Saturday 31 March 2018


Yes, I'm going back to The Matrix: Reloaded. Specifically, The Merovingian and the concept of causality:
Action. Reaction.

Cause and effect.

You think you have a choice. In reality, that's only a very small part of the total equation. The tiniest part of it, the mere beginning.

Choice and consequences.

The bigger part - really the only relevant part - is the results. What is the end-result. What is the consequence.

The choice is a seed. The consequences might be an enormous tangled web that you had absolutely no inkling of when you planted that seed.

For men:

You can choose to be a pansified blue-pill simp, soy-boy, etc. This has a consequence of you helplessly dancing to someone else's tune.

You can choose to be a PUA. This has a consequence of you fucking plenty of other women.

You can choose to be a MGTOW. This has a consequence of seeing through the bullshit, refusing to deal with many aspects of it, and basically ending up an alienated Lone Wolf type.

Some people choose to go full-on Ghost. Call that MGTOW ^ 10. I'm not certain what the full consequences of that are. Even some of the consequences. A mystery to me.

Some consequences have hidden negatives and positives. As a blue-pill simp you have an almost-certain chance of having your emotions and head messed around. Also a very high chance of being divorce-raped, your children used as weapons against you, and the next several years being spent paying someone else to spread her legs for a variety of other men.

As a PUA, you effectively have to act like a slightly better grade of blue-pill simp. You entertain someone else of generally low mental acuity and likely zero basic ethics, on the off-chance that you will get to fuck her. Even Roosh V came to hate the thought of being a dancing monkey for someone else's entertainment.

As a MGTOW, you become slowly more insulated from the emotional/mental turmoil and general bullshit that the opposite sex generates. You start seeing through the smoke-and-mirrors illusions. You start choosing (with varying consequences) what you allow into your life. One originally-unintended consequence is a better, more relaxed life and lifestyle.

As a Ghost, you completely insulate yourself from the warped system that is our society, our civilization. I have only inklings of what the consequences of this might be. I suspect more do-it-yourself hardship. As a side-effect though, I suspect one hell of a lot more personal satisfaction is involved with this choice.

I also suspect that surviving as a Ghost is where the *real* men will develop themselves. In comparison the rest of us are children. Teenagers at best.

For women:

You can choose to be a crazy, feral cunt who parts her legs for anyone that turns you on at the moment. The consequences include:

* becoming an effective nymphomaniac aka sex maniac

* becoming destroyed "down there" (those vibrating baseball bats can't be good for you)

* becoming unable to bond with others in any way

* emotional and mental instability

* several personal STDs

* several unwanted children that you have to "raise" alone

* several fucked up next generations

* an overall degeneration of the civilization/society that you live in

You can choose to be the more "traditional" type of woman. The consequences (might) include:

* bonding strongly with someone who will actually be with you all your life

* emotional and mental stability

* very likely good health and life (shit sometimes happens)

* an exceptional family

* exceptional next generations

* an overall improvement of the civilization/society that you live in


1/ I deliberately left out cats.

2/ Any backsliding, even once, turns you into a crazy feral cunt. You can't change once that happens. Remorse simply doesn't cut it. Nor can you change or be "born again" or whatever delusions you might attempt to shove down others' throats.

3/ Nobody - men or women - understands what the "traditional" type of woman might be. If there ever was such a thing as a Unicorn at all. I strongly suspect that it was only force which caused certain behaviors, which force is now long-gone.

As things are, the aggregate consequences of a large proportion of fucked-up choices and lack of basic ethics are what's causing the fucked-up mess that is our society. No wonder that MGTOW is happening.

Action. Reaction.

Shit in the water. It becomes undrinkable. You get sick and die.

Shit in society. It becomes unworkable. It gets sick and dies.

Good luck with all those consequences.
Some personal reflection.

It's been a long set of changes. A weird semi-red-pill quasi-alpha in my youth, to blue-pill simp, the semi-red-pill quasi-alpha borderline-PUA again, to what I guess is full-on MGTOW.

This blog is one helluva mess. Call it 800 posts of general crawling out of the muck, banging the head into the wall over-and-over, looking around and examining the insanity everywhere, traveling through what might be called several moments of clarity.

