Saturday 23 March 2013

Objectification and Sex Toys

Another example of social (ie female) hypocrisy is the subject of men objectifying women, and sex toys.

Let us be straight up - when it comes to women, men like:

Long hair
Big tits
Tight ass
Long legs

That's it, looks-wise. Add to that a pretty face and a loving, decent, supportive personality and a man has struck gold: he'll move the fucking moon for her. Just don't treat him like shit and you'll be adored and looked after until the day that you die.

Now, tell that to a woman and you will be inundated with cries of "You are so shallow!" and "You should love a woman for more than her looks!" and "You shouldn't judge by looks alone!"

Fuck you, I'm a judgemental bastard. You'll get over it.

If a woman has no interest in doing the best she can with her looks. If she is overweight (especially if she's one of those fat-apologists). If she has an abrasive personality. If she has no interest in being at least pleasant.

If she has the NERVE to tell me that a man should look deeper than the skin.

Then she's a lazy and entitled cunt who cannot be bothered making any real effort for anyone else. Especially for men (because this woman is a real man-hater).

Now that we've gotten past the bit about men being shallow and objectifying women: I have not met one woman who does not have some form of sex-toy.

Not one.

Dildo, vibrator, anal beads, strap-on, blow-up doll, whatever.

Notice this: something like 90% of female toys are a straight-up replacement for a cock. With vibrator action to simulate penetration - the stronger vibrator action to simulate rougher and more forceful entry. Rape fantasies, anyone?


Yes, we know what you want. A large cock. You keep telling us that, just by the sex-toys that you buy.

Never mind this crap about "it's not the size of the rowboat, it's the motion of the ocean, baby" or "size doesn't matter, it's how you use it".

Cut the bullshit. Size does fucking matter. Whether its going into your cunt or ass or mouth, it matters to you, the bigger the better. End of story. This is why men are obsessed with cock-size, we know the truth: women are even more obsessed.

Next stop: men's toys. There aren't as many out there as women's (though in some cases, they're interchangeable use for men and women). Men basically have a cup to put the penis in, and there are RealDolls™. Not a whole lot more out there for guys. Of course, if a man gets a sex-toy, he's an immediate loser.

I'm waiting for the ultimate sex-toy for men to come out: the SexBot™. At that point there will be a huge drop in demand for real women, and the remainder will have to compete real hard if they want a man.

Imagine: an ersatz woman who always looks good, always smells great, is always up for sex, is always pleasant, can converse intelligently on any subject that you care to talk about, and who always has the time and energy to clean and cook and suchlike around the home. Optional dancing module.

Real women (™) are going to have a their work cut out for them when the SexBots come out. It's gonna be hard for them to, like, y'know, learn to be pleasant and have a decent and attractive personality. They're gonna have to work hard for it. If they're plain or ugly, forget it.

That or die lonely and without a sperm-donor for the kiddies that they wanted to have.

The black poison of their future despair and desperation is delicious.

Thursday 21 March 2013

Are You A Man Or A Mat?

Following on from: Evisceration of a Woo-Girl, I decided that it was worthwhile eviscerating her boyfriend as well.

Let it begin.

Her age: 41 (ahuh, settling age).

His age: 45 (why you looking at older sluts, dude?)

She is a marathon runner, voice teacher, and piano teacher (those who can't, teach).

He is a high-end lawyer (like, y'know, a half-million a year income).

She moved in with him within 2 months, taking 15-year-old daughter with her.

They go out to bars, where she will do inappropriate things (like dancing on the table - typical Woo-Girl behaviour).

To date, 15-year-old daughter has "borrowed" his car twice, and crashed it twice (a high-end car, last time totally written off).

So, here we have an ageing Woo-Girl lucking into the man of her dreams. Who is so pussified that he thinks it is amazing that she is such a sexy exhibitionist. Who thinks its funny that former "boyfriends" call up for sex or hit on her. And who is so indulgent that her womb-turd-brat of a daughter can smash up a Ferrari with impunity.

Boy, talk about lapping up a woman's runny shit.

