Friday 30 May 2014

A Basic Truth

Going back to one of my earliest posts on this blog: Yes all women are like that.

I bring you an illustrative graphic that is pure perfection:

Nerds vs Thugs, it's the perfect illustration of life. And not just black life, white and asian and green-skinned-Martian life also.

I find it wryly ironic that the answer to both is the same.

To the young nerd: Stop whining and deal with it. It won't get any better.

To the fat old baby-momma: Stop whining and deal with it. It won't get any better.

For every choice, there is a consequence. For the nerd, it's becoming a very desirable man - so long as he grows up just a little bit and takes no shit. For the baby-momma, it's becoming catmeat - the process literally starting when she gets her Crazy Cat Lady Starter-Kit™:

A large thank you to life for this moment of amusement. Time to wash this poison down with a nice glass of Grand Marnier. Truely, schadenfreude is the most wonderful emotion of all, best taken on the rocks.

Monday 26 May 2014

Sexy Photo's

It is no secret that girls will send some very sexy and kinky photo's to the guys who they deem to be worthy of fucking them. Every man worth his salt has at least a few (undies, naked tits, pussy, full body, whatever).

It's also no secret that "rape!" can be cried out at any time, even when the woman was at-the-time-of-sex absolutely gasping for it. It just takes changing her mind (even months or years down the track).

So, for the man's protection: Always Be Recording.

Now we have the German courts ruling that ex-lovers must delete any sexy pics of each other. The reasoning: they could be used to compromise the partner, therefore they should be deleted.

No. Do not do this. Poisonous as it sounds: it means simply that after a month or two, the woman can suddenly claim "rape". If you have deleted her voluntarily-passed-on sexy selfies, and deleted videos of the two of you having sex (especially the parts where she's screaming in pleasure and begging for you to do filthy things to her body and to treat her like dirt) then you have lost your protection.

Yes, revenge-porn is wrong. No, always be recording is not wrong. Do NOT be fooled by this type of ruling or any sense of fair-play on your part. You need that protection.

Bluntly: if she wants to act slutty, fine. She needs to understand that there are consequences to acting slutty and then having bullshit remorse and deciding to scream out "rape". It is not the position of the court to declare that she should be shielded from the consequences of her actions: that's her own common-sense that needs to be put into play.

When society collapses, then women will find the safety-nets are gone. Good. Then they'll realise that being a slut was the wrong thing to do and her kids that she hasn't brought up well are keeping her from having any kind of decent relationship and old age in her life. Tough shit, go whine at reality - it doesn't fucking care.

Just make sure that there are lots of copies in lots of places, so that you will always have a copy of the evidence.

Poisonous PSA brought to you by Black Poison Soul.

Friday 23 May 2014

Fat Acceptance - Jumping The Shark

Or if not jumping it, it's getting ready to. Great big fat fucking sharks too. Trigger warning, this is not a pretty thing to see:

Okay, here's a fattie by the name of Taryn Brumfitt (bumfit?) who felt insecure about her body - went to the gym and got a bodybuilder's body - realised that she still felt insecure about her body - so got fat again:

Now's she's spreading her corpulent wonder across the interwebs for all to see, glorying in her fatness and putting up a kickstarter to make a film to promote (wait for it) fat acceptance (I re-dub this film as "fat acceptance gone wild"):

Some women are just too fucked in the head to believe. This one loves the attention though - she's become the face fat blob of the Body Image Movement:

Call me cynical, I wonder how much of those kickstarter funds will "disappear" into her pocket. It's been known to happen - a lot. She's already met her $200k goal with 40 days to go, so feminism will get it's shits and giggles.

So now we men are going to have to be bombarded with this glorification of worthless laziness.

Why these retard women just can't get it. Here's a clue: most porn involves slim, sexy, young girls - not fatties and old chicks with everything sagging everywhere. Bring back #fatshaming!

Thursday 22 May 2014

Friendzone Redux

From Rollo's post on The Friendzone as Purgatory, the commentary has priceless information and questions.

