Friday 27 February 2015

Personal Time and Space is Golden for Men

On my last post commenter Mindstorm asks a question:
BPS, a somewhat personal question:
As a divorcee, how likely you regard this little story to be true?
And from The Rational Male, here's the comment that Mindstorm is referring to:
melmoth - February 18th, 2015 at 8:19 am
@SFC Ton,
Your bit about the soldiers regarding ‘high ops’ training as a relaxing break from marriage is pretty telling. (I’m understanding you right,yeah?) Anyway it reminded me of a buddy who was a golf pro at a course about two and a half hours from Seattle. I went out there once and he got me on. I noticed that everyone seemed to be from Seattle (you can just tell, plus I golfed with and talked to a few), meaning a 5 hour round trip just to golf. This includes ferry boats, long, narrow drives etc. Everyone knows it rains out there and those narrow, dark, tree-lined roads are stressful. Yet, he told me that most of their golfers came from Seattle on Saturdays. It was a nice course but didn’t outshine the Seattle courses or maybe a dozen or more courses in between by too much if at all. I asked him how they got all the Seattle golfers to come from so far away. I’ve never married and he was married at that time, miserably married of course. His answer was something I never forgot. He said that the Seattle guys came all that way on Saturdays to buy themselves five extra hours away from their wives. Not fun hours either. It’s not like they’re hiding off in a strip club or something. I mean just sitting on a ferry for an hour, driving down monotonous tree-lined roads–all better than their constant wars. He was dead to nuts serious too. He looked at me like “Dude, just wait.”
From my personal experience: 100% truth.

Here is the dirty secret that the unmarried guys almost never hear from the inside of married life: You have no personal time or space.

On the surface, that doesn't sound like much. A very minor thing (especially to a woman). Let's look deeper.

Just about everyone - the PUAs especially will know what I mean - has had that bloody annoying girl/girlfriend who is clingy as shit, constantly texts, constantly calls, won't leave you be. Until you dump the crazy cunt. Then she stalks you.

That is nothing to the hell invasion of privacy that you are voluntarily subjecting yourself to with marriage.

Sure, it's all roses the first couple years. You're in love love love (endocrine high) and then it slowly wilts. Eventually you start to need a break from the bullshit snipe-snipe-snipe and passive-aggressive whinging and manipulation and general discontent. Being subject to dribbling garbage in all your off-hours will wear down the hardest guy eventually.

Think about your typical week (168 hours):

* 40 hours (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) given to your work
* 10 hours (2 hours a day, 5 days a week) is lunch and driving to/from work
* 56 hours (8 hours a day, 7 days a week) is sleeping (if you're lucky)
* 62 hours (about 9 hours a day, 7 days a week) is spent in the company of someone who won't shut the fuck up

That can slip over into your sleeping-time too. Further, in that 62-odd hours you're supposed to do: household maintenance, hobbies, entertainment, socializing, learning, shopping, etc. Generally with her around - if not, then with constant interruptions. Having a holiday is not a fucking holiday for you, in that you don't get a break from the drivel by going to work.

Ever wondered why so many men in America work themselves to death with 60+ hour weeks? Ever wonder about the Japanese men working themselves to death and literally having a heart-attack at their desk?

Don't even think about trying to learn something unless you can absolutely enforce a time and space where she will not interrupt. Which from personal experience will be constantly violated regardless and your train of thought constantly broken every half-hour to an hour or so. You will actually start to think seriously of violence.

Given that general overview, let's dive further into the comment quoted. The general process of marriage is as follows:

It takes a couple years for her to properly get your balls into her purse. Your (independent/free) male friends have been surreptitiously removed, deemed unsuitable (because they might tell you to grow a pair). Her female friends (and their de-balled "partner's") are solidly in place as your "social circle".

From this point on if you do anything to upset her - earbashing from her plus anything between 2-8 female "friends" trying to shame you back into your place. Add your mother and her mother to the mix. That's near-impossible to deal with, especially if you've been worn down constantly for 5+ years. The earbashing will continue for weeks, perhaps months, and the incident that caused it will never be forgotten.

The soldiers regarding 'high ops' training as a relaxing break from marriage. Forced to be away from a whinging, whining, manipulative, bitchy person for days/weeks/months at a time? Absolutely no contact allowed with said person? Also the "social circle"? Hanging around guys that you've bonded strongly with? Having clear and unambiguous objectives? Feeling satisfied and happy at the end of every day? Heaven.

The golfers going 5+ hours to play a round of golf. Narrow roads, by the sound of it out in the boonies, probably no cellphone coverage, effectively absolute isolation from the bitch? Heaven. Where the commenter states: "Not fun hours either. It’s not like they’re hiding off in a strip club or something. I mean just sitting on a ferry for an hour, driving down monotonous tree-lined roads - all better than their constant wars."

The bold bit is the pure golden takeaway in this snippet. Those guys are having fun - peace and quiet by themselves. The best part (for them) is that they're not at some strip-club or the like which wifey can find out about and give him a shit-ton of grief over later (for months or years to come). No ammunition for her to use. He (the commenter) doesn't know how purely joyful this is, marred only by the thought of having to go back.

I understand that the training and practice for golf is constant and ongoing. Given that, do you have to wonder why golf is so popular? Similarly, men going fishing out on a boat for hours - why do you think it's so popular? Camping? Hiking? Mountain climbing? Marathon running? Iron Man competitions? Extreme sports?

Which makes me think about women's dating profiles. "I love to go fishing, camping, hiking, etc" - invading a man's private space under the guise of "see I love doing what you do". I'll bet that only the very naive men would ever get involved with those women, even for a fuck'n'chuck.

From personal history: I used to love walking a lot. I mean for hours at a time. Down the beach. Along trails. When I had girlfriends they would walk and swim with me. Same for my wife-to-be. Until, strangely, the marital knot was tied - around my neck, in retrospect.

All of a sudden the refrain became: "I don't feel like it", "the weather's kinda iffy", "I'm not up to it right now", "I'm on my period", "I've just had a bad day and need to relax", etc (sounds just like the excuses for not wanting to have sex - though I can kinda understand periods). You are told that it's okay for you to go out and do it by yourself, yet you get made to feel like a bad person if you actually do that, or maybe she can be persuaded very reluctantly to join you (passive-aggressive much).

Eventually I stopped doing it and my mental and physical health and fitness declined. Which is when the passive-aggressive and whinging and whining got worse and worse. Mental disconnect on her part, she could not see that my decline was a direct response to following her (plausibly-deniably-stated) desires. Bad and too much food, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, lack of mental space to think, all these were linked right back to her desires.

Frivorce. "He's changed. He's not the man I married. I've fallen out of love with him." The moronic refrain of every stupid cunt out there. No fucking duh. (Marrying a BPD/NPD nutjob was also a bad move on my part, didn't help any.)

I've occasionally mentioned on here of dealing with Oracle databases and various servers and networking issues in my work. After about 5 years of marriage: if there was a problem on the weekend (or an evening, middle of the night, early morning, whatever) I'd sit at work for another hour after it was resolved. A single problem, millions of dollars at stake, resolved, relaxing by myself for a while. Heaven - until I had to head back to her.

I think that I wrote a post a while back about how we men do not get time to ourselves, and said in another that much of men's mental issues would be resolved by taking a week entirely alone (that was in the post on therapy being for women). It's been widely written about across the Manosphere, how men need alone-time and man-only spaces. Women have it, men do not.

Women-only gyms. Women-only restaurants. Women-spaces for the girls to get together and chatter without dem eevil menz around, filthy creatures that they are. These are 100% socially supported as a matter of course. Can't have guys perving on girls working out. Can't have males bothering the female patrons.

Suggest a man-only gym, bar, or club? They freak out. Misogynist! How dare you! (I thought about that once: a place lined with a faraday cage to block all cellphone signals and rooms where men could idly relax and do what they wanted in peace. Then I realized that I valued my sanity and privacy from bullshit media and legal process crap more.)

Man-caves? Be fucking honest guys, it's not a sanctuary at all. She checks on you every half-hour to an hour "just to see that you're doing okay". That's assuming that she's still in the love-phase - if she's mentally checked out of the marriage then you actually are left alone and it's something else to snipe-snipe-snipe about. Enjoy relaxing in your man-cave then - it'll become another bone of contention.

Is there any real wonder when someone finally snaps and smacks the bitch around a bit to shut her up?

Let us cast a cynical eye upon the subject of domestic abuse. Let us flip the script and imagine that you are stuck around a man for 62+ hours a week (9+ hours a day) who will not shut up, who won't leave you physically alone for a second if he can help it, and who constantly bothers you. All the time it's inane drivel, complaining, whining, whinging, bitching, nagging, et fucking cetera - an unending background drone of despair and hopelessness.

