Saturday 31 January 2015

Just Get It

Over on The Spearhead - which looks to be changing their role, finally! - one of the commentors is in the process of "getting it":

A Commenter Gets It

Unfortunately, as I have just posted there, the commentor doesn't go far enough. Since it looks like the comments are now basically not visible, here's what I just posted:
In my view Gunner451 doesn't go far enough.
These days, women expect their slave-male to bring in money plus do everything around the place, for the privilege of being around her fabulous self. Once she gets bored she frivorces him, takes as much money and stuff as possible, and screws around a while until she finds another slave-male. If she has kept herself trim then she'll probably succeed, because most men are asleep to this dynamic.
It is a blatant mindset all around us, in the media we consume, in the conversations and shaming language that women use.
"Starter marriage" - so a marriage is never expected to last? And the slave-male is supposed to be happy to hand over at least half of what he's made in the past, plus a good chunk of everything he makes in the future? For the opportunity to rut on a quasi-irregular basis with a whore who already has a child to at least one other man? After which he can live happily ever after hand-to-mouth, with the joyful memories of having once screwed the whore he now pays on an ongoing basis?
This is not equality, this is a power-grab disguised as pandering to the "victim" of a non-existent "patriarchy". A hateful "patriarchy" which was invented by women so that they could take power by proxy, through their slave-male. Now there is the women's perception of there being no need for the slave-male intermediary, thus the overt taking of management and governing roles.
This relegates the slave-male intermediary to the periphery of getting the raw materials to manufacture the stuff that the women want. Relegating these slave-males to the lower-tier women that might be available and interested. What, men are materialistic? Men think only about money and suchlike? It ain't men who're buying 100+ pair of goddamn shoes.
I know a woman who has 100 pair of shoes - she recently separated from her slave-male. She's going around having a bit of fun, while doing the whole *poke* *jab* *snipe* nasty stuff with her ex-slave-male. The man designs and helps build roads, bridges, buildings, factories - she's the manager of a goddamn pet shop. But she's bored and is getting half his prior sweat plus ongoing support plus a bunch of passive-aggressive fun by making snippy little remarks at her ex.
As I said to him: "This is not cool man. She's gone. She has no right to open her f'n mouth and pull that shit. If it was me I'd have shoved my boot so far up her ass that she'd be choking on the boot-sole by now." Unfortunately he's too much of a f'n pussy to stand up to her.
Another man I know had a woman shack up with him - he helped put her through university training - then she walked once she graduated. Is there a more blatant example of a whore using a slave-male until she decides that she's done with him? Short of marrying him, which wasn't gonna happen, she left once there was something - anything - better on the horizon.
There is no "equality" with that mentality. There is just: "me slave-owner, you slave, ooooooh that guy is sooooo sexy - bye-bye fool!"
The West is not a male-dominated society. We are a female-dominated society with a slave mentality indoctrinated into the men. Anyone who cannot see that, starkly and clearly, needs a set of glasses from the movie "They Live". It is no surprise that Islam is eating our lunch.
There is no fucking equality. There never was. There never will be. Only complete economic collapse will have a hope of resetting the West's fucked-up social system back to something like what we want it to be.

It is no surprise that Islam is eating our lunch. At least a Man can fucking feel like a Man under a system like Islam, rather than a fucking slave-male.

Brought to you by the movie "They Live" and Crap Colored Glasses™ - cheap at ten times the price.

(No, I don't like Islam particularly. Go learn about it, if you want to figure out what sort of fucked-up system it is. In a nutshell it relies upon a second-class-citizen caste-system and conquest/expansion for the money to survive - if you're a Muslim you have no taxes to pay, period.)

Beta Fucks in the Collapse

Recently ran across this video by Sandman, in respect to the coming collapse:
The most interesting thing that I took away was the way that women upped their game in Belgrade. Plenty of places were thriving: women's stuff. Nail salons, hair salons, clothing shops, that sort of thing.

The women were spending more time trying to attract male attention. Roads, buildings, sewers gone to pot - cities broke - plenty of beautiful women were flaunting their bodies. Competing amongst themselves to find a man to provide for them.
My cousin used to joke with me and said that in Eastern Europe all you need is a car, as most guys can't afford one. All you needed to do was park your car in a city on a major street and leave the passenger door unlocked, and women will just open the door - sit right next to you - and start a conversation.
When the economic situation goes bad, if you can hold on to some of your wealth, you will have your pick of women. If that's really what you want from life.
This brings to mind an amusing means for a vengeful man to milk women who have hit the wall. The common trope in the Manosphere is Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks. Once the woman goes post-wall though - if she works her ass off keeping herself in as good a shape as possible - the Beta Bucks can become Beta Fucks, as he remorselessly gets free meals and sex before he dumps the crazy bitch.

Assuming that he can handle sloppy three-digits sex from these used-up slores.

Any rate, Sandman's video talks about collapse. I've seen signs of this in New Zealand as well, and not just in the farther countryside. There are parts of the town where I live that are starting to really look like shit, houses you could simply hit with a bulldozer and turn the area into a parking-lot or - better - a garden or park.
It starts at the outside and moves in. The younger set move into the heart of the cities and towns, revitalizing them, because they (the younger set) can't afford cars on the shit wages that are available. Therefore they must walk.
No shit they must walk. I've seen girls walking home from a night on the town - at 3am - on their way from the heart of town, 10km towards the periphery area that I live in. They spent their dosh on booze and ciggies, having a good time as they shake their ass in front of men - then they have to do the long walk of annoyance. I enjoy driving past.

Remember that these are the dolled-up crazy cunts sitting at a bus-stop, heading to work in the morning, who think that they are way better than you. While you can afford a car.

The schadenfreude is delicious. Time to wash it down with a sip of Grand Marnier.

Friday 30 January 2015

New Hire - Female Entitlement Issue

The latest edition of Female Entitlement is the new knob-gobbler recently hired by what is laughably called management.


So all right, I work in a reasonably rough environment. Turning up here in full corporate gear isn't an everyday occurrence - cleaning can be an utter bitch if you're half the time in dirt and grease. Completely fucks with your gear so I save the suit for the days that I have to schmooze with upper management. Jeans and t-shirt or checked shirt are the order of the day. Steel-capped boots are de regeur if you don't want to lose toes. Hard hat, high-viz, the usual.

So the new girl shows up for the day: cap, tight t-shirt with short-sleeves, *very* frilly short-short things, flip-flops - vacuous eyes, lightly-freckled face and well-tanned all over. Extremely professional-looking. Give her a 6.5-7/10.

Ran across her casually stretched out in the smoko room, texting on her phone, being all cute and stuff - and incidentally showing her long legs off for all and sundry MEN.

Knob-gobbler indeed.

You have to fuckin' laugh. We all know how *you* got hired, schweetheart.

I wonder how cute you'll look, missing half your toes.

Thursday 29 January 2015

Do We Play The Victim Game?

Cappy Cap comes up with a very thought-provoking post that I believe we should all read and have a think about:

How Whites Are Playing The Victim Game Too

Not just a superficial read. A deep-thinking read. For myself, reading through what he's posted I got two quick takeaways (the entire post is damned-well worth reading):

1/ fake mental illnesses

2/ personal delusions

Now, I didn't see the furor which hit him over the "Amazing Atheist" and his followers stomping their feet as they threw a fuckin' tantie about his comments.