My own small contribution towards the discussion involves men who drop a woman after a couple of sexual encounters and mutter about being "friends" with them:
"We can’t ever be friends when we use to be lovers…"
What does that mean?
It means that her poor little hamster cannot handle having been tossed on the trash heap of your disregard. Ironic, isn't it.
Truth is painful to receive when you've never been cavalierly discarded like a used condom before. Men get that all the time, so we are hardened to it.

Friendzoning a woman can do all sorts of strange things to her head. Remember to never root through the garbage-heap of failed girlfriends. There's a reason that they're trash.

Free Speech

One of the first things that a pissed-off female will do is attempt to silence you. If it is at all in her power you will not be given a moment to speak, share your views, whatever. Hypocritically, she will get pissy if you attempt to shut off the flow of poison from her mouth.

You can't win. I've had that happen to me - she's no longer a friend of mine, I never speak with her, and she knows damn well that I consider her a worthless cunt of the greatest uselessness. It must piss her off too, given that I once gave her nineteen orgasms. Her chances of receiving that pleasure from me again are zero.
If you are afraid to speak against tyranny, then you are already a slave. To attempt to silence a man is to pay him homage, for it is an acknowledgement that his arguments are both impossible to answer and impossible to ignore. -- JBR Yant
Yes indeed, this describes perfectly what happened between us two. The details don't matter, just the end result.

Go ahead and silence me. The more strident you are about it, the closer to the truth I have struck.

PS: Never return to an ex. Rooting through the garbage is not appealing, and there was a reason you dumped her into the waste heap of your disregard.

Google Glass Redux

A while back I put my first impressions of Google Glass up. My overall impression boils down to: dipshit tech for the disfunctional.

Well, here's a man who is sending his Google Glass back. With ten reasons why. I particularly like the one about students/teachers in school:
E-learning booster InformED suggests that in a classroom, SMS messages from confused students could appear in the instructor's Glass. Because raising a hand and asking a question hasn't been invented yet.
He has an excellent point right there.

So it appears that I'm validated. For the ordinary person, this is not worthwhile technology. Try harder next time Google: right now you look like a solution in search of a problem.

By the way, I'm reminded of the first testing of HUD displays. Supposedly the users of the displays were concentrating so much on the new tech that they didn't notice what would have otherwise been quite obvious dangers - like people walking out into the middle of the runway and the like. Good thing that was in a simulator.

Monday 19 May 2014

Three Songs

Here are three songs which show starkly the male and female condition of today.

First up, two songs for the female (since these days, only females matter):

And then, the male (since these days, males don't matter - I have chosen an older song):

IMO this perfectly sums up modern sexuality and relationships.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Friday 16 May 2014

Batshit Crazy

Uncle Mitch is correct, the world is nuts. Batshit crazy is the new normal.

Case in point, "Snooki will be a pretty bride":

New Weekly Magazine, May 14, 2014. Where they printed some retarded blond cunt doing a brain(?)-dump idea of a mother and her new hubby having the mother's placenta for dinner. Why would they print that? Because their (female) demographic finds that sort of thing to be hilariously funny!

If a man had even hinted to that: public castration and jail-time. Woman: no problems, the more the merrier. The retardism of all concerned takes my breath away, from the blond cunt through the editors and proofreaders all the way up to the owners of this rag. Never mind bad news sells, these days public vomit- and shit-eating sells.

"Exposing the black poison in the soul of society" - I missed the word "rotting" somewhere in the tagline of this blog.

Monday 12 May 2014

Public Mores

I apologise in advance for linking to that cesspit known as the Huffington Post. Normally I would not even look there myself, yet recently I meandered there while following some other news articles that interested me. And at the bottom of said article, I ran across this:

So there we have it - a public news story about the morality of having sex in a public place.

If you look at the video referenced in the link you will see that the first opinion is from a gay guy. The second opinion is from a girl who is "jealous after listening to the gay guy's story".

