Saturday 27 July 2013

Women (n., p.): Obsolete

One of my lovely little pleasures in life is reading Dilbert. Sarcastic, witty, amusing as hell, I see it all happening in my work and in real life. It's fucking amusing.

This one is absolutely hilarious.

A woman, saying that she's not sure what function men serve in the modern world. She has all the money that she needs (thanks to men making government work). If something in her house breaks she either fixes it or hires someone to fix it for her (probably a man). If she wants a baby she calls a fertility doctor (probably a man). Her gardener mows her lawn (probably a man).

Yes, she's totally independent of men.

The last panel of the strip shows Dilbert with a robot woman - a totally rational decision. As an engineer he can do everything that he needs, including making himself a pleasure-hole.

Now to paradoxically turn things on their heads.

Because women nagged at men to make their lives easier, we invented things. The vacuum cleaner, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the clothes dryer. Decent and healthy cooking isn't that hard, and we can do all the yard-work that is necessary.

We have made women obsolete.

All this thrashing around, anger at men, etc is just their subconscious panic and flailing at having lost their only utility to men: that of dick-in-hole status. Frankly given the nasty quality of available women out there, I'd rather hire a hole than bother picking it up at a bar. In that light Dilbert's mechanical woman is completely rational and sensible.

Most women are not worth talking to, let alone anything more.

I will leave you with one final video to drive the final nail into the coffin (h/t to JudgyBitch):

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Men laugh, Women cry

In China they are combating the epidemic rise in divorce with a simple expedient: the buyer of property gets to keep it. This is overwhelmingly the man, since most Chinese women absolutely refuse to marry unless their husband-to-be has a home.
major reason why the new law is regarded as unjust by most women is that in China men, or their parents, traditionally buy the family home. Indeed, many women will refuse to marry until that happens.
It is such a custom that tying the knot with a man who doesn't own a property is known as a 'naked wedding'. But as house prices have accelerated, there is now a widespread perception that some women have been marrying solely because they know it will guarantee them the right to half the home's value if they divorce.
You know what this is a sign of, don't you. Golddigger maximus.

Now that this road to personal riches has been taken away from them, they're having a little passive-aggressive whinge about it. From one of these sack-of-shit women:
"It doesn't take into account a woman's contribution to the family, and especially the raising of children," she said. "In order to take care of my son and give him the best possible environment to learn in, and to allow my husband to concentrate on his work, I gave up my job two years ago to be a full-time housewife. Everyone in the family has benefited from that: my son, my husband, my parents-in-law. But I don't see any recognition of that in the new law."
The 36-year-old and her 10-year-old son are now living with her parents. She has no cash to buy a new home, even though the apartment in Beijing she lived in with her husband is valued at two million RMB (£200,000).
"My husband's parents bought it when we married. It's in my husband's name so he and his parents-in-law are saying that under the new law I am not entitled to half of it," said Mrs Zhang.
"My lawyer thinks I can get maybe 200,000 RMB (£20,000) based on money I paid towards the mortgage. That's ridiculous, because I think the effort I put into the marriage is priceless."
Poor likkel princess, boohoo that you can't steal from your ex-husband and his parents their hard-earned fucking wealth. Two generations of effort that you can no longer thieve and use for your own personal pleasure without restraint.
Lets be fucking blunt, divorce is supposed to be only for women who get into totally bad situations with their husbands. Situations where it literally means their lives and the lives of their children are at stake. To when it is literally so intolerable that having no money is preferable to continuing a marriage the way that it is going.
Then you cunts got greedy. Then you cunts decided that it would be better "for the children" if the mother had default custody and the use of the family home and ongoing payments from the ex-husband to help you cope with the strain of being a mother bringing up children on your own. Then you cunts turned marriage "'til death do us part" into a contract that you constantly entered in bad faith, knowing that you could exit it at any time with a load of wealth.
Because you're too shitty to actually be a worthwhile mother and companion, a worthwhile parent, a worthwhile example to your children and your friend's children.
Go fuck yourselves, you worthless cunts.

Monday 15 July 2013

Exposé of Poison

From the annals that is PostSecret I bring you:

What did we say about Nigella Lawson again? Charles Saatchi knows the score, and is quite happy to find his next trophy-fuck. There's probably a half-dozen in the wings already.

Ugh, another pussified man along the lines of anonymous flowers! Please, somebody slap him awake!

We all know that it'll happen more than once. That's okay, you're welcome to be his mistress.