What's next?

Who the fuck knows?

There may be more thoughts to explore, we will see.

It's better than running through life with a fucked-up mental program of buggered basic ethics, alongside others who are similarly running through life with fucked-up mental programs of no basic ethics coupled with no thought for the consequences or for the future.

Damn near anything has to be better than that.

Friday 30 March 2018

A Basic Difference

This one's about basic ethics. Also how that translates into basic decency in any society. (At least, any society that I - and likely you - want to be in.)

Yes, an odd topic involving philosophy. Damn relevant though. You see, Leftists and Feminists and Marxists and the entire SJW crowd in aggregate lacks the first (basic ethics), which by extension then translates to them lacking the second (basic decency). You can add that most women on the whole are severely lacking in basic ethics too, which causes further rather large problems.

Let's say that there are two general groups of things in the world. (An academic's $20 word would be "classes" of things.)

The first group might include: my wife, my child, my family, my dog, my cat, my girlfriend, my friends, my employer, my employees, random people and things out in the world. Most people might lump "my job" into this group.

The second group might include: my clothes, my car, my house, my computer, my tools, my garden, my business, my health, my life, my thoughts, my opinions, my time, my choices, my money, and various other "stuff" that you personally own.

There is a basic difference between the two groups.

The second group you are free to do with as you wish. Use them, lose them, wreck them, waste them, whatever - however you wish.

The first group you are not free to do with as you wish. Using them, wrecking them, whatever - is basically called abuse, murder, rape, pedophilia, theft, etc.

(Please note: Unlike the insane leftist brigade, most normal people are fully aware of the difference between beating and discipline. The former is abuse, the latter is intended to teach the difference between accepted/desirable and not accepted/desirable behaviour. The result is dogs which bite the faces off children vs seeing-eye dogs, and destructive criminals vs a scientist or brain-surgeon. Call it useless vs useful, worthless vs worthwhile.)

From this basis of ethics we can see how basic decency flows. Keeping those two groups properly separate makes a person basically decent. You can expect certain reasonable behaviours from them, expect them to not fuck you around, to not steal from you, to not destroy your personal stuff, etc. This doesn't automatically make them a pussy, they're just not gonna fuck you around without a damn good reason (ie some slimy fuck started it).

Of course, mixing the groups has huge potential for fucked-up behaviours. This is where you get mommy dearest frivorcing hubby for $$$ and weaponising "her" children in the process. This is where you get confiscatory taxes that go to pay the "less fortunate" aka deadbeat no-hopers (and those running the scam). This is where you get theft (like the latest South African stealing of land from the Boer farmers).

This is where you get unilateral punishments all out of proportion to the "crime", plus "crimes" which are so stupid that common-sense has been lost in an attempt to "punish" the "guilty".

(Where the fuck does this greedy claiming of high expenses for child support "for the benefit of the childreeeen" come from? Never mind, I already answered: greed.

Where does cheating and cuckoldery come from? From when one of the pair says that the relationship is "for my benefit", rather than "for our benefit". The general benefit of children and society can go hang, fuck ya'all, it's all about me. Me me me me meeeeeeeee!)

Now let's look at the Leftist, Feminist, Marxist, SJW brigade as a whole. These indecent people pieces of shit do not separate these two groups. From this fact flows all the troubles that these scum cause.

Telling you that you will think in certain ways and that certain opinions that you happen to hold are wrong. Censoring the same. Intruding into your personal life and time and space to do so.

Blaming you for the shortcomings of themselves and others.

Stealing from you for the benefit of others (especially themselves).

And if you don't like it: ruining your life (often with manufactured lies - false rape accusations, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?). In extreme cases: imprisoning you or beating you to a bloody pulp or killing you as an example to others who might be thinking of stepping over the line in the sand that they've drawn.

Thank you, Communism. You are a playbook for the worst scum of our and all other society.

This "fuck you very much" brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price. Now for some Grand Marnier to wash the taste of nasty, greasy poison outta my mouth.

Thursday 29 March 2018

YouTube Full Retard

From the men over on /r/MGTOW, Turd Flinging Monkey is now gone from YouTube.

