Monday 23 February 2015

Thor-ette and ComicGate

I've been vaguely aware of the tempest-in-teapot that is the whole Thor is a Woman brouhaha going on. For the first time though, I got to see what the new Thor looks like, courtesy of Didact. Be warned, along with the three comic pages are some extra images that are real doozies: Batman as Franken Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Some things cannot be unseen.)

The Sackless Thor

While I'm no Thor-comic-book-fan, I have to admit: the comic comes across as pretty fuckin' sad. It's no wonder that the real die-hard Thor comic fans are spitting about the whole thing. Even I'm thinking "what the fuck?" Here's why:

First page: the Anti-hero gripes about a female Thor "Thor's a dude - about the only real one left" and "feminism screws up everything". I found it dryly ironic that that line's actually the best part of the three pages.

Second page: has Thor-ette mentally pissy because the anti-hero used the word "feminism" like it was a four-letter word. (Reality check: feminism is the new leprosy. The "I don't need feminism" women recognize this. When will the rest of you twats get a clue?) She mentally calls him a creep (ooooohh creepy dude!)

Third page: the anti-heroine knocks her partner unconscious, doesn't throw-down with Thor-ette because of "grrrrl power", and then lets Thor-ette knock her out. How limp. Plus Thor-ette has some serious body-language issues, at one point standing with her arms like a man's. Butch dyke lezzie, anyone?

Thankfully, Didact makes it up to the persistent reader by showing several pictures of the REAL Thor. Thanks man. You saved my sanity. As did the music by Amon Amarth.

I dug around via google and found the first four pages of comic #1 in a Blastr article/review. It also comes across as very limp. More, the brigade of the limp-wristed (rabbits, mangina's, SJWs, and feminasties) had it out with the more die-hard Thor fans. I couldn't read much of that burble. Bad for my sanity.

So thinking about this, I dub this whole load of bullshit with the hashtag: #ComicGate.

I wonder if the same thing will happen to the SJW and feminasty crowd like it did in #GamerGate. Or maybe Marvel will get a fuckin' clue, realize that their alienating their real audience: their male fans. 'Cause the female fans are only there to "participate" in a male space.

Excuse me. I can only take so much. I'm going to rinse my mouth and gut out with tequila - not ruinin' the taste of Grand Marnier with this pap.

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