I did, however, see some of the fallout re the furor which hit him over his videos where he slapped a few people in the MGTOW community for being fakes and delusional, etc. I viewed his videos and fuckin' agree with him. Even so, some of the MGTOW community started stomping their feet and threw a fuckin' tantie about it all.

There's sometimes a certain smell of bullshit that wafts around any part of the internet. As Aaron says, if someone gets massively pissed off with you: chances are you hit the fuckin' nail on the head. Somebody had his dick in the way and it got thoroughly smashed under the hammer, you get me?

So Aaron contends that: butthurt poser-MGTOW and Amazing Atheist community alike share one common thing: mental illness. (Myself, I'm not sure if he really means: personal delusions. Perhaps he's right to use illness, persistent delusions are effectively an illness.)

Either way, he is right. There is some slight smell of bullshit there.

So claim you're a victim. Bang! Your ego is suddenly invested in that. You become an instant parasite. "I'm a victim. Stwoke my wee ego to make me fweel bwetter. Pander to meeeeee!"

He makes an excellent point about these people not defining themselves by their work or profession. "I'm a man. I burp, fart, and sweat. I work at X to keep body'n'soul together, in my spare time I like to go and do Y." Instead for these people it's: "I'm a pan-sexual, transsexual, dyslexic" whateverthefuckhaveyou.

The first is the description of a self-reliant person, the second is the description of a self-identifying victim.

There's some bullshit somewhere around here. In my opinion it sure ain't coming from Cappy Cap. So here I'm wondering: who-all has their dick resting on the head of the nail?


When I hear someone named something like "The Amazing ..." I'm immediately put in mind of a sideshow barker touting the acts at the carnival. "Step right up! On our left we have The Amazing Murlyn, Sorcerer Extraordinaire! Further along is the Bearded Lady, don't forget to check out the amazing Reptile Boy - touch him, his scales will send a chill down your spine - then slip into the tent that hides..." and the patter goes on.

Some bullshit somewhere.

Beauty (Entitlement) Queen

Seems that a Jamaican fambly got their knickers in a knot when their daughter only made 5th place in the Miss Universe beauty contest.

Dum(b)-dee-dum(b). Granddaddy not happy and starts whining, because his "proud, independent, unconventional daughter" didn't get to be number-one. Blames the judges for "not making it clear that long hair was a requirement".
The grandfather of the Jamaican beauty queen who lost out on the Miss Universe crown has hit out at the pageant judges for being unclear about the requirements needed to win the show.
Michael Fennell said that Kaci was the victim of ‘unwritten factors’ and that the judges should have stated if Miss Universe needed to have long hair. 
He said: 'If short hair is a problem why didn’t they say so in the contest?'
It's called checking out the prior winners to see how they look - strangely, they all had long hair (whether put up or free and flowing). It's well-known that the contestants have long, pageant hair. So boo fucking hoo to you too, you and your family of manginas.

One thing really did draw my attention, though. Supposedly Miss Jamaica was a "favorite". Of who? The mangina crowd? I'm picking so, thus I'm very pleased that the judges based their decision on traditional models of beauty: long hair, big boobs, tight ass, long legs. This lot still have a functioning set of cock and balls.

Now though - I can see the furor coming. The feminasties will kick up a stink. "We dislike your decision! We don't like the way that you choose the winners of a beauty contest! We dislike that you didn't choose that strong, independent womyn! We think you should...!"

Yadda fucking yadda.
In the words of this well-known feminasty: "SHUT the FUCK up!"

Heheheh. We MEN know what stirs our boner, and it sure as fuck ain't the nasty, argumentative cunt-brigade like that'n. 'Cause they only wish they could turn us on.

In a lighter vein, I had a boner-stirring moment earlier this morning. Going down a rather large number of steps all sweaty in my singlet from a morning scenic walk. Passing me on the way up is a younger middle-eastern man and his very sultry girl - she was behind him. She took a long look at me as we passed and openly licked her lips.

Feminasty, the modern Lepers. Femininity, the timeless boner-stirrer.

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Don't Be Judgemental - Woman's Whining Edition

So, a twat I know in passing states: "When you judge another you do not define them, but you define yourself."

This is just women's whining again. "Don't judge me!" Because they're deathly afraid of being judged.

Wrong. I will judge you. First judgement:

  • Why are you demanding that I not judge you?
  • What skeletons are you trying to hide in your closet?

So from the beginning: "When you judge another you do not define them..." No, I simply see them more clearly for what they are. Usually as some form of hidden shit - thank you Crap Colored Glasses™.

To the ending: "...but you define yourself." Oooooo shaming language! The implication being that you define yourself as a Bad Person™. Where the reality is that I am defining myself as a person who is not going to take certain types of undesirable into my life. A small thank you to the internal Female To Male Translator.

Now, from the opposite point of view. Women love, love, love to judge men. "Too ugly. Too old. Too quiet. Too weird. Too creepy. Too bland. Too emotional. Too...too...too..."

I love your unthinking judgement of me. Let me rub your face in the two-faced hypocrisy you have so eloquently displayed.

Pity The Children

For they are an accessory to mommy.

Women seem to go through a checklist in their life: been there, done that, next! You can add various sexual escapades to the list if you want, however that's not at all what I'm meaning in this situation.

There is the list entry of: get married. Been there, done that, next! Sometime after this comes: have children. Been there, done that, next!

Step back. Look at this list. What does it consist of?

Ego validation for the mother.

All these items are a checklist of what it takes to "be a woman". The more items checked off, the better in the mommies social-circle. Some are optional depending upon circumstance: the "heroic battling single mommy" item is one of these. It's a consolation-prize for not being able to find a man in these terribly tough times. (Cue the condescending pity from the married to the unmarried.)

So, once a woman has her kidlets a bunch of new checklist options appear on her list. She keeps checking them off: Cindy does ballet and is getting very good at it, Rodger is doing exceptionally well at soccer, wasn't Lisa lovely in the school play, etc etc etc.

Run around endlessly, driving her brood to various places: ballet lessons, tennis, soccer practice. Rush rush rush, oh my we need some dinner, there's no time lets grab something on the run.
All of it to create ego-based brownie points for mommy: check, check, check check, checkcheckcheck, check.

Think about the children of the Tiger Mothers of Asia. You will perform outstandingly in school! Part of that is culture - in China, education is emphasized for high-status civil servants - yet can you truly say that there is absolutely no pride on mommy's part that her son became a X'th status civil servant.

The man? In most cases he is merely a dolt, a slave in the background, providing the dollars while mommy push-push-pushes her kids to excel. You must be better than the rest of the kids! (My standing in my social circle of other mommies demands it!)

"Yes, John is going into medical school. He's going to become a surgeon." With an insufferable smugness, while she laps up the envious cooing of the other mommies around her. Such a good little child.

Poor fucking kids. Nothing more than an ego-pumping accessory to mommy. They grow up thinking that this is a normal childhood.

The cycle repeats.