How long do you think it would be before you made a fist, looked at him, and said something along the lines of: "Shut your fucking mouth. Open it again and I'll break your jaw."

Or simply clocked him with a handy chunk of steel.

How many decades would you last? Years? Months? Weeks? Days? Hours or minutes?

This is where Rich Zubaty makes a helluva lot of sense when he equates women's constant talking to mental abuse of men.

This is why I stated that therapy is for women.

And this is why I would have a helluva lot of sympathy and understanding for any man who finally snapped and beat the shit out of his woman. I know from experience what it is like and what it can do to you.

Constant talk, talk, talk - constant invasion of private space - can only be tolerated by those who have been brought up in an environment like that. Women. Mangina's. Married men who mentally check out, switch off their ears, and completely ignore a nagging bitch who won't let them alone.

In some cases I suspect that the frivorce is a secret relief. In retrospect, from 4-5 years of perspective, it certainly was in my case.

It's after 5am. I think that it's time for breakfast, then a nice early-morning walk. My personal time and space, without having to think of some bitch bothering me once I'm done.

Take and enjoy your slice of heaven when and where you can find it. I am.

Thursday 26 February 2015

Pregnancy Tests for Sale

Up on TradeMe in New Zealand (now removed by the administrators):
Incidentally, the girl who showed me that thought it was fuckin' hilarious. Definitely low-class - but then, I already knew she was a skank ho.

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k and cheap at 10x the price.

A Banal and Shallow Decline

It seems to me that over the years humanity has become more banal and shallow.

This is not just about women, it's about men as well. Though I could probably be forgiven for stating that it's likely all female-driven, when you look at the ho-hum thinking of this loopy twat out on display for all to see:

What You Learn In Your 40s

She's living in Paris, burbling about how busy your 40's are, and dribbling on about the usual feminist fucktardisms. At the end of the article she provides a summing-up of strange-ass banality:
Finally, a few more tips gleaned from four decades of experience:
  • Do not buy those too-small jeans, on the expectation that you will soon lose weight.
  • If you are invited to lunch with someone who works in the fashion industry, do not wear your most “fashionable” outfit. Wear black.
  • If you like the outfit on the mannequin, buy exactly what’s on the mannequin. Do not try to recreate the same look by yourself.
  • It’s O.K. if you don’t like jazz. 
  • When you’re wondering whether she’s his daughter or his girlfriend, she’s his girlfriend.
  • When you’re unsure if it’s a woman or a man, it’s a woman.
This is supposed to be the learning of a mature person in their early-40's, passed on to others for their edification and practical use.

First-look, you could be forgiven for thinking that this miserable excuse for introspective twaddle is a typical female of the modern generation. The sad thing is: she isn't. This is probably someone with an IQ of 115-125, a prime sample of what the academic system puts out with it's "Master's in Bullshit Studies" courses. This is supposed to be the above-average woman of today.

Second look, I realize that this banal horseshit is what is chosen to be put out by the media. Effectively and deliberately dumbing down the human race, so that what is left is speculation about the Kardashiwhores and who next will be dropped from Shitvivor. It's the banalities of what's constantly on our mind/in our face which is the pulse of the human race.

For a species which at one time marvelled and celebrated at going to the Moon, we have deliberately dumbed ourselves down over the last few decades. To the point where we celebrate and are interested in only the banal and shallow.
Which in the end is pathetic and pretty damn sad.

This is why I - and from what I've read, several others - think that we are stagnating and declining. There's nothing really being striven for, and most people out there are generally pathetic pussies of no real worth. They could literally die and nobody would take a blind bit of notice.

We glorify the wrong things, like the Roman Empire did when it switched to Bread and Circuses. Like the Middle East when they started glorifying the entertainers. Entertainers in the old days were nothing more than whores and mountebanks, then they started to become popular in the old empires. They fell. We are falling. The old saying of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Oh sure, there will be something left to mark our civilization. Perhaps in a thousand years, the people of the day will wander through the ruins of Manhattan and marvel at the shells of the quaint old buildings. Talk about the antlike determination of those who put them together. Then they'll go back to...wherever the hell it is that they'll go back to.

Banal and shallow. As a species, concerned only with narcissistic mass-entertainment. The frantic scurrying of ants to have this, do this, be this, be seen as being this, without a moment of introspection to actually look at everything and decide for ourselves: "hey - I don't have time for this crap".

Keeping up with the Joneses. It's alive and well in our mentality, if not the driving force behind everything that we think and do. As bland as pap and mush.

Stories from Hell

Every now and then I drop into the /r/MGTOW area on Reddit. Occasionally they come up with something like the following - stories of men caught in hell (don't be fooled by the name of the post):

Moments That Make Me Smile

Copying two of the stories:
Back in college in 2009, I was a member of the Philosophy Club. In the club, there was this smart-as-an-engineer, witty, loved-theater, over-all great woman who was 25 years old, and I say woman because she already had a little boy, 2 years old, with her fiancee. 
The fiancee was a full head of hair, mutton-chopped, leather jacket wearing mechanic, who rode a self-built motorcycle, yet he had a touch of the musical muse within him. He was in a cover-band and he could give the most amazing Bon Jovi impressions on stage -- you could literally close your eyes, raise your beer to the heavens and the nostalgia was overwhelming.
We became drinking buddies for the next two years. When we were alone or with the guys, he always had a devilish smirk and a wholehearted laugh. However, when I was at his home with him, his fiancee, and son, he was sober serious: never wore the leather jacket, he nurtured over his son, the boy constantly followed him around, he combed his hair, he was "yes, mam. no, mam" to his wife to be. Every-time I locked eyes with him at home, there was this aura of desperation about him. A feral aching that could be seen at the middle of his wrinkled brow or as he impulsively scratched at a phantom itch on his collar. I never addressed him about my observations and he never inferred it to me either: the "don't ask, told tell" code of manhood.
At the end of our friendship in 2010, his fiancee, now wife, got her second pregnancy and they both left to live in her home state, Arizona. 
In 2012, I received a Christmas card from his wife. It was a picture of them on a sunny day standing before a loose gravel canyon. She was smiling, showing off her swollen belly of what would be her third child, as she held hands with her son, also smiling. To her side was her two year old daughter, clinging to the skirt of mother's summer dress while sucking her fist. And then there was the husband, standing just far enough from the mother and her brood to create a gap of negative space, as far he could distance himself without disrupting the family unit. He looked ten years older: he buzzed cut his hair, trying to hide the thinning hair line on top of his head, the wrinkle in his brow had successfully bridged his hairs into one furry uni-brow, and the only facial hair he had (or was allowed, most likely) was a short, salt and pepper chin-beard. Though he was wearing colorful summer greens and blues and reds, it could not conceal the obvious expression of utter defeat upon his face. 
That family picture is forever burned into my cortex and is the precursor to the lighter nightmares I have (no poetic joke there). Looking at that picture at that the moment was when I chose to Go My Own Way. 
I can't listen to Bon Jovi either; not without thinking of him.
That's the first, here's the second:
I was working with a guy, really cool dude from southern Spain. He could make a zombie smile. 
Anyway, I was sitting next to him and, this is no exaggeration, he was on the phone to his wife (who had no job) for 20mins. 
He only muttered, with a blank stare on his face: 
"Ah huh. Yes. Hmm. Yes. OK. Aha. Yes. Hmm. OK". 
She was going nuclear, why? 
The bitch was unemployed! And she didnt want to help out. 
Guess what happened 5 months later? You guessed it. 
So there you go. Now she has something to do. 
FUCK IT. If your married, your doomed.
 Remember. Be aware and mindful of their unspoken pain.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

A Further View of MGTOW vs MRA

This is *very* tentative because I've not dug a helluva lot into the MRA side of things. I've had occasional looks at A Voice for Men and The Spearhead. As I understand it, both of those websites are for Mens Rights Activists of some stripe - whether it's pointing out garbage behavior or agitating for change.

Or sometimes, just a place for hurt men to vent. (Not certain-sure about that one.)

Please correct me if I'm wrong: I have not seen any MRA site advocating self-improvement. They're all about changing the current system so that it's more fair.

PUA's: self-improvement.

MGTOW's: self-improvement.

MRA's: changing the system.

A system which I (and I think many MGTOW) consider to be irreversibly broken. I shouldn't speak for the PUAs, though I think many of them consider the system irreversibly broken as well. That's why they shrug their shoulders and take full advantage of it.

