Sunday 2 September 2018

Generational Bad Decisions

A few days ago I got to yakking with an older woman working as cashier and food-maker in a bakery. (She is an excellent endorsement for Feminaziism. Early 40's in a dead-end job, with less personal enjoyment than if she was making lunches for her family. You go girl! Meh.)

Note that I don't yak with her 'cause she's pretty. She ain't. At early-40's she's used up and gone, it's time she was dropped in the rubbish bin like a used kleenex. Which ironically isn't far from what effectively happened to her recently.

So let us talk a short walk, following this girl's family line down the "path 'o doom".

It seems that she was born of a woman back when, one of the early single mommy types (like my mother, joy joy joy! bah). Her mother obviously made bad decisions and ended up having to raise her daughter by herself. We could refer to her mother as "bad decision generation #1".

Now she, she has just broken up with her "latest partner" of 6 years. (That ole 7-year itch strikes again! Yes, she broke up with him. Why? Reasons undefined...) So a partner of 6 years, she breaks up with her latest. Obviously there was earlier partners, at least one - probably more, considering that she has a daughter just turning 20 years old.

She's never mentioned if she was divorced. I didn't ask. So I could go 50/50 for divorce or single-mommy-dom. Either way, we can refer to her as "bad decision generation #2".

So her daughter just turned 20-odd. Said daughter has just gotten pregnant to a man who "is utterly unsuitable". (BWAHAHAAHAHAHHHHH!!!! The level of dipshit unawareness is fuckin' breathtaking. Especially considering her personal history.) Sad to say, I must now refer to the daughter as "bad decision generation #3".

Some sweet thoughts. Three generations of fucking the wrong man (or wrong type of man) (or more accurately, being fucked by or parting their legs for the wrong type of men). Great stuff, yes?

It gets better. She's just lost out a bunch of money on a trip to some island that she'd arranged for her daughter's 20th birthday - because the island has Zika Virus on it. Ooooops. Can't have bubsy getting zapped by Zika Virus! But she's now out some money...she's agonizing over it, 'cause she's single and works in the hospitality industry 'cause in her early 40's she's single once more and too fuckin' useless for anything else...

Wait wait wait. Let's back up a bit here.

Her momma made massive bad decisions in her life. She made massive bad decisions in her life. Her daughter has made massive bad decisions in her life.


Can't have the baby getting hurt. That baby must be supported. And it's *important* to send dipshit daughter on a 20th birthday holiday, even though dipshit daughter's mum basically lives hand-to-mouth in the hospitality industry, and now dipshit daughter cannot go because dipshit daughter is pregnant and now she's out some money...

My mind is utterly blown by the levels of stupidity, idiocy, and doublethink exhibited.

No, no! Dipshit daughter and bubsy are important!

If that baby is another daughter, will we be referring to her as "bad decision generation #4" sometime down the line? Should we start now?

Round and round and round it goes, as we flush everything sane and sensible so far as society should be concerned with, down the shitter...

...because the completely stupid are encouraged and rewarded for having sex randomly, because they are not actively penalized for breeding indiscriminately with "totally unsuitable" mates, because the more suitable mates are then browbeaten and brainwashed into caring for other people's shit results (man up and marry that slutty single mommy with a half-dozen STDs!), because the more suitable mates are are treated like crap no matter what they do to try and support single mumsy and bubsy... it any wonder that Men look at this horseshit and mentally/emotionally check out?