I wonder how he'd feel if he knew how many guys have pictures of her: legs, boobs, pussy (very pouty), ass, and videos of her masturbating and sucking cock and taking it deep (nice vids by the way). She still has a great body at her age, and she works hard to keep her cunt tight.

Somehow, I think that the black poison would kill him pretty quick.

Evisceration of a Woo-Girl

The Scene: a bunch of people, male and female, having a gabfest.

The Woo-Girl: hardcore, just got herself a man, still in the dribbly, gooey stage w/dripping pussy and gushing little-girl hyperbole.

The Complaint: now that she's taken, guys won't stop hitting on her!

Case In Point: a guy she'd met a year ago who texted her out of the blue, obviously looking for a booty-call. And was, like, so persistent and disgusting! Really pissed with him!

Details: 11pm, said text arrives, she thought it was from her boyfriend upstairs and responded enthusiastically: "Yes! Thank god you wrote me, I'm coming up!" Gets up there and finds out that he didn't text her after all. Checks the phone, realises that she'd responded to a guy from back-when who was looking for a booty-call.

Next text: "Call me." Her response: "I'm in bed with my boyfriend!"

His further texts made her call him a pig.

Evisceration: I deconstructed her bullshit right in front of everybody, for all to see. Called her out on it.

1/ Did he know you were in a relationship? No, it was out of the blue. You also KEPT HIS NUMBER all that time, so he was always a possibility for a fuck.

2/ Pissed or embarrassed? Why pissed, when you should be embarrassed?

3/ When inattentively replying to your supposed BF, he naturally took that as a legitimate "Yes I want you!" Naturally he told you to call him, he's not a fucking idiot. (Remember, YOUR mistake - own it and deal with it.)

4/ You texted him back with: "I'm in bed with my boyfriend!" /facepalm

The subtext to this message: "But I'm so thrilled to be here that I'll text you back at 11pm instead of getting a good snuggle/fucking. He means that little to me that at 11pm I am answering texts from ex-possible-boyfriend-dates. Yes, please fuck me, because I am so over and ready to dump this one."

They say that women are great communicators: fail.

A man has to explain to you how much you did wrong: double-fail.

A clueless man has to tell you how bad you did: triple-fail.

This happened right in front of everyone in the group: quadruple-fail.

*spanked her ass for fucking up so bad*

I then challenged her about why she was getting this attention: asked if it was because she was unconsciously or consciously putting out signals. Asked her flat-out if it was some attempt to test the commitment of her boyfriend. And finally told her that if it was, it was a really fucked-up way of doing things.

Evisceration complete. Somehow I don't think that I'm the flavour of the month around her any more.

Please excuse me while I go laugh my ass off. The taste of black poison is just too delicious.

Monday 18 March 2013

We live in a time of theft

Cyprus. Theft of savings directly from your personal bank-account. "Up to 10%" - no duh, that's gonna be a fucking mess. There's gonna be some really slutted-off people out there.

All this to bail out out a bunch of failing banks. Banks which hold the accounts in question. Makes you wonder why the tail is wagging the dog. Betcha that some dirtbag took a big bribe for that plan to pass.

Argentina and Bolivia nationalised (stole) the pension plans of their people to prop themselves up. America is making noises about doing the same. New Zealand had its social security gutted years ago, living hand-to-mouth.

You should be taking a good, hard look at these motherfuckers that you've put in power. 'Cause if you're stupid enough to let these smart bastards fuck you up the ass and only bleat about it - well, you've only got yourselves to blame.

Anyone with some fucking guts would take a gun and shoot down these motherfuckers. Their families too: this shit doesn't breed in isolation. They'd make their displeasure known in a very graphic, pointed, and bloody manner. Like they say, the government should be afraid of its people: sometimes revolution is the only thing you can do to sort it out.

Alternatively, do yourself a favour: buy physical assets that you can move easy. Gold, stash it out somewhere, and don't ever let anyone know that you have it. Not just bars and coins, get some rings and necklaces as well. If it comes down to it, your girl can wear some of the stuff as the two of you scarper it from the country.

We are truly living in a time of theft. Good luck out there.

