Thursday 27 February 2014

The Bonsai

Pretentious stuff in response to Stingray, on Rollo's blog:

@Stingray - this is gonna be long-winded and probably will hair off into nowhere relevant, yet here goes:

I had a discussion with some F-type women once, where I stated that it seemed they (Feelers) did not trust their emotions. (This was regarding xxFx in the MBTI/Cognitive Fuctions context.) It seemed that they sought safety/reassurance from others that their feelings were in fact the correct way to go - an expression of group-/herd-think.

They said that I was 100% correct and one of them said words to the effect that she absolutely hated being apparently flighty and at the mercy of these emotions. This might be why women seem quite attracted to the strong, silent types (ISTJs especially) - they're a mountain that can't easily be moved. (One of Roissy's maxims.)

Given the anonymousness of modern city living - often well away from where they grew up - modern women are effectively cut off from the wisdom of their elders, mothers and grandmothers. Thus they have to form "bonds" with other females of their own age - females who are competition.

So where their mothers and grandmothers may once have said: "Look at X, he's actually showing signs of being a worthwhile man-to-be." These women no longer have the benefit of those years of wisdom and experience, plus now relying on their sexual/life competitors for advice as to what to do regarding boys.

Further those sexual/life competitors don't have that much experience themselves (other than with bad boys). What was once a tremendously experienced support-network has been replaced by mediocre advice from a committee who has no stake in a good outcome for their little girl. Plus the members being in direct competition - can we say "conflict of interest".

We are no longer taught that it is very much a wife’s job to help her husband stay alpha and grow in his masculinity. Yep. Because of various conditioning, women want what they want right now. Consumer culture, Princess mentality, Feminism's you can have your cake and eat it too, laziness - all contribute to this.

Women want their Alpha, fully-fledged and bred from the bone, right now.

Women these days don't want to patiently grow their own bonsai, they want it handed to them on a plate. Effortless. Totally strings-free. Never mind that it's a living, breathing organism - that the tree takes 10+ years of growth and tending simply to get started. Never mind that it also requires constant and ongoing nurturing or it will die.

It doesn't seem that women have been taught the fine art of bonsai. No matter how you twist, bend, tie, adjust the shade and light - it will grow in its own pattern. And smile gently to you, amused, as if to say: You should have expected this. Thus becoming more attractive to you because you can't bend it absolutely to your will.

There is a paradox there as well. If we do help him, he becomes more attractive to us and very often a better provider at the same time. But the fear is that if our encouragement makes him too attractive, he will leave us for a younger and more beautiful woman. It’s almost like we can dread ourselves.

Not almost like. You do dread yourselves. The existential fear of women: to be replaced by a newer model, hotter-younger-tighter-still fertile. To be left on the scrap-heap of humanity. Growing old, alone, unloved, with cats. The go-to trope of the bitter and twisted men of the Manosphere.

This used to be the job of your mothers and grandmothers: to make sure that this didn't happen. We know what happened to that support-network. We know the warped and ill-fitting crutches which have replaced it. Women have truly crippled themselves.

This fear is well-grounded these days. When the bonsai is handed over on a plate to someone with no effort or skill (no skin in the game) then it is easily mishandled or killed. Hitting with a stick won't get far, it's a tree - it'll go dormant until it either dies or the abuse stops.

There are plenty of thoughtless types who want that bonsai too: younger, hotter, tighter thoughtless types. It probably won't go to a new owner so long as it is treated well - yet women will never be able to be sure. Because they didn't tend it from its beginnings, they cannot be truly considered to be its owner.

In cases of extreme abuse, the bonsai might tend itself - and share itself amongst other prospective "owners". It being its own owner.

These "owners" don't realise that they aren't being handed the bonsai on a plate: they're being tested to determine if they are fit for purpose. There are definite hawsers attached to that "ownership" which can be triggered by a myriad of things.

Said testing may take years for those better-qualified to be an owner. The right owner may never be found. Even so the bonsai will continue to grow and thrive.
Edit: Notice the mindset of qualifying to the woman, still. Trying to find the "right one", still. Sad.

Screeching Women

When you get closer to the truth, a woman's shrieking becomes more shrill and louder. The stridency becomes enough to make your ears shut down.

As I read somewhere, your defense against this might be to think along the lines of: "Wow she is really shrill and annoying."

This might be a mistake. In ignoring this shrillness, you might be ignoring something vital. You see, she may not be trying to convince you - she may be trying to convince herself.

Perhaps you can cause that defense to collapse.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Chameleon vs Mirror

The predatory female is a chameleon, taking on the outward characteristics of the man she chooses to be with. There might be the occasional acting-out, as the outward fit doesn't sit too well with the inner woman. The camouflage is eventually shed once the prey has been finally captured and she no longer needs to dissemble further.

And maybe this is bullshit.

Maybe she's really a mirror, reflecting back what you are. Like a planet orbiting a sun, that becomes upset when her sun doesn't shine like it should. Of course, if you aren't that strong, then what's reflected isn't that strong. Plus there's nothing to say that the mirror doesn't have a few flaws as well.

