Sunday 31 January 2016

Fleas, Lice and Ticks

From the MGTOW men over at /r/mgtow, one talks about how repulsed he is by hypergamy:
Everytime a woman has come onto me it has been for an obvious reason. One of the first expiriences with hypergamy was after I won my first race in high school track. 10 minutes after I win, this attractive girl who had previously all but ignored me suddenly out of the blue comes up to where I am sitting and sits next to me and starts talking to me for the first time.
I was turned off by how obvious her motives were. I knew our personalities were too different, but apparently, from my repeated expiriences with hypergamy, I have concluded that women aren't attracted to similar personalities, instead they are attracted to status.
I see it time and time again whenever a girl asks me where I work, and I tell her I am own a business, suddenly their eyes light up, and they start laughing and coming onto me.
It's always disgusted me when this happens. They are so predictable.
On the other hand, I am also not attracted to about 99% of women based on their personalities alone. They talk about trivial things, they laugh at stupid jokes, they aren't smart, and they always fall for guys based on predictable shit.
So part of my problem is that when a girl is attracted to me, 99% of the time, I know that our personalities are too different for it to even be worthwhile. I would basically have to pretend to be someone else in order to keep her interested, and that isn't worth it because I would feel like a fraud. A lot of pickup artist guys do this, they actually do pretend to be a different person, and it makes me cringe. Basically, they are whoring their emotions and pretending to like all the stupid shit that women like in order to get some pussy, but in my opinion, getting pussy without a real emotional connection isn't worth it. At that point you are basically whoring yourself and giving them the magical expirience that they fantasize about, while you just have to work to appeal to them so that you can maybe get your dick wet at some point.
What do you guys think of this? Does anyone else have these problems? And is there a way to overcome it?
The op's quandry is a real one, however he's not consciously aware of why he feels this aversion. So I will define so-called "hypergamy" in no uncertain terms for the first-and-last-time:
Hypergamy (adj.): The action of a parasite consciously choosing it's host. Said choosing is not final and can be re-chosen at any time that seems advantageous for the parasite in question. In extreme cases, multiple parasites can attempt to fasten themselves at the same time to a single host which appears to be of high value.
Therefore: "hypergamy" is a pretentious/highfalutin' word to describe the actions of a parasite consciously choosing its new host.
[Okay, so I suppose that hypergamy does bloody exist when looked at in that way, and good vs bad behavior, training, rigidly-enforced social norms, and etc can keep it under control. Shit and damnation. So now I'm gonna gripe and bitch about the word: Why the fuck did they invent a special word for it? We've had the concepts for centuries if not millennia. Is this because aca-fuckin'-demia decided to make it a word and put some papers together and label it as uncontrollable and ask for more $$$ to line their pockets? Is this part of the leftist/Marxist/Feminist social-manipulation to make men even more helpless? And did some pretentious twat in the manosphere grab it and run with it with the purpose of making more $$$ because they're on the so-called "cutting edge" of research? A lot more thinking is required on that one. - BPS]
So this is 100% greed/theft (both original sins) coupled with the "grass is greener" mentality. Which ties in very neatly with the books "The Predatory Female" and "The Manipulated Man" and others under the Worthwhile Books page/link.

So the op's aversion boils down to the natural aversion of someone noticing a bunch of fleas, lice, and ticks trying to fasten themselves to him with the purpose of sucking on his blood (or effort/life/time as the case may be).

He is extremely lucky that the attractive girl who suddenly started talking with him was so overt and unpracticed - he could have found himself in baby-jail as the unwilling host/slave of a parasite for 20+ years, then raped of the rest of his life via frivorce/etc. She was obviously unpolished and still learning her trade. What might have been going on in her mind? "Never mind the fuckup. There'll be another host/slave. They're all interchangeable."

Yes, women are attracted to status and money - because these are the signs of a worthwhile host.

There are some other notable comments in the thread:
Sure, being attracted to success, "good genes" etc. is kinda natural and to be expected. But women are completely over the top about this. If you physically and mentally cannot be satisfied by something slightly less than perfect, if you cannot be happy with someone who is not vastly superior to yourself, if mass murderers are attractive to you, then you're a nothing but a fucking animal.
And not only is this crap tolerated, it's encouraged in modern society. We give women moral approval to shamelessly pursue Alpha cock and Beta provision AND deal with the collateral damage collectively.
Thousands of years ago, people already figured out that letting hypergamy run rampant is NOT compatible with civilization. We now see the result of doing just that: disenfranchised beta males, perpetually unhappy women engaging in self-destructing behavior and thugs ("Alphas") freely reproducing which causes the upbringing of violent and damaged children (thug genes + single mother = desaster).
I can't remember where I read it, however it was along the lines of the change in mores of society in the past hundred years or so. In the old days younger people looked up to and paid heed to their elders - because of the sheer experience they had accumulated.

Then advertising came along and this mentality was deliberately flipped - youth became celebrated. Because the young can be coaxed into doing stupid things, like buying crap they don't need and going on travel "experiences" that they will not remember because they're too quick and whirlwind, and putting down no money on 30-year ARM/interest-only loans for houses which are stupidly fuckin' expensive.

Youth became the easy-ass host for the economic parasites of our waning civilization. Even those baby-mommas are in a quasi-parasitic-symbiotic relationship with our parasitic government, sucking the effort/life/time out of the worker-men of society.

Here is one more quote that I consider very relevant:
So let me ask a question. When you watch porn, do you watch porn with hot coed girls, or 40 year old with wrinkles and saggy tits?
This is no more or less shallow than women's hypergamy. Men are expendable, woman are perishable.
The good news is that you can climb up the wall, while a woman can't. Plus, if you do so you can get more than your fair share of women.
My problem with hypergamy is only that's it's unrestrained. If women wouldn't get babies with Chad and have tax money pay for it and betas wouldn't wife up sloots, hypergamy is fine.
Porn is the celebration of youth again, though admittedly I can't get a boner for chicks who are wrinkled to hell and sagging everywhere. I quite like the "men are expendable, women are perishable" concept. Echoes of the "men age like wine, women age like milk" saying. The surviving men definitely become remarkably fine as we get older.

The commentor correctly notes that men can climb up the wall while women cannot, and shows neatly that women look for "high-climbers" to parasitize off. The only way she can climb that wall is to leech on to either:

a) a man in the process of doing it (thus slowing him down, perhaps stopping his climb permanently or causing him to fall)

b) a man who has already done it (which won't slow him down at all, plus she doesn't have to experience any of the trials/tribulations/pain that he had to experience during the climb)

The latter is, of course, the prime goal for any young and good-looking piece of fluff arm-candy.
This commentor makes what I consider to be one major mistake in his thinking: he considers hypergamy/parasitism to be unrestrained. In my opinion he is 100% wrong with that thinking.

Parasitism is lauded and actively encouraged in our matriarchical woman-centric society. Just ask most long-term married men and the victims of frivorce and the children who have been weaponized by mommy so she can use them to beat daddy over the head for child-support.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Sexual Weaponizing

Yes, this is supposed to be a funny/insulting e-card type of thing.
Sexually, everything is weaponized, as per talking about fake eyebrows, boobs, butt, eyelashes, hair extensions, and eye color. (We can add shape to that - corsets are coming back in, if not already here.)

It's been known for centuries that everything is fair in love and war.

So yes, we can expect this to be weaponized as well. Wait for the camel-toe to become a thing for a woman to flaunt.

Friday 29 January 2016

The Long Decline

Hold tight men and wimminz-whores, I got some real bad news for everyone.

So every now and then I get some scamming whore in Russia (or Georgia, or the Philippines, or wherever) sling me an email with a picture.
This one's actually particularly fucking amusing in the email:
What's up!
I'm Hasretim.
I need a stable sweetheart to adore, look after and understand each other, to enjoy common ideas.
I have an intention to find a responsible sweetheart who is not going to play games with me.
My personal email is the only guarantee that I can come in contact with you as soon as possible.
Will all my heart, Hasretim.
So this Russian sslore (scammer-slut-whore) sends a  pic of some chick in her undies (Natalia Raisa, according to Google Image Search). For shits and giggles I sent back a message along the lines of: "Nice undies. I want some cunt-shots, be sure to spread those meat-flaps wide."

Of course, no reply after a month or two. Damn, why might that be? She's so obviously selling her body! Or the fantasy of somebody's body.

One of the more amusing things was a prior sslore, one who I strung along for shits and giggles. 'Lo, one of the pictures included her holding up a piece of paper with my name! Sadly for her though, Google Images had already come to the party - she was on:

1/ A Russian stripper site
2/ A Russian escort site
3/ Had done some stuff in Russian sports (announcing or something by the looks)

Couldn't be arsed trying to find out any real details about the last, for obvious reasons given the first two.

The point is that this particular Russian sslore had a photo taken of herself holding up a blank piece of paper for later modifying. She either sold her image to a scammer factory (probably for a few bucks) or was involved in the scam herself. Highly likely the latter, come to think about it.

It was fun when she asked for money via Western Union. "Sure babe. Who should I send it attention to, you via x stripper site or you via x escort site?"