Some very thoughtful comments:
SkewerSkewerNA -
Modern day equivalent of book burning.
LexGrom -
More profound, cos 1 book can be read only by 1 person at the time. No feedback loops. The level of knowledge sharing thorough online videos is incomprehensible. It's already changed the world and only speeds up
CrackingYs -
He’s still available if you search TFMonkey on Twitch.
YouTube is in Nazi book burning mode. Society is going downhill VERY fast at this point, guys. I’m actually starting to make plans to leave North America before the feminazis start burning my neighbourhood down.
This is exactly correct.

Forums and blogs are a simple system for creating a shared book of knowledge. Certainly, the content is sometimes dubious. It sure as hell ain't polished, or put into high-falutin' $20 words by some academic with his head up his own ass.

Have you ever heard of Monk's Coefficient? Doesn't mean squat to you? How about the Bugger Factor? Deliberately buggering around with something to break it - or maybe make it show up the way you want. They're the same thing.

The only difference is that Monk's Coefficient is the $20 per word academic's way of putting it. Which high-falutin' way of putting it, puts it out of the comprehension of most people who don't have a higher education (that's $30+k per year thankyouverymuch NEXT!). In comparison the Bugger Factor is 100% comprehensible to anyone. You can get the basic idea just by the name.

So the original internet was set up as a reference of knowledge. It was originally conceived as a reference library for every scientific thought of mankind. This was expanded to every thought of mankind (good and bad both - which is why you can still get Mein Kampf, The Prince, The Communist Manifesto, The S.C.U.M. Manifesto, etc in regular libraries).

The difference is that Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto, and The S.C.U.M. Manifesto are works of hate. You can still read the things though. Of course, you are allowed to read/watch the feminazi hatespeech female reality online too - just not the male hatespeech reality which eloquently, logically, and repeatedly refutes it.

This makes the entire manosphere a reference-shelf of examples and thoughts and philosophies that are centered around one area. You can tell that it's on-mark when the precious-brigade start squealing and crying and wailing and gnashing their teeth. They don't want people to examine those particular sets of reference shelves, because people will awaken to the shit going down.

They don't want the reference shelves even there, because it might warp unformed minds wake people up sooner.

Now that modern Marxism has trained the Left and the latest generations to use the internet as their primary source of news and as a reference (when was the last time you went to your local library for information?) they have shifted full-gear into the next part of their agenda. To recap:

1/ Cry and Scream (effective only with pussies and people without a fuckin' spine)

2/ Shadow Banning (your unpopular opinions will not be visible to others)

3/ Destroying Content (your unpopular content will not be available to anyone) <<< we are here

4/ Revisionism (content will be checked and altered to fit the approved narrative)

5/ Conformity (you will only be able to find information and opinions which are approved)

Conformity is the endgame. You will think only approved thoughts and learn approved knowledge as the Politburo allows, and we know exactly how that caused Russia to implode. Hell, the Middle East under Islam went the same way several hundred years ago.

Which is a great heads-up to what happens at the end of things.

If you have run across content which you really like, download it. If you have put up content that you don't want to lose, keep a copy. This isn't just the manosphere. Everything. Every reference book you can in PDF and EPUB format, every driver, every CD or DVD. Your photographs. Everything you want to keep. Hard copy is good too - it can't be retroactively altered.

Keep what you want to keep on multiple media. If you can, write-once the stuff. Protect it. I personally have a large HD in my PC, a NAS with mirrored drives, and three backup drives. With the backup drives: one is in a fireproof/waterproof case, one is offsite. I learned the value of this process long ago when I found myself having to rewrite some computer code that got deleted when an HD was hit with a virus - lots of copies keep stuff safe (LOCKSS, a system used worldwide by libraries).

An EMP would take me out. Otherwise, I'm guaranteed to have a near-complete copy of everything that is really important to me. Including this blog, after every post. (Especially including all my passwords - written in pen in a notebook.)

Keep yourself and your thoughts safe, brothers.

Thursday 22 March 2018

Jaded Lone Wolf

With time and experience, I seem to become more filled with cynicism. That's a code-word that translates to "jaded" in older times.