All right. We know that many gays absolutely have to push the envelope (note that it's only the flamboyantly exhibitionist types). "Sometimes you wanna take it out of the bedroom and go into a shared space and kind of violate it in your own way."

Right there you can tell the quintessential narcissism of these pieces of shit. Its all about them, they have no boundaries, they don't care about other people's boundaries - you completely get it. Thankfully these ones won't breed. Unfortunately we can't say the same for the jealous girl who was turned on by the thought of public sex and violating a public space.

"Oh noes BPS you're a *gasp* homophobe!" Only with regards to these flamboyantly narcissistic self-centered pieces of filth. Especially when they're being given airspace and opinionspace in the public eye.

Society - and especially the Huffington Crap - is truly sick and poisonous.


So, you want to be a barista major in English or Women's Studies or the like.

Here's what you should know first: Anatomy of a Hardworking Barista

No, wait. Here's the stuff you need to major in English or Women's Studies (or any other similar stupid BA or MA studies):

To get a BA in the USA takes 4 years. Average cost per year in a public school: $27k. Average cost per year for room/board: $9k.

Combined cost per year: $36k. Add another $4k for the "little luxuries" in life that women cannot live without these days: $40k.

Total cost over 4 years: $160k for a BA.

Add another 2 years: $80k for an MA.

Totalled: 6 years and $240k to get your Master of Arts degree in English.

Yes I used the word "totalled" deliberately - 'cause you just totalled any chance of you having any kind of decent life. In America, $240k should pay off most of a reasonable house plus give you a brand-new car. Instead you're now 24+ and spending your hard-earned cashola paying off the interest-and-principal on...nothing.

Not a fucking thing. It's air. It's not physical in the slightest.

Does it make you big dollars? I know that my Cisco and Oracle training does, and the two of those combined didn't cost $10k total. In fact, the business paid for it: tax-deductable as ongoing training costs.

So you totalled your life for nothing of worth. Plus you are expecting to find a hubby who will buy you a house-and-car to the tune of $240k - in addition to paying off that student loan of yours. While you pump out your 1.2 children and be a stay-at-home mommy.

What more can be said.

I think that Captain Capitalism would approve of this analysis.

Cold Hands Warm Heart

I sometimes like to tease the older local women at various stores. A couple days ago one remarked that her hands were cold - I immediately held out my hands in a "warm them in here" motion. She did of course.

Her comment: "Ohhhhh you have warm hands." "Yep, I do." Her workmate immediately chimed in with: "Cold hands warm heart!" And the two had a little giggle. The female-centric mindset behind the old saying was blindingly obvious.

Then the one not getting her hands warmed suddenly came out with: "Warm hands cold heart!" I laughed and said "Yes indeed!" while stopping warming her workmate's hands. I left soon after.

Women, frenemies, hah! Not much generosity of soul in that one. She couldn't handle that another woman was getting attention while she wasn't.

Reality: the woman I was warming the hands of has cold hands. Nothing to do with her heart and emotions at all. Instructive look into their mindset though.

Friday 9 May 2014

Stupid People

Stupid people who have no lives will fill that emptiness with drama and horseshit. This is because it's the only excitement they get in their lives.

Not just women: men too. The dumber they are, the more drama they will cause. He-said-she-said, running away, hur-hur-dur, etc. All to fuel the desire to feel special, to feel wanted, to feel different from everybody else.

All this stupidity is wearying. Not tiring, because tiredness can go away with rest and sleep and you awaken with energy once more. Wearying, in that it causes a lassitude of the spirit, a desire to close the door upon the idiots. To lock them away from the sensible people, to throw away the key, to leave them to rot in the predictable hell of their own making.

If I could I would definitely go somewhere that it would be impossible for the stupid to follow me and bother me. Go and explore, both the universe and the mind, locking the door behind me and dynamiting the entrance thoroughly shut. Walk away to go and gather experiences and knowledge that nobody would be able to defile with some crass advertising or greedy and grasping act.

Just for some peace of mind and soul.