Note: I will no longer refer to A Voice for Men as "A Voice for Mangina's". Shit, at least they're trying to do something that they believe in - rather than lay on the couch, look at the ceiling, and go wub wub wub. The fact that I think their chances of success are nil is irrelevant, they're getting out there and trying. I wish you luck in your struggle.

Why Are You Putting Anyone Up On A Pedestal?

Over on RationalMale we have a commentor (The Diplomat) who has to have a rag on the MGTOW:
A number of men out there who are fully RP aware–but have made the decision (for whatever reasons) not to do the hard work of becoming “visible”–head straight to the MGTOW camp. Often, we in the manosphere who’ve labored tirelessly to flip the script on modern day open hypergamy and can now unapologetically and skillfully enjoy the company of women on our own terms rank them as among the “incels” (involuntary celibates). They are undeniably an angry, bitter faction–whatever their personal reasons to remain invisible. None of them that I’ve witnessed comes across as placid or monk-like in their choice. I always feel a sense of tragic loss for these men, since they swallowed the pill and yet choose not to finally scratch the itch that still fuels their collective rage now that they know the truth. They’ve chosen a kind of living death, but seem to be stuck in the Kubler Ross stages of anger and denial–rather than what they continually claim as “acceptance.” In terms of the Red Pill, one can die and be reborn, or one can die and yet still remain painfully half-alive. I can’t imagine why a man would choose the latter if he had the option not to. 
A true acceptance would indicate an element of calm, peacefulness, and comfort with one’s chosen lot, and I just don’t perceive that mindset among the MGTOWs at all. They appear paralyzed in their RP anger phase and in complete denial of their electively stunted lives. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it’s a damned shame. I hope the MGTOW movement evolves to address this at some point, instead of boarding up the windows from the inside and waiting for an imagined apocalypse that will never come.
This is wrong on so many levels - most especially the way of idealizing what they *think* someone should be like. There's a common thread that runs through *all* the stuff going on in the so-called Manosphere that boils down to: "If reality doesn't match what's in your head, then what's in your head is wrong."

All I can really say to this commentor is: Why are you putting *anyone* up on a pedestal?

My View of MGTOW vs MRA

I had a wander over to A Voice for Manginas to have a check of what might be going on in the Men's Rights Movement. It turns out that some drongo troll decided that they were gonna expose the identity of a couple of fairly prominent MGTOW guys: Stardusk and Barbarossaaaa. The mess somehow ended up at Paul Elam's feet. He threw out a "not me" post - which I believe, 'cause why would he bother, he has enough shit on his plate running his site and activism and stuff already:

Doxing MGTOW Incident Unleashes MGTOW+ Fury at AVfM

Hmmm. Interesting.

It seems to me that going from "this one fucktard did this" to saying "AVfM (and all MHRA's) is involved" is a massive stretch of imagination from somebody. I'm not sure who did it, and I care so tremendously much that I can't be arsed trying to figure out where that lot came from and what it's all about. It's basically another tempest in a teapot that'll blow over eventually.

It did make me think, though. I vaguely remember seeing references to AVfM having a love-hate relationship with the MGTOW's, though I'm not certain of where I read that. It also made me wonder about the Christian/Churchian weirdness going on with regard to despising MGTOW. I have what I think may be the reason for the head-butting. It effectively comes down to basic ideological value differences.

To illustrate:

The current system of female to male interaction (marriage) has the following mentality: "You will obey or you will be forced to obey". Which is of course no choice at all for married men. End result: you will obey, either fuckin' way. Slavery.

MGTOW on the other hand reverse this system into a male to female interaction with the following mentality: "Obey or fuck off". Which is of course a real choice for any woman. They want to hang around a MGTOW, they can obey - or fuck off. End result: they actually have a choice, unlike the female to male interaction of marriage and no choice. Freedom.

(Note that any man who goes into marriage these days is instantly forced into the female to male interaction. A mans' only real choices these days are: bachelor or marriage, freedom or slavery. So logically, no married man can ever be a MGTOW because he has no power or choices - she is the one with all the power and choices. You poor bastards are toast, I hope you can get out of it with minimal damage.)

Which shines a light onto the basic ideological differences between MRAs (including MHRAs like AVfM) and MGTOWs:

* MRAs still believe in the system of marriage etc and are asking the government (and society) to please tweak things to make them fairer for men


* MGTOWs recognize the system is fundamentally broken, the government is kissing the pussy of the strong empowered womyn, and nobody is gonna do shit to change things because that'd derail the gravy-train and piss off all the female voters who let the government hogs get their snouts into the trough

So what's happening is one segment of women's slaves are getting all agitated and throwing a hangi (a big-ass dinner party) for each other and pleading with their slavemasters to please, please, please be nicer and fairer to them. While another segment of women's slaves is quietly putting a few things into a backpack and slipping off the plantation into the darkness of the night, walking along the moonlit trails to see where the things go, and wondering if there's some nice sights and good fishing on the way.

Segment One of the slaves is looking aghast at Segment Two and going "you're cool guys come back, fucking bastard runaways, we really need you, goddamn fucking deserters, we love you" etc like some bipolar fucked-up mess. Segment Two of the slaves is looking back with vague bemusement at Segment One and thinking "what the fuck is wrong with you, begging your masters to make your burden easier - come join me catching fish".

So there, now, I've just taken a steaming dump all over the entire mentality of the MRA/MHRA movement. Also the Churchians because they also believe that the system as-is can be fixed. And anyone else who basically thinks that someone with power is going to fuckin' take pity on them and give them a break. Especially given that Team Womyn™ like, like, like it the way things are: they can have their kiddies, frivorce with cash and prizes, fuck-a-da bad-boys, and be supported by their slave-men.

They're creaming it.

This lot is also why I tend to refer to A Voice for Men as "A Voice for Mangina's" - because they're trying to "ask nicely" and "raise awareness" (ie whining, bitching and nagging like women do). The problem is that the assholes they're trying to ask nicely don't give a damn because Team Womyn™ is giving them a green light to go whole hog at the trough. Mama and her ass-kissing mangina toady's have spoken and das guberment has listened and obeyed.

Whereas the MGTOWers are just looking at it, realizing it's not gonna get fixed 'cause Team Womyn™ doesn't want it fixed, and saying "fuck this bullshit I'm gonna go fish". Whether or not a woman shows up is cool: obey or fuck off.

I would say that there are probably irreconcilable differences between the two mentalities. Nobody's gonna be changing the MGTOWs, they've (rationally) chosen their path. Nobody's gonna be changing the MRAs, they still have the (irrational) hope that their path can be fixed.

Now bugger off and let me fish - and think - in peace.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Genuinely High Quality Women

No, I don't know particularly where to find these types of girls - perhaps they're the quieter, more reserved types of women who are often called "wallflowers". Sincere good luck in your hunt for them, because this isn't that kind of post. This is a follow-on from my last post, where tequila-fueled random association brought out what I think is an interesting cost-benefit analysis:
It gets better. I've not yet seen one PUA site state explicitly: "This is where you can find feminine, sweet, hot young women by the boatload in the Western world." I have seen them state that if you're getting 10% of your advances accepted then you're batting *way* above average. Kudo's to you guys for telling the truth there. I believe that you guys state it's more like a 1-5% average, depending upon various factors (ie skill and practice). 
So lets do the reality-check/math here, the cost-benefit analysis: 
* if you go out 3 nights a week you're probably spending $100+ on drinks for yourself
* each night you might run across 10 girls who you consider acceptable
* but you ran across 5 of them prior and they already said no
* so there are 5 girls who you consider acceptable that might say yes
* given a 5% chance (you suave man you) 1 girl in 20 will say yes
* she takes 4 nights on average to find, more likely a couple weeks (old faces showing up again)
* you fuck her two or three times, maybe ten times, then it goes sour - repeat process 
End result: 
* over 50 weeks
* you might get 25 girls of acceptable quality
* costing you $5k and quite some personal time (especially if you're a "go to" man in certain bars)
Now lets expand this basic cost-benefit analysis to include genuinely high-quality women.

I'm going to make an unwarranted assumption: that 1% of girls out there are actually what could be considered high-quality (they sure aren't obvious on a daily basis). Feminine. Sweet. Hot. Young. Modest. Your madonna/whore ideal, YOUR lady in the street and whore in the sheets. Only for you.

I stated above: in 1 year you might get 25 girls of acceptable quality to fuck. It depends. If you've got a soft harem going, you might have 5-6 girls in regular rotation for half that time and not be looking. Then a member of your harem finds someone else or just get pissed with you, and you have to find a replacement.