Dodged that bullet myself. Cutters, crazy-creepy minds, ugh.

So you fucked up re Plan-A. How many times?

Be truthful, that wasn't God frowning. I take it that it was probably in the car - he got to see and take virgin paradise by the dashboard light.

So much poison to see, so much hilarity in this world.

Sunday 14 July 2013

Anonymous Flowers and Golddiggers

Over the last week or so, an ex-fucktoy has been dribbling all over Facebook about her "new man" and how wonderful he is. In its way this is quite amusing and instructional to watch.

How it started: anonymous flowers.

You can tell right from there that this is some pussy-whipped weakling of a man. Instead of being forthright and stating that he likes her, he sent anonymous flowers. There is no better way to tell a woman: Here is my wallet, I am happy to pay for your pussy as though you are a common whore.

Women will accept this too, so now he will find that he is paying for all sorts of things all the time. You set the precedent, bud.

At any rate, the flowers drove her mad for a short time - she was emoting all over Facebook about feeling creeped out and gabbling about how someone had better let her know who it was. Eventually the guy "confessed" to her and their "relationship" began. During the week it's been little dribbling snippets on Facebook. This weekend it's a gushing post about what a fantastic weekend he treated her to.

I predict that his wallet is a LOT emptier than it was.

Guys, never pay for any shit for a woman in the beginning. That stuff is for special occasions only in long-established relationships. When you start it at the beginning, the woman goes straight into golddigger mode and stays there.

Understand that ALL girls will do this if given the opportunity. This is not just applicable to short-term relationships, it happens in long-term relationships and marriages also. When you open the door to the golddigger, it is practically impossible to close it again. Only the end of the relationship will end the vacuuming of your wallet.

So, it is never a good idea to open the wallet in order to appease or attract a woman. It simply feeds the beast, and no matter how deep your wallet is, the beast's rapacity will always grow to match and exceed it. Basically, you do not have her true respect. Only a facsimile while she sucks your wallet dry in the process of making herself happy with costly experiences.

It's all about how she feeeeeels.

Look at Nigella Lawson, no respect for her husband Charles Saachi. When she made it publicly plain that she had no respect for him: divorce. That golddigger killed her golden goose out of greed and arrogance. He knew the score, no respect = no relationship of worth. Get rid of the worthless whore and find a better model. There'll be another with some respect for what she has - at least for a while.

So, I watch this dribbling stuff on Facebook with a great deal of amusement. I wonder how he'd feel if he knew that the slut he's paying for, had 19+ orgasms with me for free. Several other guys also, as well as women.

A prime sample of the black poison in our society. Always keep it in mind.

Friday 12 July 2013


Women love to *fix* a man, as if there is something broken with him. It becomes a big project in their mind, making him *absolutely perfect* for her! The methods used involve persistent nagging, whining, bitching, all the way up to screaming shit-fits.

Unfortunately, the results end up like this:

Then they get bitchy about how he's not perfect, dump him on the scrap-heap, and fuck off to find another victim to fuck over.

Yes, we men are masochists - we love this treatment and are so fucking happy to be screwed around and then over. Enjoy the fucked-up poison which is our world.


Any breakup with a woman needs to be quick and decisive.

This could be as simple as walking away from a bad friendship, through breaking up from a bad STR, MTR, or LTR - all the way to divorce, after a marriage of whatever duration.

Understand, a breakup of any type hurts a woman. They're not *used* to rejection, their princess little minds cannot fuckin' cope with it. This is why they get all bent out of shape about it when you refuse to take them home and fuck their brains out. "Are you gay?" Et-fucking-cetera. No, you simply don't want to fuck them.

Breaking up is the ultimate in rejection.

It fuckin' hurts them, they cannot cope with it, and so they strike back in whatever manner they can - preferably as painfully as possible.

They will cry, moan, whine, whinge, shame, and beg you to take them back - all the time preparing to stick the knife in for revenge. That, or they'll just stick the knife in and twist as hard as possible.

Real-life example: "I'm amazed how something so minor could make you so cold towards me. Glad it happened sooner rather than later." A shaming attempt designed to draw me back into dialogue with her, testing my resolve, so that she could draw things out more and fuel her desire for drama and maybe get back with me - so that *she* could do the dumping, or fuck me around.

The normal reaction for the un-clued-in would be to respond - with perfect truth and logic - that it was her bullshit spiralling out of control that pushed me away. This is a mistake. She isn't interested in the truth, or logic, or the like - only in how she feeeeeeels! This feeeeeling needs to be taken out on the source of pain, drawn out as long as possible, dragging you into it to drown alongside her.