She Chose To Be A Whore

I remember reading a while back, over on Return of Kings, there was an article about a Filipina girl that the author'd gotten with for a while. The "while" being while he was in the Philippines. He'd felt a little bad about leaving her.

Of course right now I can't find the goddamn article, so the details of this might be completely wrong.

Something about this grated on me and I've sort of vaguely thought about it off and on for a while. Eventually I decided to think it through a bit. As I recall:
  • she dropped her long-term boyfriend to be with him
  • she was unhappy when he left
  • he felt badly about this
Now, put up in a list like that - it's obvious where his thinking is off-base. It starts with her dropping her long-term boyfriend for him.

Mate, she chose to be a whore. So why are you feeling badly about leaving her?

Similarly we can look at the explosion of single-mommies inspired by the Feminist twats. All these brave, battling single mothers, the poor dears need a hand to get by, etc.

They chose to be whores. So why are you feeling bad about their "situation"? Further, why are you trying to make me feel bad about their "situation"?

In the man's case above he's just not thinking straight. A woman who drops her local boyfriend to be fucked by a (richer) white man is auditioning for a better provider. AKA she's selling her body for dollars. AKA she's a whore. (Just a more socially-acceptable one, in the guise of a "girlfriend".)

In the women's case above the Feminists are hiding their real thinking: safety-net if things go to poo. Pull out the victim/sob-story and dribble it into the ears of those soppily romantic men so they'll help set up a better, stronger safety-net for the single mommies - which Feminists can also take advantage of.

In both situations: I don't feel bad about it at all. Neither should you. She chose to be a whore.


Okay, I have finally found the article. Here it is: Why You Shouldn't Care When She Cries During A Break-Up

Of course, I did screw up with the memory. She didn't drop the boyfriend for him - she'd dropped the boyfriend a year prior. When she got together with the author, she thought she'd won the fucking lottery. Especially since she came from an obscure part of the Philippines.

So a good chunk of my premise is invalidated from the beginning. Unfortunate.

Still. When you think about it. She did decide to be a whore: sell her body for her lottery ticket. Tough for her that her lottery ticket turned out to be a booby-prize - and decided not to string her along any more.

Women Shaming Men's Emotions

The woman: Share your emotions! It'll be good for you!

The man: ...shares his emotions...

The woman: You're having the wrong feelings! You shouldn't be feeling that way!

The man: ...gets pissed off...

The woman: That anger is not good for you! You need to keep it inside!

The man: ...

Women. Any lie for her to get a handle on you, with which to beat you into submission.

Demands you change. You change. Demands you change more. You change more. Gets pissy and wanders away because "he's changed, he's not the man I fell in love with".

No fucking duh, you dumb cunt.

Women. So "in touch with their emotions" that they end up dribbling tears at every opportunity (manipulation attempts) and get so confused at times over their "emotions" that they might as well be sucking their thumbs. The nearest available dick is a good substitute.

They're my fucking emotions. I'm not exposing them to you for your delectation or for you to use them as a weapon against me. Unless, like Rihanna, you really want to be beaten to a bloody pulp.
It's all about how she feeeeeeeels - the nasty little narcissistic, parasitic, manipulative whore.

Monday 26 January 2015

Karangahake Gorge - Doing Something

Some pictures from my day at Karangahake Gorge.

Get out there and move, live some life.

Thursday 22 January 2015

I'm A Victim

I'm a victim! Pity me!

Ah, the eternal refrain of women crazy cunts who have invaded the male space.

In this situation: a game. For some unholy purpose (ie female "socialization" crap) there is a google hangout and pages with a bunch of twats involved. Sadly, I am forced to hang out there amongst the intellectually-challenged because the game-base history, etc happens to be in that google hangout and pages. Of course, all the shit-turd-of-the-moment of their personal lives gets flung around in said hangouts and google pages and blah blah blah.

So. For some unfathomable reason one of the local man(ginas) decided that it was worthwhile to post all about himself.

Whereupon several of the women crazy cunts decided to do the same. Interesting factoid: they're all the victim of abuse.

Yeah. Right. Every single one who has responded = victim of abuse.

I couldn't be bothered reading the shit ("trigger warning" - ooooo spoooky!).

It was very instructive, though. All these women - I'm a victim! - now play nice with me, pwetty pwease?

Anything to get an extra edge via the vagina-card. Fuckin' pathetic.

If life hits you hard (which I don't believe for a minute for every single one of these crazy cunts) then sort yourself out, don't dwell on it, and get a fucking move on with life. Bringing it up over and over to use as a weapon against others is sick and twisted.

Women. Too stupid to live with, and almost too stupid to live period.

Public Service Announcement™ brought to you by "ya stupid cunts", "get a fucking grip", and "sort yaself out fuckwit". Honorable mention goes to: "I don't give a fuck", "piss off and leave me alone", "I'm not your fucking shrink", and "play your victim card with someone who gives a flying shit".

Extra thought: Weaponization of personal abuse, whether real or manufactured. Typical of feminism.

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Herd to the Bone

It is now final - in my opinion, the Millenials are the most worthless scum on the earth. What triggered this realization for me? Return of Kings running this article: No Pants Day Shows The Problems With Millennials

I read the article, looked on the web - because I thought that it really must be a joke article - and yep, it's a real thing.


Thinking about this, my conclusion is: these people are absolutely brainless narcissistic attention whores. Which sums up the entire millennial generation.

Their level of narcissism is off the charts. Their level of introspection (aka common-sense) is nil, in fact it is downright negative. Sucking anything that might have the slightest hint of class down into a bottomless (pun intentional) morass of complete crass.

You know exactly what I mean.

This is the mentality behind drunks (of both sexes) who take a piss or crap on the sidewalk. Or pass out in a pool of their own vomit. Who get stinking drunk every day of the week. Or have a gangbang. Or have threesomes, even group sex. Or sex and then cry rape. Rape from years ago, found within "repressed" memories.

Who are the absolute bottom-feeders of the world.

In a twisted way, it's funny. I've recently been asking myself: "Surely, I am not the only person who attempts to look deeper at things, who attempts to think through things." Do I have some semblance of Wisdom? Nah, that's too damn pretentious. I know I'm halfway bright, but that fucking bright? No.

Then I see things like the above. The bottom-feeders of Planet Zero.

It makes me think: I actually might be that fucking bright. Certainly in comparison to the herd. For fucks sake, can they not see how fucking pathetic they are?

No. They cannot see that.

The old joke: What has 12 legs and no brain? A committee. The herd has less than no brain. The millennial generation is the perfect exemplification of Herd to the bone.

Existential Questions

To be clear: I'm not exploring the so-called big questions. Pretentious shit like The Meaning Of Life, What's It All About, Do We Have A Soul, blah blah blah. I'm talking about the smaller daily existential questions.

1/ What should I eat?

2/ Should I work out tonight?

3/ Should I buy that?

Some thoughts and answers:

1/ Healthy.

2/ Yes. Even if I don't feel like it right now, or even then. The rewards in personal health and feeling good are very much worth it.

3/ Why am I buying it?