We'll go with 25 different girls in a year. Those 25 girls aren't automatically going to be in that 1% of girls that could be considered high-quality (if nothing else, many fake it). Which means that it could take 3-4 years (or more!) to find a high-quality girl.

To recap:

* of the roughly 20 girls a fortnight that you consider acceptable to fuck
* only 1 girl wants to be fucked by you
* and only 1% of the girls you fuck might be considered high-quality

So you've gone and filtered through about 20 * 100 = 2,000 girls to find one who might be considered high-quality. In a 3-4 year period.

That is a fuckton of effort to find one - one! - high-quality girl. Who you still have to keep playing games with, to keep her around. Who still might frivorce you.

This depending upon your level of skill and practice and persistence. Do you wanna try with a 1% success-rate rather'n a 5% success-rate? (Do the math: 10,000 girls to filter through.)

Is That Pussy Worth It?

Well, is it?

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Why The MGTOW Hate From The Manosphere?

So after my last post about Thor-ette and ComicGate, here I am slugging down the tequila and having a vague wandering amongst the so-called Manosphere peeps that I read on a semi-regular basis. Lo and behold, what do I run across? Someone bashing MGTOW. (Broadbrushing, actually. "Some P is Q, therefore all P is Q." Which fuck, that's what we do with feminists and females, so hey - more power to you.)

However I got to thinking. Why the fuck all this MGTOW hate from the Manosphere?

Since this is tequila-fueled, you're just gonna have to deal with it if it's a bit incoherent. Will do my best - however I sure as fuck ain't gonna be polished in this one.


Sure, Aaron Clarey is 100% correct: there's some bullshit here in MGTOW-land (he figured that something like 20% are frauds, IIRC). There's definitely some bullshit here, we can all get a whiff of it now and then. However he himself is a man going his own way. Enjoy the Decline, can't get a message plainer'n that one!

Vox Day had his rant about MGTOW being of low socio-sexual rank who should pull their heads out of their asses and help prop up civilization. Yet civilization as a whole has elected to throw 50+% of it's married men under the bus - why should people keep propping that up? He himself split from America and went to Italy and his Spacebunny. A clear message of going his own way and NOT propping up the civilization where he was born. (At least I think he was born in America.)

And now there's this guy, going on about how getting self-validation by going and doing your own stuff makes you attractive to women. According to him there's a catch though, primarily amongst MGTOW men:
There’s a caveat however, and this is where the MGTOW go wrong in the main part – they carry with them a heart full of bitterness and resentment towards women, for all the times their “best friend” game was rejected, for all the times they were passed over in favour of the jerk, even though “they know they’re better than him”. 
“Going your own way” is only attractive to women when you’ve already got a handle on game, social dynamics and female socio-sexual psychology, and you’ve got some good reference experiences behind you of getting with some decent quality girls. 
Quitting a game because you are losing is the worst kind of sportsmanship. Retiring near the top of your game to pursue more rewarding options is an entirely different kettle of fish.
He's got some stuff right, and eventually you get over the bitterness and shit. Like the 5 stages of coping, it's gotta be worked through: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. Anyone who can just snap their fingers and go "I'm done!" is one of the biggest fuckin' liars on the planet, and it takes every person their own time and passage through the shit to a place of acceptance and moving on.

I'm asking myself here: What's with the shaming language? Why the broadbrushing of all MGTOW as leaving because they're losing? (IE they're losers.) Huh? These guys aren't hurting you, so why this?

So I read down the comments - both for and against MGTOW, etc - and run across this from the author in a reply to one of his commentors:
Can you honestly tell me these women who are interested in you are of genuinely high quality? Are you beating away feminine, sweet, young hot women with a stick every time you venture out?
All of a sudden it seems to click. It's the old PUA obsession of socio-sexual ranks. If you aren't going out chasing hot young sexy slim chicks, you're a looooser. Therefore I can and will shit on you.

I've already stated my opinion that PUA Is Broken and the reasoning behind that opinion. I will add to that:

1/ women who frequent dance-lessons are treating them solely as a dating/fucking pool (observations of both Captain Capitalism and myself)

2/ women who frequent bars are skanks, sluts, and whores (non-feminine to an extreme - or did the metal in the tongue, face, belly-button, nipples and clit go unnoticed? how about the tats?)

3/ women who frequent bars are good-time girls (looking for a good time, not a long time - which is what a lot of the younger set state explicitly, I've heard 'em)

4/ men who frequent bars are good-time guys (PUAs and naturally attractive guys looking for some fun, and thirsty guys who sometimes get lucky)

So which part of #1-3 equates to "feminine, sweet, hot young women" of "genuinely high quality"? Further, what part of #4 equates to "genuinely high quality man"?

It gets better. I've not yet seen one PUA site state explicitly: "This is where you can find feminine, sweet, hot young women by the boatload in the Western world." I have seen them state that if you're getting 10% of your advances accepted then you're batting *way* above average. Kudo's to you guys for telling the truth there. I believe that you guys state it's more like a 1-5% average, depending upon various factors (ie skill and practice).

So lets do the reality-check/math here, the cost-benefit analysis:

* if you go out 3 nights a week you're probably spending $100+ on drinks for yourself
* each night you might run across 10 girls who you consider acceptable
* but you ran across 5 of them prior and they already said no
* so there are 5 girls who you consider acceptable that might say yes
* given a 5% chance (you suave man you) 1 girl in 20 will say yes
* she takes 4 nights on average to find, more likely a couple weeks (old faces showing up again)
* you fuck her two or three times, maybe ten times, then it goes sour - repeat process

End result:

* over 50 weeks
* you might get 25 girls of acceptable quality
* costing you $5k and quite some personal time (especially if you're a "go to" man in certain bars)

Or you could get 25 guaranteed-hot hookers at $200 for an hour each - $5k total for the year - with less hassle and earbashing and female bullshit to deal with. Plus your time and energy is used elsewhere. For fuck's sake, you're looking amongst slags, sluts, and whores anyway! Just short-circuit the fuckin' process! There's an old saying about women in bars: "You can't turn a whore into a housewife." That's because they're low quality.

Or you can do your own thing and let them come to you ($1k total for the year). They show up if you're at least minimally social. You can choose to pick 'em up off the table - or not.

So this, again, seems to be another mindset out there - this time amongst the PUA community [Ed. Not necessarily the PUA community. - BPS], or the non-MGTOW part of the Manosphere. The mindset is that you should be out there chasing these sluts and learning to jump through the hoops that they throw your way. Do these guys realize how they are lying to themselves about the quality of women that they are searching through? Or is this another mental disconnect, like how women lie to themselves?

So now we're back full-circle. The problem appears to be that the general MGTOW community does not conform to the expected mindset of the general Manosphere community (aka the PUAs [Ed. Not the PUAs - it seems to be coming from the Christian or Churchian corner. - BPS]). It might even be a case that they feel threatened or their feelings are hurt. So they reflexively pull out the shaming language to try and push us back into line.
Damn, another case of mental disconnect. MGTOW. Men Going Their Own Way. Does that compute, bro? If fuckin' FEMICUNTS can't push us into line, with a lifetime of practice and brainwashing and social shaming force behind them, what chance do you have?

Sure, you'll piss off the ones newer to MGTOW or the fakes. There's gonna be short-tempered ones out here too. Some of us sure as fuckin' shit ain't all the way through the stages of coping. More power and yucks to you for sticking the knife into some poor motherfucker and making him hurt more'n he already is. (To be plain, that was deliberate passive-aggressive shaming language aimed at the idiots who do that sorta thing - now fuck off you pathetic assmuncher trolls.)

Everyone has their own fuckin' path to follow. You can pull out your path and tout it to the skies. You can shit on every other path out there. Go ahead.

In the end the Manosphere is supposed to have the high ideals of trying to help other men through the shittiest patch of their fuckin' lives. Tryin' to give them some kind of hope that there's something worthwhile for them after they've imploded (frivorce) or never started (incel and so-called Gammas wanting to change and similar poor bastards). So someone being a complete cunt about someone else that they don't agree with doesn't help none.

Oh yes. I have shat on the PUA community twice now. I've at least attempted to show my reasoning why. If you read that, decide to disregard it, and go down the route of the PUA: more power to you. At least you're fuckin' doing something other than laying on the couch, staring at the ceiling and feeling sorry for yourself. May your notch-count of hot chicks grow high.

At least the few PUAs who read these ramblings of mine don't pay to read 'em. It's all free, to be read or left in the dust, as you choose.

Tequila - out.

Monday 23 February 2015

Thor-ette and ComicGate

I've been vaguely aware of the tempest-in-teapot that is the whole Thor is a Woman brouhaha going on. For the first time though, I got to see what the new Thor looks like, courtesy of Didact. Be warned, along with the three comic pages are some extra images that are real doozies: Batman as Franken Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Some things cannot be unseen.)