I strongly suspect that it's much the same process for the more hardcore MGTOW who go farther than the lone-wolf state and all the way to full-on ghost. They take it to a deeper, more extreme state than I do. Or am probably willing to do.

I do like some of the good things in life. Example: Grand Marnier. Also, having a steady job with plenty of personal time and leftover $$$$ to go do my own thing. Plus a home half-filled with antiques that I've restored - though I could give up that easily enough. Minimalism is coming easier and leaves more money in the pocket to go enjoy other things.

Strangely enough, teh wimminz are dropping off the radar for me. I can't be arsed with whores of any stripe. They're all "meh" and same-old same-old so far as I'm concerned.

Yes, in prior years I would fuck the occasional woman. Even have relationships as such. So long as she didn't screw up with me. When that happened, she became toast.

These days my tolerance is...

...totally gone.

It's weird. In former times I have happily fucked the girls who've made it plain that they're interested aka asked me. (Complete fuglies and the fucked-in-the-head types aside, because we all need some standards, even if minimal. Plus, please remember, don't stick your dick in crazy. To me, in these days, they're all crazy.)

In the past six months I've turned down a couple of good-looking younger ones. Very good-looking. The types wanting to experiment with an older man. You know there's no real expectations there. Thinking back on it, one of them might have been actual jailbait. Though with 16yo's being legal it's harder to tell here in NZ - if someone is under 16 how are you going to know?

Don't even go close to there. Absolutely not worth it. Not even the Tinder wannabe whores that aren't prostitutes, who just want $50 bucks for a good time.

It seems that I've gotten to the point of having too much experience. I've become filled with cynicism, have become jaded.

I know how it'll end. It's always bad, and I'm always the bad guy. Plus there's a good chance of her getting pregnant - given I have the $$$$, I'll be on the hook for someone else's kid for 20+ years. "He's the daddy!" It happens all the time.

I have no interest in that end. Or anything close to resembling it.

I avoid it by avoiding the beginning.

In a way, I've basically been in monk mode for a year. It's interesting. Maybe my 52yo dick is finally running out of steam...though I don't think that's it. I still get horny, just the big head is finally overpowering the little head 100% of the time.

Probably a good thing. I do have $$$$ - why hand it over to some young slag for a couple of 1-hour fun-time sessions?

"He's the daddy!" "Your honor, he has a vasectomy." "Your facts are irrelevant. You're the daddy. Pay up." Why even risk that?

For "young pussy"? Being the older man with a hot, younger girl riding his dick? Sheeesh...

I don't feel like dealing with the "he's the daddy" shit until I'm 72. Especially for a well-worn slag who's been stretching her cooch with a vibrating baseball-bat since puberty. Also probably had a train run on her nightly for a few weeks on end. Piss on that.

Yes, we have the local slag equivalent of Dubai Porta-Potties here in NZ. They just go up Auckland (or down Wellington) for their train-fest. In my younger years I occasionally had one over for a long-weekend, or a "holiday" week or two. These days they seem to want a minimum of 10 guys giving them a "deep exploratory" workout-and-stretch-fest.

As Popp and Blake would say: "Mooooore coooock!" What a world.

Once you step away from the social bullshit, there's a helluva lot of interesting things going on in it. There's some guys building a clock that will run for 10,000 years (google for "Clock of the Long Now"). Ten thousand fucking years. They're actually installing that thing now.

That's a lot more interesting from a "how the hell do you do that engineering-wise?" perspective than attempting to climb repeatedly into a modern slag's smelly and diseased and well-stretched hole. I want to go visit it (the clock, not the slag's hole) in a few years, once it's complete. (And the goddamn media-circus-furor has died down - I fucking hate crowds of people going "ooh" and "aah" - they're mindless sheep who get on my wick.)

Your particular mileage may vary.

Again, I find myself in a situation of not really having a whole lot of value to say. It feels like I've said it all, and I hate repeating myself too much. Six years of it. Color me bleakly (blackly?) surprised.

Perhaps something more will pop out, have to be expressed. I'm not sure.