You'll note that #3 is the trickiest answer of the lot. Because the answer is first of all another question - one which makes you examine the motivations behind the desire to buy an item. It breaks down into a further question:

  • What is my motivation for buying this?
  • Will this substantially improve my life?

Which very well might bring up a few more questions. Example:

  • What is my motivation for buying this?
  • It will make me more attractive to women.
Which then leads to yet another question:
  • Is it really worth going through that much effort of being more attractive to the modern skank hoes who make you jump through hoops for shits and giggles - and only *maybe* get a fuck?
  • Fuck no!
We Men have only so much energy in our lives. When we're young, our hormones tend to force us into chasing tail. Because we don't question this then we don't realize how much of our energy is being wasted on the silly games of the subnormal.

Even at an older age, the hormonal urge for men is very strong. As is the inertia of decades of indoctrination.

In the end - the answer is usually "fuck no, not worth it". Which allows you to then put that time, effort, and money into something more worthwhile that will substantially improve your life.

You will notice that my answer to #2 does not include "it makes me more attractive to women". While that is a side-benefit, it is not relevant. Personal health and actually feeling good are far better and more substantial reasons. Especially given the short attention- and usefulness-span of the modern skank.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Why Marriage Is Worthless

Ask a woman what the husband's responsibilities are. You'll get a list a mile long.

Ask a woman what the wife's responsibilities are. The chances are high that you'll get a blank look.

This is no longer the fifties. These whores expect 100% perks and 0% responsibilities. Also the special bonus of cash and prizes upon frivorce-ejection.

You are warned.

Mental Abuse

Rich Zubaty wrote a very eloquent item. He equates women's constant talking to mental abuse of men.

His reasoning: women evolved to be social (in groups, agrarian) where talking was the norm. Men evolved to be stalkers (in groups, hunters) where talking unneeded scared away game - or alerted the enemy.

Thinking about it, reflecting on my time as a married man or hanging around women, I find myself agreeing with him. It is exceptionally difficult to think through an idea properly when you are constantly bombarded with chatter, questions, random ideas that flit from topic to topic, and direct brain-to-mouth uncensored drivel.

"Did you know that Jane is being cheated on again by her husband? Poor dear. I don't know how she stands it. Rosie says that she should divorce him you know. It would be very difficult though, because of the children. Such little dears, they were playing with our children this afternoon at the playground. We had ice-creams and they ran around and little Joey skinned his knee..."

Logically extending this, I wonder why business' insists on putting a lot of people into cube-farms. Especially they try to do this with Finance and IT - don't be a receptionist either (you have been warned). It just takes one person having a very bad day (or a really crappy customer to deal with) and the whole team becomes completely ineffective.

Constant interruptions are a bastard also. You know the kind of thing: somebody wandering into your space to ask an inane non-essential question that could have simply been asked via email and answered later during a break between jobs. Calling you on the phone for similar dumb shit. That kind of crap simply doesn't let you function at more than 10% of your capacity - at best.

Have you noticed that upper management all have their own offices.

So getting back to women, they hang around their boyfriend/husband and chatter inanely about garbage. He becomes completely ineffective from being bombarded with that mental shit all day and night, she gets pissy about it because she has no clue that he actually needs a mental break, and he gets fucking grumpy about it - and eventually he shuts her out.

"Yes dear. Yes dear. Yes dear."

So she accuses him of being deaf. Or even better: "He no longer listens to me. I'm not haaaaapy! Waaaaahhhh!" And frivorce-time comes unannounced out of the blue for him, because he's shut her out of his mind from self-defense.

She then goes to make herself happy with a series of men who will lie to her so that they can stick their cocks in her a few times, then dump her. "Men are such pigs. All they want is sex! Waaaaaaahhhhh!"

No. You fucked with our heads so much with your constant chatter, interfered with our mental processes so much, that you drove us insane. Nobody who is sane could stand to stay around you for more than a short time.

Getting away from that crap is a burst of sanity and relaxation for a man. How much of this he needs depends upon how much alone-time he can get anyway. Is there any wonder that some men who divorce become tremendously more relaxed - and productive? (Assuming the man doesn't have to deal with too much ex-wife bullshit. Or other-woman bullshit.)

Mental abuse. It starts with the girlfriend and goes through marital non-bliss to the final ignominious frivorce.

Shell-Shocked Remnants of Abuse

Over on The Rational Male, Rollo has a post about women turning on their men. Read the comments also. Include the imagery of women turning on men like an insane dog upon its master.

She Turned On Me

There is a female commentor on there, girlwithadragonflytattoo. I bring this commentor up even though she is (in my opinion) nothing more than a lowly female troll. Her comments include "horrible", "ugh XXX there are no words :( I'm so sorry", etc.

Crocodile tears.

So far as I'm concerned, any woman who comes rambling into this section of the internet is immediately suspect. She's voluntarily hanging around with beaten dogs and the red-haired stepchild who has been taken behind the woodshed daily for a solid thrashing - probably combined with sexual abuse. Which many of us men have had: being fucked around mentally and emotionally and physically (intermittent sexual withholding/reward is abuse, like a rat getting randomly shocked in a lab experiment - eventually it just cowers in one place).

To be blunt, the so-called manosphere is filled with the shell-shocked remnants of the average man who has been destroyed by women. We have a lesser equivalent of PTSD with regards to women. And some of us still haven't recovered or even realized what's going on - and won't.

You can see it in various comments. Still attempting to relate to women as though their thoughts and comments are meaningful and worthwhile. Lapping up the female attention of "there there dear I'm so sorry".

And of course, my comments here might not be the best either. Objectively speaking (from an alien viewpoint) I can be likened to the beaten dog suddenly biting the face off its abusive owner. Then going on to bite the face off every prospective owner in succession.

The red-haired stepchild turning feral.

At any rate, I put up a comment - I wonder if it'll make anyone over there think slightly differently about the women commentors who come around. It doesn't seem to, hasn't in the past.
Cannot decide if GWADFT is a “Perfect Housewife” or a “Red Pill Woman” attempting to sleaze her way into our good graces for some ulterior motive. 
Either way, it’s suspect that she hangs out at all with the beaten dogs-and-red-headed-stepchildren of the Manosphere.
Crap Colored Glasses™. Color all your reactions to anything and everything.

Or show you the truth, like the glasses in the movie They Live.

Monday 19 January 2015

Warped And Twisted Mindset

An old article from 2010, where a mentally-sick feminist bemoans the loss of being able to trap whoever she wants into being the daddy of her womb-turd:

The highest-rated comment on the article is this one 2 years ago, from a commentor named Hypersapien:
You are a sick piece of crap. 
Believe it or not, males are actual people with lives of our own. The male half of the population does not exist solely for the benefit of women. 
Women have spent the last 100 years fighting for equal rights. What some of you don't seem to get is that (1) that necessitates equal responsibility on your part, and (2) that doesn't mean you get more rights than us. 
Find yourself pregnant, and the nice guy that you've been with who'd make a great father isn't the biological father? TOUGH SHIT! You don't get to wipe out all his plans for the future with a lie. If you want, you can tell him the truth and ask if he'd like to act as the father. But if he says no, then you need to take no for an answer.
Preach it, my man. Preach it.