A mirror needs light to bring it to life. This could explain the female truism of "just be yourself" - so that she can reflect that, instead of some weak image that isn't the inner you. This could also explain the popularity of the song "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence. Inner experience, inner demand, of the female begging the male to make something of her in his reflected greatness.

It also sheds light on why women follow the herd, fads, fashion, etc. All manifestations of trying to reflect some form of identity that they don't really have. It possibly explains feminism: envy of what men have, just by being men, and attempting to take on that identity. An attempted definition of themselves because there is no other definition available.

No mirror-woman would be truly comfortable with reflecting the weak, needy men of these days. She wants a strong light to bask in and reflect. Thus she chooses the strong light of the asshole and jerk: it's better than the other options available.

So if women are mirrors, that makes men the biggest narcissists of all. We bathe in our own reflected light.

I Don't Want Love

I want your respect, gratitude, and loyalty.

If you won't give them, fully and unreservedly, then you can fuck off.

Always remember this: I have no fear of being alone.

Blood, Sweat and Diesel

There is no One.

There are no elves, fairies, and hobbits.

There is no Harry Potter or Gandalf.

There are no unicorns that shit rainbows.

The world runs on blood, sweat, and diesel.

The sooner you women get that in your heads, the sooner you will realise that all three are fast running out.

The sooner we men get that into our heads, the sooner we will realise that women are no more than pleasant distractions - at best. Very unpleasant distractions at worst.

Fear is the Soul-Cutter

It causes mediocrity.

It stops improvement.

It stops change.

It kills the desire to be different, to improve, to be more.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Replaceability and Fear

Dont be afraid to lose or dump her. Remember:

A woman has a 469-bullet-point list of what a man must be.

A man has a 2-bullet-point list of what a woman must be: young and beautiful.

She is much easier to replace than you are. The chances are very high that you will be in another emotionally-satisfying relationship before she is.
It's a truism - out here, in the outlaw lands outside the mainstream that consists of twisted and fucked-up thought and emotions and what are laughingly called relationships - that he who cares the least in a relationship, has the power in the relationship. I'm thinking that this is an inadequate and inaccurate statement.

If you don't care about the relationship, then why are you even in it? From that you can see that it's bullshit. Unless you're in a strict fuck-buddy situation then not-caring is not-relevant. If you truly didn't give a shit then it'd just be a one-night-stand rather than a relationship.

Down this path is where jerks and assholes are bred. They so insulate themselves, because that's what they "learned", that they don't care about much. Including the girl. Which is why you have to wonder how they managed to get the relationship at all, it means so little to them.

Now, if you fear the least in the relationship - about losing the relationship - then you have power. If you don't fear driving her away, if you don't fear dumping her, if you don't fear being alone-ish until you can get another decent relationship together - then you have power.

This is where you become loving, caring, fun - and very firm in your boundaries and the limits of what you will tolerate. Call this "the caring jerk", spoken of endearingly by women.

Or perhaps something else entirely, something a step or three further.

Anger, Bitterness, and Scars

Men in the Manosphere are often accused of being bitter and angry.

Yep. Fucking oath.

We are told to get over it. (The implication being that we should just forgive and forget.)

Nope. Pull the other one.

Why not?

Why should we. As if we should listen to bullshit platitudes and mealy-mouthed self-serving advice from what are laughingly called women these days. They have no attention for anyone other than themselves. When they come out with the bullshit, we see through that to the selfishness of the underlying agenda.

Further, you women have no clue. So in the interests of giving you a clue:

• go to jail for 10+ years for a crime that you did not commit

• when you come out of jail, describe: how you feel, think, speak, and react to others

• share your thoughts on all that was taken from you

• work out how you are going to get back your lost time

My anger, bitterness, and scars were frivolously gifted to me in return for the crime of lavishing 10+ years of my life on another. For extra insult I have had to endure what in retrospect has been 3.5 years of drawn-out divorce crap without a moment's respite to begin the process of healing. Another death by a thousand tiny cuts, rubbed into my face on a daily basis - thankfully I'm towards the end of that particular tunnel. Thankfully there were no children involved in that wringer.

Don't you dare be either consoling or condescending. All that you expose by doing so is your pathetic lack of empathy, selfish agenda, and greediness. These bring forth my scorn.

Monday 24 February 2014

The Sexes Showing Love

Men show their love by what they do for their wife. Building the Taj Mahal, for instance.

Women show their love by what they sacrifice for their husband. Making a family, for instance.

Feminism denigrates and sneers at what men do. Feminism teaches women to be selfish and never to sacrifice.

Feminism therefore shits all over the best of both sexes.

It is no wonder that modern men don't have any motivation to do things. Every time they do something, feminism has taught all women to reflexively shit all over it.

It is no wonder that modern women are so screwed up when it comes to dating. Every time they think and talk about marriage and parenthood, feminism has taught all women to reflexively shit all over it.

