Saturday 30 July 2016

Welcome to the Divorce-Grinder

Thanks to the men over at /r/MGTOW, I have discovered this particular webpage:

Marriage Statistics

Back on my post What do you like to do? I showed that it was more like a minimum of 53% of marriages end up in divorce (because the divorces were only reported from 44 of the states in the USA). In the page above they state 50%, though I can forgive them for that.

What I find very interesting is the failure rate of first marriages (a couple of tables up from the bottom):
First Marriage Survival (Probability of lasting more than 10 years) [Bold mine. - BPS]
Probability that a first marriage will survive 10 years = 6.6 % - 1 in 15
If there was no birth during marriage = 3.7 % - 1 in 27
If there was a birth before marriage = 6.5 % - 1 in 15
If there was a birth 0-7 months after marriage = 7.4 % - 1 in 13
If there was a birth 8+ months after marriage = 7.9 % - 1 in 12
If true (and I can see no reason why it wouldn't be - in fact, given the under-reported divorce stat I could make a case for these survival stats being slightly higher than reality) then this has to be the absolutely most damning piece of evidence against marriage in the USA. The entire Western World. (Hell, the entire world, period!)

So, look at those two statistics on that page. I'm'a spell it out:

50% of all marriages fail
6.6% chance that a first marriage will survive 10 years

So the second statistic seems to be saying: 93.4% of all first marriages will fail within 10 years.

Which means the 50% of all marriages failing - might actually be within the first year. Only.

This fits in with my old post re the Real Divorce Rate in NZ.

I find this a very difficult poison pill to swallow. I can imagine it, though. If you think about it, reporting on the long-term chances of a first marriage failing at being over 93% - you'd just destroy the institution utterly. Not even the most stupid of male fools on this planet is gonna go for that. Maybe if you lobotomized him first.

It's more palatable (though still painful for men) to say "yeah, 50% of marriages fail". Try to minimize even that, sweep it under the rug, keep it outta the mainstream media as much as possible. Yeah, it won't happen to you, buddy. You live a charmed life. You're special. You're different from the rest. Yeah.

It doesn't seem like it's completely true, though. First year, sure. Further down the line though, once you've been her slave for 10 years, when there's some fairly substantial goods and money gathered together and put aside...


...there goes your bubble.

From the above, 2.077 million men a year get married - of which ultimately 93% will be thrown into the divorce-grinder within 10 years of getting married. That averages out to 1.93 million married men every year getting screwed over and being stuck for x number of years (say, another 10+?) filling cupcake's pocket. During which time cupcake goes out and gets her vag crammed with as much cock as possible. (Anecdotally and depending, anyways - some P is Q != all P is Q.)

The more successful female predators getting a larger chunk of a slave's life due to being more patient? This really *is* the Art of Whore. The lawyers who take advantage of this, who feed off this, are the true bottom-feeding scum-sucking filth of this world. It's absolutely no wonder that divorced men with children loathe the Family Court system.

So. That's something pretty bitter and poisonous to have to swallow down, even for us men who've had our eyes opened to the bullshit around us. Just a matter of time, you're sure to be reamed anyway. Nothing else that I can think of shows as starkly just how disposable all men are in the eyes of the female sex.

Including our own sex - I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, yet eventually even I twigged. Someone else will have caught it too. They know. They didn't open their mouths to try and sort it out - why/why not? Who knows?

By extension, it shows how truly screwed our civilization, our society, really is.

In my zombie-blue-pill-blinkered days, I basically had zero chance of achieving the lie that I'd been told all my life. No wonder that so many men these days resist the truth. No wonder that so many younger men resist marriage - they know that it's under-reported. It's actually way, way worse than we (at least, old fogies like me) had ever thought.

We are going to watch our civilization, our society, burn to the ground. I can see nothing that could possibly stop it, with that kind of shenanigans going on. Too much headwind against it. It would have to be an extremely radical (aka bloodily forceful and violent) social restructuring to actually make it worthwhile for men to keep things going. I don't know if the Western World has that kind of force left in them any more.

Brought to you by (an especially bleak look through) Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and absolutely priceless when it comes to getting pre-warning of your entire life and society and civilization and world going down the crapper. Probably sooner than you'd think and a helluva lot sooner than you'd like.