The clued-in realise that the above is nothing more than another manipulative attempt to keep me involved and arguing with her, defending myself from her bullshit accusations. The sensible Man looks at that, recognises it for what it is, laughs, and ignores the attempted manipulation - and in fact doesn't bother to respond at all.

Guys, being engaged by this shit is really draining. They do that deliberately - just like wearing you down with constant nagging until you give in *just to get them to shut the fuck up*. It's the woman's MO. Your only defence is to show them the door ASAP.

Close it behind them.

And never fucking allow them inside it again, even to say hello.

Lets be clear here: I mean absolutely and completely no fucking contact.

Because otherwise it becomes a situation of constant *negotiation* - one which is always twisted around to benefit her.

Piss on her.

This is about you. Your choice. Your peace-of-mind. Shut the door on that worthless cunt - that's what she is, else there'd be no breakup - and do not talk to her ever again.

It you're divorcing, use the fucking lawyers as a go-between. Tell the lawyer straight up-front that this shit is what you're hiring the motherfuckers for, and if they don't do their job - if they let that cunt near you or talk to you, even via telephone - then you will get a different fucking lawyer. It keeps the bastards honest.

At any rate, breaking up with a woman quickly and decisively is the best thing for you. Less bullshit to put up with, and who gives a damn about the carping from their brigade of cliquy female hangers-on. THEY weren't the ones who broke up with this cunt, and in fact it's a great indicator that they shouldn't even be involved with her.

That, or they're the same as this cunt was, in which case you are well-warned to stay away from THEM.

At any rate, once that dumping info gets around, other girls will realise that you take no bullshit from any useless cunt. This may intrigue them, and certainly warns them to be on their best behaviour should they get involved with you.

This female MO poison - and how you can potentially use it to your advantage - is happily revealed to you by BlackPoisonSoul. You are welcome.

Tuesday 9 July 2013


I have no idea where I got this from, thank you whoever you were that gave me the idea. Essentially it has been sitting around in my hard-file for a couple of years and I decided to share.


I have the right to not get married.
I have the right to not be some woman's bitch.
I have the right to not take your shit.
I have the right to say no.
I have the right to be disgusted.
I have the right to my self-respect.
I have the right to my own opinion.
I have the right to my own standards.
I have the right to be left alone.
I have the right to look after myself first.
I have the right to enjoy my life.
I have the right to relax.
I have the right to not explain myself to you.
I have the right to be presumed innocent.
I have the right to ignore your shaming tactics.
I have the right to ignore your questions.
I have the right to ignore your fears and insecurities.
I have the right to ignore you entirely.
I have the right to dump your ass.
I have the right to shine in my own way.

Petty, Boring, Fat

Women get so bent out of shape about some stuff. Yet when you look at it, it's just petty. Not like its rape, murder, drug-dealing, or sex-trafficking. So why is she so bent out of shape over damn-all?

Betcha she isn't getting the sex that she really wants.

"I'm bored." Me too, sweetheart. I wonder why that is...let me see...

Oh, you're fat. No wonder you're bored. Because of all that blubber, all that you can do sexually and experimentally is perhaps four positions. Five if you count me being able to finger-fuck you and do variations of oral.

This is part of the reason I cannot stand fat girls. When you are fat and out of shape, you CANNOT have a great time experimenting sexually. Try doing: The Cross, Forbidden Fruit, The Screw, The Jockey, The Bodyguard, Viennese Oyster, or The Lotus with a fat girl. Impossible!

Think about the following for when your wife gets fat (which she will do, and mine did):

It's hard for her to open herself up for missionary position - the fat gets in the way and her legs just aren't that flexible. I don't mean just in the way of herself, the fat gets in the way of YOUR movements: it takes three times as much effort to move in the normal sexual manner. Grabbing hold of something that is squishy-stretchy, thrusting into something blubbery instead of firm, lack of freedom of motion, etc.

If she decides to ride on top, you've got an elephant crushing you down. Your movements are restricted, your breathing is restricted, your cock is restricted. In extreme cases she just has to move slightly wrong and your cock feels like its being twisted and torn sideways, or crushed flat. It's HARD to lift your pelvis up from underneath, or to give her that unexpected deep jolt to make her jump and squeal with surprise and delight.