Now, I've been having a slow think about this sorta thing. And remembering the Odessa Girls. And thinking about how Russia has been a feminazi-delight-shithole for 2+ generations already. I've come to a few semi-conclusions:

1/ Like advertising email spam, these scammers do this shit because it's still profitable - there are still enough people who fall for it

2/ Even after 2+ generations, teh Russian wimminz are still going strong with the "I want my Prince Fucking Charming" demands - and are getting shriller and more desperate and doubling-down about the whole business, while at the same time attempting to scam Western men for their $

3/ Teh Russian wimminz are feminist slores to the max, to a degree that makes our Western slores look like babies in comparison (they haven't grown up to be children about it as yet)

4/ These modern cunts will *never* realize the true mindset of the modern man they've created, which boils down to: I ain't being paid to fulfill your fuckin' fantasy, cunt.

Which we-all know the coin for fulfilling her fantasy of being a lazy cunt, 'cause we incessantly bitch about how teh wimminz ain't fulfilling their side of the bargain out here in the manosphere.

You want your fantasy fulfilled? Sure, cupcake. You only need to keep your side of the bargain - 'cause otherwise you can go get back on the gangbang bandwagon.
The most important take-home point though: these fucking nutcases are way ahead of teh Western wimminz and still going fucking strong.

Some people have stated, 2-3 generations and this shit will all burn out. I've thought so and said it myself.

I'm wrong.

Roman civilization got into much the same situation as we have. It wasn't a mere couple of generations to sort out, it was a couple of fucking centuries decline.

We're not going to be doing 2-3 generations to sort this shit out (short of a major and sudden technological collapse - in which case all bets are off). We're going to be 200-300 years.

We are well-and-truly fucked.

So if you're 20 and thinking that in 30-odd years the spoiled girl-children of your generation will have spawned some halfway decent girl-creatures that you can fuck/marry/impregnate, don't hold your breath. Yes, younger guys will fuck older wimminz and younger girls will fuck older men on the sly ('cause out in the open is too much against the prevailing herdthink). That doesn't mean the new younger crop of girls won't be screwed in the head still, probably way worse in fact.

That said, we (the current generations) are going to be spared the sight of the absolute worst of what happens. It's going to get bad, socially, from our point of view. Eventually though, the dead-end self-destroying meme that is Feminazism will die out, with a final population in the West of maybe 10% of what we have at present.

Until the next cycle of empire begins.

Friday 22 January 2016

Living In Reality

Lunchtimes, I tend to get away from the work-office - because if you have lunch at work everyone will bug the shit out of you, so getting out is the only way of having an actual break. Usually I go to a park, quite often walking, sometimes the beach.

Reality is: when there's millions of dollars a day at stake, you need those breaks to relax/chill. I sometimes wonder what's wrong with the other workers in the place, it's like they're in denial. All a big laugh, whatcha doing tonight, we're gonna party, etc. I've written about it before.

Any rate, down a park yesterday lunchtime, eating and enjoying the sun/breeze/whatever. Very relaxing.

Suddenly the usual braying comes from some passing woman. I look over - about 30 meters away is two couples walking. The women are having a fine time at the top of their voices, laughing it up, etc. The two men are silent.

One of the women suddenly pops out with some bs about not cleaning up, leaving that to her man. The other has a loud laugh and says "same!". The two of them have a fine old giggle about this as they get into their cars, respective men still silent.

I suppose that you can't do a whole lot when your nuts are firmly in her purse.

The most interesting thing about this though: I was basically unmoved. Not shocked, not disgusted. Just a vague amusement, a kind of wonderment that these men still don't seem to grasp this. They live in denial rather than reality. They live willingly as slaves, no matter how bad the treatment dished out by their woman.

I suppose that I am living in reality, in not being interested in this bullshit.

At any rate, I seem to have slipped into a philosophical state. Don't really have much to say again (last time I said that, the stuff started flowing - go figure). I'm going away for a bit, will check in occasionally.

Keep your eyes open to reality.

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Privacy and Self Protection

I've just finished two books, by JJ Luna:
  • How To Be Invisible
  • Invisible Money
These two books are essential reading if you happen to be a MGTOW who wants to go full Ghost. Even applied to a lesser degree by an ordinary person, they are useful simply to protect your own privacy (ie from lunatic stalker women or lawsuit-happy motherfuckers). Also be aware that unless you actively work on having some privacy people can find out whatever they want to know about you.

We have no privacy in our modern society. In fact the younger generation have no concept of privacy: they're a stream-of-consciousness everything dirty that should be private is put up for the delectation of others plus for the next 100+ years of public scrutiny on Facecrap mess. Drunkenness, drug use, sex, whatever.

("We Still Kill The Old Way (2014)" - a movie of how some shit youth gang video'd a beating that killed the victim, put it up on the dark web, and then got tracked down and killed by the victim's brother and cronies. An underrated movie IMO, I recommend it.)

Like insurance, setting up for privacy requires preparation. Luckily it's actually quite easy for you guys to do over in America, I'm gonna have to take some time here in NZ to see what I can manage. My options are limited. Here's some basic things you can think about:
  • You want a PO Box that is not linked to your real address.
  • You want cash that nobody else knows about.
  • You want a bank account that nobody else knows about.
  • You want a car not linked to your name.
  • You want a home not linked to your name.
The first book goes into the details (I'm sure you can figure out how to get both books anonymously). This is just the cliff's notes of why, what for, etc.

Asset protection. Seriously. America is a bunch of lawsuit-happy nutjobs. If there's an accident, they decide to check you out and find that you have assets, *bang* lawsuit. No assets, fuckit, they won't waste their time.

Privacy. Suppose that crazy stalker chick tries to find out where you live. She's going to have to go to a lot more effort than just looking up your name in the phone book to find the address, phone number, whatever. Even when it's unlisted it can be tracked down legally or illegally. (I've had this happen myself, luckily ending up well. Even so I didn't like finding out that literally anyone could get my home phone number and address so easily.)

You may literally have to up-stakes and move out really fast. It could be for a job opportunity elsewhere. It could be to get away from some *real* psycho bitch or crazy bastards who've decided that they're going to harass you for shits and giggles or to drive you out of an area or whatever. (Anyone who starts out saying something aggro like "let those pieces of shit try it, I'll..." has never dealt with real crazies. These fuckers just do not care. It comes down to a choice of: 1/ move with no forwarding address, 2/ kill them as tracelessly as possible. And while the cops cannot/will not protect you from harassment, they sure as shit will hunt you down and throw you in jail for murder.)

So you need to be able to get OUT. As tracelessly as possible. Minimal footprint. Which means that your day-to-day life also needs to be as traceless and minimal footprint as possible. Only your nearest and dearest that you trust absolutely actually know where you live and have real phone numbers. Nobody else. Nobody else visits. Work only knows a PO Box and a physical address where you used to stay a long time ago. No girls are brought to your place. You don't have parties. You toss your burner phone regularly.

You can see why this is more for MGTOW going ghost. It would cramp the PUA lifestyle something serious. That said, some of it would be of great benefit to them also.

How To Get Started:

Pay cash. This ensures that you don't leave an electronic footprint of purchases. Remember that while all banks and ATMs have cameras, we're not assuming that you're on the criminal side and running from the law. You just don't want some asshole Joe Public sticking their nose into your (electronic) private affairs. If you bought it cash there's no electronic record of *who* and *what* and *where* that money went.

Put cash aside. A diversion safe is easy enough to make at home, you can pay cash for a wall safe and install it yourself somewhere unusual. Leave a small amount, say $50-100, in the top drawer of your bedside cabinet. A burglar (or your thieving fucking girlfriend) will go to the master bedroom first, check out the drawers, grab the money and split - most likely without destroying anything or looking anywhere else.

You don't need much to start with. A simple $20-50 a week will build up over a couple of years to be quite substantial ($20 * 100 weeks = $2000, $50 * 100 weeks = $5000, etc). Being a Man you are going to be naturally frugal - it will build up surprisingly fast.

If you want something in another bank-account, the same principle applies. Build up some cash (say a month's worth) and deposit it. No electronic transfer, no way to trace it. Simple, easy, no problems at all. (Note: Do not check the account via internet banking. Even if SSL is private - debatable - there's no way to disguise that you've gone to X bank's website. If things go sour, someone official will end up checking and will get answers.)

Women waste everything. We know this. Never allow her to know that you have a stash at all, let alone how much or where. Shred everything, preferably at work so that she'll never dream of it's existence. Seriously consider having two or three different stashes, just in case you fuck up and one is revealed.

You Want Options:

These things are easily doable if you have options. However, you may find yourself in a situation where you don't feel that you have certain options. Particularly if you're in a shithole marriage without full control of your finances and you want out - or at least, you want options rather than being stuck forever as her yes-ma'am, yes-ma'am, three-bags-full-ma'am slave.

Don't despair, it's time to get sneaky.

The chances are high that you (the man) do a substantial amount of shopping by yourself because she's too lazy. Families (two or more people) also eat a shitload, often shopping for food 3-4 times a week. An extra $10-20 can come out every trip, just throw away the receipt in the garbage at the store and stash the cash. She will not know.

If you're paying cash for meals, the occasional $5-10 notes can quietly disappear. Very effective if you eat out because she's too fucking useless to cook and insists on takeout/drive-through/dining out a couple of times a week. (Or more...)

Refueling the car: families seem to find themselves gassing up quite a lot, 2-3 times a week. Probably because cupcake has a "lets go out and eat/shop/whatever" mentality, plus going to visit her friends, and taking the kidlets to school/doctor/ballet/rugby/whatever. An extra $5-10 a time will not be noticed, especially these days.