(I wonder what Terrence Popp and Blake of Redonkulas would make of this set of stats? Or Breitbart? Or would it be just too damn much to choke on?)

For a second and closer bleak look:

2.077 million marriages
-1.93 million eventual divorces
= 147,000 marriages every year which actually survive more than 10 years

Pathetic. Plus note that I don't comment upon the "happiness" of said marriages.

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Bleak and Nasty Realization

It's a pissing-down raining night here in the North Island of New Zealand. A Tuesday night in the middle of winter, to be precise.

I don't mind. I'm sitting here, warm and dry. Been reading...don't feel like sleep writing...I probably should grab myself a margarita, actually.


Mmmm margarita.

I think of all the pathetic girls out there. Down the bars...doing "their thing" in life...Imma strawng, innipendant wimminz! Why can't I find a maaaaaan!

All the squares dress like whores. All the whores dress like squares. You can't tell the difference any more. If there is a fucking difference. Tattoo'd and pierced sluts out the wazoo...fucking nose-rings that look like snot...

Why the fuck are you dressed like a $2 whore and shivering out in the rain and cold and blowing icy winds in the middle of winter? Ya fuckin' dumbass fuckin' sheep.

Too stupid to get her own shit together. Too stupid to build up stuff - like buying a decent bed and some good winter sheets and an electric blanket so she can be toasty warm at night. Running around freezing her tits off, trying to get a man - to keep her warm and cared for, physically and financially and (temporarily) emotionally.

Too fuckin' stupid to realize that the pay-gap is a fuckin' myth, she makes more'n a good number of men do, and she pisses it all away trying to dress up so that she can scam a man outta drinks and the occasional fuck. With maybe the prize of getting preggers (child support!) and frivorce (cash and more prizes!).

I'm reminded of a Tinder whore I ran across a couple days back. She was 19, up on her Tinder profile she had: "I want to marry rich."

Oha. Really rich. I had to laugh. Like a rich man is gonna pick up some 19yo slut off Tinder and marry her LOLOL. Yeah right, she has a better chance of becoming a Dubai Porta Potty. Like he's gonna risk, in the slightest, any chance whatsoever of frivorce or a false rape accusation.

She ain't in his league. She ain't even gonna meet him. Not a fucking hope in hell.

Though I'll give her props for being an honest golddigger - even if a fucking stupid one. She don't have the common-sense and smarts make it this far, by far:
Just another stupid cunt, living in stupid-land, expecting her Prince fucking Charming to come along and woo her and slap a $10+k diamond ring on her fuckin' finger. Though some people are just so desperate, that they'd do it.

I'm bored. Bored outta my fucking tree, when it comes to wimminz.

Do they actually have any interests of their own? I can only remember two woman who did: scrapbooking (she only did it 'cause of the kidlets, making memories and stuff for 'em). Plus some serious fitness fanatic (which I can make a damn good argument is so she could pick up a man).

The rest are all: I'm bored. Entertain me.

No. I'm bored with you lot of morons. I'm gonna go entertain myself, do something that I find interesting and ultimately more personally fulfilling. Plus I'll have something worthwhile left at the end of it. A skill. A piece of artwork. A restored piece of furniture. (One of my fun things is to restore 100yo furniture - my home looks like a bloody antique shop.)

I honestly wonder how the PUA's can handle this female shit. Having to clown around to basically get some dipshits' attention...having to invite her out to do stuff that she might consider interesting...or more accurately: having to entertain the whore so that you can maybe dump a fuck into her.

To hell with it. As always, picking up these lumps of stupid becomes boring after a while. Even fucking them becomes boring. (Then you get the dead-fish and sand-bucket cunt types - yikes!)

Shit on it. I'm'a do my own thing. MGTOW...again, as always. Until I start feeling horny again, though at 50 years old you'd think my fuckin' testosterone would have slowed down by now. Somehow, it hasn't - one day I should look at the statistics for sex for older men, it's probably way higher than society is comfortable admitting.

