Friday 19 August 2016

Social Dysfunction

More and more women openly exhibit what can only be described as social dysfunction and deviant behavior.

Which is pretty much what we're all on their case about, out here in the desert of the interwebs.

Which is why we'll never be mainstream (thank God!).

At any rate, you can see it in all their interactions. With everyone. The frenemies, their boyfriends, their workmates, all that stuff: cuckoo coco-puffs out the wazoo.

They state that men are socially clueless...then go to stab their "best friend" in the back at every possible opportunity.

They can't even be happy, bubbly, and joyful with themselves. (I've met exactly one girl like this - happy, bubbly, and joyful - in the past 6 years - she was 19.) So twisted and fucked up that they have to warp everything into misery - and drag everyone else into the same fucked up state.

So pathetic. "Like, wow, man" levels of pathetic.

It's worse, though. Because most of us men are so fucked up that most of us listen to them. (Have you really listened to them? I mean, really? It's an unending drone of minutiae and drivel. Enough to drive you out through insanity, to the clear and calm waters of peace on the other side.)

We men on the whole listen to them - at least enough to try and shut them up by giving them what they say they want. Because of this, we have warped our entire social structure into the same dysfunctional state as their fucked up heads.

To illustrate:

A male teacher fucks a 14yo female student. Rape! Instant 10 years of getting assfucked by Bubba and the rest of the boys.

A female teacher fucks a 14yo male student. She gets put on the sex offender list. A slap on the wrist with a limp noodle.

This isn't just double-standards and hypocrisy (though it certainly is that).

It is prime warning that our society is dysfunctional to an extreme.

(Was it 21 Jump St - the movie - which featured an "underage" undercover copper fucking his teacher? This deviant behavior is considered to be so normal that it's now popular entertainment?)

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Sunday 14 August 2016

Wheels Coming Off The Gravy Train

So the wheels are coming off the gravy train again, heheh.

Yes, I'm a little tipsy. High stress work, sometimes my Fe/Ni starts going around in futile and ever-decreasing circles of inanity. Alcohol shuts the bullshit down and calms me a little, so long as I don't have too much. (That's Jungian Cognitive Function-speak, if you really care.)

So, the gravy train is starting to derail once again. But wait a minute:

Which wheels?

Which gravy train?

Why, the gravy train that is the PUA's pussy-wagon, of course! Over on RoK they have recently had another hit piece: 4 Ways to Stop Being a MGTOW.

Tch tch tch. The usual shaming bullshit getting flung out again...the monkeys are seeing others walk off the plantation and decide to throw their monkey-poo at all and sundry...feminist-style shaming monkey-poo, of course.

Which brings up a few very interesting thoughts. Why do they feel they have to throw the monkey-poo with such lively abandon? It's like it happens every six months or so...quietens down...then flares up again.

Then it clicks (to me).

The 93% chance of all marriages ending up in divorce, within 10 years (my last post).

Oh my. So here we have Roosh peddling his snake-oil of new masculinity (where are these unicorns you're expecting your new men to marry? fucktard) - but there is a bigger, more pressing issue.

No, it's not that a lot of men are going MGTOW. (Though any lost sale to the head honcho's of the PUAsphere must rankle something bad.)

No, it's not that the new masculinity is going down the tubes. (Is it? I've not bothered keeping an eye on that to see. I wouldn't be surprised. It's just a slightly reddish tinge to the blue pill, attempting to drag men back to the plantation.)

It's actually that the men going MGTOW are taking the props away from the civilization, the plantation, that allows the PUAsphere to exist.

Y'see, no civilization = a lesser variety of free pussy for the dancing monkeys to take advantage of.

When everything turns to third-world levels of crime and stupidity, it actually becomes dangerous to be a monkey that dances for free pussy.

Wanna fuck some dude's girlfriend or wife? Get caught, you're either dead or beaten to a pulp.

There might be a "veneer" of law, which applies only to the powerful and high-status in life. (Which applying will only be to the advantage of the powerful and high-status, being leveraged against the weak and powerless and trash that is the rest of society.)

In the back-streets themselves, gutter-law rules. Fuck my girl, me'n my bro's will fuck you up good, mate.

Social status posturing and posing?

Nah. Gutter-law is a baseball bat to the kneecaps and nuts.

Funny, in a way. I dragged myself out of gutter-law, only to find that society as a whole is dragging itself back in to it.

The PUAs free-pussy-wagon? The wheels are coming off. The street has eyes. The eyes don't report to the law. The eyes pass it on to the gutter-law.

Show respect, you'll get along good. No respect? Goan fuck you up, cut you up, mate. Then I'll slice that cunt up too. Fix you both, show everyone not to cross me, mate.

The most deliciously ironic thing? The PUAs are taking advantage of a declining civilization. In r/K terms, they're teaching themselves to use the rabbit breeding strategy. (Humorous. Self-improvement! Become a wolf! So you can breed like a rabbit. Fucking humorous.)

But these rabbits, they're each other...and you're putting yourselves into their feeding-chain.

Ya know what? You did it to yourself.

What more can you say? Time for a little more Grand Marnier, then out like a light. To sleep, perchance to dream, and hopefully it's not a fuckin' nightmare like so many people are dragging the world into.