Friday 28 November 2014

Selfishly Clueless About Men

For some reason it never ceases to amaze me: the clueless, selfish, self-centered narcissism of women.

Her: You're just angry!

Me: ... (if a look of utter contempt could kill)

Utterly and willfully clueless about men.

Women say (smugly) that men have no clue about women. Wrong. We're finding out about it on a daily basis. Thus blogs like this small one, detailing our explorations and findings. The map of women is slowly - with great resistance from our conditioning - being filled in.

The reality is that women have no clue about men. They don't care to. They haven't the attention-span, beyond their dippy little world of babies and puppies and rainbows and OMG HE'S SO FUCKING HOT MY VAGINA JUST IMPLODED FUCK ME HARDER PLEASE YES IN MY ASS TOO LET ME SUCK YOU CLEAN NOW LETS DO IT AGAIN FUCK THAT HURTS SO GOOD BEAT ME MORE I LOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!
Yes, all women are like that. Even the so-called "good Christian" ones. Even yo mama. The map don't look pretty, aye.

You can tell what women think of men simply by the way they react to men's anger. It frightens them so they attempt to shame it out of existence.

Utterly self-centered and clueless.

Now, if a woman gets angry - WHOA! What's wrong girl? What happened? What's the reason? Oh you poor dear! What an asshole/bitch! Dribble, drool, drivel.

A man gets angry: You're just angry! (Subtext: Shame on you, you should just control yourself! Sub-subtext: How pathetic!)

Don't give a shit why. Don't give a damn about understanding it. Can't be bothered. So it's from this that you realize, without a shadow of doubt, that women think of men in only one way: as subhuman.

Me: Thank you for your complete lack of interest in what I might be angry about.

I wish that I'd had the nouse at the time to add "how socially adept of you" to that. Not perfect though, and certainly don't have completely unshakable poise at all times.

Wednesday 26 November 2014

I Love You

When she says it often and early: "I love you."

This is akin to Love Bombing and often used by cultists with fresh recruits - who tend to be lonely and isolated, those most vulnerable to this technique.

Another variation is: "I think I'm falling in love with you."

Yes indeed, you are. Madly, crazily in love with me. Gaspingly, frantically, lustfully in love with me. To the borderline of utter silliness.

Saying it to an MGTOW is amusing, at the least. It certainly puts the more experienced male on his guard - whether MGTOW or PUA or otherwise.

It's just another cynical and selfish manipulation by a woman to entrap a man into giving her what she wants.

Which is why some PUAs will use it in return on women. It's simply another weapon in the arsenal to encourage her to part her legs for you.

Women use it on Men, Men use it on Women. Thus the cycle of cynicism and manipulation goes round and round, escalating each time, a vicious exploitation that violates the social construct of mutual civility.

Implosion will occur eventually.

She Wants To Be Uninteresting

That's what it seems like. She wants to be less interesting - in fact downright repulsive - to men than ever before.

It's almost like this is a contest between women. Who can be both the most sluttiest looks-wise and at the same time most repulsive to men personality-wise in one. Bonus points for the number of cocks she can part her legs for despite the repulsiveness - preferably at the same time.

Then she can go to the other girls in the morning and crow: "I won!"

Yes indeed girl, you won. Here's your prize: an incurable STD that makes you sterile, Type II Diabetes, knee and hip replacements by the time you're thirty, multiple hymenoplasty through your years, daily kegel exercises just to maintain a slightly elastic pussy, quintiple bypass, and your seventh cat to celebrate the beginning of your mid-life crisis at 31 years of age.
What do you mean, you don't want any of those things. The prize isn't optional.

The Eternal Paean Of The Entitled Feminist Twat

Her: Don't judge me, you can't handle half of what I've dealt with.
This is truth: I have no desire to be gangbanged by a football team or drowned in have her skin softened by jizz at a bukkake party. More cock! Of course she doesn't want to be judged. Someone who got her beginner n-count into the mid-double-figures in a single night when she was 18-19 is deathly afraid of being judged.
Her: There's a reason I do what I do, there's a reason I am what I am.
This is also truth: the reason is entitled cuntism masquerading as the so-called Feminine Mystique. Also dribbling double-standards used as an excuse to hide sluttiness and frothing insanity.

