Tuesday 9 July 2013


There is a strange difference in the thinking between men and women.

When a man falls in love with a woman, he falls in love with her how she is. He doesn't want her to change, he's found his "one" for him. (I dislike that term, yet it's probably the best one to use.)

When a woman falls in love with a man, she embarks upon an "improvement" project. Change this little bit about him, that little bit, make those things the way she wants them, make him stay away from *those* good friends...

Eventually what's left is a shell of a former man, whom she is not in love with any more. So she divorces him with extreme scorn and cruelty, takes everything that she can, and goes looking for another victim to change.

Note that the most pernicious and egregious change is the cutting him off from friends. He is not allowed to be with old and faithful friends, yet *she* is allowed to meet daily for the cluck-sessions with her little clique. Heaven help him if he gets antsy about that!

After the divorce-rape the man has to attempt to get himself back into his former shape once more. If he's lucky he will eventually grow strong once more (part of the reason for this blog and others like it - yes we know that you need help, like a recovering addict). If he hasn't really learned his lesson, he will get married again and allow the new woman to change him...

The humorous thing though, is the two changes that women will make: they'll get fat and/or sexless.

Getting fat is the one thing that will most definitely cause a man to fall out of love. It shows utterly and unmistakably to the world that she is a selfish and lazy cunt with absolutely no self-esteem. It also shows that she has nothing but contempt for her man.

On top of this he is still supposed to love her for her "inner qualities". Never mind that her inner qualities are so eloquently on display for the world to see: he's still supposed to love a selfish and lazy cunt with no self-esteem. No fucking thanks: that is the kiss of death for any relationship.

She also turns sexless (whether fat or not). Okay, that's supposed to be behaviour that a man will accept: going from a sexy nymphet who'll suck your cock twice a day to someone who gets fucking bitchy if you so much as *hint* at wanting a fuck once a month. I don't fucking think so.

Heaven help you if you get pissed about that though. The chorus of shame from other sexless cunts around you: sex shouldn't be the most important thing in a marriage! Izzat so? Then there's no problems if I go fuck some other hot, young nymphet, is there. After all, sex isn't very important in a marriage at all!

Enjoy watching the chorus of sexless cunts squirm at that one.

The best part is the double-standard around divorce, though. When she gets a new job, changes friends, and dumps her hubby - she's taking charge of her life. When he gets a new job, changes friends, and dumps his sexless fatty - he's having a midlife crisis.

Enjoy this exposé of poisonous reality.

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