If you want to fuck her face-down or in doggy or standing or against the wall, you're pushing down or forward into blubbery padding. Padding! You want to get deeply into her, SHE wants you to get deeply into her, but there's 3+ inches of blubber holding your cock away from her deepest parts. You'd need to be a 9" dude just to give her an AVERAGE fuck. It's far easier to give her anal.

Oral - well, the blubber gets in the way all right. Plus the possibility of direct suffocation. Your NOSE is buried and sealed away with that fat.

So there you are. A fat chick is fuck and you can't do that much with her. The sex becomes same-old-same-old and the boredom factor kicks in real quick. Even bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't lift and hold these fat fucks without a harness - preferably one hanging from a crane.

In addition to the above, a fat woman simply cannot do athletic things. Walking down the beach? Hiking? Climbing? Swimming properly? Dancing properly? Forget it, they're too fucking fat. This stuff tends to make them quietly miserable inside too - people NEED to be able to move properly and freely. Plus, the sex that they do manage to get...well...lets just say "sub-par", since your cock can't get deep enough into her.

Nobody really wants a fattie. They're just not FUN.

There you are fatso, its no wonder that you cannot find a man and/or you start to hate men. This is why you pour scorn on men for not embracing "bigger" women. You can't handle the fact that it is a consequence of your own poor choices (ie you eat too fucking much). I hope that you enjoyed your personally-tailored public service announcement.

Scathingly yours, BlackPoisonSoul


There is a strange difference in the thinking between men and women.

When a man falls in love with a woman, he falls in love with her how she is. He doesn't want her to change, he's found his "one" for him. (I dislike that term, yet it's probably the best one to use.)

When a woman falls in love with a man, she embarks upon an "improvement" project. Change this little bit about him, that little bit, make those things the way she wants them, make him stay away from *those* good friends...

Eventually what's left is a shell of a former man, whom she is not in love with any more. So she divorces him with extreme scorn and cruelty, takes everything that she can, and goes looking for another victim to change.

Note that the most pernicious and egregious change is the cutting him off from friends. He is not allowed to be with old and faithful friends, yet *she* is allowed to meet daily for the cluck-sessions with her little clique. Heaven help him if he gets antsy about that!

After the divorce-rape the man has to attempt to get himself back into his former shape once more. If he's lucky he will eventually grow strong once more (part of the reason for this blog and others like it - yes we know that you need help, like a recovering addict). If he hasn't really learned his lesson, he will get married again and allow the new woman to change him...

The humorous thing though, is the two changes that women will make: they'll get fat and/or sexless.

Getting fat is the one thing that will most definitely cause a man to fall out of love. It shows utterly and unmistakably to the world that she is a selfish and lazy cunt with absolutely no self-esteem. It also shows that she has nothing but contempt for her man.

On top of this he is still supposed to love her for her "inner qualities". Never mind that her inner qualities are so eloquently on display for the world to see: he's still supposed to love a selfish and lazy cunt with no self-esteem. No fucking thanks: that is the kiss of death for any relationship.

She also turns sexless (whether fat or not). Okay, that's supposed to be behaviour that a man will accept: going from a sexy nymphet who'll suck your cock twice a day to someone who gets fucking bitchy if you so much as *hint* at wanting a fuck once a month. I don't fucking think so.

Heaven help you if you get pissed about that though. The chorus of shame from other sexless cunts around you: sex shouldn't be the most important thing in a marriage! Izzat so? Then there's no problems if I go fuck some other hot, young nymphet, is there. After all, sex isn't very important in a marriage at all!

Enjoy watching the chorus of sexless cunts squirm at that one.

The best part is the double-standard around divorce, though. When she gets a new job, changes friends, and dumps her hubby - she's taking charge of her life. When he gets a new job, changes friends, and dumps his sexless fatty - he's having a midlife crisis.

Enjoy this exposé of poisonous reality.

Sunday 7 July 2013


Last night I'm at a birthday party for a 40-year-old guy. Most of us are dancers, all the girls are merrily chattering away in their little cliques, etc.

One of the older women beside me asks why I'm not with a partner.

So I talked with her about how hard it is to tell who's available, what they're actually like, and then point out the way that they're all in their little cliques chattering away merrily - and that you are made distinctly unwelcome if you intrude upon them. It is actually an imposition upon them to intrude and ask for a dance. That is their attitude.

Then I spoke of the politics that has gone on, and that anyway many of these people were the "older school" who have found themselves a "partner" and you never see them at dancing any more. No kidding about the politics, it has made a huge mess of the dancing scene where I am. She caught the point about that right away.