Add those three situations up: $10 * 3 spending situations * 3 occurrances each = $90 a week that is off cupcake's radar. That's a substantial nest-egg of $9,000 over two years. You can probably get a helluva lot more, plus extras: bonus checks that are cashed, under-the-table jobs on the grey/black market, moonlighting, get inventive. She doesn't know exactly how much you got for doing such-and-such on the quiet for so-and-so. She doesn't even have to know you're doing stuff on the quiet, it could be just another bloody late night working or chewing the fat with Bob.

You can probably get a beater car or motorcycle for less than $1k (anonymously), get it roadworthy for $1k (cash repair), and still have $7,000 cash money for gas and food (with mobile shelter too if you get the car). That's good enough if you decide to pull the pin and get the fuck outta dodge.

Going Scorched Earth Option:

Let's say that cupcake has decided to go full-apeshit-frivorce on you. She wants the house, car, kiddies, alimony for life, files charges of domestic violence and ongoing rape, she "fears for the children", the fucking works.

You decide: Fuck this.

You go the whole hog. Lawyers, lawsuits, delays, mental and emotional stress that gets you fired (ongoing so you're unemployable or suitable for only light employment), the works. Suck down every damned cent of the family assets in fees and lawyers and shit. NOTHING left. NO alimony 'cause you have no income. MINIMAL child-support that you'll somehow manage to scrape together with odd jobs here'n there.

You still have your hidden assets, you can still get money on the grey/black market, etc. You can still have a fine life. You can still get the shit outta dodge if you want. All these options are still open to you.

Sneaky Nuke The Cunt From Orbit Option:

Let's say that you got eyes, you can see the shit-storm coming down the fuckin' pike. It's time to pre-emptively and sneakily nuke the cunt from orbit.

Empty out as much as possible of the bank-account. Gamble some of it away, stash the rest. Nobody is gonna be tracking how much you lost at so-and-so's casino.

Max out the credit cards (if she hasn't done that to you already). Same shit different day with "gambling" it away. Buy some stuff that is worth something (or stuff you already own that is worth something), sell it to a really good friend for a dollar. He sells it on to another really good friend for a dollar. ("I don't have it.") Once the shit-storm dies down in a year or two you can go buy it for a dollar from them. No trace, no comeback, you gambled it away. (Just keep it outta sight.)

So cupcake has the house and contents (selling that shit from under her would probably be considered malicious - not advisable). You're living on a mate's couch - and you are expected to pay cupcake's mortgage. Not a problem if you happen to live in one of those states where jingle-mail is allowed. Mail those fuckin' keys in to the bank, her squatter ass is their problem now. (Make sure that you have the original keys and documents and that she only has copies. Preparation is key - pun intended.)

So the credit cards are maxed out and I hope that you got your dues out of them. Understand that those are unsecured debt, just like any other loan (you did get a loan, didn't you?). You don't have to pay them - despite the motherfuckin' bullshit mores of society. Let them lay, just like the mortgage. Go bankrupt. Fuck it, you still have your hidden stash.

Notice that these actions are concealed and appear to be passive. You're not deliberately fucking cupcake over. You just got yourself into this bad situation that snowballed...cupcake was probably right to kick your ass to the kerb...

Best part: you're taking her down as sneakily as possible.

What About The Childreeeeeen:

The nasty sticking-point. If there are no children, then anything goes. It's between two adults, one of them carefully prepared (you) and one of them brainless but with lots of legal and social advantages (her). You will covertly win - even though you publicly lose - and you will bounce back way better than she ever can.

If children are involved, you have a very hard choice to make. No matter what they will be caught in the cross-fire. She will turn them into weapons, using them ruthlessly against you in an effort to cause you maximum emotional pain.

At this point you have nothing to lose by being a nasty piece of work and fucking her over to the bitter end.

Whatever happens, the children will be hurt. Whatever happens, you will almost certainly not gain custody. Whatever happens, you will most likely not get the visitation rights as you are entitled to and were agreed upon - she will likely do her damndest to keep you away from them. If she chose to play the "I fear for the children" card then you will never see them until they are whatever legal age, probably 18+ - yet still be expected to pay for them.

Understand, no matter what, your children will *not* starve. The government will not allow it, that would be political suicide. The government *will* pay your ex a certain minimum, she *will* get food-stamps and the like (in the USA). If for some reason she neglects the children (assuming she's that type) then they *will* take them away from her.

If you literally have nothing (known) left anyway, then you might decide that you may as well nuke the cunt from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

It's also better than being a meek lapdog, taking it up the ass from all-and-sundry while the children watch - minds being deliberately poisoned - as they develop contempt for you as a person...

On that rather grim note, good luck with your preparations for privacy and a possible new beginning in life. Later.

Monday 18 January 2016

Personal Filters

So here's a few filters that I've generally used when it comes to teh wimminz. Bluntly, these types are not fuckable in my mind:

* underage or far younger than I am
* stunningly good-looking
* smokers
* alcoholics
* crass
* dirty/filthy (physically)
* backstabbing
* manipulative
* game-playing
* drugs (prescription or illegal)
* medical issues (physical, like being gluten-intolerant)
* depression
* crazy (NPD/BPD etc)
* heavy/visible tats
* piercings (especially tongue/nipple/clit)
* excessive jewelry
* pants/shorts
* over-slutty
* career girls
* any whiff of feminist mindset (which is damn-near all of them)

The reasons range from direct health (cigarette smoke makes me nauseous plus messes up my lungs and makes me susceptible to bronchitis - borderline asthma and hayfever is a bitch), through lack of interest (underage doesn't turn me on), through to emotional and mental and physical self-protection. As you can imagine, 99.9999999% of girls do not make it past these filters.

The few who I've made exceptions for and let through have invariably caused me way more hassle than it's been worth.

In many cases, a girl passes the visible filters and then opens her mouth and the red light starts flashing with the klaxon "AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!" going off at 120+ decibels.

Most of these things are self-evident to any thinking man. A few need some explanations:

Stunningly Good-Looking: In my personal experience, every girl that I've met who was an 8+ has been seriously crazy in some manner (entitled, BPD/NPD, whatever).

Crass: If she has a worse potty-mouth than I do, it's a boner-killer.

Medical Issues: It's a flat-out downer trying to go out with a girl who is incapable of relaxing freely and doing the things you can do (fat girls just can't keep up physically with my lifestyle, gluten intolerant girls have to be anal about what they eat, etc).

Excessive Jewelry: This is a signal that she's on the prowl, all that jewelry is something shiny to attract the attention of Men. It's also a sign of self-centered narcissism and indiscriminate (often bad - like shitty tattoos) taste.

Pants/Shorts: Great way to signal that she expects to be the one wearing the pants in the relationship - thank you Feminism. Girls in short-shorts are also sluttifying themselves up. Especially watch out for camel-toe, it's always deliberate.

Career Girls: Apart from the deeply-internalized "you can have it all" message from Feminism, she just can't keep the career attitudes out of her private life. She might act absolutely submissive in private, yet you'll be surprised at how quickly a shit attitude can show up when she gets annoyed.

Make your own filters. The more strict I've gotten with those filters, the gladder I've been as my life is less-disturbed by bullshit from women and what they laughingly consider relationships.

Hypergamy or Lazy Parasite?

Commentor Sven Sversen makes a great long comment on my post about women being Infantile:
"Hypergamy" is a term borrowed from biology, I believe. It refers to a preference for mating *upward*: Men don't want girls they look up to (Pyjama Boy does, if he wants a girl at all, but he's defective). Girls are only attracted to men they look up to. They are *only* attracted to men they consider superior to themselves.
Yeah, yeah, men *fantasize* about 10s. And some fantasize about girl-power action hero fantasy characters. But basically all men can happily be in love for their whole lives with very ordinary women who they consider weaker than themselves. If a man thinks his wife is stronger than himself, every man and every woman (most especially his wife) thinks he's a pussy, defective. A loser.
A man is happy if he's the source of strength. A woman is happy if HE is the source of strength. She is *miserable* if *she* is the source of strength. That's hypergamy.
Women absolutely require that their man be emotionally and physically stronger than them, and dominant. Dominant in an effortless, casual way. If he's not smarter and higher earning too, he'd better be a hell of a charming SOB.
I know a female statistician married to a senior fireman. You know how women are about firemen. He's a level headed, responsible man who leads men, sound judgment, proven physically brave, a great father, and pre-selected to hell and back -- well out of her league by any sane standards. She's unhaaapy because she makes more money and he doesn't put her in her place. Silly bitch. She should be on her knees thanking God for letting her have this man in her life.
But he doesn't know how to put her in her place, and she makes more money.
That's hypergamy. Nothing to do with pre-selection. It's about relative "value", as women perceive it in their narrow little pea brains. That woman has an IQ nearly as high as mine and knows ten times more math -- and she's got the brains of a goldfish.
I was just thinking about the dominance thing the other day. I'm pretty funny, faster on my feet than most. I have a hell of an imagination. I can improvise the craziest shit. It takes all that every day to keep my girlfriend submissive, and she ain't in my league by half, on looks or anything else. Plus I earn twice what she does, and she knows it. Silly American bitch. Delusional.
If I've got to work to stay on top of this one, WTF is the average guy supposed to do? Nine hours hanging sheetrock or some shit and he's supposed to come home and effortlessly dominate an exchange of repartee with some angry fat skank? How about you boil the fucking spaghetti and shut your trap, Jumbo?
Maybe you MGTOW guys have a point. These dumb bitches are psychotic.
For the record it looks like the term Hypergamy comes from the Social Sciences, according to Wikipedia (there's some contention between Evolutionary Psychology and Social Learning Theorists). It is very much worth reading what Wikipedia says about it - though keep in mind that Wikipedia is only the topmost fluff-and-bare-bones of any subject. We also need to keep in mind that anything to do with society and social sciences is open to observer bias and interpretation (including our own).