The Sackless Thor

While I'm no Thor-comic-book-fan, I have to admit: the comic comes across as pretty fuckin' sad. It's no wonder that the real die-hard Thor comic fans are spitting about the whole thing. Even I'm thinking "what the fuck?" Here's why:

First page: the Anti-hero gripes about a female Thor "Thor's a dude - about the only real one left" and "feminism screws up everything". I found it dryly ironic that that line's actually the best part of the three pages.

Second page: has Thor-ette mentally pissy because the anti-hero used the word "feminism" like it was a four-letter word. (Reality check: feminism is the new leprosy. The "I don't need feminism" women recognize this. When will the rest of you twats get a clue?) She mentally calls him a creep (ooooohh creepy dude!)

Third page: the anti-heroine knocks her partner unconscious, doesn't throw-down with Thor-ette because of "grrrrl power", and then lets Thor-ette knock her out. How limp. Plus Thor-ette has some serious body-language issues, at one point standing with her arms like a man's. Butch dyke lezzie, anyone?

Thankfully, Didact makes it up to the persistent reader by showing several pictures of the REAL Thor. Thanks man. You saved my sanity. As did the music by Amon Amarth.

I dug around via google and found the first four pages of comic #1 in a Blastr article/review. It also comes across as very limp. More, the brigade of the limp-wristed (rabbits, mangina's, SJWs, and feminasties) had it out with the more die-hard Thor fans. I couldn't read much of that burble. Bad for my sanity.

So thinking about this, I dub this whole load of bullshit with the hashtag: #ComicGate.

I wonder if the same thing will happen to the SJW and feminasty crowd like it did in #GamerGate. Or maybe Marvel will get a fuckin' clue, realize that their alienating their real audience: their male fans. 'Cause the female fans are only there to "participate" in a male space.

Excuse me. I can only take so much. I'm going to rinse my mouth and gut out with tequila - not ruinin' the taste of Grand Marnier with this pap.

Lies Women Tell Themselves About Oopsies

So approximately 40% of children are oopsies, the girl wasn't planning on getting pregnant, it just happened. Never mind the scientifically-proven <1% failure rate of The Pill.

From The Great Female Con by Andey Randead:
But if you want proof [that it's no accident], here's how you get it. If it was genuinely an accident, then accidents can be fixed. If she resists fixing the accident because she's suddenly Mother Theresa and can't fix it on religious grounds, it's not an accident. If she can't fix it on moral grounds, it's not an accident. If she can't fix it because she's afraid of medical complications, it's not an accident. 
Bottom line is, if she's claiming it was an accident and she still wants the baby, it was not an accident. If for any reason keeping a child really wasn't what she wanted and didn't work for her, she would have the problem fixed in a heartbeat, no questions asked. Putting up any resistance whatsoever to fixing the problem is proof that it was planned.
It gets better:
Some women actually get sloppy in their birth control on purpose so they can even convince themselves that it was an accident. She doesn't want to live with knowing the only reason you married her is because of her getting herself pregnant. She, too, wants to believe it was an accident. You stepping up once you heard of this accident is what they want to believe. 
That's how women can be. Not only do they want "the program" badly, but they want it on their terms and on circumstances that make them feel better about it. So, even putting her on a polygraph machine to determine the truth won't necessarily get you the truth, because often they, too, come to believe it was an accident.
There you have it. A lie that she has deceived herself into believing. Then she can pass it on with a clear conscience without a chance of being caught out in it. Andey Randead has even more to say about this:
And guess what? Guys don't have a clue. I think this is in part because guys can't believe that these "innocent, soft, kind" creatures could ever be so cruelly calculating. Well, guys, believe it. Don't forget, in their minds it's not cruel and calculating, it's just giving you the necessary incentive that you need to get you to do the right thing. 
In their minds, this is for you, too. Oh yes, the great female con, getting what they want and having it be for you. They've done it all for you. Aren't they wonderful, thinking of us so much. In credible. And guys buy it all day long.
I can actually imagine that doublethink going through her head, because she is not reflecting upon her actions, checking them against her morals, and her conscience is never engaged. When you can give it that level of doublethink-spin, it's no wonder that us Men can't figure out what the hell is going on here. Also why we're so easily, easily fooled by this sort of manipulative cuntism.
The one female con that bothers me the most is this "oops" one. This is the most selfish, cruel, presumptuous, and condescending con of all.
Yes indeed. If you pulled that kind of shit on her, imagine the shit-storm from heaven that would rain down. Andey goes on to state that there are three things in life no one should ever be pressured, coerced, or forced into doing.

1/ Having sex.
2/ Getting married.
3/ Having children.
This is a huge commitment and obligation that will follow you for the rest of your life. This should not be forced on anyone. Could you imagine the fallout if a man forced a woman to bear a child, carry it to term, and then look after it for the rest of her life if she didn't want to? Holy shit, the sky would fall from the protests. 
Yet women think nothing of it when they force that on some schmoe, legally burdening him for life, saddling him with this responsibility when he wasn't ready or wanting a child. Women justify it by thinking, Well, he just needed a nudge; he was ready. 
How would women feel if guys were to say the same thing about determining when she was going to have sex with him? Just force it on her and say, Well, she just needed a nudge; she was ready. 
I can't even imagine the fallout. This is the one con that proves, more than any, all the things that I have accused women of being. The fact that they can, in good conscience, do something like that to another human being is proof of all I have called them in this book.
He is totally right. That is pretty-much proof of every single accusation about women in the Manosphere. It shows starkly the inner doublethink and lies going on in women's heads, to make themselves feel better about themselves, to live with their lies and bullshit, to protect her self (and incidentally the selves of other women).
Of course, her initial motive is to land you. However, as with getting married, women have nothing to lose. If they don't land you by having your child, they'll just settle for the support. Either way, it's a no-lose situation for them.
Good luck if you mention this kind of thing to a woman though - screaming fits will ensue.
La la lalala la la lalala - I can't hear you! (The bigger the hoops, the bigger the hoe. That's some serious hoe-sized earrings this one is showing to the world. Make sure that you don't get her pregnant and please - please! - never put a ring on it.)

Don't be complacent either. The "oops" card can be played multiple times, even if she's already married. It all depends what she wants. Thoughts about you don't come into it - beyond the thought of how to keep you her slave for as long as possible.

This post brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.


Hey Anonymous - there is a chapter in The Great Female Con about how women lie to themselves. Strangely serendipitous, given I just picked it up to read last night. Been floating around for ages in my pile to stuff to go through.

Sunday 22 February 2015

Female Doublethink and Self-Deceit

This is somewhat of a follow-on from my post about Female Best Intentions. Commentor Anonymous asked for any further thoughts regarding willful ignorance and concealing intentions - which when I think about it, those things are for protecting her self. (In fact there are some interesting comments on that post, I'll attempt to answer a few in here.)

I ran across this concept some time back: doublethink.

The context was having stated no desire at all to do X - in fact, stating flat-out "no way are we going to be doing X!" - yet preparing "just in case X actually happens". You simply have to take a look at it and *know* that X is gonna happen, somebody is deliberately planning on it happening, they simply want to retain plausible deniability. You betcha ass.


Those laws regarding divorce: division of property, child custody, child access, child support, alimony, etc. Ask her to sign a pre-nuptual - and she freaks. She would *never* do any such thing. Only really bad women - not her! - would deliberately do that, those laws are for women who genuinely made a mistake and really, Really, REALLY need to get out of a bad situation. It's to protect them and the children.

Five years down the line, she gets bored of the relationship and frivorces you. You get assraped in the court, she gets the children and the house to live in plus child support, while you're still paying the mortgage on the house and paying alimony. If you're lucky you're living in a friend's basement rather than a van down by the fucking river - and she's teaching the children that you're the most filthy scum on the planet while fucking her way along a string of bad-boys who make her wet.


You've been going together regularly for some time now and she suggests that you move in together "because two can live cheaper together than one". You decide "okay" 'cause you like her and have grown comfortable with her - and co-sign the lease with her, etc. Things go swimmingly for a while...then start to go downhill. She doesn't have her share of the rent. Or the food. Or the power, phone, water.

You finally've had enough and hit her up about it - bang, you're outta there with a restraining-order on your ass, while she has all your stuff that you can't get to any more. She moves in some bad-boy and fucks around for a while, while you're sleeping on a mate's couch. You're still paying your half of the lease that you are legally on the hook for - plus hers because she simply claims to the landlord "that piece of shit stole it" or "he hasn't paid his share" or something similar.


