Saturday 31 March 2018


Yes, I'm going back to The Matrix: Reloaded. Specifically, The Merovingian and the concept of causality:
Action. Reaction.

Cause and effect.

You think you have a choice. In reality, that's only a very small part of the total equation. The tiniest part of it, the mere beginning.

Choice and consequences.

The bigger part - really the only relevant part - is the results. What is the end-result. What is the consequence.

The choice is a seed. The consequences might be an enormous tangled web that you had absolutely no inkling of when you planted that seed.

For men:

You can choose to be a pansified blue-pill simp, soy-boy, etc. This has a consequence of you helplessly dancing to someone else's tune.

You can choose to be a PUA. This has a consequence of you fucking plenty of other women.

You can choose to be a MGTOW. This has a consequence of seeing through the bullshit, refusing to deal with many aspects of it, and basically ending up an alienated Lone Wolf type.

Some people choose to go full-on Ghost. Call that MGTOW ^ 10. I'm not certain what the full consequences of that are. Even some of the consequences. A mystery to me.

Some consequences have hidden negatives and positives. As a blue-pill simp you have an almost-certain chance of having your emotions and head messed around. Also a very high chance of being divorce-raped, your children used as weapons against you, and the next several years being spent paying someone else to spread her legs for a variety of other men.

As a PUA, you effectively have to act like a slightly better grade of blue-pill simp. You entertain someone else of generally low mental acuity and likely zero basic ethics, on the off-chance that you will get to fuck her. Even Roosh V came to hate the thought of being a dancing monkey for someone else's entertainment.

As a MGTOW, you become slowly more insulated from the emotional/mental turmoil and general bullshit that the opposite sex generates. You start seeing through the smoke-and-mirrors illusions. You start choosing (with varying consequences) what you allow into your life. One originally-unintended consequence is a better, more relaxed life and lifestyle.

As a Ghost, you completely insulate yourself from the warped system that is our society, our civilization. I have only inklings of what the consequences of this might be. I suspect more do-it-yourself hardship. As a side-effect though, I suspect one hell of a lot more personal satisfaction is involved with this choice.

I also suspect that surviving as a Ghost is where the *real* men will develop themselves. In comparison the rest of us are children. Teenagers at best.

For women:

You can choose to be a crazy, feral cunt who parts her legs for anyone that turns you on at the moment. The consequences include:

* becoming an effective nymphomaniac aka sex maniac

* becoming destroyed "down there" (those vibrating baseball bats can't be good for you)

* becoming unable to bond with others in any way

* emotional and mental instability

* several personal STDs

* several unwanted children that you have to "raise" alone

* several fucked up next generations

* an overall degeneration of the civilization/society that you live in

You can choose to be the more "traditional" type of woman. The consequences (might) include:

* bonding strongly with someone who will actually be with you all your life

* emotional and mental stability

* very likely good health and life (shit sometimes happens)

* an exceptional family

* exceptional next generations

* an overall improvement of the civilization/society that you live in


1/ I deliberately left out cats.

2/ Any backsliding, even once, turns you into a crazy feral cunt. You can't change once that happens. Remorse simply doesn't cut it. Nor can you change or be "born again" or whatever delusions you might attempt to shove down others' throats.

3/ Nobody - men or women - understands what the "traditional" type of woman might be. If there ever was such a thing as a Unicorn at all. I strongly suspect that it was only force which caused certain behaviors, which force is now long-gone.

As things are, the aggregate consequences of a large proportion of fucked-up choices and lack of basic ethics are what's causing the fucked-up mess that is our society. No wonder that MGTOW is happening.

Action. Reaction.

Shit in the water. It becomes undrinkable. You get sick and die.

Shit in society. It becomes unworkable. It gets sick and dies.

Good luck with all those consequences.
Some personal reflection.

It's been a long set of changes. A weird semi-red-pill quasi-alpha in my youth, to blue-pill simp, the semi-red-pill quasi-alpha borderline-PUA again, to what I guess is full-on MGTOW.

This blog is one helluva mess. Call it 800 posts of general crawling out of the muck, banging the head into the wall over-and-over, looking around and examining the insanity everywhere, traveling through what might be called several moments of clarity.

What's next?

Who the fuck knows?

There may be more thoughts to explore, we will see.

It's better than running through life with a fucked-up mental program of buggered basic ethics, alongside others who are similarly running through life with fucked-up mental programs of no basic ethics coupled with no thought for the consequences or for the future.

Damn near anything has to be better than that.


  1. That scene was probably the best, and the architect scene would be a close second. Outside of those two scenes, the rest of the movie was forgettable trash and a complete disappointment.

    1. A agree. I basically cannot remember anything much else beyond some general "flashiness" of the special-effects. Which in retrospect must have been pretty-much overdone and thus pointless on the whole.