(I find it interesting that in India, the higher cost of arranging dowries for their daughters is causing some rural Indians to commit female infanticide in the form of aborting female fetuses. This makes me think back to the old times when men wanted SONS to help them on the farm, 'cause at least they were useful...)

(I also find it very interesting the feminist analysis/slant/propaganda HAH! They can say all they want that hypergamy must be analyzed in the context of a patriarchal system - doesn't mean that assertion is true. More on that later)

Definitely men would prefer a lower-attractiveness, less-hassle woman long-term. It's bad enough to be coming back from a hell day and then have to deal with someone who's decided to be Mz Bitch™ for the evening and get no fuckin' rest. Which is their MO, if you're tired out you'll be more likely to give in and give Mz Bitch™ what she wants.

Totally correct about men and women being miserable if they think the man is the weaker of the couple. Yet it seems to happen all the time. Why the misery? It's social conditioning - the man should be the stronger, the woman the weaker. Yet, thanks to female machinations in society and laws: upon entering the marriage the man has no power, the woman has all the power. Instant reversal of all the power dynamics.

Further she will deliberately attempt to change her man into something weaker. Which is why so many men end up as hollow shells. Read my post on Personal Time and Space is Golden for Men - especially think about the bit in the middle regarding domestic abuse, flipped on it's head, if she were another man pulling that crazy nagging shit. On the whole, deliberately turning the man she loved into a nothing that she'd rather not waste spit upon is psychotic to an extreme.

So let's look at this harder. Women *say* that they want a man superior to them etc...yet their *actions* are a constant attempt to deliberately destroy that man. One of the things that we are so big on in the Manosphere, the PUA's and MGTOW's and MRA's alike, is a pragmatic rule of thumb: "When words and actions do not match, always believe actions."

By their actions these women are saying: "I want to destroy you."

Which action-message is pretty-much confirmed when we start looking at the statistics regarding common male-destructive situations involving: false rape accusations, false domestic violence accusations, and frivorce. Think about that, when you think about your constant struggle with being dominant over your self-stated bog-average and very-far-below-you girlfriend.

Let's look at your senior fireman. Strong, handsome, a leader - unfortunately his wife makes more money than he does. This makes him unhappy because as the highest money-earner, she's the one in control and he's not really able to put her in her place - which both situations likewise make her unhappy. Why might this be?

Once I read The Predatory Female and The Manipulated Man (both in the list of Worthwhile Books page up top) I realized three things:

1/ Women are parasites.

2/ Parasites are lazy.

3/ Women are therefore lazy.

And that is the root of so-called hypergamy.

Women are marrying up - to guys who make more money, or are of a higher social standing/caste than they are (which usually includes money) - because they can then slack off, pump out a couple kids, and be fucking lazy with the excuse of "looking after the children". (I remember that Terrence Popp put out a video about women pumping out kids every couple of years. Also look up the concept of baby-jail and women having whoopsies to deliberately trap men.)

This is why your fireman's wife is unhaaaapy. He's unhappy because he's been conditioned all his life that "the man brings in more than the woman", it's part of the social memes that we all run mentally. She's unhappy because she can't be a lazy cunt and slack off while bringing up kiddies - one of the easiest jobs out there, especially these days.

'Cause she's gotten used to a certain amount of dollars coming in, y'know, the lifestyle-thing and all to which she has become accustomed...she's not attracted entirely to the man above her, she's attracted to the potentially lazy life that he represents, and her current hubby just ain't cuttin' it on that front.

Recently I've been putting up the posts about interchangeable, and a couple of those posts are about society and relationships. The whole basis of those posts, the underpinning, is laziness taken to an extreme.

So let's have a thought-experiment. Let's suppose that you demonstrate the following:

1/ Paying cash for expensive things of quality (not crapple status items and electroshit hybrid cars, but *true* quality)

2/ Being quite happy with second-hand stuff that is cheap but serviceable

3/ Having absolutely no debt of any kind (no credit card, no car finance, no mortgage, no bank loan or overdraft)

4/ That you work only the required hours to do the above - by choice! - and absolutely refuse to work harder/longer

I know two guys in exactly this situation. One has a house of his own that he paid cash for and he never bothers with women. He never has. He got the money together by living with his parents until he was 29-ish, he's now pushing his 40's. He's basically invisible to women, plus being totally not interested.

The other guy is 27 and rents, probably will for life. Without fail, every time, the woman in his life eventually breaks it off - calls him a "loser" - and forgets he exists. Utterly dead to her. (I'm almost in this situation myself - while I like fucking women, they don't tend to stay long once they grasp how my mentality works - which is "buy to last a lifetime". I will not buy certain things more than once.)

Why does this happen to these guys?

Because they're not easy prey. Neither of them. The parasite cannot lure them into the debt-trap of buy-buy-buy, new-new-new, upgrade-upgrade-upgrade, must-keep-up-with-the-Joneses, etc for her benefit. She cannot leech off of them. Once that becomes clear she reverts to her default of laziness. Fuck it. All men are interchangeable. I'll go find another loser that I can wrap around my finger and turn into my slave.

It's also very interesting to note that those four things make up a good start to the ideal partner - for a man. You might call that the mythical NAWALT, which I have written about a couple of times.

The feminist slant on Wikipedia states:
Feminist analysis of hypergamy says the practice needs to be understood in the context of a patriarchial system: ...
Yet when we flip it on it's head, when we look at it in the context of a matriarchal system where the women call the shots, where the women receive the benefits, and where the women are the ones in ultimate control - it looks a helluva lot like a parasite fastening onto a host, a slaveowner driving their slave to the ragged edge and an early grave.

No wonder they demand that it be examined in the context of a patriarchy, examining it in the context of a matriarchy makes them look like parasites and slaveowners.

But then, we already know that slavery is alive and well.

And now it is my Monday AM. Time to sleep, to give over the on-call to someone else later today, do my work, go to the gym, and finally go for a relaxing wander down the local beach. No woman earbashing me, no parasite leeching off me...a Man's heaven on earth...

Sunday 17 January 2016

Interchangeable Relationships

So this is probably going to be the final bit about how the entire mindset of interchangeable has fucked over the world - or at least Western culture. There might be a few more footnotes somewhere, however IMO this is the final trickle-down effects.

The stuff prior:

Business, cheapness causing collapse.

Business, cheapness and interchangeable causing a race to the bottom re quality and job/life insecurity.

Interchangeable sex partners.

How being interchangeable means you have no negotiation power.

And now: Relationships. (Relationshits? 'Cause relationships are about gone, the last few ships vanishing over the horizon. 'Cause there's only one fucking Captain on a ship and they can see the writing on the wall.)
What's best for your kids: a) having a reliable man around, b) having unreliable or no men around
What's the best way to keep a man around: 1) putting him first, 2) putting your kids first
When every dick and pussy is interchangeable, indistinguishable, that means that the body and personality attached is likewise interchangeable and indistinguishable. And it is viewed that way, as you can tell from teh wimminz sampling a new cock every week while Little Johnny and Little Anne are curled up in their beds in the next room - listening to mommy scream her pleasure out at high volume interspersed with phrases like "fuck me harder! fuck me in the ass! let me suck your cock! so beautiful! piss on me! oh God! I wanna lick your ass!" etc.

Both Little Johnny and Little Anne can sense it: An (a1) moment this is not.

Any rate. Like I said, looks don't mean much if you can't stand to be around her for long - or even get with her in the first place. You know exactly what I mean. Not only is her vagina rancid - her personality is rancid as well.

Rotten, shitty, crazy, infantile, contradictory, insane, entitled, moronic, childish, etc. All the mental-emotional freight (baggage grown to where it requires a train) about wimminz that is bundled together and referred to as "the hamster".

So why is this? It's because in her mind relationships are also interchangeable.

If they're all the same, why put any effort in?

To an individual relationship, or relationships in general?

So down they go, down the tubes, no effort, don't give a fuck, can't be arsed, get a shitty attitude, be crass, swear, lip off, let's have a game of you and him fight, let's play Marry Fuck Kill, ooooo this one makes me horny, hey baby wanna fuck - you get the picture. Go down the bars for six months to a year, you'll see it all and way more besides. You get to where the only way you'd hang around the girls is if you are desperate.

As I said in a different context: you didn't have to, yet you made your choice.

In the old days women had to make a helluva effort, prove their family-making skills, and put a lot of work into making a family. Five-six-seven kids, cooking, clothing, vegetable garden, preserving food, teaching, medicine, etc.

These days? Nah, why bother. There's always another guy out there looking for a root relationship. "I'm gonna get preggers and go on the DPB." Stated out loud, right in front of men: to hell with men, to hell with a husband, she'll get pregnant and suck off the government tit.

Men have wised up and are following the same path. She can't be arsed putting any effort in? Neither can he. This is probably some of the mentality behind the PUA tactic of not responding to a text for hours, maybe days. "I care less about you." "No, I care less about you." A phone call? You must be joking, nobody makes phone calls these days.

