Thursday 30 May 2013

Whack-Job Girls

Whoo boy, do you meet some real whack-job girls in this world. Here is a prime sample that I ran across on the Internet, via Facebook - she was looking for her perfect man:

So, here is this drop-dead gorgeous girl. A literal dream, 31 years old. Reasonably accomplished. I would fuck her brains out every day of the week, ravishing her every way from Sunday.

Then I saw THAT picture posted up on her Facebook. From the talk between her and her friends on the picture, she did that to herself. Because love hurts. (To be fair, her friends seemed somewhat normal and sane in their concern for her. But then, they were stupid enough to be her friends. At any rate.)

My boner just died.

What do you do when you run across one of these crazy cunts?

You run like fucking hell.

I think that I just topped Captain Capitalism's crazy girlfriend story - the one who threatened to throw herself off a bridge because he didn't buy her an ice-cream.

Just remember, this is crap. You (and I) don't have time for this crap.

Monday 27 May 2013

The Rules

Think about it.

What rules do you live by?

Who made those rules?

What is the purpose of those rules?

What rules would be better for you?

Note: it seems that a lot of the images used recently have not "stuck". I will do my best to sort this problem out.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Marriage Protects Women

Commenter Stickwick at Alpha Game: Book Review: Men On Strike made the observation that marriage protects women:
It should be obvious by now that marriage protects women. I guess that's one irony men can savor, however bitterly: feminism has ultimately gotten women exactly the opposite of what they ostensibly wanted. And all it cost was civilization.
This has struck me deeply: it is a very penetrating and painful observation.

Yes, women want to fuck around and enjoy themselves. Yes, the Alpha fucks/Beta bucks strategy exists. Marriage is the ultimate safety-net for women - one that is starting to fray, alongside the safety-net that is Socialist Daddy-Government.

If/when civilization goes down the tubes, if/when the Government is gone, all that is (possibly) left is the tried-and-true institution of marriage. Yet that is flying to bits in the slow-motion car-wreck that is the decay of what I'm coming to think of as "our modern social experiment".

Stickwick is very correct: it is a bitter irony. Schadenfreude with a particularly poignant tang, a nasty aftertaste of the poison that fills Western society.

I also feel bitter about this. I have seen the potential best of what we could be in marriage, the fusion that a couple can become (idealistic, anyone?) - and I've seen the filthy worst of what a couple can become. The worst far outweighs (including being vastly more common than) the best, these days.

Dalrock once said in a post something along the lines of: "Rejoice in the woman of thy youth..." The idea being that time will create strong bonds that can withstand all things. Like this:

"Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are.

Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two."

- Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

I have seen a woman who was married at an early age (nineteen) to her "school sweetheart" destroy that marriage after twenty-two years because she was essentially bored. She's now doing the cougar/slut thing. "The woman of thy youth" is another pretty lie, one which doesn't hold up when looked at through the crap-coloured glasses of reality.

I am bitter? Yes indeed. I didn't ask to be torn to pieces in this manner. Nor did other men who have been through far worse things than I have. Who are having to endure far worse than I am.

In essence, we were raped of our innocence and of our trust in women and life.

Worse, we do not get the help and sympathy from society that female rape victims do. Men just have to suck it up and deal with it. Which we do, even if it's in the most fucked-up-looking manner possible, from the outside. Its our way to fucking cope and you'd best keep your unsympathetic nose out of it.

Worst of all, the rape of our lives continues for years in the form of alimony and child-support. This can be particularly galling in the cases when the children are not our own, whether prior hubby's (yes we're on the hook for them too) or the children that we thought our own were actually from that Alpha bad-boy she was fucked by last year.

Currently there is nothing to stop the raping and pillaging of men. All that we can do is refuse to participate in this rigged society, one way or another: by not following the rules (black market or leaving the country) or by completely going our own way. A Bachelor Tax might be dropped on us (it has happened in the past) which won't deter us: we'll just pay the tax and be on our merry way.