However - sick-headed baby-momma doesn't give a fuck about the man, she has a BABY. She is now BY GOD a MOTHER. The world can now BOW DOWN AND KISS HER GOLDEN PUSSY.

At least, in the minds of the psychopaths who follow this warped and twisted mindset. Me, I think she's deserving of a good sterilization.

Friday 16 January 2015

Slut Says Pregnancy From A One Night Stand Would Be A Happy Mistake

From The Daily (Cunt)Mail in the UK:

Playing fertility roulette: Kate Spicer explains why getting pregnant after a one-night stand would be a happy mistake

Shades of me telling some local cunts who were talking about babies (no thought of the man involved) that they should pick a random guy from a bar. All they needed/wanted was a cum-donor. No love involved. Just immediate plans for going onto a benefit.

All about them, them, them, them, them.

I'd say "be careful of this" - but fuck, if you've been reading this corner of the web for more than a day, you're already steeped in the full awareness of this bullshit going on. It's a risk that you take when you go fuck a slut (who might steal semen from a condom, lie about being on the pill, spit into her fingers instead of swallowing and slip it up in there, or poke holes in her condoms).

Wrap it. Dispose of it yourself (flushed down the toilet). Or better yet, get yourself snipped or become an early beneficiary of Risug/Vasalgel (when it comes out).

At least the child-support won't be coming out of your pocket.

What Is A Man

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Wednesday 14 January 2015

The Thousand-Cock Stare

A while back Heartiste put up a post about the Thousand-Cock Stare. I did my own little post on it here: Slut Face

Let us revisit the graphic:
Oh yeah, very attractive. A slut who has hit the wall after 500 Miles Of Cock has run through her, 6 to 8 inches at a time.

Tonight I was walking around a local nature track, where all the exercise-bunnies go. I came across that look on a girl walking along the track. The girl was a teenager, under 20 years old.

Yeah, you don't have to hit the wall to achieve this status any more. That thousand-cock stare strikes younger and younger by the day. In fact, her mouth was even more of a rictus than the single-parent woman in the above picture - very V-shaped.

I have to admit that I stared. Then I hurried on my way. I didn't want her asking me: "What are you staring at?" Because my answer would have reflexively been: "Your thousand-cock stare." Which in retrospect, I sure as shit wasn't prepared mentally to do.

Pretty Little Whores

There has always been ways for rich and powerful men to have a little extra nookie on the side. Rank has its privileges, etc.

There has always been ways for men to find sluts. Dance-halls, bars, that sort of thing.

Some time ago (in my early days) I was an oddball mix of so-called Alpha and Beta. Don't take shit, take her out to plays and shows, that kind of thing. One of the girls used to like ballet.

Recently, in my more cynical times, a few women have mentioned that they used to do ballet. It always brings a smirk to my face. (A horrible, horrible sight.)

One girl asked me why I was smirking.

Me: In the old days, ballerinas didn't stand up high and proud. Their heads, eyes, arms were lowered. Do you know why?

Her: No, why?

Me: Because in the old days ballerinas were pretty little whores for the delectation of their patron.

The mixed-up look on her face was priceless.

Tuesday 13 January 2015

It Isn't Your Fault

Okay, I had read parts of this - it simply didn't click and I didn't connect the dots. Until Rich Zubaty connected the dots for me, in his book "What Men Know That Women Don't". Slow reading.

If, as a man, you are cheated upon by your woman: It. Isn't. Your. Fault.

Of course, that's not what the zeitgeist of the day tells you. It's not even what your own brain tells you. Those things tell you that you didn't measure up - or she would never have strayed.

We have to realize: our brain has been brainwashed (hah!) from birth with certain ideas. Including that she will never stray if you are a "good man".

It's not even correct to get angry or fatalistic and say "bitches be bitches" and the like. That's like blaming ice for being cold, water for being wet, and fire for being hot. It's simply her nature, coldly programmed into her DNA. Probably useful given that the human race has at least once been reduced to something like 1,000 individuals after a great disaster.

So here's a little background to help us connect the dots:

The AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) states that of blood from donors, a full 30% show that the "father" actually is not the father.

Early 1970's. Scientists were testing blood types in the British town of West Isleworth, entire families. Again 30% of the blood-types were incompatible with the "father". The true rate of illegitimacy was higher because even some fathers and bastards would have matching blood types due to coincidence. The researchers estimated the real rate was around 50%.

Liverpool: 20-30%. Rural Michigan: 10%. Native Hawaiians: 2.3%.

According to "Sperm Wars", the actual rate of illegitimacy varies depending on the status of the males in the area: 1% for high-status areas, 5-6% for moderate-status areas, and 10-30% for lower-status areas. Which makes sense genetically - women want their offspring to have the highest-caliber DNA (Status +1 or better).

So what might this mean?

Human males have the biggest penis of all primates. Human females do not have overt signs of sexual readiness. In fact, they can conceive year-round - unlike many larger mammals like deer, which have a "season" - which is why we fuck our women as often as possible. This means that women have evolved to take our human genetic variety and spread it. She's very, very good at covering up her covert activities, also.

This is why the usual answer to "I'm not sure, I think my girlfriend is cheating on me, what should I do" is "she is cheating on you - dump her". Because if you are getting the vibe that she's cheating on you, she certainly is. Your brain isn't that stupid and she's basically fucked up enough with her covertness to the point that you've actually noticed it consciously.

She. Will. Cheat. On. You.

Of course, if caught it's never her fault. It's your fault for not being man enough. The zeitgeist tells us that, has taught us that from day dot. Typical feminine imperative indoctrination of boys from a young age.

So, given this: you've done the smart thing, checked your kids, and found that at least one of them ain't yours. A little $250 test and takes a couple of weeks in the USA. What the fuck do you do?

Being a smart bastard, you take the money you've stashed away in an account that she doesn't know about (you do have that, yes?) and get the fuck outta dodge.

What, you don't have an emergency-fund? Why the fuck not? This is the 21st century man, you have a 50+% chance of divorce (actually its over 80% - don't believe all the "official" statistics). The chances are very high that you'll get frivorce-raped at some time in your life.

As a man it is up to you to keep something aside for yourself. At all times. Especially when she's guaranteed to get the kiddies and home PLUS an income from your pathetic slave ass. Given the propensity for these days the woman saying "he's the father" even when you're not married and may have fucked her only the once - you have no excuses for not having something hidden away. You can still be on the hook for her baby even though it's not yours, the courts enforcing child-support on you.

To prevent this you must remove the bullshit programming from your mind. Smash that pedestal. She is not some angel. She. Will. Cheat. On. You. Probably 4 years into your marriage, then there's the 7 year itch, and who knows when she will decide to go "find herself" (aka find how much cock she can cram into her cunt and ass and mouth).

When it happens to you, try to remember: It isn't your fault.

Women Make No Effort

Uncle Bob came across an excellent post:

It's Your Own Fault Men Only Want Sex From You

The prize gem from the post is the three reasons why:
1) You’re either boring, uninteresting, or you put in no effort and the guy is turned off by that, but wants something out of his waste of an investment. 
2) You’re terrible at choosing which men to go out with. 
3) You’re not attractive, and you’re aiming way too high. You’re delusional in thinking that some thin, handsome, charming, popular stud would want anything from you other than sex. 95% of the time, a high value man does not want to wife up an unattractive woman. It’s the way of life, just like models wouldn’t want me. Deal with it.
That's gonna burn every woman in the world - because it's so emphatically true. Every single time.