Her: (bullshit excuse/fight) ... let's just end this.

Him: Alright.

Her: (incoherent) Goddamn you, do I mean so fucking little to you that you won't even *make an attempt* to keep a relationship going?!?!!?!

Him: (shrugs and moves on)

I have done this.

Reality is that a woman will do (or not do) whatever she wants. What she says will not be what she does. She says she wants you, panting for it, naked selfies out the wazoo - then suddenly flakes. So you're sexting - and she suddenly goes silent on you. For whatever reason or none, maybe she's got some Chad Thundercock for a few weeks. She may eventually get back to you a couple months or a year later.

If she can be arsed. There's plenty of cock, men, etc out there - no need to put any effort in. Besides, she's probably a little embarrassed the way things went (or didn't) with you. Might as well avoid you, it's less painful feelz on her part.

She's like the weather, about all you can do is shake your head in bemusement and move on with your day.

A race to the bottom of not-caring. It's self-defense against going insane.

I have a mental image of Hell On Earth, from the short-novel pair Black Easter/The Day After Judgement (by James Blish). The characters are walking through a city populated with near-naked men and women. Every so often a man goes up to a random woman and has sex with her. One of the characters is a sex-maniac, was fucking a succubus prior to Judgement Day, and this had him somewhat interested for a short time - until he realizes that the men and women fucking are both utterly bored with the process.

Hell indeed.

Hey, where'd all the men go?

Saturday 16 January 2016


So a while back I wrote a post, pretty-much saying that there's no such thing as Hypergamy and that you could explain it simply through considering it to be learned bad behaviour - or not-learned good behaviour. Hold tight, I'm about to run a rasp across the nerves of every bad-behaviour wimminz out there...

I had the misfortune to run across some bad behaviour earlier today. In the form of children playing in a local park that I walk a short loop around (FitBit for the win and much needed to knock off a couple of kilos of Christmas cheer). Looked like three families, with only one man in attendance - picking the other two wimminz were single mommies, no way to be sure though.

Some young kids are playing with some toys, you can pretty-much guess what happens. Kid gets a toy, other kid decides he wants it, grab - kerfluffle - waaaaahhhh! "Don't worry little Jeremy, here, have this toy," coo's the momma. Kid grabs another toy to play with, other kid decides he wants it, grab - rinse and repeat.

Why do you think I Hate Other People's Kids was so popular? (No, that's not an Amazon Affiliate link - I live in NZ. Anyway, you readers don't need to buy it. Only teh wimminz are impulsive and stupid enough to require that book, and even that's only needed to provide them a moment's giggles and feelings of superiority over other wimminz.)

Now step back.


Look at women.

Specifically: look at teh wimminz who chase other wimminz boyfriends/husbands/current fuck-buddy/etc.

If you believe in "Hypergamy" it states that women like pre-selected men, ie men that other women like. Because it's a handy shortcut to evaluating the value of a man.
Adultery. Cheating. Stealing another woman's man. Winning him back.

Look at those kids with the toy. Exact same mentality. "She has him. I want him! WAAAAHHHHH!!!"

This isn't hypergamy. It's fucking infantile.

Friday 15 January 2016

TGI Friday Fucktard

Not me or anyone I know personally, thank goodness. No indeed.

So I'm heading off to the TGI Friday lunchtime chomp with friends, go park at my usual spot - a cul-de-sac where the car can be left for an hour and a half before the idiot parking wardens go nuts with the tickets.

Parked there - cockeyed illegally, across two parking zones - is some dipshit in a ute, with two cops. And the fucktard is arguing with the cops.

Some people are just too fucking stupid to get it.

So I wander off to go chomp down some lunch. Don't bother to listen to whatever lame excuses the fucktard is coming out with. Totally not relevant. When I come back, the ute is still there but no sign of the driver and cops.

Betcha the dipshit got himself arrested.

Some people you just can't help. Always keep in mind: these days, the cops are *not* your friends. As those who've been chucked in jail with a false rape or domestic violence allegation can testify. At best they're neutral, somewhat sympathetic perhaps.

Stick with a plain and simple "officer" (they're not in the army) and don't argue or give them any lip. No jokes, no crap, no nothing. Or you'll end up in worse strife than you already are - you never know who is having a bad day and you don't want to become his target.

I should do a review of "Being Invisible", the author has much better advice for dealing with cops. Mostly it's about being relaxed and telling the truth (not the *whole* truth perhaps, but generally the truth - or saying nothing at all). You see, these guys deal with liars all the time and can pretty-much pick up bullshit instantly.

'Cause you can be the most innocent guy out there but if you fuck it up through nervousness and idiocy...well, like in Beavis and Butthead Do America...

"I want a full body-cavity search - I'm talking rotary router!"

And *kersnap* as the rubber-gloves go on.

You Can't Negotiate

The problem is that when you are interchangeable - you can't negotiate.

Let's say that you're living in a country, call it whatever the fuck you want, and you've surrendered to an invader. They come in with their jackbooted troops, stepping on anybody and everybody they want, raping teh wimminz, killing the men who protest.

You now can't go back. Your country, your way of life, has already been handed over, now owned by the enemy. You do what he fuckin' says upon pain of death. If you're really lucky someone outside the entire mess will take up your cause.

So now all workers are interchangeable, anyone can take your place. You can't go back, you have no power, and if you don't like that they'll simply replace you.

Which IMO is all 110% relevant to the poor bastards in the Men's Rights Movement.

Men are already conquered, socially the country and society is ruled by teh wimminz and their quisling bootlickers. If you don't toe the line they gut you socially and hang you out to dry. Using the law and false rape accusations if they decide to fuck you over more permanently.

Think it can't happen to you? Because you've gone ghost? If you somehow piss off teh wimminz they will go out of their way to fuck you up big-time.

There are NO repercussions for them, even if you manage to prove your utter innocence and are completely exonerated.

Judge: "She lied to the court? You naughty girl."

Highly effective indeed. Like a slap on the hand with a fistful of cooked spaghetti.

Which is why you can have crazy shit like a wimminz who gets a restraining order on her boyfriend - still fucks him - later admits to all and sundry that she lied - and is STILL supported by all her female friends and the males who want to drop a fuck into her but are too chickenshit to outright ask if she wants a shag.

Thursday 14 January 2016

Interchangeable and Society

Hold on tight, this'll make teh wimminz cry cry cry...

The PUAs make a big thing about pussy being an easily-found commodity.

Yep. They're all interchangeable.

Looked at coldly, it doesn't matter what the details of the woman are. When it comes to childbirth: a womb and pussy are a womb and pussy. It doesn't matter if she's some high-falutin' English heiress to 15 million pounds or some used-up crack-whore or some cute-ish Filipino or Thai chick who's burned her social bridges locally and wants a stupid Western man to wife her up. It's just another womb and pussy that pushes out a kid, ain't like that hasn't happened anytime in the past million-year history of the human species.

As Uncle Mitch once put it: The world has no end of warm wet holes and mouths.

Which is what makes me laugh when some single mommy states that her kids come first, when she's demonstrably going down on some new cock every week.

What's best for your kids: a) having a reliable man around, b) having unreliable or no men around

What's the best way to keep a man around: 1) putting him first, 2) putting your kids first

Stupid. Whore.

Conversely of course, cocks are an easily-found commodity. A cock is a cock is a cock. Which mindset teh single mommy wimminz have shown through their actions for quite some years, as they sample a variety of cock in their quest to "find themselves". (Which is wimminz-code for stuffing as much cock into all three orifices as possible - can you say "airtight"?)

Looked at coldly, it doesn't matter what the details of the man are. When it comes to conception: a cock is a cock is a cock, and evolutionarily may the best sperm win (see "Sperm Wars").

Now survival-wise for the woman and kiddies it's a slightly different matter. Using manosphere terms, Chad Thundercock has the best sperm while Bob the Builder has the reliability and nouse and therefore the money to keep body and soul together through his steady work. So we get to the concept of "Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks", and our current socially-acceptable state of single mommies out the wazoo until they find someone to wife them up and keep them going for their final years (which has its own problems when she recalls her glory-days with Chad Thundercock and becomes discontented...)

So part of "The Red Pill" is swallowing the fact that men are disposable (interchangeable) in teh wimminz eyes. Plus conversely, in your male mind, you need to grasp - get it solidly into your head - that women are also disposable (interchangeable).

Looks don't mean shit if you can't stand to be around her for long periods of time. This leads to the pump'n'dump mentality, because the ones who're available are so fucked up that you can't - literally can't - bring yourself to stay with her for long. Assuming you can stand to get with her in the first place. You pump'n'dump, it's that or go completely fuckin' insane.

Understand that this isn't your fault. Back 200 years ago, if she was lucky she had a pool of 10-20 guys to choose from and there was nothing remotely anonymous about the process. If she became the village bike she couldn't hide it. She couldn't hide stepping out, too.

Similar situation with women in rural areas these days, only when she goes to a bigger town or city does this change. Easy transport and large numbers of people has vastly enlarged the pool of guys to potentially tens of thousands, plus making her invisible in the crowd. She gets to experiment as she stars in her very own porno rendition of Girls Gone Wild and Gangbang Barbie.
The hypocrisy and doublethink then comes into play in women's thinking. He is disposable while I am a pweshus pwincess etc. All of society and her upbringing have told her so, reinforced every day through the media and movies and being catered to by every quisling maggot that puts her up on a pedestal to worship her rancid from umpteen guys cum golden cunt.