Friday 15 March 2013

Dignity, looks, virginity

These are the three things that a woman has in life.

Dignity: this can also be considered to be "poise" and "charm". The definition might include such qualities as an inner grace and peace. Also happiness and contentment, and being deeply loving.

Looks: let's be real, some women are the winners of the genetic jackpot. They are physically stunning. With work and dedication (and sometimes plastic surgery) this can be maintained for many years past the normal age that looks go. Even an "ordinary" girl can continue to look good for many, many years.

Virginity: this is the one thing that any woman can give only once. When its gone, too bad - and too many girls give it away to smooth-talking bastards or otherwise-indifferent pieces of shit like me. Yes, there is hymenoplasty - the surgical reconstruction of the hymen, making a woman seem virgin again. This is not the same as true virginity.

In the old days, a woman kept her virginity for her husband. Even many whores did this, restricting themselves to oral and anal sex - normal penetration was verboten. They WANTED to be virgin for their husband-to-be. Given the lack of reliable contraception it was also the only way to be absolutely certain of never getting pregnant - it was the social kiss of death to raise some unknown man's bastard child.

Note that anal sex was also the only really certain method of contraception: condoms were in use amongst the upper classes as a means to avoid pregnancy (made from sheep gut usually, and they split easy). The Germans used rubber and latex condoms to stop their soldiers from spreading STDs - which only became regular practice amongst American and British troops during and after WWII.

With effort, a woman can keep her looks for many years after they would normally decline. Keeping fit and trim, skilful use of makeup, and now plastic surgery. Keep the hair long and you girls will be generally attractive no matter your age, butcher that hair and you're toast in the looks department. This is why you see women complimenting others on a shorter haircut, it makes them look great in comparison. Their competition has just eliminated itself (and will continue to do so with continuing encouragement).

When a woman loses her dignity, though - she immediately becomes trash. It's easier than you think, too. A bitchy attitude will do it in one hit, and modern society encourages this. When a woman exhibits that, she instantly places herself in the garbage bucket. There is only one way to fix this self-destruction: major lasting changes to her attitude coupled with moving to another place that she is not known (getting away from her bad reputation).

Of the three, the loss of her dignity is the most tragic for a woman. The effort to regain it is almost impossible, given how hard it is to make radical and lasting behavioural changes. When (if) a woman realises its a problem, it is long-gone and the bad behaviours are typically well-cemented in her psyche by then.

By then her virginity is long-gone also.

By then her looks are going too.

What girls don't seem to realise is this: bitch is in no way attractive, and in fact reduces their attractiveness tremendously. They become only attractive to men who have no interest in anything other than their body, and who are quite willing to drop them if they become too much hassle or one of better looks shows up. Too many of them will never realise it, as they grow older and sadder and more desperately lonely.

And still, a worthless bitch - because that's the poison that they've filled themselves with.

Wednesday 13 March 2013

What Did You Do To Earn It?

Hey cunts.

Yes, you cunts.

You cunts who have had 3 different cocks in your cunt-hole - every year since age 15.

You cunts who have had 7 more different cocks for hand-jobs, tit-jobs, blow-jobs, facial creampies, gangbangs, bukkake, threesomes, orgies, and anal sex - every year since age 15.

You cunts who fucked every sexy bad-boy that you could by the time you were 27.

You cunts that have two-three kiddies to different fathers.

You cunts that married a guy, had kiddies, divorce-raped him of half his assets, and then did your fuck-everything-in-sight eat-pray-love attempt.

You cunts with "moxie" (aka a shitty attitude towards men).

You cunts who are asking where all the good men are.

You cunts who are giving us men shit for not "manning up" and marrying you.

You cunts who expect to be supported by a man in your old age.

You cunts who nuked a perfectly good marriage.

You cunts, tell me something.

What did you do for men, to make us want to give or do anything for you?

What did you do to earn it?

Woo Girls - The Narcissism Years

You've seen these slores (that means "slut-whore"). These are the skinny, sexy girls who get into the middle of the dance-floor and start yelling and screaming and doing the "woo!" thing that these cunts do. Generally with hands up in gangsta signs, doing the duckface/blowjob lips thing. Usually so pissed that you could fuck them up the ass with a rolling pin and they would enjoy it.