Science says that semen in a woman - whichever oriface - has a settling effect on her hormones. That it seems to trigger something in her own hormones. New semen also seems to make her itch or smell bad while her body adjusts to it: something that all men should keep a nose out for, along with her suddenly demanding the use of condoms (hint: another cock is in that pussy).
Imagine how unsettled modern women's hormones are with a different guy rawdogging her two or three nights a week. Or being rawdogged by a different guy every night of the week.
Yes indeed, it is eight miles wide. Further, every sensible man is extremely happy to put a ring on it - in the form of a bullseye around your asshole. Do you want me to tie you face-down and lube that up for you, or can you handle a dry corn-holing with no problems?

Oh, you've taken horse-cock up the ass? No problems babe, dry it is.

Enjoy the subtext of her being stronger and better than you ever can or will be.

A Means To An End

Women view men as a means to an end. For them, the end is simple: to support her in the manner to which she wishes to become accustomed.

Long ago, I had a woman I was fucking actually say those exact words to my face regarding her husband.

Men, we need to reciprocate this view in full. For us, the end is simple: to drop a fuck into her and then send her on her way.

Equality, you know.

My Heart Bleeds For Them

Or maybe not.

Ameriskank Has No Love-Life In Tokyo

Yes, totally. If I were in Tokyo, I also would not be chasing Ameriskanks.

I sure as fuck didn't waste my time chasing them when I was in Bangkok. I chased an Asian girl.

Desperately Unattractive Clinginess

Once a woman has hit the wall - or fucked up with a man big-time and wants him back - she'll become desperately, possessively clingy towards him. Any man involved in this situation becomes an obsession, a craving. (Yeah, when she says she's absolutely craving you, it's a weird sensation.)

This behavior exhibited by a man is extremely repulsive to a woman. Ironically they're too stupid to realize that this behavior also puts men off. So when they start exhibiting it, they get all broken out of shape and turn into a blubbering mess of furious dejection because of rejection.

Nothing has more fury than a woman rejected. They basically dislike being told that they're not good enough for you.

At any rate, be prepared for obsessive behavior: constant phone calls, whining, crying, not letting you have a moment's peace, restraining orders, physical violence, screaming, blubbering, accusations of rape, etc.

It's exactly like being married to the crazy bitch, with the caveat that if you choose: you can have some fairly wild sex as you fuck her round emotionally. 'Cause this cunt is too damn crazed to be of any use for more'n fucking.

Of course, once she thinks that she really has you back (or thinks that she has you in her life) then she suddenly hates you. Hot-cold, hot-cold, hot-cold.

Bitches being desperate, be an ugly fuckin' sight.

Sweaty Selfie Time!

Ah the eternal paean of the narcissistic female twat!

So here I am, at the top of a smallish local "mountain" that I've walked up. It's not tall - only about 250m and a reasonably easy climb (about 30 degrees incline). You end up a little sweaty and panting and all, depending on your fitness level. The view of the sea and local town is great.

It's actually quite a nice place, set up with trails and stairs for the public to do exercise and what-have-you. Typically there are joggers, sprinters, rugby people training, all that sort going around and up to the top.

The view is beautiful, I'm up there enjoying it...

...until a twat (like a gaggle only stupider) of four girls comes sprinting up a trail to the top in their skimpy outfits. First thing outta their mouths at the top: "It's sweaty selfie time!"

Cue provocative poses, pouting, giggling, koo...koo...koooo... (insert extra dribbling and drooling until you get the general idea of their inane mentality)

How cute and adorable.