In the end you women can do as you choose to us. There's a limit to what we will accept, what we will allow, what you can force out of us. There is a point at which everything stops.

Rape me to ashes if you want. I am a Man. I will survive it.

I will not trust your shit again, even if you actually are one of the 0.001% that really ARE different and worthwhile. The rest have destroyed all opportunity for the best you could have had. Sad and bitter-tasting, isn't it.

PS: Anyone who wants to protest that women being raped is far worse than men being raped, and anyway men don't get raped, etc can shove it up their fucking ass - rape is fucking rape and it does happen to men. That's like attempting to say that X type of child abuse is really, especially bad. You are distracting people from the problem, to whit: all child abuse is bad. So take your uninformed shit on the road.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Why MGTOW is Reviled by Women

It may seem surprising that MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is so reviled by women. After all, on the surface, if a man drops out of the bottom of the system then he has no further impact upon women at all. Literally, he is gone from their consciousness.


...just that one, small, niggling problem of a thought... many men like that are out there?

Because...if one man dropped out of it...might there be more?

Maybe a whole lot more?

Is that why there's no good men out there to be had?

I have a blinding flash of the obvious for you:


The good men looked at your shit, shook their heads, and walked away. All that's left are the guys that haven't yet gotten the memo and the Alphas and PUAs who pump'n'dump your entitled, shitty asses.

It appears that the memo may just have reached Team Woman™. Something about it is making them queasy, deep in their collective stomachs.

It's not immediately obvious what might be doing this...

...until you understand the memo on a deeper level of reality. Then you begin to realise.

"He who can destroy something controls it." - Paul Muad'Dib, Dune (by Frank Herbert)

The MGTOW movement is the ultimate threat to Team Woman™, in that it directly threatens the social network (and its underpinning safety-net) that women have created for their collective benefit. It can destroy it. With a finality which will be impossible for women as they are to withstand.

*gasp* We'll have to change! We'll have to cater to *vomit* men! Sacrilege!

Betas and their ilk will leave the building, are in fact already leaving in droves. No money-making schemes or businesses for them, they can live quite happily on minimal amounts of money. No professional work required, they have no families to provide for. They will become akin to the grass-eaters of Japan. This is essentially what young MGTOW are, while older and more established ones will become bachelors if they have anything in the way of Game.

The Deltas and Gammas already left, they've been doing it for years. Each loss erodes the tax base, leaving the socialist safety-net that benefits women ever-more-fragile.

All that will be left are the Alphas, breeding thug children with women who will have to raise them on their own. With steadily-eroding support as more and more men check out and enjoy life in the ways that interest them. (Which is something else that I swear women loathe, the thought of men enjoying life without them around.)

Minimalism has consequences that women never really envisaged, which is how they managed to achieve such an entitled mentality. They thought that there was nothing that men could do about it. Until men realised that a minimal lifestyle is easy, plus it allows them to milk the system just as much as women do.

The more who milk the system, the less goes into the system to be milked, and the more fragile that system becomes. Eventually it collapses.

As they say: if there is an advantage to poisoning the well, the well will get poisoned. Women have been poisoning the well (abusing the system and the men in it) for a long time. Men are starting to do the same in return. Now that poison is leaking out to affect ALL of society.

There is worse, though. Men were the overwhelming majority of those who invented things - in return for fame and money. It was the Beta method of getting a good woman. Now that most of the women are poisonous, fame and money aren't so interesting - and the incentive to invent is gone. All of a sudden, progress drops off, there is no new shit for women to buy, and the problems of technology don't get improved on or fixed.

All these things are parts of why Princess is starting to get a little shrill and desperate-sounding. The Beta bucks strategy that would normally cater to her optimised hypergamous instinct is rapidly disappearing out the door. She's suddenly feeling scared and vulnerable on a deep and visceral level.

I'm not sure if Captain Capitalism has realised, his book Enjoy the Decline might get a lot more attention than he was expecting. Team Woman™ might attempt to mobilise the Mangina Korps™ against him in some manner. He's tough though, short of them managing to go through to full neo-Nazi fascist police-state and arresting him as some form of agent provocateur there isn't much that he won't be able to weather.