What I didn't mention was the old saying: the crap that I'd be getting would not be worth the crap that I'd be getting. Once you get older, that becomes your main consideration regarding women. The crap is never worth it.

She might be able to suck a golf-ball through a garden-hose. There's a lot of other shit problems in her life, which is why women who do not get married by the time they're 40 tend to remain single - unless they can somehow manage to latch on to a retarded rich man who loves lapping up her runny shit. Or get a clue about reality (won't happen for this generation, they're too entitled now).

Case in point, a woman I know who is single has a child who is going down the criminal path of life: he steals anything and everything. Cops involved, youth rehab involved, nothing is deterring him. So there is a reason why she's single and will remain so: nobody with a shred of sense is going to invite her criminal son into his life. Her son is making her miserable and will do so until she dies.

Nobody is going to invite a source of misery into their lives.

There are a lot of 30+ single women out there, with bastard spawn of other men. They will become miserable hosts to a lot of cats. Meanwhile, us bachelors will have a quietly awesome life, with only the occasional contact with miserable and desperately horny women for sex.

You women have a problem with that? File a complaint with the department of reality. It gives a fuck.

Monday 1 July 2013

Women Self-Destruct

This is the one thing in life that I've had the greatest difficulty in accepting: that a woman will naturally self-destruct. When this happens, not only will she destroy the relationship that the two of you have: she will blame YOU for it, it is all YOUR fault, and she will attempt to drag you into that self-destructive mental thinking as well.

Seriously, this is the weirdest thing to have happen to you. As a man, you will constantly experience this - over and over and over. For a time everything will be running swimmingly, then all of a sudden - *mindfuck* and the lot blows up in your face.

It's like she has a one-way trembler-switch in her mind. Kick it hard on this side and nothing happens, touch a feather to that side and *BOOOOOM* and now you're for it, fuck you very much you piece of shit bastard man.

I thought that the dating pool was bad back when I got married. These days, I can assure you, it is vastly worse. Seriously bad poison.

Around Christmas last year, a relationship that started pleasantly suddenly went kaboom in my face. That was a grade-A nutjob, I've not seen anyone fuck up a beginning relationship so damn fast: it was 2 weeks in, 1/2 a day to kill stone-dead. My only self-defence was to utterly ignore her and not go to the places where I knew that she hangs out.

Recently another one just suddenly started going strange in the head: only 1 month in and weirdness. All I can do is ignore her. It's done, gone, fucked.

After much thought, I have come to a simple realisation that I wish to reassure my fellow-men with: it is not you. There is nothing wrong with you. It is THEM.

They are mentally fucked up basket-cases.

The older they are, the more mentally fucked up basket-cases they are.

Twisted, isn't it. Women are so fucked up in the head that it is guaranteed that you will run into strife with them. And this is considered to be a part of the "feminine mystique" that men will "never get". Yep, there's a reason for that: our minds are not as fucked-up as theirs are. To be able to comprehend their mental processes, we'd have to be just as fucked up as they are.

That does not bode well, eh? Anyone fucked-up enough to understand women would be nuts in just the same manner. No wonder women deride men who claim to understand them: they know that said man is either lying or must be just as mad as they are. Neither is attractive to them.

Good news though: you can compensate for this madness.

The first thing you have to realise is that there is a natural expiry-date for any relationship. Get that deeply in your heart and guts. It will expire, the woman will self-destruct, and you have no control over it.

The second thing you have to realise is that it's nothing personal. Despite what she says, no matter how painful (and she does her best to make it painful) she doesn't truly hate your guts etc etc. That's just her madness talking. You have no control over it.

Once you have those two things firmly in mind - once you know them deep in your belly, to the point that it doesn't bother you any more - you can set things up so that the detonation doesn't affect your life. When she self-destructs, you keep on keeping on, and find yourself another woman.

Yes, she will self-destruct too. It's built-in.

Until she does you are entitled to enjoy her. Have a ball, enjoy fucking, tickle the shit out of each other, have walks, pillow fights, etc. Just make utterly certain that she cannot affect your life in any way: because she doesn't have the right to do that to you when she self-destructs. She's welcome to fuck up her own life, not yours.

Maybe, if you are exceptionally lucky, you might find one who doesn't self-destruct in a short time. Enjoy her while you may, yet never trust that she won't also go mad and destroy things.

Remember: the longer-term ones have a tendency to self-destruct in the form of divorce/frivorce.

Good luck.