Thursday 8 May 2014

Women Love Being Sex Objects

Go ahead, scream otherwise. Scream and rant that you despise being sexually objectified. I don't believe you.

In fact, I'm right here laughing in your face for trying to convince me otherwise. You love it that I objectify you, you love that I know that you love it, you love it more when I act upon it.

I just get it.

For the sad and dumbass men out there who don't get it: women do not really despise being sexually objectified. They actually enjoy it. They dress up specifically to get that sexual response from men.

And I, for one, very much enjoy the display that is put out there to elicit that sexual response from me.

When it's on display, make no bones about enjoying it. Any woman who is bitching about it has only one problem with it (and in life): she can't compete.

Slightly poisonous? Not the display itself. What's poisonous is the ones who deny, fume, deny, scream, deny, and get pissed off when you enjoy it. Screw them. Enjoy the view and Enjoy the Decline.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Attacks on White Males

Not physical attacks, mental/emotional attacks. It's whats happening when you read about:

• divorce - especially when a man becomes suicidal after divorce

• diversity - women and minorities are the last to be downsized and the first to be hired

• education - more women in universities than men

• treatment - women can get away with behaviours that men would instantly go to jail for

All these are evidence of the attack upon the male, particularly the white male. Women have privileges, minorities have privileges, that white males do not. Ironic given the frothing and ranting by feminists and the general female population about "male privilege".

So you have to ask: Why all this hatred?

After all, it was the white male who invented our modern civilisation that has made women's lives tremendously easier and richer. Hell, the invention of the washing machine alone saved them hours upon hours of work every week! Why all the bent-out-of-shape bullshit?

So look a touch closer and try to look at it from a different angle: 97+% of the industrial stuff which makes life easier for everybody was invented by white males. The whole fruits of white male industrial civilisation have been spread to most of the Earth. It benefits everybody. So why all the hate.

Ohhhh, wait. White Men did all this, White Men get all the accolades for improving lives. Envy!

Such childishness now explains it all. I envy you, therefore I shall resent you for improving my life immeasurably, therefore I shall hate you. Because I can't be like you, I can't be as good as you. You have oppressed me. Oppression! We want equality!

So of course it's swung far too much the other way, for which we white men are hated more - irrationally. A catch-69 situation for us. Especially when we can't figure out why all the hate and resentment and anger. I mean, seriously, where the fuck did all that bullshit come from?

It got pulled out of someone's ass all because they were envious of us white men. They were incapable of dealing with it, definitely incapable of admitting to such childish emotions. Because they can't bring themselves to admit it and deal with it, it gets all twisted up and messed up inside - which they are even less capable of admitting to and dealing with. So it's projected out to white men. It's all white men's fault.


But then, nobody promised us that everyone in the world would be rational. Especially women.

"...and God promised that there would be good women at the four corners of the Earth. Then He made the Earth round, and He laughed and laughed and laughed..."

Don't Aggravate A Sick Man

Men know instinctively not to do this. They find out you're sick, they ask if you need anything - yes or no, it's no problem. They then leave you to heal up on your own, maybe visit you in hospital to say: "Hi asshole!" We've got sense that way.

Women these days though: not so fucking bright.

Occasionally you will find a smart one, who goes "nurture" when they hear you're sick. Aka they like you and want you well. This is the woman to date if you can. Other women - well, they just aggravate the shit out of you.

Case in point: a woman earlier this year. We had literally only been going out for a week when I got a cold (computers, idiot users coming in to work sick, fixing a problem - you get the drift). Did she leave me alone? Did she offer to nurture me?

No. She went into full-on attack-mode.

Her: I'm wondering where I stand?

Me (completely fucked in the head): What? We've been going out for a week!

Her: I don't know where I stand, I want to know, I can't stand not knowing!

This is with me on the phone, coughing my goddamn lungs out with every couple of words (when it's bad I develop a cough).

When I got better, could think straight, etc - as I said to my mate: Where you stand is that you fucked up by being a completely selfish cunt while I was sick, trying to have that talk waaaay too soon. He wanted to know if I was gonna tell her to piss off, I told him that someone that needy and desperate and selfish didn't deserve it. Fuck her, I'm not giving her the chance for a dialogue: radio silence.