Hold on tight. It's going to be a wild and interesting ride - no matter what the final outcome.

Sunday 19 May 2013

Men Are Slaves

This is correct. We men are slaves.

All through our lives, we have been trained - taught - conditioned - to be the willing and unthinking slaves of women.

Our mothers taught us. Our sisters taught us. Our girlfriends taught us. Our female friends taught us. The other females we were around taught us. The TV shows and movies we watch taught us and reinforce it to this day.

Do as they say, as they want...

...their weapon was and is shame. Used as brutally as a club to the heart. Over and over, with cruel intent, to train us to do as they want, to be what they want.

To be their slave.

If we speak out about it, if we resist, we are immediately shamed.

We have not been taught how to resist their shaming. We have only been taught to submit to their will. All the years of our lives.

Every man must submit to their will. In their minds, it is a crime if we do not. It is incredibly difficult, after fifteen-plus years of constant indoctrination, to resist - to see - to not do immediately what they expect you to do. After all that conditioning, your instant reflex is to simply do it, as natural as breathing, as steady as a heartbeat.

This is still reinforced daily from the moment you leave home.

It is a crime to be in control of your own life. It is a crime to be in control of your own money. It is a crime to be in control. Of anything. Period.

It is a crime to not be of some benefit to some woman in some manner.

PUAs? Manning-up? Red-pill men? Red-pill women? The Patriarchy? All doing stuff for the benefit of Team Woman™. All helping women in some manner or another. Even though you don't think so, it benefits them. You simply need to achieve a slightly deeper level of understanding, to properly grasp how this works to their ultimate benefit.

MGTOW? Men going their own way? The hardest possible thing to be in this world. Hated by women, with a passion reserved only for something that strikes deeply into their innermost insecurities and terrors.

For them to be abandoned, dropped by the wayside en-masse, left alone without any recourse or safety-net.

For you to be an example to other men of someone who will not be of use to them.

So when a woman even attempts to shame other women, it is for their ultimate benefit and the benefit of women as a whole (after all, they need a certain minimum number of men paying into their socialism safety-net).

Personally, I think that it is too late. I may be wrong - yet I'm certainly not optimistic about things.

I'm thinking that my friend is correct: by 2017 there is going to be a major upheaval.

I'm beginning to think that it will be even earlier. Like maybe 2014 we will see the warning signs, and 2015 the beginnings.

It won't be pretty.

But then, the shit that you've been feeding us is of your own making, so we'll be flinging it back upon you in spades. The thing is, these days you aren't even subtle about it any more. You rub our noses in it instead of offering us something of (even illusory) worth - the carrot has been dispensed with and now only the stick is used.

So who is the bigger fool these days?

Us men, for letting you do this to us without laughing and spitting in your face?

Or you women, for becoming so obnoxiously blatant in your manipulations?

As if we'd never notice and remark and act upon your poison...

Thursday 16 May 2013

Weight Lifting

One of the things that I do for my personal enjoyment is weight lifting. It makes me feel better and it helps with work stuff (until you've manhandled a 20-kilo IBM rack-mount server into its rails in an awkward and confined place, you will not have a clue what I'm talking about).

So here's the maximums that I'm up to at present:

Leg Press: 520kg x3 reps (now working on a better range of movement)
Dumbbell Bench Press: 38kg x10 reps
Full Squat: 100kg x5 reps
Dead lift: 110kg x5 reps (my back and legs can do more, my fingers slip though)
Hammer Press machine: 120kg x5 reps
Lat Pull Downs: 216kg x5 reps (the machine only goes up to 250kg)
Pull-Overs: 40kg x10 reps
Dumbbell Floor Rows: 43kg x10
Renegade: 20kg x50, x30, x20 (three different exercises)

I've maxed out three of the legs machines. Literally, you cannot put any more weight on them.