Which is why she goes fucking insane when you pump'n'dump her entitled shitty ass. You've just shown her, and all and sundry, that she is not an indispensable special snowflake princess.

That she's just as interchangeable as you are.

The Crap Gap

Do we need to hear more?

Wednesday 13 January 2016

It's Song Lyrics It MUST Be Good Advice

A couple of days ago I had the mis-fucking-fortune to hear Cyndi Lauper driveling on with her smash-hit song "True Colors". Show your true colors...they're a rainbow... (Wait, aren't rainbows what unicorns shit?)

Ya know, how fucking awesome it is that you show your inner self, how cool, and sweet, and nice...

Yeah, teh wimminz luvs luvs luvs da Nice Guy™. She happily spreads her legs for him, not that crappy alcoholic drug-dealer who beats her up regularly. "Give me a sensitive New Age guy!" - said no woman ever.
All that nice pajamaboy shit is way too gayboy for her sexual tastes.

So I was trying not to listen to that crap, and vaguely thinking that the LGBTQ-whatever brigade should have that as their theme-song. Which is when it struck me: probably a good chunk of the reason for having the LGBTQ-whatever brigade is precisely because of that song and it's fuckin' ilk.

Then I got to thinking, wondering how many people's lives have been fucked over because of a song. You know. It's a song man, I based my life on it!

Not so many men (apart from the LGBTQ-whatever fucks above) - and a shitload of teh wimminz.

When you think about it, "These boots were made for walkin'" describes modern women to a T. Stroppy, shitty attitude and all.

I can think of six women in my extended family (cousins and second cousins) who literally said that "X song" changed their lives forever. You've probably heard of the same.

Hell, just google it. "How a song changed my life."

Jesus wept.

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Slavery Is Alive And Well

Reader Apex came out with a comment about usury on this post:
The Right should join forces with the left on this one point - that it's the money game by the bankers causing the problem. The debt held by banks is far higher than entitlements. Usury is a sin.
An interesting thought. Unfortunately, as I'm going to show, expecting anything of the government - right or left - is an exercise in futility. It's a smokescreen. It's a form of confusing/confused doublethink that the government and all indulge in.

Because government is also in on the scam that is usury, in a shitload bigger way than the banks.
To start, we need to understand: without the modern credit/debt cycle, without a large number of people constantly slaving away to pay their monetary master's, our entire financial system will collapse (causing an instant recession/depression, chaos, etc). Which is why by-God the government and Fed bailed out the banks in 2008-2009, after allowing a token couple to bite the dust.

So. All these idiot people working madly to keep paying off $25+k of credit card debt are the modern equivalent of slaves. The best part from the slaveowner's point of view is that the slaves think they are free and so they do their absolute best to keep ahead of things.

Hell, they are free even to go and get pissed and fuck random people - burn their lungs out with carcinogens - buy shit that they don't actually need to live - travel the country and world to see things (I'm down with this one in a big way) - and will voluntarily work their asses off for all of these privileges plus more. In a way you have to admire the warped thinking and logic behind it.

The modern slaveowners love this. They only have to tell people simple lies like "you can have it all" and dangle the image of the carrot in front of them - especially teh wimminz. Teh wimminz then apply the pressure to their husbands. The slaveowners no longer have to:

1/ feed and house their slaves
2/ hire guards and the like to watch over and whip their slaves into doing actual work
3/ put up with shoddy workmanship (or sabotage) by someone who doesn't give a flying shit

Slavery has not gone away. Now it's changed, gotten a pleasanter and kinder and blander face on it, to involve the swapping of tokens of putative value (money) for voluntary effort put in. There is not a huge difference between the modern slave to their credit card/house mortgage and the old slave from the song Sixteen Tons:

Sixteen tons, whaddaya get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Hey Saint Peter don't you give me no call
I owe my soul to the Company store

Effectively I am a slave to my bank, via the "venerable institution" of owning a mortgage. Most men do this in service to teh wimminz and teh fambly, maintaining them at a socially-accepted-and-enforced minimum state of luxury - preferably more.
It's interesting, digging into the origin of words. Going through the chain:

Latin: mortuus - dead - to Old French: mort
Old French: gage - pledge
Old French: mortgage - dead pledge

Which eventually ended up in English. You could literally say that it is a pledge that must be paid even after my death. Which is why I am forced to have insurance, just in case I'm hit by a bus or end up catching some terminal disease or develop cancer before finishing paying these assholes back.
One problem with usury is that it's designed to restrict the amount of money available. This results in artificial shortage for the worker, as it forces him to hand over more money than the value of the item he's bought (credit card or mortgage). People will do damn near anything rather than starve to death.

The thing is that historically, shortages of money leads to less spending which leads to things like recessions and depressions. So what do they (the slaveowners) do about this? Generally they create more money, hopefully at a rate just slightly faster than the shortage of money would become noticeable. AKA inflation.

Go back to using gold and silver as money? Or something else that is fixed and not easily expandable?

You have a problem: economic output and new workers. People build stuff. So they go and build a few thousand more houses, or other public works, and they still need to be paid, plus they've got kids who when they grow up will start working and need to get paid. Where does the circulating money for the doubled or tripled population come from?

Generally you can't just open another silver mine to dig the stuff up and turn it into coins - apart from the fact that it requires more money to pay the workers, there just isn't that much silver around. That was the whole basis of turning it into your money supply. If it was that easy to get people would go and dig it up themselves, just like they did with the gold and silver rushes of the past. (The people who really made money were those selling supplies.)

So you end up doing what Nero did in the times of the Roman Empire: you debase the currency. Suddenly coins that started out as 100% silver went down to 85% silver. There was more physical coinage in circulation, it was just worth less value-wise (and you couldn't really tell). Other emperors did the same. Eventually, after about 200 years, the silver denarii had about 1% silver (sometimes nothing) and wheat that originally cost 1 denarius a bushel cost 200+ denarii a bushel.

Which is what we're seeing right now, with our stealth-inflation of something over 5% each year in our crappy fiat currencies. From the slave-owner's point of view, it's easier and sneakier to digitally multiply everything by 10 because you don't actually see any changes on the street - not like you're suddenly handing over two or three fistfuls of coins for a loaf of bread when you only used to hand over a couple of coins. It's also a helluva lot easier than dividing the silver content of a coin by 10, going from .900/90% (the old USA silver) to .090/9% overnight. Which is basically what happened twice in the USA:

1/ The United States Gold Reserve Act (1934) forced everyone to hand over all their gold and gold certificates to the Treasury, for $20-odd per troy ounce. Then they made gold worth $35 per troy ounce, effectively causing a shitload of inflation in an attempt to increase the money supply. The process also put everyone onto an overt silver standard instead instead of the gold standard (including silver certificates).

2/ In 1964 the USA stopped issuing silver coins (.900) and went to issuing cupro-nickel, I suppose because it was cheaper and easier to find and allowed them to make a heap more money for day-to-day circulation. It also allowed the USA to print paper bills much easier, effectively doing whatever the fuck they wanted with their money.

So of course the USA did this, despite the boast that any and all foreign holders of $US could be converted to gold at the rate of $35 per troy ounce. Yippee skip, until the French announced officially in 1965 that they would be exchanging their $US for gold at the official rate. In 1966 it came out that the USA held $13.2 billion worth of gold, their in-country monetary supply was $10 billion, which left a puny $3.2 billion worth of gold to cover foreign holdings of $14 billion printed US-dollars. Much happiness all around for those foreigners holding the dollars. You see, it only cost the USA a few cents per to engrave a plate and print a pallet-load of $US100 bills, but the foreigners had to pony up $100 of actual goods or gold to get the said $100 bill.

Then in 1971 Richard Nixon said "we no longer allow people to convert US$ to gold", dropping the gold standard - and eventually letting inflation run riot through the 1970's because there was less than nothing stopping these morons from printing a shitload of $100 bills costing $0.01 per. (This is just a simplistic explanation - google for The Great Inflation and suchlike if you want more detail etc.)

All this through the centuries was the origin of the term "bad money drives out good money" - it had the effect of driving good money out of circulation, because hey that one is 90% silver instead of a crappy 40% silver or shitty cupro-nickel. Stick it aside for a rainy day or for the kids. For a long time after the death of the silver standard in 1964, when the USA stopped circulating silver coins, people were finding the occasional silver coin in their change and hoarding it away.
What's the solution? Damifino.

Thing is, no matter what you do, there are some men who are going to be industrious and gather together more than others (more than their "fair share" in leftist-socialist terms, which means "give it to me you hard-working slave"). And there are a lot of people who are going to piss everything away, and get into debt, and fuck their lives over for whatever reason (not even counting sheer bad luck happening). There are builders of fortunes and wasters of fortunes, the ants and the grasshoppers, and the grasshoppers want a free-ride on the ants.

A good number of women are in the waster/grasshopper category, especially these days. This is simply because they've never learned discipline. They've not been forced to, and they're not going to be forced to while the government instead forcibly taxes (steals from) those who build and gives a helluva chunk of it to those who waste. Especially teh wimminz who have done the wondrous thing of popping out a few fuckin' womb-turds from guys she doesn't even remember (like *giving birth* is something spe-shul that has never happened in the million-year history of the human race) so she holds out her hand all piteous-like for fuckin' help.
Usury is a sin? A transgression of divine law?