Protect yourself from these pieces of shit. In fact, it's worth "acting sick" just to see what a girl's reaction is. Use your brains, like I did when I had recovered and could think straight again.

It's a rough, poisonous world out there. Always be alert for the signs - some of these girls will do whatever they can to screw you over or wring something out of you.

For any girls reading this: don't be that girl.

Tuesday 6 May 2014


Work, that four-letter word. Career, that six-letter word.

Women are slowly starting to realise that having a job or career does not make them a fabulous person. It does not make them anything in particular, beyond being my competition - plus personally-frazzled and stressed-out.

No wonder so many people smoke and drink. Ways of coping with the bullshit.

I don't go to work for fun or fulfilment. That's why they have to pay me.

Monday 5 May 2014

So You Want A Foreign Bride

So, you've heard that foreign girls are more feminine, more submissive, etc etc than your local (Western) trash. You've decided that you are gonna join a mail-order bride website, find one, go over there to find out what she's like, marry her, and bring her back to your home country. Pump out a few children and Bob's your Uncle.

Seriously, why?

This woman does not understand your culture, is going to be uprooted from her culture, is going to be lonely, all that good stuff. She'll get miserable, you'll get pissy, where's the joy in all that. (I know from experience: I dealt with that from a foreign bride - a Western one, whose values and upbringing were very similar to mine. It didn't prevent "homesickness".)

In addition, the types of women who go looking for a foreign husband are often the entitled types: she's the more-pleasant foreign equivalent of the local sluts that you either avoid because you can't stand them, or who won't give you the time of day nohow noway. Plus, she's looking for an out from her hell-hole.

Finally, foreign women divorce. No shit. They're not stupid - a couple years of marriage to you, get permanent residency, then *blammo* frivorce with cash and prizes. They ain't stupid, they can read the internet and watch Western movies like Eat, Pray, Fuck. If you're man enough that she's deliriously happy to stay with you forever, then you can probably get the same with a Western woman.

You might as well just pay her to be a surrogate mother for your child, bring the child back to your home country, and get your rocks off with porn and/or prostitutes. Raise the child right. Never have any contact with that woman ever again (just in case the "law" suddenly decides that she's entitled to garnish your wages plus give her back "her" child).

Yes it might actually get that bad.

Am I saying not to bother? Hell no! I'm saying that it's not necessarily the panacea to all your problems.

There is something else you can do: you can become successful first.

Once you're successful (or retired) then it's quite in the cards to expat somewhere else. When you've got a couple of thousand a month of passive income coming in from whatever source, most second- and third-world countries are exceptionally pleasant places to live. You can be very well-off, as well as taking your time to get to know the local girls and vise-versa.

If your assets are protected solidly in trusts, then someone attempting a frivorce is going to get a very rude shock. Owning no assets = nothing to steal. If it's owned overseas then the local courts should have zero jurisdiction: check with a good lawyer to be certain of this. So long as you don't get cocky and arrogant and piss somebody off you should generally be okay.

This process has some advantages: she's not losing her support network and family and culture, she's still living vastly better than she would have been able to, and you are more likely to be able to adjust to her culture and language than she would be to yours (plus she won't be totally poisoned by Western culture). Let's face it, men are generally stronger and more flexible in these manners than women are.

I can hear you thinking: "But BPS! You're finding only a golddigger!" What of it? All women are golddiggers to a certain extent. They don't really want to work. You should have realised that many years ago - now go back and read my older posts. Thoroughly. The only difference between women is the degree to which they are willing to make you happy: the better looking and less-besotted by you, the less effort they think that they need to put into you and the marriage.

In certain ways they're quite correct. The really drop-dead beautiful types literally don't have to do a thing, because they can marry or become mistresses to the ultra-rich types. Their life is one of ease (and possibly boredom, though I can't vouch for that).