That's the weights, my PT has me doing other stuff too. I've put muscle on my chest and back, thickened up noticeably from how I used to be. The four-pack is starting to show through as the fat gets exchanged for muscle.

I also heal fast - a side-effect of a high-protein diet. My PT reckons that I'm a mutant.

I'm weird? Yep. Being weird is a side-effect of being fucking awesome.

Do you do this? Excuses are for those who need them. Men and women.

What Women Want

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

What Women Offer

So, what do women offer now?

• obnoxious, confrontational personality
• endless self-centred demands
• delusional mental problems
• an endless need for "drama" (and similar "excitement" that feeds their egos)
• false accusations
• debt
• sexually-transmitted diseases
• bastard children (and THEIR problems)
• their freight (because their "baggage" has accumulated and has now grown to "freight")

Very, very attractive proposition.

I was talking with a girl that I met recently (an INTJ) who was vaguely mumbling about looking for an ISTJ snuggle-bear. I asked how she'd go looking for her snuggle-bear.

"Oh, I'll run across one."

"What do you have to attract him? Bears need honey, what do snuggle-bears need?"

"I don't know, can't be bothered reading 300+ pages on them."

"You'll read 1000+ page technical books for university and your career, and 1000+ page novels for entertainment, yet you won't read 300+ pages to get to learn how snuggle-bears think and what attracts them? Shows how low snuggle-bear rates in comparison."

She got on her high-horse: "That hurt. Maybe not my feelings, but my thoughts."

Apparently this INTJ is still a fairly typical woman - she expects the magical awesomeness of her magically awesome self to magically attract and hold the ISTJ man of her dreams.


It did hurt her feelings too, despite her protestations to the contrary. The intellectual dishonesty is astounding.

There I thought that INTJs were intellectual and rational planners.

Ah, the taste of shattered illusions, my own this time. A woman is a woman, no matter what her MBTI type or Cognitive Functions. The delusional sense of entitlement is strong within this one.

I can smell the scent of future cats.

Sunday 12 May 2013

I Am Not At Your Beck And Call

So, the scene: 11pm Saturday night, asleep in bed.

A text wakes me up.

"We are in town. ..need dance partner"

Ah, the drunken text from the 45-year-old woman who feels entitled to drag me out at 11pm for a night of her drunken wobblings on the dance-floor.

No prior warning or gauge of interest. It's presumed that what she wants, she will immediately get. As if I'm a modern parent who will happily give, give, give - without expecting or requiring payment or acknowledgement.

She has had a boob-job. She hasn't had a partner/boyfriend for over a year. She tends to get drunk and blubbery when she's out on the town. Usually she's drunk and blubbery about how awful her life is.

A highly attractive and fun person to be around. /sarcasm

I ignored it, the implied message being: No thanks. I went back to sleep.

You're welcome.

Saturday 11 May 2013

Past It

An amusing little anecdote, was at work yesterday and walking past the receptionist (a woman in her 50's). She was talking on the phone with someone and I distinctly heard her say "I'm not past it."

Later I asked her about it, we got into a conversation that boiled down to the fact that she broke up with her current partner a week ago. She'd just been talking with her brother about it, and he'd told her that she was past it.

A nice little bit of brutal red-pill awakening from a family member. She should listen to him - because yes, she's past it. Her use-by date is long-gone. There's only so much that you can cover with makeup, and boy, it still fucking shows through.

Mutton trying to disguise itself as lamb, shit like that.

So many girls out there are past it. Long, long past it.

Sadly for them, they're still delusional about it. They still think that they have the pulling-power of a twenty-year-old.

Only for desperate men or men who just want a fast-fuck without any remorse for pump'n'dumping them.

They're gone. They might as well no longer exist. They are the Western equivalent of the Chinese "left-over women".

They had the chance to get married to a decent man while they were young. They passed that chance up. Instead they pursued a plausibly-deniable fuck'n'forget strategy. That, or nuked a perfectly good marriage for frivolous reasons. (A frivorce, I love that term - so beautifully descriptive of the action.)

