Thursday 20 November 2014

Feminism Expresses Endless Rage

Consider it (feminism) to be a bottomless pit of hatred and loathing.

Spewing out bile upon their designated targets.

Simply read some of the titles of their various works (if you have a strong stomach and a bank vault for a mind you can even read the books themselves). Simply look at some of the youtube clips out there (even the thought of them tires me out).

You can imagine Feminism to be a variation of hydrophobia, one which hopefully will destroy itself like any "bad" parasite or disease. Burning itself out from lack of hosts to spread it's virulence to.

Just have to wait it out. Though sadly: it will be far far too late for most of us men.


  1. In order to destroy feminism, you have to destroy the root cause of feminism

    Puritan christians & their culture of monogamous marriage

    Without the massive puritan christian movements of prohibition & puritanism against men, historically there would be no feminism

  2. The word you are after is "implacable". Unable to be placated.

  3. Only repeated beatings can placate the implacable.

    Every single girl that I've run across loves having her ass spanked hard, as an absolute minimum. From virgin (I wish that I'd tapped that) to Christian to the dirtiest ho in existence. The more the spankings (beatings) and force, the better she likes it.

    Check out the latest from F. Roger Devlin re Female Masochism.