She supports the entire idea of "battling single mommies" and the government supporting their kids - after all, think of the children! They need that if things go bad! Then she deliberately gets preggers by you, no-way is she gonna marry you (even though you were definitely good enough to fuck her multiple times), and she's creaming her jeans as she gets both child-support from you and a handout from big-daddy government.

Did I mention bad-boys prior?


Do you seriously think that she set out to deliberately screw you over? Nah. She seemed all happy, chirpy, bubbly - because she WAS all happy, chirpy, and bubbly. All radiant in her joy. A pleasure to be around. So you kept her around.

Then things got stale, so she went looking elsewhere for her next dose of fun. Just like an addict, looking for an emotional high. Not reflecting upon and examining things: she's never been taught to. Not reflecting, not looking at her actions, not looking at her morals, not engaging her conscience (or common-sense) in the slightest.

Fifteen years down the line, age 30+, she suddenly decides: "I'm ready to settle down now."

An addict of fifteen years, ready to settle down and never go looking for another emotional high in her life. Yeah, right, good fucking luck to any poor bastard who gets locked into that mess. Give it 5 years, frivorce, and looking again for a helluva lot more emotional highs from all the bad-boys she can give it away to for free.

Then once the bad-boys dry up: "Where did all the guys go? What happened to all the good guys? Why can't I find a maaaaaan?" And it's aaaallll men's fault.

Perhaps it is. Perhaps we should'a put her on a social choke-chain, to restrain her from doing bullshit things which will fuck up her life long-term. However, all that old social shaming stuff is totally meaningless these days. Passe. Gone. Women are strong, free, and empowered sluts in our Brave New (Social) World.

Now, to pull all that bullshit there has to be a certain amount of self-deceit going on in a woman's head. All women's heads. This is the level of cognitive dissonance - of willful ignorance - that damn near gives me a migraine to try and comprehend. It basically becomes part and parcel of protecting her self. By extension, all womens selves.

A good liar can still slip and get caught out. If you are not lying then you don't slip (because you can't) and you don't get caught out (because hey, you're not lying). The worst that could be said about someone who unknowingly passes on a lie is that they were misinformed. (The media pulls this variation of plausible deniability all the time.)

Following that chain of thought: the best way to pass a lie on is to tell it to someone else who doesn't know that it's a lie and they pass it on honestly. It's called rumormongering. (Media are used in this manner by various special-interest groups, to shape the memes that go around. Memes like Global Warming, Brave Battling Single Mothers, Pollution, etc.)

Now apply this concept to the self. A woman lies to herself, saying that she is X, and acts that way most of the time. The few slips can be glossed over and excused, especially with the harpy's-chorus chiming in to help defend her. A woman lies to herself, convinces herself, and then passes on her lies unknowingly. That's the willful ignorance and cognitive dissonance that a woman deals with internally.

This is spoken of by Rev. Shannon in The Predatory Female: he calls women chameleons. They take on the colors of a mans interests to attract him - ensnare him - marry him - and then the skin comes off and she reveals her real self, once he's hopelessly ensnared. You can meet a woman, she's X way, then five years later you meet her again and she's Y way - all because of the different man she's involved with and how her chameleon nature is concealing and protecting her self.

I sometimes wonder if women can ever know what their true self is. Or is it all a lie - every little thing that you see of her, just a skin to cover that not-even-she-knows-what inside.

Which makes her the consummate predator, one that is capable of concealing her predatory ways even from her self.

One capable of deluding her prey into doing what she wants, even though it is destructive to the environment, making him think that it's his own idea. After all, men have basically hunted down and eradicated every single creature on this planet in the past million years. Sabertooth are extinct - and they lived all the way from Canada down into South America. Huge lions once stalked through Europe and England. Mastodons.

In the past the individual man wasn't gonna click to all this. He simply didn't have enough examples to say "hmmm - this is a trend that can't be explained away by whatever bullshit smokescreen women can come out with". Which is where the internet is helping us men to wake up: we are getting so many examples, through a media that can't be censored or have a particular special-interest-group put their spin put on it.

The lies - even the self-deluded lies - are beginning to unravel under an avalanche of reality from across the world.

Saturday 21 February 2015

I'm Not Your Therapist

Her: I'm worried about X with regards to us... <burble burble burble>

Me: What?

Her: <burble overthink hamsterbate>

Me, getting impatient: Okay, you've obviously got some issues about this. Thank you for bringing them up. However I'm not a therapist, and even if I was I'm not getting paid to sort your emotional problems out. It's best that we just be friends.

Her, shocked: <bleep! hamstershit!>

Me: Good luck girl, see you around occasionally. <--- hang up

So yeah - Jesus, people. Why do women constantly overthink shit? Who the hell knows. (I had a woman use that word: Overthink.)

I do know one thing: I'm not a fucking therapist. More specifically, I'm not her fucking therapist. Most specific of all, I'm not being paid to be her fucking therapist.

We were not put in this world to sort her issues out, or to wait upon her hand and foot like she's some special snowflake.

Something about women's bloody nuttiness social focus involves overthinking to the maximum. I guess that's why it's often called The Hamster in these parts.
Given some further thinking about this, I have come to the following tentative idea:

Women: Social games involving drama and one-upmanship (and backstabbing) are her staple entertainments.

Men: Real world involving going out and doing (and hunting and building) stuff are his staple entertainments.

It is my view that where women go off the reservation is expecting us men to give a flying shit about her staple entertainments. (Not a surprise that she expects this: she's been taught from birth that the sun shines out her ass.)

"Yes dear. That's nice dear. Yes dear. Whatever you say dear. You're right dear - you're always right dear. Yes dear." This is a man who has mentally checked out after being subjected to waaay too much female social staple entertainments from his woman.

Then she comes into his male real world staple entertainments and starts trying to tell him how to do them.

Hello? I don't tell you how to talk to and think about Suzie Q down the road. Don't tell me how I "should do" or why I "shouldn't do" the things that I find entertaining. Also, don't tell me that I should or shouldn't do them for your benefit. Or that I should conform to your social niceties of politeness while you're intruding in my mental and physical space as I'm trying to kick this piece of shit metal into place. Fuck off.

Hamsterbation and overthink. This is what happens when you constantly are asking yourself questions like: "What did Suzie mean by that? Why did she say that? Wait, did she really mean this thing instead? Oh that bitch! She did! I am so gonna slap that sleazy cunt one upside the head! What's the best way to stick the knife in and twist it..."

Bring that mindset into the interactions with a man: "Fuck off until I've gotten this bloody outboard motor running." He's completely oblivious while her brain has a fit, shits itself, and comes off the bloody axles as she overthinks. Plus she's furious that he's oblivious, adding to the problem. The problem in her mind.

Take a special note of that. The problem is solely in her mind. Not anywhere else.

Crazy thinking on her part, yet I suppose to be expected in the feminine-ascendent social structure of these day. She's approaching everything from the mindset that everything is about her (and women in general) and us men wonder why she's hamster-shitting and overthinking out of random nowhere. Until we get impatient enough with her interruptions to tell her to fuck off and never come back - or we knuckle under and go crazy (or check out entirely from) trying to figure her mind out.

Ah well. Who can tell if this mess'll sort itself out sometime soon. For me, it's time for some Grand Marnier and to relax - step away from the silliness.

Go do your own thing and enjoy yourselves, my fellow-Men.

Friday 20 February 2015

Pandering to Mentally Disturbed Women

Courtesy of Mindstorm for bringing it to my attention, and the commentor MarcusD over on Dalrock:

Student Banned from Areas on Campus for Resembling Classmate's Rapist
A student at a liberal-arts school in Oregon was reportedly banned from going anywhere on campus that a fellow student would be - because he looked like the person who had raped her. 
Professor Janet Halley wrote in a piece for Harvard Law Review that she had “recently assisted” a student who had been “ordered to stay away from a fellow student (cutting him off from his housing, his campus job, and educational opportunity) - all because he reminded her of the man who had raped her months before and thousands of miles away.”
Fuck me sideways. Banned from an education - that he paid for (presumably) - because he looks like someone else and raises bad feelings in one student.

What is the worst part about this though: the mindset behind this little brouhaha. It's always the Man's fault.

Never mind that he didn't rape his fellow-student.

Never mind that the rape occurred months prior.

Never mind that the rape occurred thousands of miles away.

It is the Man, here, now, who was punished for looking like his classmate's rapist. (Hey, what if he looked like Osama and was walking the streets around Ground Zero?)

And of course: it happened at a Liberal Arts school campus. Go figure.

As Mindstorm noted: Guilt by association in it's purest form.