(That's sarcasm by the way. Just in case you feminists reading this "can't get it" through context. I know, it's real hard to convey the "tone" of sarcasm via the inter-web-things. This is my public service especially for you, 'cause it's all about you, you pathetically inane narcissistic cunts.)

After walking down again I decide to walk around. Partway around: brilliant views, ocean waves, clean fresh air -

- and one stupid blond cunt having a smoke while sitting and talking with her boyfriend. I could smell the stink literally over 50m away, before they came into sight around a corner.

The stupidity of women - of people in general - continually astounds me.

What's really surprising that I'm actually surprised any more.

I need to find some really remote locations. Just so I can enjoy them without being bothered by the stupidity of humanity. While I thought that I'd found one locally - a series of waterfalls - once I'd gotten partway I ran across some useless piece of shit's discarded vodka can. Definitely not remote enough.

Monday 24 November 2014

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Okay, yes, women are masochistic - they love some forms of pain and force and a dominant man.

(Case in point, my latest woman: I threw her on the bed and put my hand around her throat - instant giggling and croonings and submissive wetness.)

This is where we get them loving dogshit like Fifty Shades of Grey ("The Story of O" I could read - put that in your girl's hands and see what happens). Also check out this commentary by F. Roger Devlin regarding Female Masochism.

So looking back at my post regarding Feminism Expressing Endless Rage. Why does feminism express such rage?

Because they're not getting the beatings that they crave deep down inside.

So gentlemen, it behooves us to step up to the plate and give these ho's what they crave.

Throw them on the bed.

Rip their clothing off.

Spank that ass hard until they're a giggling and wet mess.

Then fuck them good.

Just remember one thing though. Don't hit them around too much. You'll never get rid of the bitch after that.

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves. And it will improve.

Thursday 20 November 2014

Feminism Expresses Endless Rage

Consider it (feminism) to be a bottomless pit of hatred and loathing.

Spewing out bile upon their designated targets.

Simply read some of the titles of their various works (if you have a strong stomach and a bank vault for a mind you can even read the books themselves). Simply look at some of the youtube clips out there (even the thought of them tires me out).

You can imagine Feminism to be a variation of hydrophobia, one which hopefully will destroy itself like any "bad" parasite or disease. Burning itself out from lack of hosts to spread it's virulence to.

Just have to wait it out. Though sadly: it will be far far too late for most of us men.

Friday 14 November 2014

Women's Games - Friday Fuckoff Edition

When a woman chases you she should know better than to play games. She started it - she has no hand - no power in the relationship - so games just get her ass turned to toast.

So here's today's game-playing cunt. Any one of these is enough to turn her ass to toast without explanation (I'm a mean-ass motherfucker):

  • being caught out lying
  • not doing what she said she would
  • getting passive-aggressive

She managed all three of these in one day. That twat is not just toast, it's deep fuckin' fried.

In addition she managed to get a creepiness badge in the same day:

  • saying "I love you" a week into a fling, which hadn't yet progressed from sexual to "relationship"
Yeah, I love you too, you creepy cunt. Now fuck off. *RADIO SILENCE*

Fucking crazy cunts these days.

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Wednesday Lunchtime - Female Bad Judgement Edition

So I'm having lunch with some people. Casual talk, yadda yadda...

This girl up and says: "I dumped my fiance to go with the man I love. I'm so happy, and so are my children."

Some more casual conversation and it comes out:

  • girl has two kids to ex-fiance
  • girl and ex-fiance had been fighting for 1½ years
  • girl went over to Sydney (unhappy) with a group of friends (no fiance)
  • girl fell in love with friend on trip (and fucked him)
  • on return from Sydney, girl left fiance to be with (new) man she loves

This is an excellent example of extreeeemely poor judgement on a girl's part. Have two kidlets to a man who she's having fights with. Yeah.

I'm betting that ex-fiance is paying child-support.

Stupid bastard "true love" man bringing up another's child.

It was all I could do to not laugh my ass off.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Validate Me - Female Entitlement Issue

Said chick is 37 years old.

