Tuesday 2 August 2022

Leftism, Pissing It Away

The joys of leftist politics. I forget which comedian once said, something roughly on the lines of:

"Leftists. They will fix it all, if they have to spend all of your money to do it!"

So Das Guberment, lead by Das Fraulein Horseteeth, have in their infinite wizdumb decided that the poor people of NZ are in need of a "cost of living payment" aka vote-bribe to help them cope with the sudden rise in cost of food and stuff. To the tune of $350 total, split up over 3 months.

In other words: A whopping $116 a month for 3 months.

To get this, you need to be earning under $70k a year. Which shows just how fucking worthless the NZ peso is becoming, even inside New Shitland itself.

How many people qualify? About 2 million.

When you do the sums:

$350 * 2,000,000 = $700,000,000

Or getting up there towards a billion NZ peso's.


Now, if these fuckwits had spent that on something worthwhile - like decent roads in various places *coughcough* - I would consider it as 'okay, that works and is worthwhile'. (Hah, like the Labour Fuckwits are gonna do anything other than slurp from the trough.)

This is just pissing it away in an attempt to buy votes.

In my estimation: About the only possible slight, miniscule, hint of a hope that NZ has - is if Das Labour Gubermint gets their ass booted out and Das National Gubermint gets in and tries to fix things.

Assuming that it's not all too late already.

Also assuming that Das National Gubermint is any better than Das Labour Guberment. I more-than-sometimes wonder.

At the very least I'm expecting things to go shit-storm-south down here, socially. Only the very rich are gonna get any sort of protection from the police (which is something that Big Country has noted recently on his blog).

Hunker down and buckle in tight. It's getting really, really rough out there.