Did you know, these girls don't change as they get older.

Yes, they put on a veneer of respectability.

Yes, they become "accomplished" in their work (usually admin - yay for letter-writing and filing, you know your ABC's!).

But get them drunk...


Fuck yeah, out in the middle of the dance-floor, shaking that (fat) ass, screaming and hollering, having a fine old time! (Warning: sarcasm meter off the charts.)

Because the Narcissism Years never ended.

They just got covered up a little.

They still think they're "all that".

Got news for you cunts.

You ain't all that. You never were. Only thing that fuelled your delusion was the weird-ass attention from the losers that you weren't attracted to.

"If they love it, then this is the way to be! And wow, that hot boy is giving me the eye - I'm gonna get some cock tonight!" Indeed you did, railed and rooted until the cows came home. It never clicked that you were just a good-time girl, playing with a good-time boy. One who would never stay.

Twenty years down the track, the hot boys are gone and only the bad habits remain. With a thin covering to hide them - until the alcohol dissolves that away.

The weird boys that you now settle for are either deluded as to your past (you didn't really tell him how many cocks you took in cunt, ass, mouth, hands and tits). That or they are stupid enough to think that you've changed.

Those "WOOO!"s that you put out inappropriately? Endearing! They really make you attractive to him - in his mind, he is now worthy of a WOOO-girl.

Pity that you're washed up.

If the average man wasn't brainwashed by a lifetime of lies, they'd see right through you. You'd only be getting cock, never any investment or commitment. And you'd be begging to gobble cock and swallow semen, so you can buy a sandwich.

I'd say that life's a cunt...redundant though. Enjoy the drops of black poison, drink them down with your semen cocktail.

Babymoon Narcissism

On the front page of the travel section of the Herald (an NZ rag), some 8-months gone blond chickie laying in the sand with a big bulge showing, a big smile on her face, and a pair of baby shoes on the "bump" ("car tyre" would be more accurate). The title: "Babymoon" - "Making the most of your last holiday before parenthood".

The narcissism is astounding.

The PUBLIC CELEBRATION of narcissism is astounding.

The encouragement to waste your money on this narcissistic shit is astounding.

Okay, sex sells - 'cause that's all that guys want, fucking. We get it. It's even true, we'll fuck just about anything - so long as we can keep our gorge down.

Got some news for you chickies: a preggers woman isn't sexy to anyone but her hubby. So stop trying to sexualise her for every other man out there. It's disgusting.

Now, to the narcissism: we know that you girls are more self-centered than a fucking gyroscope. We get it. Woo Girls, expecting us to hand you shit without you earning it, fucking whatever. If you had gravity equal to your narcissistic self-absorption, you'd collapse into a black hole about the size of the one at the centre of our galaxy.

When a guy wakes up to this crap - the process is called "taking the Red Pill" in the Manosphere - this shit actually becomes really in-your-face. Exceptionally aggravating.


It's everywhere.

Guys, I cannot truthfully and in conscience advise you to take the Red Pill. It will ruin a lot of things in your life. Songs that you loved, you will hate. People saying things thoughtlessly, will grate. The entitled mentality of these cunts, them force-feeding it to you incessantly, will make your fists itch.

It does have a few compensations though. The biggest one being the ability to instantly smell the shit, to damn-near immediately pick up the stench, when someone tries to pull shit on you.

If you do decide to go down that road... can always dip your pen in the poison and turn it back on them...

...and have some fun with that.

Women Really Are Children

You just have to listen to them talking amongst themselves to learn this with a finality that will slaughter your desire to "just be friends" with them. Seriously, you will never tolerate such shit again.

Case in point as I write this: a gaggle of female fucktards at work smoko are burbling inanely about some dipshit video on youtube of "some drunk guy, like, taking 5 minutes to try and put on his jandals". This is apparently so giggle-worthy that when the ringleader started playing it - on her iCrap - they all put their heads down to watch the thing.