It is a theft from your fellow-man. Commandment #8: Thou shalt not steal.

Just like the slavery of old times, when the stealing was the direct theft of a man's personal time and effort, forcing him to work - and if he didn't like it, hang or crucify or whip him to death as an example (Commandment #6: Thou shalt not murder). Then put another slave in his place, fuckit, there's plenty more where he came from.

These days the slavery is more stealthy, more benign, more relaxed. We submit to it voluntarily, unthinkingly, through usury and taxation, both thefts of our personal time and effort.

Business also spends a great deal of time forcing us to do make-work, 8+ hours a day, plus travel times to and from work. These are also designed to drain our energy and time. At the end of it we are happy if we can relax at the end of the day with a drink and our feet up, so drained from jumping through hoops of business' design that we have very little energy and time for ourselves. (Then we go looking for a wimminz to fuck and jump through *her* hoops as well in an effort to prove ourselves worthy of teh gold-lined pussy - la de fricken dah, we sure as shit spend a lotta time jumping through *somebody's* time-and-effort-wasting hoops.)

If we're married, we're forced keep teh wimminz happy for the rest of the day before sleeping, and our weekend goes to maintaining the house and grounds while she claims to be "utterly drained" by the "enormous effort" of looking after the children, cooking for 1-2 hours a day, washing clothing for 1-2 hours a week, and vacuuming and otherwise cleaning for 1-2 hours a week.

So 1/3rd of our time goes to sleeping (if we're lucky), 1/3rd of our time goes to working for a business that will dump our ass if we fuck up or they just want to reduce staff for whatever reason, and the remaining 1/3rd goes towards making teh wimmin's haaaaappppy by keeping the luxury-level of the house and grounds and cars and boat and what-the-fuck-else up to scratch or better - we're lucky if we get to have what is supposed to be "quality time" with the kids. (And then she divorces you out of the blue because yadda yadda yadda ad-fucking-nauseum...)

Of the two overt forms of usury (the business and wimminz being covert) I think that taxation is the worst form of theft. For example: We are taxed to build roads, we are taxed to use those roads (extra taxes on fuel, licenses, tolls, etc), and we are taxed if we do something that is deemed stupid upon those roads (speeding, driving erratically, drunkenness, etc - though in this case it is to discourage dangerous behaviour which can kill the driver and others using the roads).

If *all* that taxation went into providing useful infrastructure, I would not gripe so much about it. When a large amount goes to teh wimminz though...

...insert your own long list of the utterly-valueless wimminz crapola and shithole behaviour that we all know and loathe these days...

Thursday 7 January 2016

Interchangeable Will Eat Your Lunch

Let us go into fantasy-land for a bit here.

Let's say that you're employed by an awesome business. They actually do have an ethic where their employees are not interchangeable, they are valued, they are trained properly, the highest quality of service or workmanship is job one, et-fucking-cetera.

You're doomed.

You see, there's always some fucktard out there who is willing to do it for less. They're that desperate for the work, for the money, that they'll cut corners and do a cheap job.

Your employer can't match that undercutting.

The customer loves it. He'll happily take a poor quality job, so long as he saves a boatload at the beginning. Because he doesn't click to the following:
The bitterness of poor quality lingers
Long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten
It's not that the customer's stupid (though he's definitely stupid). It's not that he's blind to what he's doing (though he's definitely blind).

It's that the effects of poor quality come to light long afterwards. It gets you through for a while - and then it bites your ass. The time between is just long enough that the general dumbass out there can't connect the dots. Especially the beancounters.

Meantime, the business which once employed you has long gone.

I've seen some strange things in life. Stuff that's made me think: "Don't you have a fucking brain?" To the point where I must believe that management and employees have a weird relationship. Like the old military toast: "Here's to inferior superiors and inferior inferiors. The stuff armies are made of."

Stuff like a beancounter actively saying that there's no profit to be made in X, then breathlessly states that "we should get into as much X as possible". Hello? The person the beancounter was rabbiting on with at the time made the commonsense observation: "If there's no money in it, why are we doing it?" The beancounter couldn't think of anything to say to that...

Stuff like a commercial manager so desperate to get his yearly bonus, that he made an absolute sweetheart deal with a customer. One so sweetheart that there was no money in it. He got his yearly bonus, the customer realized what a sweetheart deal it was and went to do 3-4x as much as was expected, and the business had to hire extra staff to cope with the load...forget breaking even, net loss to the business...

Then you get the sensible people, the rare ones who proactively think about this shit.

A small example: I've been doing a woodworking project, one which I want to bolt together (as well as nail) for extra strength. So some 24x 10mm galvanized cup-head bolts, 170mm long, are in order (actually 160mm but they're popular, they didn't have enough, so I was forced to go for the 170mm - just-in-time supply in action).

While working this out I realized: I also have to drill 24x 11mm holes through 150mm (6 inches) of solid tanalized wood. The problem is that most drill-bits aren't that long. I sure as shit didn't have any. So I head in to the local building shop looking for some bits, and the only ones I can find are auger bits that look like this:
Which is all well and good. There's the cheapass bits, and the expensive bits. Being a thinker, I go for the $29 one because:
  1. The $12 ones only come in 10mm or 12mm size, too small or big
  2. The $29 ones will last me for years while the cheap ones will crap out earlier
Now, most fucktards will go for the cheap ones. Because most people are cheap bastards and only thinking of the immediate job, not 10+ years down the line. Plus they'll ram it into an electric drill and try to use it at high speed - which will likely fuck the job up, maybe even break the bit and cause themselves an injury.

(Power tools are awesome. You can fuck the job up in half the time.)

Being a half-smart fucktard I decided to use the correct piece of equipment for the job:
Yes, it takes time. No, it doesn't take a lot of effort. And yes, I still made a few crooked holes. Inexperience. Never mind. My woodworking project should last the next 10+ years, easily.

Poor quality and low cost, versus high quality and high cost. (Make sure it's real high quality, not lip-service crap.)

Unfortunately, you can have middling-high quality in what you do. The poorest quality job, done by a bunch of clueless interchangeable knobs, will beat you out of the work just about every time. (I say "just about" because there are a few people who have a clue and recognize that high quality is better in the long run.)

In New Zealand terms, it's the difference between:
  1. A house put up in the 1960's by an experienced tradesman with quality materials, and
  2. A house put up in the 1980's by a jackleg builder who was frantically slapping everything together in the middle of a housing boom - most of which housing starts falling to pieces in the 2000's due to leaks causing the guts of the house to rot and fall apart
By which point the bloody jackleg builder has long ago closed his business down, only to open up another one under a new trading name. Want to bet that the quality of building done is any better than the shit that's already falling apart?

I wish I could shake the hand of the tradesman who put my house together. It's 50 years on, a little maintenance (new longline iron roof), a little bit of upgrading (air conditioning), and still going strong. Built like a brick shithouse, in a time when the idea was that it would stay in the family for generations.

So I live in a 50-year-old house with brick exterior and original matai wood floors that have been sanded and polished (that's a native New Zealand wood, fucking beautiful). While my parents live in a semi-modern 1985 house with fibrolite exterior and wool carpet with disintegrating rubber underlay, laid over fucking particle board - which is so soft and rots so easily that you could just about piss a hole through it.
Quality. Shines. Through.

Except when you're blind, dumb, and stupid.

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Wake The Fuck Up

I ran across this again, remember it from long ago.

Like the old Psycho Ex Girlfriend audios that are still going out around there (google them - always great for a refresher).

Guy was on holiday in Europe, and his fucking girlfriend is so crazy and narcissistic that she doesn't remember even though he told her before he left...
Now, what can we learn from this?

For starters, do like he did and READ ALL THE EMAILS.

But the two things he says he learned are this:

  1. Careful when you date passionate people, because passion swings both ways. Sometimes they'll love you, but other times they'll hate you. And when they hate you...boy do they hate you.
  2. When you go to Europe for 2 weeks, leave your fucking phone on.
Those are such utter bullshit. The reality is that he didn't learn any real fucking lesson from that.

What he should have learned is:
  1. All women are fucking psycho
  2. Looking back, he missed the obvious prior warnings

Tuesday 5 January 2016

The Real Collapse

If you go over to ZeroHedge and have a look-see at the moment, you will see several signs that society is going down the shitter financially (as opposed to it being caused by teh wimminz, which is the usual focus of this blog). Some examples:
  • the chinese stock-market crashing on the first trading-day of the year
  • Nassim Taleb (of Black Swan fame) stating that banks will be generally okay, but watch out for commodities slumping and taking down businesses and economies
  • lots of hedge funds are closing up shop after being hammered in 2015
  • apparently Puerto Rico is basically like Greece in America - plus Illinois, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Kentucky are also in big trouble (their debt, pension, and retiree healthcare payments are way way way more'n they bring in in revenue)
Financially, life works like this:
  • Income $1000 - spending $900 = saving $100 and happiness
  • Income $1000 - spending $1100 = debt $100 and getting deeper until going bankrupt, ending in misery
Those states are of course getting deeper in debt and going bankrupt, and are gonna end in misery. Like Greece, things might seem swimmingly awesome until they hit the wall and smash and someone has to think about picking up the pieces. (Those pieces might include your suddenly-divorced and starving ass, if you live there.)

