Friday 27 September 2019

Big Country Back Again, Catching Up

Big Country is back out and blogging again, it's good to see. I strongly suggest that you check'm out, I'm gonna catch up over the next few days.

That said, some of his story is up in Charlie Mike Comix. I read a sneak preview of the first one before it was released. Powerful, powerful stuff. He has links to others over on his blog, check them out too.

This is real-world stuff. It's important. It's where real people bleed and die. Not the pap and horseshit that the general drama-maggot's and lefties and "newspaper hacks" seem to think is important.


I've been talking to people and learning stories. I can't post 'em all up - way too revealing - however I can boil down a couple of them. Should get them into shape over the next week or so.

It still surprises me sometimes, just how fucked up and stupid people can be. It's no wonder that I'm generally anti-fuckin'-social and all.


The Prime Stupid aka Jacinda Adern is really screwing things up around here. While heading off to the UN and delivering a 5-minute "stirring speech", according to the local leftist rags. (Highly important.)

Guns, guns, guns - hand in the guns you non-violent gun-owners, so that the violent mofo's who want to keep their guns can pull 'em outta the ground in a few years and shoot someone. Jesus. Some lunatics shoot a bunch of people and all the sane ones who have zero intent on murder, who are extremely serious gun owners (full E-Cat licence and all) have to hand in their AK's and similar.

Good, all-around weapons, buh-bye - we'll pay you less'n they're worth, if you don't like it we'll take 'em anyway and put you in jail. You non-criminal scum.

The sad thing is: legit gun collectors are getting shafted too. If you have a WWI or WWII collector's item that qualifies as "illegal" here in NZ, you gotta hand it over. Of course, you can get it disabled (ugh) - which completely wrecks their value, because part of the true value of a real collector's piece is that it needs to be pristine and usable (double-ugh).

Poor bastards. Can't import, can't export, and if you could export - nobody would want'm 'cause they've been disabled, they're now stuffed. You might as well melt'm down for the steel, they're worth more as that than as a collection piece.


Yes, I've been busy. A lot. (Way too much damn work...PC crapped itself...stuff to fix around the house...ah well, fix'r'up and have another sip of Grand Marnier...)

Speaking of fixing stuff, I've been doing some general work around the house. Mostly bricklaying, old recycled bricks into some rough paths and steps. It's been decades since I've done it - the skills are still there, even if rusty as fuck.

Have a had a helluva cold-weather snap this week. Desert Road (in NZ) closed 'cause of snow. Early spring I guess, not that usual though.

So, a warm fire - a gutful of curry - and a glass of Grand Marnier for you-all. It's time to go read.

Friday 12 July 2019

Pissed Her Life Away

Soooo, here in Kiwi-land we have the usual suspects.

The Prime Twat has to be seen to be doing something about shootings. Solution: Change the law so that people have to hand in their guns. Which criminals and potential nutcase shooters sure as fuck ain't gonna be doing.

Ebola. Ebola. Ebola. Holy shit. Someone trying to cull the herd or something?

I haven't worried too much about things recently. Work tries to Pile it Higher and Deeper (PhD). Just nod, smile, and laugh inside as others drag the chain on shit. Close to six months of dealing with governmental slowness and stupidity - someone is milking the system big-time.

Me, I can't be bothered pushing on a rope.

Every Friday we get together for a lunch, it's very cool. Best is when there is no wimminz around - the real talk happens instead of the fluffy dogshit that teh wimminz lurv lurv lurv to talk about.

Today's was a beaut. Just the two of us. We got to comparing ex-wives situations with our own. Fucking awesome eye-opener.

Him, weeeeell, he's got his mortgage back. His finances under control. Adding to his collection of motorbikes. Him and his lawyer went through everything, about all he has is an older car - everything else is owned by a Trust. On paper, he's a fucking pauper.

Her, she's got a house and mortgage. She's had to rent part of it out to her boyfriend and his teenage girl kids - which is fucking weird by itself. The boyfriend has nothing, two teenager girls tearing the place up. A beat-up car belonging to the boyfriend is on the lawn, her car is broken down and on the lawn. Looks like trailer-trash central.

The difference between my mate and his ex: he can go out and do shit, she's living hand-to-mouth and fucking her live-in rent-paying boyfriend who has two teenage girls - one of which is not his.

Very similar situation in comparison with me and my ex-wife. Fuckin' striking.

Retirement-wise, he was originally planning to retire around 55 - now it'll be 60-odd. Me, I was originally planning to retire around 50 - now it'll be 60-65. Unfortunate.