From my personal experience:

1/ chasing a woman is pointless, they just can't really be bothered - kinda like trying to fuck a dead fish
2/ having a woman chase you is good for the ego, yet in the end they're never really quite worth it

Note: if you're in some hell-hole, it's fairly obvious that you've got money, and a really good-looking woman is chasing you - she is *extremely* motivated. She wants out of her hell-hole. She wants the perceived lifestyle and stability that a rich Western man can provide. This is why Thai and Filipino girlfriends/wives are prized among the guys who still want to get married and have children. (Anecdotally) they seem to be quite traditional still, though personally I'm still suspicious of the dynamic (Crap Colored Glasses™ do this).

Russian girls are so mercenary that they're little more than a good-looking piece of tail. I've seen NZ men marry them, then once their citizenship comes through: divorce and prizes. One of the stupid bastards went to do it again too - I wonder if he's set himself up properly now, so that she can't get her prizes. I should touch base with him again.

So why does this situation happen? Over on Rollo's blog he cut down hypergamy (that word) to simple mathematics: she wants Self +1 (or better). In a nutshell: a 7 girl is looking for an 8+ man, the higher the better (marrying up, etc). This is also the situation when slutfuel can come into play for less than 7 girls. To get that perceived 8+ man she will slut it out, do any sexual act, the works. Thinking that sex is the lure - when she really needs to look at #3 in the above list.

So that's the dynamic at play. For #1 in the list above, she probably thinks that the guy fits Self +0 and is willing to let him "prove" that he's Self +1 or better. But she can't be bothered putting any effort into it.

For #2 in the list - well, she's just terrible at choosing men. You can't say much more than that. This is the typical dynamic at play when she follows the vagina-tingles for bad-boys and sluts it up until her late twenties.

For #3 in the list - that's when she's chasing the man. In her eyes he is flat-out Self +1 or better. When he's Self +2 or better then the dynamics of self-delusion are strong in this one. When she attempts to get back "hand" by jerking her man around in various ways (thank the Feminist Lepers for that insanity) she gets all bent out of shape and crying when he drops her shitty ass. If she'd stayed fully in the mindset of "he's Self +1 don't fuck it up" she'd have had far more chances of success.

Women. Go figure. What more can you say about a creature that basically thinks the sun shines out of its cunt and whose looks are the only thing that they have going for it.

Sunday 11 January 2015

Feminism is Parasitism

Captain Capitalism knocks it out of the park with a rant about feminism:
I also am bored with the whining from women. All they can do is whine. Fuck 'em to hell and back and let them die.

Like he asks: "What is it like wanting a real man to fuck you until you pass out from infinite intense orgasms - but you push him away because being a victim is better, and then console yourself with pajamaboy?"
"He's a pan-sexual 3rd gen-X MGTOW Level 6 thug..gug...gug..."
"Do you get wet? Or go for the K-Y Jelly?"
"The first thing you go to is the men. Which only obviates that you obsess about men and that's what it really is! Oh God you guys are so freaking transparent."

No, I'm not sorry. I'm enjoying the schadenfreude.

Feminists are lepers.

Saturday 10 January 2015

Dying Alone

Over on Reddit there is an MGTOW forum that I occasionally look in on. Today-ish they have a response on what to say when a woman says that you'll die alone.

Thinking back on all of the women who I can imagine saying this type of thing (just about all women I've known are simply another whore wanting a meal-ticket) I realize that I must take the following into consideration. Indeed, if I die alone I will not have to:

  • pay for your shitty ideas of kulture*
  • pay for your shitty choices (aka mistakes) in life
  • pay for your shitty expensive lack of an education
  • pay for your shitty home to live in (plus upgrades)
  • pay for your shitty personal car
  • pay for and bring up your shitty bastard child of another man
  • listen to your whining and bitching
  • deal with your entitled cuntism
  • take any crap from you whatsoever
  • act like an ATM aka working slave for your life of convenience and ease
  • keep paying you once you kick me out of the home via frivorce for cash and prizes

In addition, my life (physically, mentally, and emotionally) is far easier from not having to deal with any of the above.

I don't care that your personal life is far harder without me (or any Man) as a male ATM cum working slave. I don't care that your shitty bastard child is having a hard time without a male ATM cum working slave in your life. I don't care that you are living hand-to-mouth, always have, always will.

I do care about these things:

1/ I enjoy the schadenfreude that you are in personal pain.

2/ I enjoy the thought that you will die alone 7 or more years after I die alone (more soul-cutting pain for you before you die).

3/ I enjoy the thought that my life is of ease and pleasure prior to my death, while your life consists of living pathetically far below what you should have been capable of - and what you would have had if you had actually been a decent person worth having around.

So there you have it. There are just a few of the reasons why dying alone is far, far better than the prostitutes that try to pass themselves off as women.

Remember that I once had a woman say in passing (about men dying earlier than women do): "At least you can get a break from the bastards." That hateful cunt didn't deserve any kind of man in her life. Neither do these ones who talk about you dying alone - that is hateful shaming-speech used to browbeat you into submission.

* Mentally, most women still spell culture with a K. Thug kulture to da max. Pathetic.

Degrees of Understanding

Since the New Year I've been slowly chipping away at the concept that it's time to understand both myself and the world on another, deeper level. This is when I turn around and have a re-look at things I've said, spoken, thought, written over the prior year. The objective: a refresher and to determine if a wider perspective can be brought to bear with a fresh and perhaps different conclusion.

Trying to sort through for the bits that will make me sit back and go "hmmmm..." and look deeper.
One of the things is the book that I'm just starting to read, by Rich Zubaty. This came up just a couple of days ago with the video I'd wandered across: What Men Know That Women Don't. An anonymous comment helpfully pointed out that it was a book, now I'm starting to read it.

Already it's given me a couple of "hmmmm..." moments - and it's barely begun. For me this is going to be a slow read. Too many things are making me stop and try to think and reassess.

Uncle Bob has an excellent post up about Rich Zubarty's stuff already: Bits of Zubaty. It's worth reading these exerpts. I think that the book itself is going to be very much worth reading, and will end up on my must-read list. Whether I agree with it all or not. I don't necessarily agree with everything that I read - neither should you. Come to your own conclusions.

One of the things which has struck me already from this book: Women analyze detail, Men analyze the bigger picture. That's what we seek, trying to see what the hell is going on in society - where it's going cuckoo - while those buried in the social concrete don't get the chance to figure out what the fuck is going down, they're simply caught up in the gooey day-to-day crap.

To use another analogy: Most people are busy cutting down the forest and making a roadway, where we are climbing the tree and trying to say "hey, wrong direction!" And getting shouted down because down there they feel like they're achieving something.

Perhaps they are. They seem to be hiding - reasonably successfully - from their inner desperation and emptiness.