Now they want the marriage (or at least a partner, perhaps again) and what can they find?

More fuck'n'forget. That's all that life has left for them, they threw their chances for everything else away.

So girls - are you past it?

Yes. Long, long past it.

Let me capture your bitter tears. A delicious aperitif before my main course of schadenfreude.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Recognising Crazy

Warning signs that I watch out for:

• when it begins to feel weird or wacky - leave (a warning sign)

• when she asks you to buy her a drink - leave (she can spend her own money)

• she turns up on the doorstep after being "kicked out" of where she lives - leave (a user)

• she asks for a loan to keep things going due to whatever - leave (golddigger/leech)

• she starts talking about "love" and "marriage" very early in the relationship - leave (that's weird/wacky, indicates no boundaries, and prime sign of oncoming entrapment by BPD/NPD types)

• she is immature or treats you like a doormat - leave (you deserve mature and are not a doormat)

• she backstabs you - leave (this is exceptionally disrespectful to anyone, especially a great guy)

• beware of bait-and-switch - leave (if she changes her personality radically, another warning)

• beware of inappropriate anger/fits - leave (about as good a warning as you can ever get!)

• don't take behaviour from her that you wouldn't take from another guy - leave (another warning)

• she is accountable for her own actions - leave (another warning)

Giveaway indications:

• beware of the professional victim (within the first week or so) - not a good sign, someone identifying herself as a victim - high chance that she'll accuse you of victimising her too

• beware if she man-bashes everyone but you - leave (you'll eventually be a jerk too)

• beware if she is over-adulating early on in the relationship - leave (as quickly as she puts you up on a pedestal she will kick it out from under you)

• beware if she shows signs of insecurity about you going out for a bit - leave (she's using that as a means of control)

• beware of a lack of respect - leave (you are not a doormat and if she doesn't respect you as you are, she never will)

• beware of constant needling - leave (she's trying to provoke you into a reaction and then act the victim)

• she naturally gravitates towards two types of men: people-pleasing non-confrontational types and even bigger abusers than she is who will really victimise her - leave (either type she can turn towards making her the victim)

• watch for a pattern of provocative followed by abusive - a subtle, silent, humiliating abuse with the ultimate aim of tearing you down to the point where you strike back (so that she can become a victim and therefore in control of the situation when you're in handcuffs)

• her ultimate goal is to take you to the point where you become something you weren't originally - and she's then in total control

This Public Service Announcement on the recognition of Crazy has been brought to you by: Black Poison Soul.

Another website worth looking at, about crazy women and recovering from their abuses: Shrink 4 Men (from memory, much of the above may have come from that site).

And finally, this is what a psycho girlfriend sounds like: Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

"Why are the pretty ones always insane?" - Chief Wiggam, The Simpsons

Monday 6 May 2013

Being A Fucking Man

There are a bunch of Manosphere blogs that I read, to make myself think and to improve myself. Some of these are Game blogs (as an introvert they help a little bit) - most are overall views of life and society and the like.

One particular one has made me think very closely. Most especially this post here.

The most priceless part is this:
Some ladies may be put-off by the crudity of the our approach. "Why can't you guys work out your stuff without all the name calling and homophobic stuff?" is a common complaint. But the fact is, men need profanity in their lives in order to become men. It is part of our social networking system, a means of establishing dominance and hierarchy We don't compare shoes, we talk about our junk and how that fucking moron needs to drop the Nice Guy shit and bend his woman over his knee. Profanity is male subtextual language. Try not to faint.

Yes. You girls can communicate on five separate levels. We men do the same, tonally, with our swearing.

We don't care if you're fucking uncomfortable with it. The best I got along with my first woman was when I swore around her: god-damn cock-sucking mother-fucking sonofabitch.