Then we look at what the exes are doing. Ho-lee-fuck. If they'd stuck with us:

* his wife would have been on easy-street instead of hand-to-mouth pauperdom

* my wife would have been retired at 38 and traveling the world with me, instead of hand-to-mouth pauperdom

Thinking about it, my brother and his ex-wife are much the same. He's doing damn well. She's living hand-to-mouth.

These women have simply pissed their lives away.

Basically fucked themselves and their lives beyond repair. ('Cause there aren't many 50 Shades of Shit millionaires to "rescue" their shitty asses from their bad choices.)

Gentlemen. If you happen to become divorced - hold on tight. Because within 10 years, you will almost certainly be back on track.

And she will still be fucked.

On a cold winter evening, in front of a fire, I raise a glass of warmed Grand Marnier to you, my brothers. Live well!

Saturday 30 March 2019

TGI Friday - "You're not fucking listening!" Edition

Normally it's women getting pissed at men for not listening.

Turnabout's a bitch!

One of the guys at our regular TGIF - reasonably red-pilled man, though he doesn't think directly in those terms - had himself a little "situation" with his woman recently. He was pissed off enough to tell it to us at lunch.

Note: "his woman" - he sneers at the term "girlfriend" ("we ain't teenagers") or "partner" ("pathetic neutral bullshit"). She's his woman, he's her man, even if they aren't married - which isn't looking likely.

He got sick for a couple days ("dodgy vindaloo").

Well, his woman got all concerned about this - even though he's telling her that he's okay. See, he's one of the types who just want to be left alone when sick. He knows he'll be alright. He has it under control. Just "hi, yes I'll be right, seeya" type of man.

She got so worried ("concerned") about him that she stepped well over the line of what he considers acceptable behavior towards him. I'm not going into details - though I laughed my ass off when I heard. When he's sick, he sure as fuck don't want to be bothered by anyone. I'm surprised he even talked to her - must like her a lot.

Any rate, when she realized what she'd done (stomped all over his boundaries) she got all contrite and teary: "I'm sorry! Please forgive me honey!" And shit like that.

When I heard that I laughed and said to him: "I'm surprised. It's usually men who have to come out all apologetic and shit like that. Once it happens the bitch'll never let you live it down, either." The whole lot of us laughed 'cause it's so true.

As he said though: he got really pissed because she wasn't listening. Not listening and respecting her man.

Which is ironic, because it's usually women bitching about men not listening and respecting them. Of course, as per above, in her case she'll remember it until your deathbed. Assuming she stays that long.

Any rate, he's basically turned the same behavior as women back on her. Accidental dread game, turnabout is fair play. He reckons that she's sure as shit very contrite at the moment.

Even he says though: that's a pretty good red flag right there, someone stomping right the fuck over all your very-clearly-put boundaries.

Stomping all over another mans' boundaries is excuse for a severe ass-kicking. (These days, more likely to be legal action - or if it's pathetically small "just take it like a wuss".)

When a wimminz feels her boundaries are stomped all over, she gets bitchy and whiny about it for forever, and she tells everyone socially about it too. You are mud, mud, mud forever and a day.

Well, the same for a wimminz who stomps the fuck all over your boundaries - it's time for a severe ass-kicking bitch. (Literal or metaphorical, your choice. Though as we know, a literal ass-kicking can get you into jail a fuckton faster than your nightmares - so metaphorical is best, and be prepared to walk away too. Or maybe just walk away, it might be easier.)

To you my man, I raise a glass of Grand Marnier. May you live long and well! And the same to all of you, my brothers!

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

"What about me?"

Eh what?

"It isn't fair!"

Who the fuck are you and why should I care?

"I did what I was taught!"

You mean told, 'cause you followed someone else's script.

"I should have gotten X!"

Let me laugh at you for believing the con-man.

"Whyyyyyy...." <crying>


<more crying>

Meh. Fuckwit.

"I'm going to do more!"


"Why don't you care?!"


"I want to be married."

Tats. Piercing. Tits sagging to the floor. Fucked weird hair. Giving everyone the finger. Taken it up the ass. Several threesome/foursomes. Had a gangbang. All checks out - you're exactly everything I want to be with.

"Why don't you pay attention to me?"

Who are you.

"I want a baby."


"You should pay for my IVF."

Of course.

"Whyyyyyyy am I all alone...!"

Fuck that's shrill.

"You're selfish!"

Pot. Kettle. Black.

"Listen to meeeee...!"

I'm'a go do something interesting and meaningful and worthwhile.

"Me me me mememeeee...!"

<disappearing into the distance>