Wednesday 13 March 2013

Women Really Are Children

You just have to listen to them talking amongst themselves to learn this with a finality that will slaughter your desire to "just be friends" with them. Seriously, you will never tolerate such shit again.

Case in point as I write this: a gaggle of female fucktards at work smoko are burbling inanely about some dipshit video on youtube of "some drunk guy, like, taking 5 minutes to try and put on his jandals". This is apparently so giggle-worthy that when the ringleader started playing it - on her iCrap - they all put their heads down to watch the thing.

These are girls in the 30+ age range, not stereotypical fluff-brained teenagers. In fact I have met teenagers who aren't as fluff-brained as this lot. All that you can say about such behaviour is: "pathetic" and "sad".

This sort of thing illustrates starkly just how vapid and empty these girls lives are. Though heaven help you if you are so foolish as to expose their emptiness! They'll put you through a verbal wringer, for making them feel bad.

So. Let them be, in their empty lives of meaningless nothing. Let them be, as they gobble on like chooks about the happenings in Coronation Street and Jersey Shore and Desperate Housewives and Shortland Street. Let them be, as they dribble over drivel on television, in the newspapers, and what that bitch next door said to Sandra that night and oh boy is that cunt gonna get it next time I see her.

For all their supposed "networking" capability, for all their "social" abilities, for all their "superior" capabilities, for all the "fact" that they can have a conversation on five different levels at once... is literally all wasted on moronic shit of no meaning or worth.

So ask yourself, when you feel the urge to be a fool over a girl:

How can you possibly take this seriously?

How can you possibly fall in love with this?

How can you possibly imagine that jumping through hoops for shit is worth the effort?

How can you possibly keep your dignity when chasing shit?

Remember, this chick has probably fucked 3 different guys each year from age 15. And probably given handjobs/blowjobs/whatever to another 7 different guys each year from the same age - OR EARLIER!

All you guys who act like morons, you deserve to be fucked over by these girls whose pussies you are kissing. They know that they are shit. They will still take advantage of you when you let them. After all, you're telling them that you are worth less than shit.

Do yourself a favour: don't be afraid to tell some entitled cunt that you wouldn't fuck them with a stolen dick. Sure, you'll piss them off. So fucking what. They will be staying away from you, so your precious time won't be sucked away for their ego-gratification. Nor will your precious money.

Leave them to the really stupid bastards who don't care that they're fucking some used-up sloppy-fifties slore. Or be the type of man who fucks them then leaves them. Because all they are for is funtime. That's all they are worth, definitely not the types to be serious with.

Have your chuckles at the silliness that they come out with. Be amused by the stupidities and inanities that they expose. Treat them like the children that they are. Everything that comes out of them just exposes a little more of the black poison in their raddled and twisted souls.

This public service announcement brought to you by BlackPoisonSoul. "Ladies", you are welcome.