Another thing which has struck me from the book - Rich states that he went to study Buddhism in Wat Suan Mokh in southern Thailand. "Practicing Buddhism in Thailand was like weaving underwater, so fierce was the clash between the noisy, commercial, feminine Thai culture and the ascetic stillness of Theraveda Buddhism."

Yes indeed. I also was struck by this peculiar contrast. Bangkok, the whore of Thailand and the Western World, with it's glitz and garbage contrast. In the rural areas it's somewhat more peaceful. Temples everywhere, yet so many people wandering about without a really deep think about these things. The Thai people bummed because they were knocked out of the #1 place on Instagram for putting up selfies.

"What happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok. Except STDs. Those motherfuckers will follow you back home." Just like Vegas, which was very amusing because I stayed in a hotel called the Nasa Vegas.

The Thai people. The most pleasant people that you can buy.
It's always good to review the basics. For this new year, Heartiste provides a very timely reminder: Romance Isn't Foreplay.

In the post, he states that romance is Beta bait. In some ways I must agree: bait indeed. Both for the girl getting wined-and-dined on a dimwit's dime, yet - more subtly - for the advertisers and the like who shamelessly promote the idealism bullshit of romance while using it as an excuse to suck the money out of somebody's wallet.

Due to "social expectations", it's the chump man who loses the dollars. Whether it's to a regular Friday night date with his long-term girl, or the ten-fifteen guys who pay for an expensive first-or-second dinner-date with a whore who just wants to be fed once or twice before she "decides they're not really for each other".

As we've heard about in the media - I even put up in a New Zealand version a while back, with a brain-dead female defending women's right to be wined-and-dined pre-fuck on the man's dime.
As always, by the end of a year my mind (and writing) is getting stale. The review of the year helps to freshen up things and revitalize the juices.

Of course, taking the 8 weeks holiday that I've accumulated would be an excellent remedy too. Goodness knows when, or even if, that will happen.

It is also an attempt to bring stillness back into the self. Given the commercial and business madness that is Christmas and New Year's, everything and everybody ends up agitated as fuck. It's no wonder that this time of year is known for much domestic violence, abuse, and suicide.
Summertime New Zealand, the end of the day. Tonight I don't feel like a Grand Marnier. I think tonight is an ice-cold Margarita on the deck, in the dimness of the evening, as the stars come out.

See you around while the walls come tumbling down. As Heartiste states in his post about Gratitude:
America [BPS: the West as a whole] is feverish with shamelessness. Teeming Trash World migrants are escorted here on a transnational, transubstantiating, blood red carpet, only to arrive and shamelessly agitate for handouts, hand-overs, and upper hands. Single moms shamelessly flaunt their “independence” and “empowerment” as their kids have to endure a parade of dickheads tromping through their living rooms. Sluts shamelessly crow about their accomplishment persuading desperate losers to dump a spastic fuck in them. Fatties shamelessly parade their blubber, and doubleplusshamelessly demand acceptance of their grotesqueness. 
SWPLs preach diversity while shamelessly doing all they can to insulate themselves from their ruddy religious icons. Government and corporate globalists shamelessly smash the concept of a nation for a fatter wallet. SJWs shamelessly slake their hatred for their enemies’ perceived sin of hatefulness. Male feminists shamelessly surrender the last vestige of their masculinity for a patronizing pat on the head from screeching witches. 
Soon, women will turn the Walk of Shame into an exuberantly proud strut.
Yes indeed: Her Strut - Bob Seger (having problems linking videos at the moment, however this one IMO perfectly exemplifies our feminized society).

Friday 9 January 2015

Sexual Pollution Spam

Get this horseshit all the time in my various inboxes.
Yes, yes, smile for me you slutty ho. I will happily fall in love with you and "rescue" you from your shithole of a country.

But first: Pussy pics, nao!

He. He. He. So fuckin' pathetic. Some blue-balls retard who is sexually deprived will fall for it though.

Drowning in Sexual Pollution

So looking around at work, I can see why there are so many thirsty, thirsty men out there. I can see it walking down the street, I can see it having breakfast or lunch or dinner. It goes around in groups.

Women everywhere, dressed to reveal. Unless they're fatties - which I do notice, with repugnance, while most men's eyes will self-defensively sheer away from the fat-rolls which make them repulsively invisible.

The feminist whores have made it impossible for men to get a break from all the sexual signals that women put off, the sexual spam which they spread far and wide to draw the attention that their narcissistic cravings require.

Bright colors. Giggling inanities at breaks. Lipstick, makeup, scent, revealing clothing - whether a slit skirt or low-cut blouse or something that's practically see-through, maybe even molded to her hourglass figure.

All the advertising is the same, pretty girls airbrushed to perfection.

The bars, even if you just want a quiet drink. There she is, wobbling around and broadcasting her sexiness to all-and-sundry for her own thrills.

All the time she's on display, thinking: "I'm soooo cute, all these men want meeeeee!"

This is the common woman whore of society.

No, don't touch! That's a no-no. She can do anything and everything she wants - you cannot touch. She gets enough of a sexual thrill as-is from keeping you at a distance. If she doesn't like you, you'd better not even let her know that you took a look. Raaaaape!

If she likes you - why don't you want her back? Are you gay or something?

Thirsty, thirsty men who can't get a break either way.

I cannot at this moment remember who said that men's sexuality was that of a sniper - women's was of spam. Unwanted and everywhere. It was the book Anatomy of Female Power that likened it to pollution.

Greasy, sticky, staining everything, hard to be rid of.

We drown in it. Call them Beta's, call them Blue Pill, call them what you want. They're starved for it and can't get away from it - movies, tv shows, advertising, walking around. The sex is sprayed everywhere, graffiti sluttiness designed to make every man a horndog 24/7, dissatisfied with his life and looking for poontang. Extra poontang too - which is why there is so much interest in PUAs.

While the women go drifting along in their little bubble of serene glow, radiating their sexuality for that little frisson of satisfaction deep in their vagina. Slowly building up an inner itch which only the *best* man can scratch properly.

It's a surprise that there's not more rapes. It goes to show how well-contained men are, have to be. While teh wimminz are free to satisfy their basest urges.

This post brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™.

Advertising Caters to Women

I believe that I've put this up before. However, it's worth putting up again:
There is a reason that this advertisement was pulled, banned, not shown. It upset teh wimminz.


Why, because it showed how selfish they were. In their un-made-up glory of full-forward cuntism that they jump into whenever something doesn't go their way.

"You are so selfish!" Yes ho. Because I decided to please myself, instead of spending that $20+k on your selfishly entitled useless fat ass.

Have you ever noticed though - modern commercials (and even movies) people are almost never happy. It's like they're zombified. And you too can join the zombies. Crassness to the maximum. Buy your fake happiness of the moment. The deeply uprooted, alienated types of people are far easier to sell such dreams to.

"I wanna feel at home!" Is that so hard for women to understand? That they don't make you feel at home? Is that so hard for US to understand? That it's so simple to be turned into a slave inside our own homes, lives, minds?

Excuse me. I need another sip of Grand Marnier. That will help me feel at home.

Thursday 8 January 2015

Brattier Haters

Substitute "women". Then it becomes abundantly clear why modern women are the way they are.