Things like the meetoo and timesup crap haven't really pissed me off that much. Neither has idiots in education pulling a "we don't report them and turn them in because that will adversely affect their future and we never actually expected them to pull a gun and kill a bunch of people at school" idiot-fest. If you're not white, you can do a school-shooting as you wish. As for pizzagate, the overall silence is meh.

This stuff seems to be turning into a "what, you expected better? morons" mentality on my part.

What I am sure of is that I need to head over the states for a while. Probably with an RV for transport. Hell, that is luxury in comparison to carting around a bunch of stuff in a car for a couple weeks, and sluicing yourself off in the sea.

I'll get to see some beautiful bits of nature. Ones which haven't been shat on by all and sundry, like we are enthusiastically shitting into the social microclimate of our civilization.

The Crap Colored Glasses™ are still here. It's just that pretty-much everything seems the same. Nothing new under the sun.

Which I suppose is pretty-much because most people - especially most wimminz - are pretty-much the same now too. There's nothing new under the sun.

So I will leave you with this:
Because there is nothing original with any one of these skags these days. They're all the same. The only real difference is how well they hide their "quirks" aka fucked-up-ness.

I will go listen to the rain on the roof now, and begin planning my personal "adventure" - which I'm not going to bother telling most people about. Certainly not some wimminz. And certainly not in any form of depth.

They don't deserve it.

Saturday 10 March 2018

Legal Brothels and Islam

Back on my post about Third World Shithole Territory, paulmurray makes a comment:
Prostitution is the answer. A few legal brothels in Islamic hot-spots would make the world a safer place.
I thought about it and started writing a comment - then realized the damn thing was turning into a post. So here it is.
Some thoughts:

We have legal prostitution here in New Zealand. The women are still crazy as hell.

Islamic women would never work in the biz. Seriously. Spread their legs for the less-than-elite? When they can share a top-20% man-slave? No way! Even the uglier ones can probably get in the top-40% of men.

Men paying for prostitutes want at least decent-looking ones. Especially Islamic men. The complete fuglies can go to hell, a goat is more attractive.

Which leaves sex-slaves. I suppose that a rich man with several dozen or a hundred surplus sex-slaves could set up a brothel with okay-ish looking women and make a good chunk of money in the process. Being rich, he can set it up legally. (Remember the Golden Rule. He who has the gold, makes the rules. He also fucks is best-looking concubines.)

Note that I say okay-ish looking women. According to the Sharia a man is allowed to fuck and impregnate as many of his concubines aka sex-slaves as he desires. Mohammed said so.

So I guess that we can get rid of our wimminz by exporting them. (Bye-bye Chanty Binx! You will never be missed!) Sadly, that means our okay-ish and better-looking women. Which quite frankly they can have some of them - and they do, when it comes to Dubai Porta Potties and that dead-eyed Russian chick who went over there.

This brings some things to mind:

Should we really export all our slags off to the Middle East? Sell them off as concubines. Maybe even set them up in brothels that we ourselves run for the Islamic men. Might as well make hay while the sun shines.

That would leave our less-than-top-20% of men really desperate for pussy. They might turn into the same low-life scumbags who do what happens in the Middle East. (I mean, chase goats and young boys and each other. Though suicide-bombing too, come to think of it.)

Of course, we could fast-track sexbots. That would solve the humpy-humpy problem straight away.

Now, reproduction and breeding. With less wimminz, our rate of reproduction would drop. Of course, we're already below replacement levels. We should also fast-track artificial wombs.

We may actually be on to a winner here. Export our less-desirable slags to whorehouses in Islamic hot-spots. Just have to make sure to keep Islam as a whole the fuck away from our personal shores.
Note: We can completely ignore the spin-fed articles about Western wimminz birth rate climbing, etc - because "they're just choosing to have them later in life".

Utter bullshit.

A generation is 25 years. If the above is true, it is less-than-relevant. Stretching that generation to 40+ years still puts the West far behind on the reproduction curve in comparison to the rest of the world. We might be smarter, we're still being outbred - because right now the misery of breeding just isn't worthwhile.

