Saturday 10 March 2018

Legal Brothels and Islam

Back on my post about Third World Shithole Territory, paulmurray makes a comment:
Prostitution is the answer. A few legal brothels in Islamic hot-spots would make the world a safer place.
I thought about it and started writing a comment - then realized the damn thing was turning into a post. So here it is.
Some thoughts:

We have legal prostitution here in New Zealand. The women are still crazy as hell.

Islamic women would never work in the biz. Seriously. Spread their legs for the less-than-elite? When they can share a top-20% man-slave? No way! Even the uglier ones can probably get in the top-40% of men.

Men paying for prostitutes want at least decent-looking ones. Especially Islamic men. The complete fuglies can go to hell, a goat is more attractive.

Which leaves sex-slaves. I suppose that a rich man with several dozen or a hundred surplus sex-slaves could set up a brothel with okay-ish looking women and make a good chunk of money in the process. Being rich, he can set it up legally. (Remember the Golden Rule. He who has the gold, makes the rules. He also fucks is best-looking concubines.)

Note that I say okay-ish looking women. According to the Sharia a man is allowed to fuck and impregnate as many of his concubines aka sex-slaves as he desires. Mohammed said so.

So I guess that we can get rid of our wimminz by exporting them. (Bye-bye Chanty Binx! You will never be missed!) Sadly, that means our okay-ish and better-looking women. Which quite frankly they can have some of them - and they do, when it comes to Dubai Porta Potties and that dead-eyed Russian chick who went over there.

This brings some things to mind:

Should we really export all our slags off to the Middle East? Sell them off as concubines. Maybe even set them up in brothels that we ourselves run for the Islamic men. Might as well make hay while the sun shines.

That would leave our less-than-top-20% of men really desperate for pussy. They might turn into the same low-life scumbags who do what happens in the Middle East. (I mean, chase goats and young boys and each other. Though suicide-bombing too, come to think of it.)

Of course, we could fast-track sexbots. That would solve the humpy-humpy problem straight away.

Now, reproduction and breeding. With less wimminz, our rate of reproduction would drop. Of course, we're already below replacement levels. We should also fast-track artificial wombs.

We may actually be on to a winner here. Export our less-desirable slags to whorehouses in Islamic hot-spots. Just have to make sure to keep Islam as a whole the fuck away from our personal shores.
Note: We can completely ignore the spin-fed articles about Western wimminz birth rate climbing, etc - because "they're just choosing to have them later in life".

Utter bullshit.

A generation is 25 years. If the above is true, it is less-than-relevant. Stretching that generation to 40+ years still puts the West far behind on the reproduction curve in comparison to the rest of the world. We might be smarter, we're still being outbred - because right now the misery of breeding just isn't worthwhile.

Worse, those breeding (any wimminz of 30+ yo) or attempting to breed (because 12% of wimminz under 29yo are sterile), or 30+yo's, according to a Menken-Larsen study in 1986 (interesting that no studies have been published recently). These are not our youngest, most fertile groups of wimminz. They have a higher rate of genetic-deformity (downs syndrome etc).

Not a pretty picture for the West, and fuck the leftists and PC retards who are trying to cover up our decline.

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  1. Prostitution does exist in a few Islamic countries, it's sugarcoated as "temporary marriage".


    1. Yup. So long as one has only three wives, you're permitted a temporary one for the puroposes of prostitution. If you have four wives then no.

      This only applies when wanting to sex up a Muslima. All those in the Dar-al-Harb are free to sex up whenever you'd like without repercussions.

    2. From WikiPedia's entry on Nikah Mut'ah: "Ordinarily, sexual access rights to a female slave belongs to her slave owner as part of his property rights which cannot be shared or assigned, unless the slave is married off, in which case the slave owner loses all rights to sexual access."

      So he still owns her as a slave, though he can effectively sell her body to another for a time. No prescribed minimum or maximum duration. A sufficiently fuzzy lack-of-information which you could use to just about get around anything legal or religious.