My photography archive is completed. Right now it's getting transferred from my NAS to a USB3 external drive. I have 4:3:2 copies as backups: a step up from the old 3:2:1 plus I can't be arsed trying to transfer from PC to some dipshit place out in the cloud. Apart from having tracked a hacker back to a compromised server at a cloud-provider, NZ's internet infrastructure is a piece of shite and it'd take a week-plus to finish.

If it wasn't shite weather and short days, I'd be out the back yard pruning the grapevine and dealing to my overgrown garden. (Damn kaikuia.) I've actually got a place that a wimminz would love-love-love to sink her claws's a throwback to the old 50's dreams of family life. She could enjoy its comforts, with her man-slave doing all the work both before and after the frivorce.

Yeah, fuck that. Away from teh wimminz again. MGTOW yet again...a cycle of boredom and horniness. Even though I've done the economics analysis, and a whore is cheaper, I tend to have problems with fucking whores. Just ain't as satisfying.

It's probably an emotional addiction of some sort. I'd best start working on that. At my age, it's not worth it to even partially fuck around with these whores. Especially when you're worth over the half-million mark. Pretty good given that I had about $20-30k left over from my frivorce, about 5 years ago.

In a way, the Tinder whore up there was a wakeup. I realized "holy shit, I'm actually a rich guy". Amusing, given that I'd been basically feeling "poor" for so long. That's what happens when she spends more'n she brings in. Go for 8 years of marriage feeling poor, to suddenly realizing that after 5 years of enjoying yourself after frivorce - you're fuckin' rich.

Actually fuckin' rich.

A wakeup.

The fuckin' paygap is a myth. She fuckin' wastes stuff like it's goin' outta fashion. Pissing it away, expecting - demanding! - some loser male to give her more. His time and his money. So she can piss both of those away too.

And I am actually fuckin' rich, after all that BPD/NPD and being cheated on and frivorce shit. Even after the biz went down the shitter and I became an em-ploy-ee. My brother's done better. He focused on making money.

Some golddigger would love to get her fuckin' claws into me or him, one way or another. Must protect myself better. Him too.

Margarita gone. After midnight. Time to go sleep in a warm and sheltered bed with the electric blanket.

Got to love some of the creature comforts in life. It's what men do: accumulate and build. Enhance our lives in many ways.

Good night, good life, my brothers.

Saturday 2 July 2016

The Center Of Her World

A message for all the Men out there.

You will never be the center of her world.

Take that. Tattoo it on your brain. Brand it into your soul.

Feel the pain. You will never be loved by a woman the way you were taught that you would be. It was a (massive) lie. (Though if you grew up with mother-only parenting, you already know what a crock of shit that is.)

Feel that pain. Let it burn through you. Be cleansed of the lies and illusions.

For those of you who are happily married (Keoni and LosAngelos King, for two) - congratulations.

For those of you who are unhappily married (or like me, divorced) - commiserations.

For those of you who fool yourselves that she "worships your cock" (I've seen that a lot in the PUA circles and have almost fallen prey to that delusion myself) - are you really sure about that? 'Cause women are pretty-good at being chameleons, looking to ensnare their prey. Cue Terrence Popp saying: "But Popp, that slot-C is so amazing! It's the best slot-C ever!" Yeah...right... "She looooves me!" HAHAHAH!!!

Over on Amerika, Brett Stevens has a post about how Laissez-Faire - basically no direction or interference with other's freedom of choice and action - has failed. Failed the world, failed the nations, failed society, and failed parenting:
I saw the face of laissez-faire: if you tell people to do whatever they want, you have opened the door to the lowest common denominator of behavior, since all behaviors are now equal. What people need to hear instead is a trinity: x behavior will be rewarded, y behavior will be punished, and anything else falls in z which gets neither punishment nor reward.
I may be in control now, but somehow I can’t prevent myself from wanting to be nice, hence I remain a “laissez-fare” father. Only this time I can see mistakes in real time.
I will admit that I am much the same way myself. Being brought up only by my mother? Perhaps.

The trinity that he mentions - that is gold. X behavior will be rewarded, Y behavior will be punished, and everything else is Z which gets neither punishment nor reward. Stern and unbending.