I was fucking REAL to her, even if it made her cringe sometimes. Or a lot of the time.
We know how this stuff works, you don't. Cutting out the cussing and crude metaphors doesn't help. It hurts. Our verbal abuse is how we learn to toughen up, detach, and objectify things, and that is going to be part of the process. If you have to pretend not to have heard something that sounded horrifyingly misogynistic or sexist or homophobic, well, that's how dudes talk and the focus of the Red Pill is getting dudes back on track. Deal with it. When men talk to other men, this is our language, like it or not. We can't change it just to please your sensibilities.

Because that's what got us here in the first place.

This! When I became nicer, the girls became less-interested in me. They nagged and nagged at me to be more fucking sensitive. When I did, the cunts lost interest.

Angry much? Fucking aye.

You girls are just going to have to learn to deal with it. Swearing is part of what makes us men. If you want a man, rather than a dishrag, you'll have to take the stuff that makes your teeth grate.

That or, like, y'know, fucking get used to the thought of being rooted by a vibrator and snuggling up with your cats.

So stop trying to fucking poison us and your own relationships - it isn't making you happy!

Sunday 5 May 2013

Rosé-Tinted Glasses

So many foolish men look at women through rosé-tinted glasses. When they do this, they do things like:

• forget a woman's past

• overlook a woman's nature

• misinterpret a woman's blatant lies

• mishear a woman's own words describing her bad actions

• ignore a woman's explicit description of her manipulations

• forgive a woman's truthful confessions of badness

• fall in love with women who have deliberately detonated their previous marriages

• marry unmarried women who have had children by one or more other men

All of these are dumb things to do. Yet we continue to do it - because we have been trained, all our lives, to do such things.

Our mothers taught us.

Our sisters taught us.

Our female friends taught us.

Our entertainments on television and in movies taught us.

All lies, covertly pushed down our throats, to satisfy the degeneration of women that is tearing down our civilisation. Our society. Everything that we and our fathers and grandfathers worked to build...torn down in an orgy of lustful debauchery by women freed of all restraints. Lies treacherously fed to us by our nearest and dearest, those who should have had our best interests at heart.

Because its easier for us to give in to her whining complaints and lies - than it is to laugh at her, shake our heads, slap her across the face, tell the useless and lazy cunt to fuck off and do something that'll make her worthwhile to have around. Most especially when you have other guys, desperate for a smell of pussy, encouraging her bullshit.

So modern-day Rome falls once more, destroyed by our own foolish actions and inactions.

Part of growing up is discarding the rosé-tinted glasses.

Part of growing up is seeing through crap-tinted glasses.

Part of growing up is realising that everything women do -

- everything -

- is done only to serve their interests.

PUAs? All the better to fulfil their lusts, with a veneer of plausible deniability.

Manning-up? All the better to provide them with a safety-net of ease in their old age.

Red-pill women? What best gives women as a group what they want, strong men in their lives to look after and provide for them.

MGTOW? There is nothing a woman hates more than a man who rejects every single woman in the world as being complete shit that is not worth his time and effort.

So we fall in love with women who are overtly manipulative, and forgive (and enable) their manipulations. Like the guy who has fallen for the girl who plays the victim-card with consummate mastery, helping her to collect that she can have an overseas holiday on other people's naive generosity.

So we fall in love with women who destroy a perfectly good marriage and their own family. Like the guy who has fallen for a 41-year-old Eat-Pray-Love girl who has the enormous hypocrisy to be a life-coach.

So we fall in love with women who are sexually skilled. Like the guy who has married a massive party-slut and who has taken him down the path of a swingers lifestyle.

Of the types, I prefer the honest woman who is a slut/swinger. It's out there, without the lies - though there are plenty of delusions in her head. Delusions as to her great worth. His head is just as fucked up.

I watch the world, the people, through crap-tinted glasses.

I see the lies that they use to keep themselves feeling good, as though they are actually of great worth.

I prefer the crap-tinted glasses. Because crap is crap, no matter what it's form and twisted shape, however it attempts to disguise and masquerade itself.

I see the black poison that they hide deeply inside their souls. Even though its often depressing, I prefer to see it all clearly.