Yes, it's poisonous. Yes, it's reality. Grow up. Deal with it.

Extra: I suggest that you watch this video and think carefully about what it shows you. Watch it at least three times. There are three parts in particular that I found very interesting.

Sunday 4 May 2014

Narcissists Lack Soul

Yeah I'm chucking this out there: narcissists lack soul.

The reason that I think that is because of the many narcissists that I've observed: they are always, always, focused on the external - never on the internal. They don't self-reflect, because there's nothing there to reflect upon. Simply an endless, sucking emptiness that goes on forever, constantly needing to be fed with the attention (good or bad) and flattery of others.

This is interesting in that I score fairly high on the narcissism index. Peculiarly, here I am doing some self-reflection. I will resist to the death that I am somehow "special". Rather, I am attempting to improve myself. This is what every man should be doing as a matter of course.

In a way that can be seen as making me special. Most people these days prefer to "slump" through life.

Given the explosion in narcissism in modern times, it's not surprising. Technology has enabled this explosion: firstly with MySpace, then FaceBook, now with Twitter. Instagram is a culprit, HotOrNot, online dating on the whole, Choosy, Tinder. All of these "social platforms" blast the ego with validation. Hell, the same with this blog!

Inflating someone's ego in this way contributes to the self-delusion that we somehow matter in the great scheme of things. We don't. 99.9999% of people could die in a car-accident and it wouldn't mean squat to the world at large. That is how meaningful our lives really are.

I hear things like this a lot, mostly from women: "Doing X will do wonders for your/my confidence!" Talking with each other. Egging each other on.

Replace "confidence" with "ego" and you have a far more truthful statement. Yes, people these days confuse ego and confidence. Perhaps this is why women fall for men with a big ego and arrogance - they have confused that with confidence.

So, why is the world attempting to build up the ego/narcissism of people? There must be some reason, else it would not be happening. Here are what I think may be the two main reasons:

1/ egotistic people do not think deeply (me included)

2/ narcissistic people are more easily led (due to the above)

Which might help explain the rise of consumer culture and the use of propaganda upon our own citizens and the like. I am not certain, of course. There's probably a hell of a lot more to it than that. Makes you wonder though.

I read somewhere once, that narcissism was one of the things used by propaganda. Specifically, propaganda uses: emotionalism, tribalism, and narcissism.

Emotionalism: push someone's emotional buttons, especially the anger and fear buttons

Tribalism: us versus them, for example America vs Afghanistan

Narcissism: get someone on-board like the above two - and the narcissist will not be interested in getting more information, his ego is already invested

Or something like that process, is used to do things like start wars. I need to learn and think more.

Saturday 3 May 2014

A Brutal Truth

Over on A Voice For Men, JudgyBitch puts a steel-capped boot into the guts of Isabel, a selfish slut who is ready to hop from the cock carousel into the arms of a nice-guy Beta.

One of the commenters drops a few words of brutal honesty into the discussion:
Dear Isabel
I spent twenty years trying to be nice to women like you, and in return I received nothing but contempt. What makes you think I would be inclined to welcome you into my life now?
While you were sleeping, I changed too - I haven't remained "nice", every ready to "be there" for you, just waiting to drop everything to be by your side and take care of you. Your contempt and your sadism changed me. I am now what you would think of as "nasty". Not one of the bad boys who used to excite you, but one of the increasing number of men who has come to see you as their enemy.
An equal relationship with a woman like you is simply not possible. What you have to "offer" me is this:
1. The chance to have children entirely on your terms, when you see fit
2. The prospect of losing those children on your vindictive whim
3. A total loss of control over my own money
4. Arbitrary confrontations and accusations
5. A partner who believes I exist to serve her, and who refuses even to acknowledge the concept that I have feelings of my own beyond those she has decided for me
6. The loss of whichever of my hobbies and friends you dislike
7. A partner who can physically and mentally abuse and manipulate me, then dismiss any protest I make about it
You expect me to be instantly "ready" for you now, simply because you are ready for me? For me that shows that you expect our relationship to take place very much on your terms and not at all on mine.
Whilst you were changing so was I. I have become very happy without a woman in my life. And I have realised that you have nothing to offer me but pain. It is too late for you.
Mr Nice Guy
Isn't that brilliant? I think that he shouldn't have signed it as "Mr Nice Guy" though - he should have signed it as "No More Mr Nice Guy". That would be more real these days.