Which it is admittedly damn hard to be stern and unbending when you've just done 24-48 hours straight without any sleep (or God forbid, 55-odd hours like a guy I know - took him a week to "recover"). Hard physical work? Doing 14-16 hour days? Day in, day out, for 2 weeks and then 2 weeks off? Yeah, when you're people often do some pretty shithouse long hours too. At any and all ages. Nobody in society notices or remarks on it.

Going back to No Ma'am - Woman: The Most Responsible Teenager In The House:
Men Love Women, Women Love Children, and Children Love Puppies

There is an "order" to how love works and the order works only in one direction. You can see hints to this in the Bible, where husbands are commanded to love their wives while wives are commanded to "honor" their husbands in return. Children as well are commanded to honor their parents. Love is a hierarchical beast that descends downward. The only way it works in reverse is via honor and respect, because the reciprocal "love" is never equal.
A child will never love its parents in the same fashion that parents will love their child. You will readily see parents willing to sacrifice for their children – sometimes with their very lives – but rarely will you see the same in reverse. In fact, even in society as a whole, we consider it to be "the right thing" when a father or a mother sacrifices their life in order to save the life of their child. The whole of raising children to adulthood involves enormous sacrifice on the part of the parents in the form of time, frustration, freely giving resources, the denial of the parent’s dreams, and so forth. It is never returned to the parents on an equal basis, not even when the child reaches adulthood, for by that time the child will likely have children of his own to whom he bestows most of his love upon. Although having children is a one-way-street of parents sacrificing for the betterment of their child, they are still instinctively compelled to do so even though, rationally speaking, it is not in the best interests of the parents. What parents can expect in return is that their children honor them and respect them for their sacrifices – but their love will never equal that which their parents have for them. It is just not part of the natural order of life.
In the same way, a woman’s love for a man will never be equal to a man’s love for a woman. The natural order and a woman’s hypergamous nature dictate that the man must be on a "higher level" than the woman. A man can love a woman just as a woman can love a child, but the reciprocal love is returned only in the form of honor and respect. Just as a child instinctively expects its parents to take care of them, so does a woman instinctively expect her man to take care of her. It is a one-way street. A woman will never be able to equally return a man’s love for her. At best, she can honor and respect him for what he does for her.
These days, women are taught very explicitly not to honor their man. Thank you femicunts and the modern stinking thinking that is your legacy. Damn near every woman you meet will be infested with that stinking mindset - like a mile-wide festering gangrenous pus-filled sore labeled "independence", as she proclaims how she "doesn't need a man". Even while desperately looking for one.

(Hilarious. "Strong, independent woman, looking for her Prince Charming..." dribble dribble drool. More accurate would be: "My ovaries are shrinking and my fertility is going, quick, cum in me and get me preggers so that I can entrap you into being my work-slave for the next 20 years!")

Men, love your woman + women, disrespect your man = divorce-rape and the lawyers creaming their pants as they collect fees enough for their next boat. Never mind the man stumbling around and going: "Whah? Whuh? What hit me?"

Let's go further down the chain, though. Women, love your children + children, disrespect your mother (as she disrespects your father) = criminal and dysfunctional behavior. Never mind that fatherless children are more likely to wind up in jail.

No wonder that our society is crumbling around our ears. No wonder that we are drowning in the Garbage Generation and Mutilated Beggars.

We Men were not built to do long hours, like the above. Going for 24-48 hours without sleep? For a fuckin' server-upgrade at work? Hell no! You should only do that kind of shit when your life utterly depends on it. Hell, we weren't even built to do the stinking 8-9 hours that modern work expects - that is simply designed by business to keep their workers tired and docile.

We end up temporarily shattered.

Modern women sense that shattered state - and go for the throat.

Nag. Badger. Whine. Whinge.

In your tired state you cave in.

When you get your energy back, you remember what happened and go: "What the fuck?"

It is in moments like this that you realize. Not only will you never be the center of her world. You won't even get the honor and respect that is your due.

Plus, it will only go downhill from there. You've caved once while exhausted - the pattern is set, she will expect it again. She will forevermore double-down on the crap any time that you resist. (And double-down again...and again...and again...)

Your only real option as a Man is OUT.

Let her scream and thrash in frustration. You aren't paid to deal with her fucking bullshit. You don't have time for that crap.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.