Her: "Do you like younger guys?" asked by a 32 year old. I guess that makes me old. (sadface)

I didn't bother replying. Plus I know validation-bait when I see it.

A few years ago I'd have done the whole suck-up-to-her-ass weakling male thing: "Of course you're not old babe! You're perfect!" And generally massaging away the pains of a bruised ego of an older woman who should have felt complimented that a younger guy was hitting on her.

Notice how instead, she took it badly. One of those women who will take everything in the worst possible light at the slightest opportunity. And then go crying to her suckup orbiters - who come out with the dribbling act on cue.


We aren't fucking. I'm not put on this planet to cater to your bruised ego. Though I could kick it around a little more, if'n ya want.

Don't Tell Me To Smile

Vox Day reminds me with this piece, about women bitching at men :

Stop Telling Women To Smile

Three times in the last two weeks, I've had a woman turn to me completely out of the blue and say "you need to smile".

Yes, I know that this is a left-handed compliment when coming from a woman. It means that she's taken notice of you enough to open a conversation. She's hoping for you to continue it. She wants to continue it. She likes you or thinks you're cute.

If I could be arsed (two of these girls were a 6 at best, the other is a 7 secretary where I work - never fish off the company pier) I could have looked back at her and asked with a straight face: "Are you going to give me something to smile about?" (Sexy wink and smile at the end are optional.)

Since I couldn't be bothered, I left them with a simple: "I am smiling."

Indian Students Think It's Their Right To Cheat On University Exams

This one caught me totally by surprise:

BBC News: The students who feel they have the right to cheat

We all know that some forms of education are Worthless™, yet it somehow surprises me that people actually manage to get it into their head that it's a "right" to cheat. This makes even legit universities less-than-likely to be taken seriously.

Hear that, you Corporate HR Drones? Even a university degree won't mean shit soon.

Fucked-up-ism to the max.

Though I suppose it's no different to some cute student giving her teacher a blow-job for a good grade.

Monday 10 November 2014

When She Chases YOU

Okay, it's happening again. A woman chasing me.

It will happen for you also.

In my opinion this is the best way for it to be. At the least you know that she's interested in you - you can then decide if you want to pick it up or leave it on the table. You still need to keep an eye out for any warning signs that she might give off.

Chasing women - them giving hot'n'cold signs - mixed signals - jacking you around - these are all signs that she's not really that interested in you. Only half-assed interested at best. It's easy to dump them when they do that shit with you, no regrets at all. Don't even bat an eyelid if she has a little whine/paddy.

If she was truly interested in you she wouldn't do any of that bullshit.

At any rate, I will keep a close eye on the signals this one gives off. I'm half-inclined from experience to think that she's only interested in me as a meal-ticket. A lot are like that.

Friday 7 November 2014

Passive-Aggressive Cuntism

Ran into something similar to this today at lunchtime:
Women call this "the feminine mystique". I call it passive-aggressive cuntism aka jerking a guy around for shits and giggles.

Exhibit it once and I will stay away from you forever, because of the cuntish bitch that you have displayed yourself to be.

BTW the first strip is the point where I say "forget it" and walk away. No further interaction happens. That's what happens when a cunt displays her cuntishness to me.

Education Jumping The Shark Again

Of course, they're focusing on teh wimminz - the ones who are brainwashed to death with the "you can have an education/career/life/kiddies/parties" and all and all:
Edumacation. Ah haz it. Mah enzviroomental planeing an' prublum sulving letz mah figgur haw two balllance ah pensil awn mah uper lip.

I know a Canadian chick who spent a couple hundred thousand dollars getting a degree in marine biology. She moved to New Zealand to get work, to pay off the debt. Right now she's working as a secretary and is shacked up with a local computer tech guy - he makes six figures and helps pay her student loan.

Fuckin' pathetic.

