Wednesday 4 February 2015

Cotton Wool the World

One of the places where I walk shows the stupid mentality of people these days:
Yes, let us wrap the world in cotton wool. Then all these motherfucking pansies can walk around without the slightest chance of tripping, falling, getting a scrape or bruise or even the slightest graze to their lily-white skin.

Of course, we all know what's happened. Someone has managed to trip, bruise themselves, and gone on to management to throw a major tantie. Probably a woman. Probably about one of her chubby little children. You can hear it in your mind:

"My son tripped over some of your paving and took a hell of a tumble. It's very uneven, you need to put up signs to warn people about that! Look at him, still crying! There you go bubsy-wubsy, mommy will make it all right...coo coo coo..."

With a perfect example of the modern sniveling little 7yo pussy in tow.

So fucking pathetic.

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