–are happier when their husband is the primary breadwinner.
Counterpoint: If the last new skill your guy learned was how to tie his shoes in the second grade, dump him. If he can pick up new ideas faster than your puppy, you’ve got a winner.
 The man's second paragraph: factual, unemotional. The woman's second paragraph: emotional, shaming, pejorative.

You can see where it's going here. The man offers a relaxed, informative article for other men to chew over and think about. The woman offers an emotionally-laden, shame-laden, anecdote-laden rebuttal. Also some unsolicited female advice to men, to make him more attractive to teh wimminz. In fact it's visible by reading between the lines of what she wrote, the exact reasons why you should not marry a career woman.

Bluntly: she read the article, decided that it was aimed squarely at her, and blew her nut about it for all to see. Because she's stupid (how could this person manage to be a professional?) what happened next was she had to blurt her unfocused and emotional thinking all over the internet for everybody to see.

At least she serves as a graphic example of why you shouldn't marry a career woman.