      Sunni's call it: "A lustful act under a religious cover." It looks like that to me too - some serious religious doublethink going on there. Within Islam itself, that's a nice one.

      If a man has the $$$ he's going to be able to get his rocks off anyway. Just because it's technically forbidden doesn't stop him from finding someone who will sell their body for a few sheckels.

      It won't be some fugly if he can help it.

      I will have a bit more of a think about this lot. Doubt anything will come of it - interesting to look into though.

  2. BPS:
    Greetings Brother. Having read this, I'm 50-50 on this subject with you... The premise of 'sexual slavery' exists currently in most of the Dar al-Harb ("house of war") areas that the Muzzies are running roughshod in. (Syria, most of Africa yadda yadda) However, the Muslim scripture and suras regarding this are a 'gray area' in many respects... as 'al-Harb can also be defined as ANY area that non-believers are in... but anyways... without spinning too deeply into it... the basis of having whores and booze as a 'pressure valve' would in itself have merit... in the majority of the Middle East, if one wants to get laid, one has to have the $$$ to buy a bitch via dowry. No Money = No Honey. Simple as that...
    When I lived there, the majority of sexual release was done 'man-to-man' (as we referred to Thursday night as "Man-Love Thursday"), as Friday was the equivalent in their religion as Sunday is to the Christian faith.
    The predominant feature of Islam and its followers is a willful blindness to obvious disconnects in the dogma... i.e. homosexuality is a sin punishable by death but a suck-job between friends is cool... the use of farm animals for pleasure is also a no-no and yet I personally witnessed NUMEROUS sessions between various Iraqis and goats/mules/chickens/what have you...
    Needless to say, when the average salary of a 'serf' is only a dozen USD per month/year, the windows of opportunity between meeting the bride-price and just 'getting laid' is beyond the average serf to handle. My own thought was to empty out the Philippines of the low rent hooker districts and air-drop in the booze and whorez... that'd definately take the edge off....
    The main reason the sexual commodity of "VAGINA" being so important and so restricted in the area, ios that the elites who DO have the $$$ and derive a HUGE amount of power from having the $$$ AND The 'Honey' NEED to keep "Da Yoots" impoverished both financially AND sexually in order to provide the Islamic Hordes the foot soldiers they need to keep the pressure on the Kaffir. The primary motivator for these guys who DO blow themselves up is to get the 72 Virgins in the afterlife... although WHY you'd want 72 virgins daily is beyond me... anyone with even the smallest experience breaking new pussy in knows its for the most part a bloody nasty business....
    Anyways... Enough for now on this... hope it was food for thought.
    Big Country

    1. Hiya BigCountry, how you doing Brother? It's good to hear from someone who has walked the sand, so to speak. It's good food for thought - especially the confirmation of the religious disconnects/doublethink that goes on there...

      From what you say, the pressure-valve is the key. The bastards in power keeping their serfs in line via desperation and poverty. You say that prostitution and booze would relieve some of it, interesting idea about air-dropping in whores from the Phillippines. Though thinking about it, that would leave the Phillippines short of vagina and cause problems there.

      Maybe what we need to do is to fast-track sexbots and have the CIA/whoever slip them into the country on the sly. That would help relieve the pressure-valve and hopefully help reduce the incidents that're going on.

      It wouldn't be cheap. If we said $10k a sexbot for the early models, you'd only get 100 for $1 million. Though in my view that's better than your soldiers getting shot up. Plus it probably costs over $1 million a day military-wise too.

      I know, it wouldn't be that easy at all. Helluva lot more pressure going on than just lack of vagina. Perhaps it's starting to think down a different track, though. Somehow breaking the back of a cartel of rich people keeping people in miserable slavery might be the key to the effort - though it would be hella difficult.

      Re the 72 virgins, yeah, they don't know that it's like trying to fuck the eye of a needle. Bloody, nasty, and painful for both sides. Maybe it's a masochistic thing brought on by not having any experience of it, I dunno.