I will add several things to that:

  • Female projection in it's purest form.
  • Female helplessness in it's purest form.
  • Female entitlement in it's purest form.
  • Female pandering in it's purest form.

"Because he looks like the guy who raped me, I feel bad because I'm afraid he will rape me too! Waaaaahhhhh! Help meeeeeee! Keep him awaaaaaayyyyyyy!"

For fucks sake, what sane society - what sane world - would prefer to kick a Man around and screw up his entire life because of his facial features rather than give an emotionally-disturbed entitled cunt the mental-health therapy that she so obviously needs!

A crazy, fucked up, self-destructive society and world. That's what.

News for you idiots in aca-fucking-demia. Fix up her issues. Don't screw with a Man's entire life (especially a paying customer) just because he looks like someone else and raises bad feelings in her. Further thought for you dipshits to consider: how many other men in this world are also gonna look like her rapist? After all, she found one - in less than a year.

Oh. Wait. I profusely apologise...I didn't mean that. At all. I really meant to join in the chorus of hatred sympathy. I really meant to say: "He's a man. Filth! Pig! Kill! Kill!!! Kiiiiillllllll!!!!!1!!1"

These cunts and their pandering manginas just keep getting crazier and crazier. Sort out the problem at the source - the woman with screwed-up emotions and mind - rather than leave her running around and whinging in the ear of every HR drone for the next 40+ years of her working life. (Though that's what HR drones are for - listening to women's drivel. Pity that they also feel the overwhelming urge to act upon it.)

The sooner the house of cards comes down, burns to the ground, the better. Some shit I will enjoy watching burn, and raise a glass of Grand Marnier to salute the flames.

Thursday 19 February 2015

Example of Female Entitlement

I think that this can be best-expressed through a meme:
Since I work in heavy industry - I see this fucking shit aaaaallll the time.

Female Best Intentions

It has struck me over the past few months that many women don't always come across as conniving, selfish, greedy, grasping, two-faced bitches. Until something goes wrong with a relationship - then it seems to come out with a vengeance.

So the thought has slowly come to me: many don't really go into a situation with malice aforethought, etc. That's all the sub-rosa brew bubbling underneath. It seems that they might actually come into a situation with the best intentions possible. Only once it blows up does the malice come out.

The level of cognitive dissonance - of willful ignorance - for a woman to pull this off almost gives me a migraine to try and comprehend.

I am struck by the preface to "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene:
Finally, those who claim to be nonplayers may affect an air of naivete, to protect them from the accusation that they are after power. Beware again, however, for the appearance of naivete can be an effective means of deceit (see Law 21, Seem Dumber Than Your Mark). And even genuine naivete is not free of the snares of power. Children may be naive in many ways, but they often act from an elemental need to gain control over those around them. Children suffer greatly from feeling powerless in the adult world, and they use any means available to get their way. Genuinely innocent people may still be playing for power, and are often horribly effective at the game, since they are not hindered by reflection. [Emphasis mine.] Once again, those who make a show or display of innocence are the least innocent of all.
Children - women - the "most adult teenager in the house" - not hindered by reflection.

A surface (you could even say inner) naivete, unhindered by reflection - and therefore unhindered by morals as well. If you're not reflecting on your actions, then your morals don't come into play, nor does your conscience bother you in the slightest.

So she can go into a situation with honest best intentions and come out with her desired cash and prizes and ongoing slave-man. Never mind the morals - they don't come into it. Never mind the reflection - that never happens. Never mind the conscience - without reflection upon morals, they are never engaged.

And it ends up all projected upon the man as "being his fault". She's not the one in the wrong. Because she doesn't reflect upon these things.

I wonder if there are natural "players" who are the same? Naive - go into a relationship with the best intentions - when the relation blows up - ends it ruthlessly ("it's her own fault"). Look for the next woman. No reflection, no morals, no conscience bothering them. No subtle warnings for the woman to pick up on.

As Robert Greene states: horribly effective at the game.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Grow A Spine

Eventually you have to look at the dumb shit at some guys do and ask yourself: What the fuck?

Guy has his wife walk out on him, out of the blue.

He goes through mostly a year of self-doubt, etc.

Woman snipe-snipe-snipes at him at all times.

The two of them get "back together" again. She loves, loves, loves being re-romanced again.


Excuse me. I need a large glass of Grand Marnier for this one. Fucks sake people, grow a fuckin' spine.


For all those fuckwits who try to pull the "man up" card on men. I'm talking Mangina's and White Knights both, plus anyone with some sort of agenda who tries to pull the you should man up to save civilization crapola on you.

Eat shit.

It's like marriage. You poor, deluded bastards out there. Marriage is now nothing more than slavery for a man, whether she stays married to you or otherwise. Dig through the stats, I'm tired of harping on about them alla time. Yeah you might find a fucking unicorn, good luck with that hunt.
So tell me.

Which fucking memo says: "throwing yourself into the gears for a civilization that is hurtling down the path of self-destruction is a good idea"?

Hmmm? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Oh, I'm supposed to do it from self-sacrifice? Any Real Man™ would do it as a matter of course, out of pure courage? And feel honored to do so?

Committing suicide isn't courage. It's fucking suicidal. Definitely not fucking smart, just like listening to women and mangina's and white-knights is not fucking smart.

Good luck with your bullshit shaming tactics. Time for more Grand Marnier, and one final picture:

Petty Bickering

One of the more - astonishing? - things that I see around the so-called manosphere is the petty bickering that sometimes goes on. In responses to posts, across responses to posts, et-fucking-cetera.

This is kinda sad when you think about it. Sure, go ahead and disagree and chuck your own shit out there. That's expected. But - the petty shit? After all, who in the real world has the time and energy for this kind of pettiness, hair-splitting, nit-picking, and other bullshit?

Leftists (including academia)
Women (all women, not just feminists)

Wait. Obligatory picture of a screeching feminist:
Yes, yes. So fuckin' mature. Movin' on.

So when we as men start fighting amongst each other - especially over such pathetic and petty things as fuckin' terminology - then it might be time to step back and take a close look at ourselves. Time to ask ourselves some serious questions.

Are we becoming what we hate the fuckin' most?

Are we turning into the Manginasphere?

Haven't we got enough fuckin' problems already, without engaging in a slap-fight with each other?


Excuse me. I'm steppin' outta the fucktardisms. You fuckers can do whatcha want, I'm gonna have a Grand Marnier and laugh at ya's for being dumbasses.

MGTOW Music - Ain't That Somethin'

Just ran across this music. Enjoy - whether you're MGTOW, PUA, or whatever the fuck label (or lack thereof) you prefer.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

New Male Contraceptives

In addition to good-old-Vaselgel in the pipeline (in the USA) there are two more being tested:

We're Closer Than Ever to a Birth Control Pill for Men

Of course, teh wimminz will oppose the use of this option for men - along with anything remotely like it - with great sound and fury. "We cannot trust men to take responsibility for birth control!" Foam dribble drool.

Do a Google search for "how to trap my boyfriend with a baby":
A sincere hello to JudgyBitch for having the top-ranked result. Good on ya girl. Though I digress. Note the 4.8 million results.

Soooooo - women can't trust men to take responsibility for birth control, huh. Especially when it's reported that something like 40% of babies are "whoopsies", were not planned, they "just happened". Amazing. Especially when The Pill (used correctly) has a scientifically-proven <1% failure rate.

Plus 4.8 million hits relating to chicks trapping their boyfriend with a baby. Plus warnings of pinpricks in condoms, flushing condoms (a warning to famous members of sports teams), and girls voluntarily shoving a man's semen up their vagina to purposely get preggers - after he blew his load in her mouth/on her face/on her tits/on her back.

Whoopsies my fucking ass. Can't trust men my fucking ass. I smell the stinking shit of women's projection and privilege. The real reason that women oppose men's birth control: teh wimminz can no longer entrap a man into slavery through having his baby.
Fuck off you sick, two-faced, greedy, miserable cunts.

At any rate. As a man, if you fuck around, then you need to take full control of your reproductive actions. Taken from WolframAlpha (United States annual births) here is a great example of why:
If 40% of those 4.24 million babies per year are "whoopsies", that is 1.696 million unplanned pregnancies. Do you seriously think that 1,696,000 babies are actual "whoopsies", when there scientifically there should be less than 42,400 babies?

You cannot trust these cunts. Seriously. That's why the PUAs always say to wrap it up (aside from the risk of STDs with these hoes - another subject entirely). That's why many Manosphere men get themselves snipped.

Protect yourself from pregnancy-theft. Protect the unborn from a shitty upbringing by a single mommy. Work hard to get your contraceptive options made mainstream and socially-accepted.

