Saturday 23 March 2013

Objectification and Sex Toys

Another example of social (ie female) hypocrisy is the subject of men objectifying women, and sex toys.

Let us be straight up - when it comes to women, men like:

Long hair
Big tits
Tight ass
Long legs

That's it, looks-wise. Add to that a pretty face and a loving, decent, supportive personality and a man has struck gold: he'll move the fucking moon for her. Just don't treat him like shit and you'll be adored and looked after until the day that you die.

Now, tell that to a woman and you will be inundated with cries of "You are so shallow!" and "You should love a woman for more than her looks!" and "You shouldn't judge by looks alone!"

Fuck you, I'm a judgemental bastard. You'll get over it.

If a woman has no interest in doing the best she can with her looks. If she is overweight (especially if she's one of those fat-apologists). If she has an abrasive personality. If she has no interest in being at least pleasant.

If she has the NERVE to tell me that a man should look deeper than the skin.

Then she's a lazy and entitled cunt who cannot be bothered making any real effort for anyone else. Especially for men (because this woman is a real man-hater).

Now that we've gotten past the bit about men being shallow and objectifying women: I have not met one woman who does not have some form of sex-toy.

Not one.

Dildo, vibrator, anal beads, strap-on, blow-up doll, whatever.

Notice this: something like 90% of female toys are a straight-up replacement for a cock. With vibrator action to simulate penetration - the stronger vibrator action to simulate rougher and more forceful entry. Rape fantasies, anyone?


Yes, we know what you want. A large cock. You keep telling us that, just by the sex-toys that you buy.

Never mind this crap about "it's not the size of the rowboat, it's the motion of the ocean, baby" or "size doesn't matter, it's how you use it".

Cut the bullshit. Size does fucking matter. Whether its going into your cunt or ass or mouth, it matters to you, the bigger the better. End of story. This is why men are obsessed with cock-size, we know the truth: women are even more obsessed.

Next stop: men's toys. There aren't as many out there as women's (though in some cases, they're interchangeable use for men and women). Men basically have a cup to put the penis in, and there are RealDolls™. Not a whole lot more out there for guys. Of course, if a man gets a sex-toy, he's an immediate loser.

I'm waiting for the ultimate sex-toy for men to come out: the SexBot™. At that point there will be a huge drop in demand for real women, and the remainder will have to compete real hard if they want a man.

Imagine: an ersatz woman who always looks good, always smells great, is always up for sex, is always pleasant, can converse intelligently on any subject that you care to talk about, and who always has the time and energy to clean and cook and suchlike around the home. Optional dancing module.

Real women (™) are going to have a their work cut out for them when the SexBots come out. It's gonna be hard for them to, like, y'know, learn to be pleasant and have a decent and attractive personality. They're gonna have to work hard for it. If they're plain or ugly, forget it.

That or die lonely and without a sperm-donor for the kiddies that they wanted to have.

The black poison of their future despair and desperation is delicious.

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