Wednesday 13 March 2013

What Did You Do To Earn It?

Hey cunts.

Yes, you cunts.

You cunts who have had 3 different cocks in your cunt-hole - every year since age 15.

You cunts who have had 7 more different cocks for hand-jobs, tit-jobs, blow-jobs, facial creampies, gangbangs, bukkake, threesomes, orgies, and anal sex - every year since age 15.

You cunts who fucked every sexy bad-boy that you could by the time you were 27.

You cunts that have two-three kiddies to different fathers.

You cunts that married a guy, had kiddies, divorce-raped him of half his assets, and then did your fuck-everything-in-sight eat-pray-love attempt.

You cunts with "moxie" (aka a shitty attitude towards men).

You cunts who are asking where all the good men are.

You cunts who are giving us men shit for not "manning up" and marrying you.

You cunts who expect to be supported by a man in your old age.

You cunts who nuked a perfectly good marriage.

You cunts, tell me something.

What did you do for men, to make us want to give or do anything for you?

What did you do to earn it?

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