These are girls in the 30+ age range, not stereotypical fluff-brained teenagers. In fact I have met teenagers who aren't as fluff-brained as this lot. All that you can say about such behaviour is: "pathetic" and "sad".

This sort of thing illustrates starkly just how vapid and empty these girls lives are. Though heaven help you if you are so foolish as to expose their emptiness! They'll put you through a verbal wringer, for making them feel bad.

So. Let them be, in their empty lives of meaningless nothing. Let them be, as they gobble on like chooks about the happenings in Coronation Street and Jersey Shore and Desperate Housewives and Shortland Street. Let them be, as they dribble over drivel on television, in the newspapers, and what that bitch next door said to Sandra that night and oh boy is that cunt gonna get it next time I see her.

For all their supposed "networking" capability, for all their "social" abilities, for all their "superior" capabilities, for all the "fact" that they can have a conversation on five different levels at once... is literally all wasted on moronic shit of no meaning or worth.

So ask yourself, when you feel the urge to be a fool over a girl:

How can you possibly take this seriously?

How can you possibly fall in love with this?

How can you possibly imagine that jumping through hoops for shit is worth the effort?

How can you possibly keep your dignity when chasing shit?

Remember, this chick has probably fucked 3 different guys each year from age 15. And probably given handjobs/blowjobs/whatever to another 7 different guys each year from the same age - OR EARLIER!

All you guys who act like morons, you deserve to be fucked over by these girls whose pussies you are kissing. They know that they are shit. They will still take advantage of you when you let them. After all, you're telling them that you are worth less than shit.

Do yourself a favour: don't be afraid to tell some entitled cunt that you wouldn't fuck them with a stolen dick. Sure, you'll piss them off. So fucking what. They will be staying away from you, so your precious time won't be sucked away for their ego-gratification. Nor will your precious money.

Leave them to the really stupid bastards who don't care that they're fucking some used-up sloppy-fifties slore. Or be the type of man who fucks them then leaves them. Because all they are for is funtime. That's all they are worth, definitely not the types to be serious with.

Have your chuckles at the silliness that they come out with. Be amused by the stupidities and inanities that they expose. Treat them like the children that they are. Everything that comes out of them just exposes a little more of the black poison in their raddled and twisted souls.

This public service announcement brought to you by BlackPoisonSoul. "Ladies", you are welcome.

Friday 8 March 2013

The EU - Hotbed of Feminist Bullshit

Fuck me!

Especially, read the summary at the bottom. Jesus motherfucking Christ on a motherfucking crutch!

This is a society that is going rapidly down the fucking rabbit-hole into complete fascist stupidity and political correctness of a magnitude that is breathtaking to contemplate.

I could rip the people who spout this shit several thousand bloody new assholes. But fuck it. I don't have time for this crap, and anyway it's been done thousands of times online already.

What gets to me is the mentality of these fucktards. Over and over it is discredited, and these cunts are still shrieking and dribbling mindlessly about it. It's an unending drone of entitled cuntism - and they wonder why men won't commit to them! Who the fuck needs such an entitled cunt anywhere near them, let alone in your own fucking home!

The stupidity! The stupidity! The stupidity! *bangs head on wall repeatedly*

I am tempted to say that these cunts just need their brains fucked out - not sure who'd want to do that though. If you decide to, remember to stick a fucking ball-gag in their mouths so that you don't have to listen to their drivel.

Fuck, society is so fucking FULL of this poison!

Wednesday 6 March 2013

I Don't Have Time For This Crap

Seven words that set you free.

"I don't have time for this crap."

When you're stood up on a date? "I don't have time for this crap."

When you're in a shitty meeting thats going nowhere and there's a mountain of work to do? "I don't have time for this crap."

When someone - anyone - is a half-hour late for a meeting or drinks or the like? "I don't have time for this crap."

Remember these words. Your life is your life. Your time is your time. It's for you to enjoy, not for others to mess you around and waste.

When somebody - anybody - fucks you around, in whatever way, just remember these words: "I don't have time for this crap."