However! Teh wimminz don't like being criticized. It makes them feelbad and they cannot handle it.

So if they keep up the trend that's happening now, any criticism of any woman anywhere will be classed as hatespeech. And misogynist. And you are therefore a Very Bad Person™. Also poopy-mean-nasty-creepy. So there, nyah-nyah-nyah!
 This is absolutely and perfectly acceptable. Also very funny to many (if not most) of teh wimminz.
However this is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form. Especially it is not funny to teh wimminz. None of 'em.
They totally refuse to hear anything about it. All those poopy-nasty-creepy men, trying to use that logic-stuff, making her feelbad. "Me will cover my ears and scream hysterically to drown out your nasty-nasty truth lies! Waaaaaahhh!"
So who are the real haters in this world?

Women expect their life to be this:
A life of sexiness and hidden privilege. Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil. About women.

Never mind those horrible, nasty men boys.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Women Do What You Let Them Do

So, listening to various MGTOW videos like the following:
It occurs to me - the reason why men in heavy industry (and the like) don't have much in the way of problems with women is one only: they are men already.

Women don't dare pull bullshit with these guys. Because the guy will flat-out backhand them into the floor. I've seen it happen, they don't give a crap regarding the HR department. They simply take no shit from some entitled cunt.

Which leaves me wondering if it's just the men in the "softer" jobs that have problems with women.

Someone Did Something

Very interesting, someone built a log cabin.
I know someone in New Zealand who is doing the same, somewhere down Kawerau way.

Just somewhere for him to get the fuck away from the bullshit occasionally.

Monday 5 January 2015

A Good Cook

Yes, great humor.

Unfortunately, most women these days cannot cook. Which is pretty fucking amazing, considering that cooking is so easy - you can have children who are Master Chefs.

But then, women these days pride themselves on their utter uselessness.

Sunday 4 January 2015

The Problem With Churchianity

Actually this is a problem with all religions: they exist only to reinforce the feminine imperative.

This is why I have trouble with blogs like Dalrock's, with their Christian-religion spin. I read blogs like that, read books like The Manipulated Man, then have to ask myself if the author of the blog has actually read the book and taken a close, careful look at the religion he espouses.

If they haven't, then they appear to be deluded in their defense of the Church and their calling-out for a return to the "traditional" marriage (the old 1.0 vs modern 2.0). If they have, then there are two troubling possibilities:

1/ The author has summarily rejected the idea that the Church is formed to reinforce the feminine imperative - and it's doing a damned good job of that in these changed days also.

2/ The author is fully aware that the Church is formed to reinforce the feminine imperative - and is fine with that, perhaps even cynically using it to his advantage.

Delusional or willing acceptance of slavery. Either is cause for me to wonder.

Instead, be free.

Saturday 3 January 2015

The Golden Age For Men

This is truly the golden age for us men. The future is going to become better, too.

Too many of us men are caught up longing for the old ways. The (loyal) wife. The children. The home. The dog. The whatever.

In the old days you worked hard at a boringly shitty job that ground your soul into powder. You brought your paycheck home for wifey to spend on her and the kids as she nagged you to the point where you'd rather fuck a knothole in the wall. Then she divorced you, took the house, turned the children against you, and put you into even worse slavery providing for her while she fucked around - and if you didn't submit you ended up in jail.

The old ways are dead and gone. If I had a time machine I would not go back to then (other than to slap myself upside the head and make sure that I didn't get married - then back into the present, or even the future, for me).

The reason things are dead is this: technology. This has freed her time up. This has freed your time up. What used to take many hours of heavy effort (cleaning, washing) now takes minutes - then you go read a book while a machine does it for you. Washing machine. Dishwasher. About the most time-intensive job around the inside of the house these days is vacuuming. Get someone else to mow the lawns, if any.

So in the old-old days, wifey did this because she had no choice. She was dependent upon her man to keep her and the kiddies alive. Divorce never happened because she was utterly dependent.

In the new days, wifey can work for about half the time that you do - still raise the kiddies - do the (small number) of household chores - and then has time and energy to bitch about how hard her day, her life, really is. If something goes wrong she can simply hold out her hand to the government.

You are entirely superfluous to this. So long as you don't get on the hook for her and her kiddies, you're just a walking vibrator that may or may not dispense genetic material for her next set of kiddies.

This frees you up tremendously. You no longer require a woman around to cook (which is so easy that children can become chefs), clean (which is easy enough for children to do), and nag you to death (improved quality of life). More: if you want sex, you can study certain behaviors and set yourself up with a plethora of women willing to part their legs for you. Or simply pay them directly.

Sex is now the easiest commodity to acquire on the planet. Just go to a third-world country and be a rich western man - you'll pull tail easy. They're loyal too, so long as they remain utterly dependent upon you.

If you don't want to bother with the potential for retroactive rape claims in 10 years time (look at Rolf Harris and now Prince Andrew) then use your hand, a fleshlight, or wait for the sexbots to come out. So those women are sneering at you. Honestly, the five women that I fucked last year ended up being completely not worth the effort. The chances are high that these sneering women are not worth the effort either.

So don't bother to care about the bullshit from these retarded sex-objects.

It is your age, the Age of the Free Man™. You have the time and energy to do what you want. You have no need to provide for these bad-tempered child-like parasites. They are quite capable of providing for themselves. Instead you can enjoy yourself, learn things, do as you please, travel, build, engage your inner child by doing whatever you choose.

You are free.

Friday 2 January 2015

Hook of the Beast

This is a story about a girl. I don't know her name, nor do I wish to.

This is a story about a drug. Specifically, P (pseudoephedrine, known in the USA as meth).

This is a story about a victim. It's a short story, because I don't know it all, nor do I want to know it all. There is no compassion in me for the central actor of this little drama.

It was told me by an acquaintance, a woman (friend of a friend). This girl is/was one of her friends.

Said friend called her up on the evening of 30 December - the day before New Year's Eve. She did not answer that call, for reasons that will become evident.

Nor the text.

Nor the next two calls.

Nor the next three texts.

Said friend goes through this all the time. Her friend is hooked on P - her life consists of highs and lows.

Payday is Wednesday. Pick up some drugs, fly until Saturday. Then they run out.

Sunday and Monday, she's coming down down down. Tuesday she crashes. That's when the calls and texts come out.

"Help me! I need you to pick me up from X location! Please!"

Blah, blah, blah.

For all I know, begging for money is involved too. I didn't inquire. That's simply the general pattern of these types of leeches. An endless cycle of up, down, splash.

So long as they can play the victim card - so long as they can get your attention - so long as they can get your help and sympathy - so long as they get their supply (both drug and narcissistic).

The beast will always try to keep that hook in you, one way or another. "I thought we were friends. After all we've been through. How can you treat me like this. After all these years." Etc.

You can find these hooks in any screwed-up situation where someone tries to play the victim card.

I am not responsible for your fucked-up choices in life. I am not responsible for your insanity. I am not responsible for your twisted needs. I am not responsible for your selfish desires. I am not responsible for you in any way, shape, or form.

Try to hook me, if you wish. I have no compassion as a handle for you to grasp me by.