Thursday 6 November 2014

Travel Whores Seeking Sugar Daddy

Here you go:
No longer will you men be associated with the stigmata of going overseas just to fuck the local (desperate) girls. Instead, you can take your very-own little travel-whore with you. The best part: after the holiday ends, the whore goes her own way.

Remember: To attract the top-quality travel-whore you must be rich, rich, rich! Warning: Don't forget to use condoms.

(Yes, I know, this phenom has been going on for a long time.)


  1. Depends how many MSOG you can get out of them (Multiple Shots On Goal).

    Of course, if you're putting everything on the luxury tick - which these whores will want as a matter of course - you're probably looking at the local equivalent of $500+ a night accommodation. Add air tickets, high-end meals every night, luxury cars, private tours, partying at the "in" spots - it seems a bit steep for a ho.