Worse, those breeding (any wimminz of 30+ yo) or attempting to breed (because 12% of wimminz under 29yo are sterile), or 30+yo's, according to a Menken-Larsen study in 1986 (interesting that no studies have been published recently). These are not our youngest, most fertile groups of wimminz. They have a higher rate of genetic-deformity (downs syndrome etc).

Not a pretty picture for the West, and fuck the leftists and PC retards who are trying to cover up our decline.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Sunday 4 March 2018

Vaginal Access Revoked

Here I am again, once more rehashing a Back to Basics question: What's in it for me? Hide, all you wimminz and leftists, this'll gut you like the catch of the day. (I hope it really hurts.)

For most women, the answer is: "You can fuck me." Also known as vaginal access and prostitution. Hey, fifty bucks is fifty bucks when it comes to the wannabe talent on tinder. You can also enjoy the social status of being the older man with a younger, beautiful girl.

Sometimes, the cheaper ones will say: "You'll feel good about yourself." The intangible feelgoodz of charity and helping and slightly heightened social standing are your reward - at the cost of your personal time and sweat and effort (and sometimes, dignity).

A lot people on the whole push the charity biz to insane levels. Look around you, you'll see your local ones.

Of course, charities thrive on the feelgoodz (duh). Let's quickly examine how this functions in society:

The good feelz of being the "worthwhile" sort of person who gives to others, unselfishly and unstintingly. It's a higher grade of social standing granted to those people providers (aka "good catch men") who earn enough to give to others, either in the form of $$$ or personal time. Preferably the former.

The flipside is the bad feelz of being the "worthless" sort of person who keeps his efforts for himself, selfishly. It's a lowered grade of social ostracism heaped upon those people stingy bastards (aka "cheap fuckers") who prefer to keep the fruits of their hard-earned sweat for their own personal and family use.

Note that I'm stating "men". Women seem to spend more time rather than the $$$ (unless their hubby has the $$$ to spare). I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the women who spend time on charities might be looking for a rich dude with $$$ - and that's a great place to look for 'em. If only to be a piece on the side of some rich, married man.

Being the sidepiece of a rich cock is better'n being married to low-status Bob the Builder or Sid the Street-Sweeper.

Knowing that at least 50% of all $$$ donated goes towards the "administration fees" of the charity (aka feeding some parasite) can cure you of the urge to donate. Admittedly I fell for it in my younger years, in my later years I realized that charity begins at home (aka feeding and looking after your loved ones comes first). Leave it to the rich people with millions to spare to donate some of their excess to charity, they can afford it better'n you'n'me.

At any rate, this is not meant to rag on charities and the like. More power to 'em and those who crave the enhanced social standing from becoming deeply involved with 'em.

This is to talk about vaginal access as espoused by teh wimminz.

The problem is that vaginal access is an intangible. Especially these days. It can be revoked at any time, for any (or no) reason.

Some common situations where your vaginal access becomes revoked can include:

Breaking up. It's just over. "No hard feelings, move on pal - I've already got someone else's cock in me." Monkey branching was never put so kindly. She probably tried several cocks on for size before settling on this one, too.

Separation. When a marriage gets a little stale or on the rocks a little bit. "I feel we just need some time apart for <insert some bullshit or no real reason>." Going off to see if you can still attract cock was never put so pleasantly. And so much less-risky than out-and-out overt cheating.

Divorce. When someone (usually she) realizes decides that a marriage is over. "We just weren't growing together, and if you don't grow together..." Screw you, I actually *can* get other cock. I'm going to cram as much into my cunt as possible for a while, while I search for a better/richer one than yours.

Frivorce. When a marriage is over and I'm going to get every scrap of your blood that I can. "That fucking sonofabitch <insert whatever convenient truths exist or spurious lies you can invent>." Mostly lies. Good luck paying this complete cunt her pound of flesh for the next 15-20 years.

Crazy/extreme vaginal access revocation. When she cuts off your dick ("You ain't getting no vagina from anyone! Suffer you bastard!") or kills you ("Hey, ho, nobody knows - you ain't coming home!").

Good luck keeping that vagina on tap. Your access is so easy to revoke, with minimal to no immediate social consequences for teh wimminz. (To hell with the long-term. Nobody gives a shit about that.)

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.