Friday 15 March 2013

Dignity, looks, virginity

These are the three things that a woman has in life.

Dignity: this can also be considered to be "poise" and "charm". The definition might include such qualities as an inner grace and peace. Also happiness and contentment, and being deeply loving.

Looks: let's be real, some women are the winners of the genetic jackpot. They are physically stunning. With work and dedication (and sometimes plastic surgery) this can be maintained for many years past the normal age that looks go. Even an "ordinary" girl can continue to look good for many, many years.

Virginity: this is the one thing that any woman can give only once. When its gone, too bad - and too many girls give it away to smooth-talking bastards or otherwise-indifferent pieces of shit like me. Yes, there is hymenoplasty - the surgical reconstruction of the hymen, making a woman seem virgin again. This is not the same as true virginity.

In the old days, a woman kept her virginity for her husband. Even many whores did this, restricting themselves to oral and anal sex - normal penetration was verboten. They WANTED to be virgin for their husband-to-be. Given the lack of reliable contraception it was also the only way to be absolutely certain of never getting pregnant - it was the social kiss of death to raise some unknown man's bastard child.

Note that anal sex was also the only really certain method of contraception: condoms were in use amongst the upper classes as a means to avoid pregnancy (made from sheep gut usually, and they split easy). The Germans used rubber and latex condoms to stop their soldiers from spreading STDs - which only became regular practice amongst American and British troops during and after WWII.

With effort, a woman can keep her looks for many years after they would normally decline. Keeping fit and trim, skilful use of makeup, and now plastic surgery. Keep the hair long and you girls will be generally attractive no matter your age, butcher that hair and you're toast in the looks department. This is why you see women complimenting others on a shorter haircut, it makes them look great in comparison. Their competition has just eliminated itself (and will continue to do so with continuing encouragement).

When a woman loses her dignity, though - she immediately becomes trash. It's easier than you think, too. A bitchy attitude will do it in one hit, and modern society encourages this. When a woman exhibits that, she instantly places herself in the garbage bucket. There is only one way to fix this self-destruction: major lasting changes to her attitude coupled with moving to another place that she is not known (getting away from her bad reputation).

Of the three, the loss of her dignity is the most tragic for a woman. The effort to regain it is almost impossible, given how hard it is to make radical and lasting behavioural changes. When (if) a woman realises its a problem, it is long-gone and the bad behaviours are typically well-cemented in her psyche by then.

By then her virginity is long-gone also.

By then her looks are going too.

What girls don't seem to realise is this: bitch is in no way attractive, and in fact reduces their attractiveness tremendously. They become only attractive to men who have no interest in anything other than their body, and who are quite willing to drop them if they become too much hassle or one of better looks shows up. Too many of them will never realise it, as they grow older and sadder and more desperately lonely.

And still, a worthless bitch - because that's the poison that they've filled themselves with.

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