Though given the whining and wailing of most Western women, you might be forced to go to where you can get a procedure done - have it done - and then come back home. Medical travel. Because you might never get the chance here.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price. And a fucking sight cheaper than paying some slore single-mommy for the next 15+ years for that one-night-stand.

Sunday 15 February 2015

Crap Colored Glasses

Writer Anonymous stated in a comment on my last post:
I got my shit colored glasses after blowing $6k on a stripper/whore 19 years ago. So you got yours pretty cheap in comparison.
I was going to reply to him, then realized that he deserved better. He - and other readers - deserve a clearer explanation of my often-used closing statement of: "Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price". Plus the history behind it.

I believe that I have put up some of the history at various times, though probably not all of it. Or very scattered, all over the show. So understand straight up here: it did not cost me a simple $1k to get my crap-colored glasses. It did not cost $10k to get them. With wasted time and life and missed opportunity costs it was well over $500k, closer to $600k.

That's being extremely conservative. See: Is That Pussy Worth It? for a clearer idea.

See, in my youth I was basically playing around and all that stuff with regards to women. Probably reasonably textbook "Alpha" as it is defined in certain sections of the Manosphere. Eventually got it together enough to go into partnership with some guys and put together an IT company. We started making some serious dollars.

Then I decided that it was time to settle down and be a responsible fuckin' adult. I drank the Kool Aid™ - slugged it back pretty hard - went all the way into so-called "Beta" as it's put in certain sections of the Manosphere. Wife, house, lookin' at a family down the line, you get the shitty picture. It can hit you hard if you aren't paying attention. Or if you listen to society and decide that that's what you "should" do, to help keep fuckin' civilization going and all.

On the surface, my ex-cunt probably hit the jackpot so far as our feminized society was concerned and the billing and cooing of all the femicunts around. Which amongst women, that's all that matters.

Then she hit The Bloat™, played the "I'm not haaaappy" card, and *flush* everything down the toilet. The only reason that I had anything left was because I made it abundantly clear to her and to all the lawyers involved that I'd pursue a Scorched Earth Policy™ if they pushed hard enough.

Fuck the consequences to me, I'll survive better'n her.

So yeah, I have a house (too big for me) and part of a business still. Thank goodness that there were no children to get caught up in the meat-grinder, nor do we typically pay alimony in New Zealand. (It is possible, simply very uncommon - it's called "Spousal Support". A massive fuckin' crock of shit whatever the name.)

So there's the history-bit. Now to the explanation of Crap Colored Glasses™.

These days I spend about $20 a week being social. Work out the numbers: 20 x 50 = $1,000 a year. In prior times I spent a lot more, learning to dance and socializing and et-fucking-cetera. Now that's dropped down to $1k - lunch, the occasional beer, BBQ, simple shit like that. I spend way more each year doing self-improvement with weight-training at a gym with a personal trainer.

Occasionally you end up with a woman. It's been two so far this year. They don't last long: invariably they do something completely fuckin' stupid and shaft themselves. The average cunt these days has the brains and attention-span of a flea.

Alternatively, you could spend about $200 a week fucking a younger, tighter whore. With a going rate of: 200 x 50 = $10,000 a year for paid pussy. There's the "cheap at 10x the cost" bit, which is where it appears that Anonymous fell into things and earned his Crap Colored Glasses™. Good on you man. You got it cheap.

Because you can go the full half-million-dollar self-chosen ball-roast like I did. Decide that that pussy is worth it. Put your nuts in her purse. Lose a large amount of every damn thing you've ever built up over your entire life, plus what you probably would have done without her around. As per "Is That Pussy Worth It?" above.

I was lucky. I didn't lose everything. It could have happened, start over from zerch.

Was that pussy worth it? Worth the lost opportunities? Worth the wasted money that should have been invested properly? Worth the mind-fuck-games? Worth the passive-aggressive bullshit? Worth the arguing? Worth the snide remarks? Worth the snotty attitude from a cunt who basically didn't make $50k a year and spent more than that? Worth being around a crazy BPD/NPD cunt?

Fuck no.

Which is why this blog is here. "Exposing the black poison in the soul of the world." Pointing out all this fuckin' crazy shit that women do. Pointing out the crap that has been ladled into our heads to hide that crazy shit. Thinking random thoughts about all the crazy shit going on. Trying to help in some small way so that some men get those damn cautionary tales brought to their attention, so that they don't go around blind and unthinking in their lives.

Being sarcastic as fuck at times, tryin' to keep it real as fuck, twisting the viewpoint around to look at things from many weirdass angles. Even hers, trying to look out through the eyes of the shallow, inane, insane.

My tiny way of paying it back to the world of 3.5 billion men that I will never meet. Every post as shallow as the surface where you roll your eyes and gloss over it in a few seconds before moving on. Every post as deep as you can bring yourself to look down the fuckin' black hole of shit before you start shakin'.

A small voice tryin' to help you be free.

In a way, this - the so-called Manosphere - is some of the wisdom that we lost with the Boomer generation. Those fuckwits turned their back completely on the prior generation who had fought two hard wars, put together money, and were "successful" despite all that shit. Not that they were the absolute best in life - however they generally had it together reasonably well.

But, no. Turn on, tune in, drop out. "My olds were such squares maaaan." "Enslaved and working for the system maaaan." "Never trust anyone over 30 maaaan." Fuckin' hippies.

There is the surface world, the gynocentric, pussy-owns-everything, femicunt paradise. Yeah there's a few cracks in it - chasms for the older cunts. On the whole though, it's all fluffy: babies, elves, faeries, Harry Potter, unicorns that shit rainbows, limp-wristed adaptations of 50 Shades of Shit. It's all about her and how she feels.

Under the surface, in the real world, it all runs on blood, sweat and diesel. This is the part that's all about him and how he bleeds.
Some of mine got caught in the gears of slavery, though I managed to extract myself with relatively minimal pain. So I do my best to show others the gears, levers, pullies, camshafts, rollers, et-fucking-cetera. So they hopefully won't get caught in it - or can maybe extract themselves with less hassles.

Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the cost. Good luck Anonymous. The world is yours - as much of it as you want - so long as you are careful to not become a slave caught in the gears and rollers.
Time to sip some Grand Marnier, now I'm done with talkin'.

I Can Change Him

We all know this bullshit. A man gets married and ends up pussywhipped - because the law gives wifey all the power, so he knuckles under or gets stomped. Then, of course, he gets stomped anyway because "he's changed, he's not the man I fell in love with".

No duh, you stupid cunt.

However, there's this interesting little delusion that many women have. I think that it is a good part of the PUA attraction that a lot of brain-damaged hoes fall under the spell of. I'm meaning when you see some crazy cunt who sticks around with some abusive guy - perhaps even a drug-dealer - and if she is somehow "freed" from him, she comes out with a surprisingly-common sob-story.

"I don't know why I stayed. I thought I could change him." Cue tears and shit as well.

A good number of them go back to their abusive guy. Gathering a load of commiseration from the hen's-brigade. "She can't help it. That bastard has her all tied up in knots. She's hopelessly screwed up by him. She needs some special therapy to help sort her out." Ad infinitum, the bill-and-coo routine from the feminine imperative. So basically trite.

The raw truth is far too unpalatable for "polite" society to handle. The truth is: she wants her situation as-is.

But she can't say that! Oh no! No no nonono! No, she's the victim of ongoing brutality or whatever. The poor dear is not in control of herself. The soothing pablum, the intellectual pap, attempting to hide the raw reality of her unshackled female desires.

Because society cannot handle the fact that she's a cat in heat and wants moooooorrreeee!

I think that on some level, any hoe who gets involved with certain types of guys knows that they're basically losers. Somewhere deep down in her gut. Instead of avoiding them like the plague-carriers they are, she follows the sexual tingles that he's triggered in her. She rationalizes it externally (and internally?) by looking on him as a project, by saying "I can change him".

To which the pussy-brigade says: "You go girl!" "Good on you!" "Yes! You'll succeed!" Add many, many variations on these banalities.

Yeah, go ahead and change him. Good luck Chuck.

You see it in the online dating profiles. "I'm tired of dating jerks and losers!" Out she goes again, dating another jerk/loser. Helplessly and hopelessly attracted, the broken in her magnetised to the broken in him. Around and around they go in an endless cycle because she wants moooore.

Karma catches up too late and trips the stupid cunt during her declining years. This is known colloquially as "The Wall". We enjoy that schadenfreude as life puts the boot into her face, ribs, and belly.

Excuse me while I put my Crap Colored Glasses™ in a safe spot for the interim. Only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.