So why's this happening? It's most likely because of all those lefties, wimminz, and assorted other assholes wanting a free ride and voting accordingly. So das guberment who has been voted into the feed-trough obliges with a few crumbs - after all, they already got their snout deep into the gravy. Might as well keep it going as long as possible.

I don't think this is what's going to cause the collapse though. While it's bad, it's not enough. It'll go *splat* and the government will bail them out, all your sins are forgiven, etc. You don't need to eat cardboard any more, we'll put you on a steady diet of government cheese. Too bad about your bennies, they're now wiped clean, gone for good, even though you actually paid for them in advance.

Yes, we robbed you.

So over the weeks and months and years, my brother and I talk about lots of things. Usually about stupid government, stupid business, stupid wimminz, stupid business, stupid people, stupid business...there seems to be a lot of stupid in business these days...


Many years ago the arse fell out of the timber market. The big boys in forestry shitcanned a whole bunch of their forestry workers, drivers and loggers and sawmill workers and the like. No work for you boys, down the road. We don't care if you starve. So those guys had to find other work, got family and all to feed.

Of course, the downturn ended and the big boys in forestry went looking for their forestry workers and couldn't find anyone who wanted to work for them. They'd all found other employment, and if they hadn't, would you want to go back to working for a bunch of wankers who shafted you like that? Fuck off mate...

They were stuck with finding new, younger workers and training them. Okay, that hurts, but what the hell. Then a few years ago the arse falls out of the timber market, the Chinese have millions of cubic meters of NZ wood sitting around on their wharves, nobody wants any more. No work for you boys, down the road, etc...


A while back, a lot of forests were sold outright to overseas consortiums (probably including the Chinese, the NZ government loves-loves-loves asia). What do they do? Come in and clear-fell everything in sight, bugger off with all the wood, creaming themselves at the massive profits. Former forestry land, which used to get replanted for the next generation of sustainable trees, was suddenly an eyesore.

Erosion, runoff, rotting pine branches in piles, all that sorta thing. What's gonna happen to NZ when the next generation of goodness-knows-what needs wood? God alone knows, 'cause none has been planted, plus the ground that was held together by trees is getting washed down the rivers into the sea...buggering up the arable land, fisheries, less forestable land, and anyway the tree takes 30 years to grow which time we won't have when we need it next...


A while back, Fischer and Paykel (they make whiteware) shifted over to Malaysia because it was cheaper to make the whiteware there. Effectively they became a multinational, creaming themselves at the massive profits they were making off slave labor. Until all of a sudden there's a downturn and they come to the NZ Government cap-in-hand for a handout so that they can cope until the next upturn.

This is a fucking multinational company, turned their backs on NZ and NZers, yanking money in from all directions, suddenly trying to act as if a bailout would be of benefit to NZ. No, it'd be of benefit to your stockholders and the Malaysian's you assholes employ, not the NZers you used to employ...and fired so you could make vastly more money with slave-labor...

So yeah, stupid in business.

A couple days ago, my brother and I got to talking about how stupid businesses are. In this case, his particular employer. An engineering works, they've been trying to get new people 'cause they've been short-staffed and overworked for quite a while (there was a downturn, you see, and they fired a bunch of engineering staff...)

So they've been trying and trying to hire people, often out of polytech's, who have the basic theory but their practical is as useless as tits on a bull. So my brother has to train them to do the job properly, give them the experience, which takes time plus watching over them to answer questions and correct mistakes, which means that less product is getting made by said brother and newbie here isn't making up the slack yet let alone more...

So things are getting behind and they're screaming at him, and he's saying: Look, do you want this new guy trained? 'Cause I can train and do partial work, or do full work, but not both train and do full work, something's gotta give. And this lot of business-owners are too stupid to understand that, they want the new guy to magically have all the skills that are needed but they'll still pay a pittance because he's new, and they don't want production to fall off, and they're wondering why they're not able to cream it as they've been expecting, etc.

Like I said to my brother: They won't be getting anyone with skills because the apprenticeship system which trained people with skills was shitcanned by business about 30-40 years ago. In the meantime they've been working with the oldies who are now retiring, so everything's falling apart business-wise thanks to their prior stupidity, and they're too damn stupid to see that.

Which of course, is one of the reasons that poverty has gone from 15% to 29% in the past 30 fuckin' years training and skills and therefore cannot work, etc...and the rise in deadbeat women who are fuckin' deadbeat guys and becoming single mommies over the last 30 years which has gone from "stoning offense" to become the "socially acceptable" norm, in fact they praise her to the skies now.

Because after all she's not really finding anyone with even a basic wage, let alone some guy who hasn't been turned into a pathetic SNAG. And she's wondering where the guys like daddy are, only daddy just got fired too, and mom's losing her mind and divorcing daddy, and her frenemies are driving her nuts, and she's nuts and manipulative anyway, and her standards are both shithole low and sky-fuckin'-high, and...

Yes, I know, it's way more complicated than that. It's a bit of the puzzle though, slapped into place. A contributor to the mess.

So what's the mentality behind this situation? In a word: cheapness.

Business wants everyone and everything interchangeable. Because interchangeable is easily replaced, therefore they can pay peanuts, and hey if you don't like it fuck off and we'll import some slave-labor from India to do your job via a mysteriously higher allocation of H-1B visa's that magically came into existence this year just for us. Or we'll outsource your job to slave-labor in China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan...lobbying, what d'you mean lobbying...

Which is why, as Uncle Bob and Captain Capitalism and others have noted many times, real wages have been static - and in many cases have been going backwards - for the last 30-40 years. Join the dots there yourselves.

So of course, with everyone effectively being interchangeable with anyone else in management's mind, then nobody's job is safe. Which is why Mr Cunt from the last post has his frantic death-grip on the network, making everyone's life hell, and he's so determinedly happy-dappy and smiling all the time while he kisses management's ass. He's deadly afraid and wants to be indispensable.

As Anonymous noted, yes, sometimes the bile must be expressed. It's that or explode and punch someone's lights out - an instant dismissal offense. While technically I'm living in a house worth close to a half-million, easily $300k left over if I sell up and pay the mortgage off, at 50 I don't feel like jacking around trying to find other work or trying to live off that $300k for the rest of my natural. Especially given the stealthy inflation rate going on at the moment, something like 7% as a minimum.

Another symptom of this mindset of cheapness in business: just-in-time. Just in time manufacturing, most specifically. Also "just in time" getting something working again before you start having to pay penalty rates, which explains the craze for outsourcing IT work. Sign this SLA, right, now get us working within x hours or you start paying us a million bucks a day which is what we're losing if we ain't up and working...

It's like all the Telecom linesmen are suddenly not employees, they're individuals contracting out. Which makes the Telecom management cream themselves because suddenly those contractors have to provide their own tools instead of us providing them. Plus we don't need no emergency gear laying around gathering dust...they now have to keep them cheap cheap...

The just in time mindset manifests in other ways too. Just barely having the staff required to do the regular day-to-day stuff. Pushing off maintenance on plant (equipment like trucks and forklifts and machine tools etc) because hey that shit never breaks down in the beancounter's fat in the time for staff to get desperately-needed training, we can't be arsed hiring someone new with the skills, so we'll outsource to another company to provide necessary skills...

Then suddenly *splat* and they're spreadeagled like a bug on a windscreen wondering what the fuck just happened. Hey, that was a "perfect storm" event! Our risk assessments said the chances of that were like 0.0001% chance that a gnat will go supersonic and take out your left nut, and we had the bad luck to hit it right when there was no slack in the system at all...

Yeah. Right.

Cheapness. Nickel-and-dime cheapness. Run everything on the ragged edge, seeing how close they can go and still cream as much as they can outta the business. Engines, people, screaming along at 120% maximum safe load for weeks, months, years on end.

This is not a case of Captain Kirk taking a risk because he knows that the engines have a safety-margin built-in: "All ahead Warp Factor 9!" and Scotty screaming: "Captain, ye canna do that, the engine's'll blow!" This is Warp Factor 11 all day, every day, 24/7/365 as a matter of course and Scotty is sighing and sitting on a stool in the engine room and squirting oil on the engines to try and cool them down. While gloomily looking at the warp core and the anti-matter tubes and wondering vaguely if the wire and bubblegum will hold the shit together for just one more day.


We were running at 80%, now we need to go to 90% for a couple of months and so-and-so will have to do without training this quarter. Wait. We actually need to go to 130% for a couple of months?

Employee #1: heart-attack, dead.

Employee #2: stroke, in hospital.

Employee #3 (so-and-so): fuck you, I'm gone.

That business, that was screaming along full-tilt, just barely skirting the edge...slowly and gracefully teeters...and goes over the edge...

...down, down, down...


And another business, also screaming along full-tilt on the edge...goes over with it.

And another. And another. And another. Ad infinitum.

There's your collapse.

Not some fuckin' raghead screaming "Allah Akba!" and going kaboom like Achmed the Suicide Bomber. Not at all. Though the prick will certainly contribute to the shit state of affairs currently going on.

In reality it's a whole bunch of cheapass nickel-and-dime businesses, advised or run by beancounters who don't have a clue that their risk models are up the shit. We've got too much free cash on hand, our balance sheet is "lazy", lets leverage things a bit...and a bit more...and just a hair more...a gnat's whisker...

Riding the edge, going down like a house of cards in a concertina of catastrophe.

One after the other, daisy-chain, dragging each other down.

That's the real collapse.