Thursday 6 November 2014

Travel Whores Seeking Sugar Daddy

Here you go:
No longer will you men be associated with the stigmata of going overseas just to fuck the local (desperate) girls. Instead, you can take your very-own little travel-whore with you. The best part: after the holiday ends, the whore goes her own way.

Remember: To attract the top-quality travel-whore you must be rich, rich, rich! Warning: Don't forget to use condoms.

(Yes, I know, this phenom has been going on for a long time.)

Sluts Urged To Celebrate Party Season

Good old media rag in the main paper here in NZ:
Yes, party-sluts - kick up your heels, part your legs, and take all the bad-boys on board in large groups.

By the time you're done, your vagina too will be 8 miles wide:
Big enough to take every drop of sperm in this world.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Yohami Shows The Feminist's Entitlement Mindset

An absolutely perfect list, man. I gotta hand it to you.

Feminist Equality: Sexual Assertiveness Is Great

Of course, teh wimminz will never admit to there being any truth to this list of their two-faced bullshit. We're just limp-dicked whiny little momma's-boys for even daring to mention or think about this kind of thing.

All men are automatically guilty of hatethoughtcrime.

All men are automatically guilty of rape.

All men are automatically guilty of being sexist pigs.

All men are automatically guilty of everything - period.

In a way it's amusing to watch Feminism (and women in general) burn down the social construct which was created by women to benefit women. Along with this social construct goes the civilizational construct which was built around it by men, to help protect it and the women and children within it.

I sometimes wonder how long it will be before all men really are rapists, because civilization will be totally gone up in smoke. In the ruins, you might as well rape and pillage.

Sunday 2 November 2014

A Hundred Billion Fucking Selfies A Day

You can tell a lot about our culture by the evolution in photography.

To give some background: when my ex fucked off back to AmeriCunt to suck off her new boyfriend on a daily basis, she went off with a bunch of photographs. Amongst them: the negatives of every damn photo that I've taken in my entire life. Plus some of the photo's too - they're gone for good.

So. Not being content with stealing 10 years of my blood, sweat and diesel, she stole almost all of my pictoral life prior to her showing up. Go figure.

Now I've got these photo's that I'm about to get professionally scanned. To give you an idea of why I want it done, back then:

  • the cameras cost a few hundred dollars
  • the films cost $20-30 a roll
  • the developing and printing cost $30-40 a roll
  • it took time and attention to get a decent photo

All this done at a time when $2 was a decent feed of fish-and-chips, while $10-15 would be the equivalent of a modern $50-80 dinner on the town. So each photograph taken was $2-3 per.

Each photo was a moment deliberately taken and held for later, to trigger happy and interesting memories.

Contrast the modern shitlife specimen of narcissistic ho (both male and female) where taking a photo and uploading it to FaceCrap or InstaCunt costs a couple of microcents per.

You know the type. Mr and Mrs:

  • point-and-click-oh-it-looks-like-shit-lets-try-again
  • oh-my-it-took-ten-tries-how-hopeless-lets-put-it-up-on-facebook-and-see-how-many-likes-it-gets
  • what-photo-from-last-month-I-put-up-thousands-how-am-I-supposed-to-remember-which-one-you're-talking-about
You know those cunts. A hundred mother-fucking selfies a day. "This is me [and whoever] at [insert fancy/stylish location]."

What, you thought I was joking when I said about the Thai people getting bummed because they were not the most prolific photo-takers on InstaCunt any more?


So we have 7 billion people in this world. Assume that "only" 4 billion of them are capable of buying some form of camera, probably built into their cellphone. We will assume that half of these people are not the type to take selfies. Basically the photo's that those ones do take actually look outwards at the world, rather than inwards at themselves. (Me! Me! Me!)

That leaves 2 billion people taking selfies. Assume 50 selfies a day on average - maybe more when they're out doing something speeeeeshul (which happens at least three days a week). All that, to get 5-10 selfies that are "worthy" of putting up online. To be forgotten within 1 month.

How special.

I've looked out at the world a lot in my 48 years of life. Much of it is fucking pathetic.