Tuesday 25 October 2022

Never Fuck With Family

Going on with that theme, I see that Big Country has shut down his blog for a bit while he goes'n tries to extract little Adriana from the system. If you haven't heard about it:

Here to donate.

Here to see the Day By Day cartoon giving the above link.

If you've got some beer money to spare, feel free to drop it in the jar. Big Country is putting updates as to what's up on the donation screen.

A good thing, I've been busy with my family stuff. Not been here for a while.


Family, whanau, never fuck with them. They've got your back and all - even when you're on the outs with them. Even if they think you're fuckin' crazy, or you think they're fuckin' crazy.

I sometimes wish that I could kick death in the goolies. Another family member bites the dust, takes that walk up to the top of the island and heads off to join the other spirits. This one due to stroke, not the big-C. He had a good long life though, did what he wanted, etc. 83 isn't a bad stretch and all.

Back up the far north. Been a long time. Far too long. Now the lockdown is done (though Covid isn't gone yet, especially not up there) I'm gonna have to make another special trip up Cape Reinga.


I finally got the real goss on what went down with a certain family member. He didn't wanna talk about it, so I got a bullshit edition from someone else. Cleared it up finally - he used his tow-truck to move someone's bike to the other side of the street when the fucker got antsy about shifting it outta the way. (Stupid gang member, might have been half-pissed or -drugged.)

Any rate, a couple of the gang member's mates showed up outside his house during the day. Neighbor's wife (also whanau) saw this, called hubby, and a few of them came up and looked the perps over. Seems there was four-five cars so the perps got the idea, fucked off quick.

Smart of them. Some of those guys were firemen types, could pick most people up and fold them in half a few times.

This is why you never fuck with family.

Me, I'm on the out's with some of 'em. Too fuckin' brainy, pisses 'em off.

Still got their back tho. Even if some of them are bullshitting assholes.


And on that - keep on fighting, Big Country. You're doing some good there, kicking the damn system a few times. I hope you manage to get Adriana out okay and that life calms down for ya.

Raising a glass of Grand Marnier to you, brother.