Make no mistake: it is crap. They are showing you with unconscious malice that they do not value you. In the slightest. Otherwise, they would make the effort for you (or at least give you an early heads-up if something major goes wrong).

Once you recognise this behaviour for the deep disrespect that it is, you should make it a simple corollary: that you have no time for them either.

Don't make time for them, don't feed their habit, don't bother to be more than polite with them if you can help it. If they say stuff along the lines of: "We should go and do X!" Just say "Yeah, doing X sounds great!" Then simply do nothing to arrange X. Don't even mention it again. It (and they) are not relevant.

Understand, these people are just using and abusing you. You owe them nothing. So give them nothing.

Next time your "friend" or "date" flakes or cancels late with a lame/pathetic reason or no-shows, just say to yourself: "I don't have time for this crap." If nothing else, it filters you down to the true friends or girlfriends - leaving the rest of your time for yourself.

Seriously, these people are as common as fucking dirt, and a damn sight less useful. With dirt you can at least grow something in it. So say it brutally and upfront if they have the nerve to ask for explanations: "I don't have time for this/your crap."

This works exceptionally well when said to a narcissist, especially hanging up on the phone immediately afterwards. Because by extension, you are saying that they are crap also. It gets them in a tizz: just remember to ignore the crap that they attempt to sling your way. It's just crap, and you don't have time for it.

Friday 1 March 2013

Debt Is A Killer

About three years ago my then-wife decided that she wanted a baby. I looked her in the eye and said to forget it. Given her spending habits, there was not a shit-show of me keeping a family afloat.

She had a shit-fit and it eventually ended up in divorce. Now she's back in America, sucking another man's wallet (and cock) empty.

Good riddance.

However, one of the great lessons that I knew at the time - and that my ex didn't - was that not being in debt was a far, far better thing than being in debt and investing. Especially investing in things like the stock-market, where you have no great returns and no guarantee that the market will even keep its value.

Right now, the only thing propping up the stock market in New Zealand is the "retirement plans" forced upon my fellow-citizens by the government.

1 million families * $36k average wage * 4% compulsory "investment" = $1.4 billion a year, conservatively

Invested into the anaemic local stock market. Many of these "better" stocks are better only in comparison with the rest. Which is to say, comparing shit with shit, you find the slightly-less-shitty. If some of the things that I know about got into the news, three very large companies would experience a nose-dive in stock value. Certain board members would have to ceremonially fall upon their swords. Etc.

Yet even that's not what I'm talking about.

A "good" and "solid" stock in New Zealand has a 5+% dividend, after taxes are paid. That is to say, you'll take 20 years(!) to get back the money you paid for the stock. Assuming that the company actually pays dividends and doesn't go out of business or be bought out by someone else.

A lot of people here have high debts, with rates like 19+% interest for unsecured loans. Credit cards tend to be in the 23+% territory.

So. Mandatory garnishment of your wages, being forced into a scheme that pays (at best) 5+% return on interest, artificially pushing up the value of the stocks you're (forced into) buying. While you're at the same time bleeding money out the asshole at the rate of 19+%.


Pay the fucking dipshit debt off first. ALL of it, including your house. And don't get any more. Because NOT WASTING MONEY is easier for ordinary people to do than actively gamble and win in a game which is very much out of your control. One which you are forced into playing, not one that is chosen by you.

One very much like a ponzi scheme. Where the money artificially pushes up values, dropping once more when money has to be withdrawn to cash out the first wave of retirees. Chances are that you aren't going to be first. It's called a bubble, you can see it happening all the time in America.

Once you've paid off your debt, you can invest - if you choose to do so - in something that makes money. I suggest that it be your own real business: though frankly, the government here in NZ is very anti-business. Which is why the country is going down the shitter from a lack of jobs, especially for the young. There's just no overall growth.

That said, after my divorce I can easily support myself and invest (and build up a business). There's a lot that's doable when you're not being fucked over by someone who WILL constantly go into debt to fund their lifestyle. That's a mug's game guys, avoid those types of girls like the plague that they are.

I am not in the stupid government garnishment scheme. I have better uses for the sweat of my brow: ones which don't enrich others and which let me build my own private nest-egg.