And here's my contribution (it's a bit late now to comment over there):

Isabel, you are a sex toy. You have spent your time from eleven onwards being used as a sex toy. It is what you are: nothing more. No man with half a clue would use you as anything more, and most certainly would not go all the way and marry you.

Thus, the retard that you eventually marry - if you are that lucky - will constantly piss you off. This is because he will treat you like a queen, where in reality you are not: and you know deep inside that you are not. This inner knowledge that you are not a queen, that you are actually a sex toy, will drive you to distraction - because you will not be treated like a sex toy by him.

And this is what you really want. You don't want to be treated well. Deep down you want to be treated like the depraved whore that you really are. You want to be used as the local town bike by every hot and sexy man in the world. The more the better. In groups. Taken, over and over, then dumped - because that's what you delight in.

I pity your poor cats (or purse-dog substitute).

Yes JB, you get it. These types of women are why we MGTOW pass.

Thursday 1 May 2014

Reading Updates and Surprises

Well, I've put up the suicide note of Chris Mackney on the Free Reading page.

I've also put up a link to The Reasoners Library. On that page are legit links to two books by Esther Vilar: The Manipulated Man and The Polygamous Sex.

I've just realised that Hawaiian Libertarian has had me on his blog roll for a few months at least. Sometimes I'm too stupid to notice these things. Thank you man, I'm gonna blame it on being distracted - at least that's my story and I'm gonna stick with it.

I should put together a blog roll of my own sometime. However my list is slowly changing. For the moment, I'll leave it to the Free Reading page.

A never-ending battle of new information and things to read and think about. Plus a book to write - it's never-ending, hah!

Did Dina Mackney drive her husband to suicide

So to answer the question: Did Dina Mackney drive her husband to suicide?

I've pretty-much stayed away from this, mostly because it strikes close to home and partly because I couldn't be certain that it was true. Internet memes, who can tell the fake from genuine much of the time. It also seemed quite articulate - suspiciously so.


It's pretty-much confirmed from what I can tell: the suicide-note of Chris Mackley looks to be genuine. The best indication is that the man's ex-wife has attempted to copyright it - so that she can then send out cease-and-desist takedown notices to the websites that have it hosted. Yes, DMCA notices on a dead man's suicide-note so that she doesn't look bad. Supposedly many websites (including Scribd) have complied.

Now if the lawyers had said "defamation of character", that would have been plausible and easy to understand. It's a good reason to remove something. But copyright? Uh uh - that means that they knew they couldn't have proven defamation to get the thing removed. That's a very damning admission by itself, shows that the note is truth and not lies at all. Truth enough to stand in court, even though it's from a dead and otherwise-defenceless man.

This indicates a sick mindset: when someone attempts to silence their dead husband's last words. It's notable that her lawyers think that this might work too. Misusing copyright to enforce censorship is wrong on many levels.

Not with me: fair use, this is news and thus in the public domain - so long as it's attributed. It's not some copyrightable created thing like a movie or song or patent. DMCA does not apply in the slightest - no matter the legal weaselling of some expensive lawyer who thinks that he can take on the entire world one DMCA-takedown notice at a time.

Good luck, fools. The world is bigger than you are and can squash you easily. You may have even started the process yourselves.

At any rate there isn't much more that I can say about this: the note itself is quite articulate. So you can read the suicide-note here (I will also put it up in the Free Reading page soon). Here is her picture (stolen shamelessly from the websites of Capitol File Magazine and Twitter):

Read, think about it for yourself. It is my opinion that any society which routinely does this to its own citizens - to the men who built and maintain it - is too sick to survive for much longer.