A mindset of hatred. Habitual, reflexive, ingrained into all women from a young age.

Men, not understanding why women hate and spit upon them - shake their heads in disbelief. They try harder - get more hatred and spitting - then walk away. While the men may not understand why, they do understand that there is no point to continuing doing anything for the ungrateful and uninterested.

There will be no more Taj Mahal's for women. There will be no homes made for women and their children. They will have to make their own homes. They will have to raise their children alone. Probably a good thing, given the types of men that women are breeding with.

Bitterness in the mouths of both sexes.
Woman: Men should forgive and forget. Not all women are like that. I am not like that. Believe me!

Man: No.

Woman: What? But I love you! Children! Marriage!

Man: No.

Woman: Why not? *blubbering*

Man: We have seen your promises broken. No.

Woman: Butbutbut- it's the truth! I will sign anything! Anything! *tears flowing*

Man: We have seen your contracts broken. Repeatedly.

Woman: I will not do that! I swear it! *more tears*

Man: We do not care about your words. They lie. Your actions are truth. One broken contract for every two men. Many men who don't have a broken contract are unhappy because the contract has been twisted away from its spirit to favor the woman's selfish desires. They are worthless because your word is worthless. Because your word is worthless you are worthless.

Woman: *breaks down crying* I have changed! I am not like that! Why won't you loooooove meeeeeee!

Man: *shakes his head at her ungrateful, manipulative selfishness and walks away to do his own thing*
And thus, civilization comes to pieces around our ears. The prudent man no longer believes a word of what women say. Women stridently tell us that we should man up. Nah, forget that noise - it's just another manipulative woman trying to get something out of you. There is nobody worthwhile to provide for. There is nothing to strive for. Only ashes, dust, a lingering bitter taste, mixed salt and bile.

Men are coming to know woman now. Her nature has changed from yesteryear. Once selfless, loving, nurturing - now selfish, greedy, deceitful. Though perhaps that was how it always was, simply held in check by marriage contracts that were ruthlessly enforced. Now they are not.

Will men "man up"? Why should/would they? When the most solemn and binding contract of a life can and is broken at a whim, there is no need for a man to waste his time and effort. It will be breached, in spirit if not outright, covertly or overtly shattered and overturned.

There is no place to go and find a woman who is not like this. All places favor women. No places favor men. The degree is all that is different.

There is no need to do more than enough to cover your own bare minimum comforts and interests. A long retirement, with the joys of children and grandchildren? Denied to at least half of men. Simply take care of yourself. It's all that men have now, ourselves are all that we can rely upon.

At the end of your life - when feeble - you might wanna take the Smith and Wesson retirement plan. There is nobody else to take care of you in your old age. You might as well do it yourself before you become too feeble and you're left without dignity in a wasted and drooling body for ten years, a burden upon all.

Insane Female Paradoxes

• get pissed off when men are clingy
• get pissed off when men need to be alone


• get pissed off when women are clingy
• get pissed off when women won't leave you alone

Note that the second pair, women being clingy and not leaving you alone, are the same thing. The first pair are different behaviours rooted in different mindsets: disgust at male clinginess, and clinginess stemming from female insecurity.

An unwinnable situation for the man. I'm tempted to say: By women's conscious design.

Your only option is to walk away for good. In the end, her behaviour is calculated to do just that. One of two situations will occur:

• She will not realise what she has driven away. Only the most truly stupid and narcissistic.

• She will realise what she has driven away: "Oh! He's walked away!"

She might even regret it and try to drag you back. Too late. One chance only.

Her actions speak louder than words. If she's trying to tool you around or push you away, then she will always attempt the same in the future. It's a mental psychosis, a pattern, with her.

Only a fool will allow it in his life - only a double-fool will attempt to "cure" it. You're not paid to do that, you're not trained to do that. So you're wasting your time and effort attempting to fix someone who gets a great deal of joy from being broken. One who has been broken almost all her life.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Final PostSecret?

I think that this is the last one that I'm going to do. The reason: I'm actually getting kinda bored with it. You can only say the same thing over and over a limited number of times before even you start yawning at the banality and same-same of it all.

Like a greedy pig, you just...give up eventually. Eventually you realise that you're just not gonna fill that empty place. (Unless you kill yourself trying of course.)

Well, let's begin with the disordered souls:

Eating disorders. Food ad-nauseum. A twisted self-loathing within the soul that manifests itself as a disease of the mind. It is a pity that fatness isn't recognised as a disease of the mind also, a self-loathing that manifests in the physical world from the sick desire to die (from overeating).

Someone chastising his woman. Only partway there: once he's fully-there he'll realise that he should do the deciding. If she refuses to go along: dump her and find another.

First penis envy (feminists sour grapes) and now ball-envoy. We can implant some for you, you transsexual you.

Girl wanting to be a part of the herd. Too stupid to realise that true freedom is outside the herd, or being part of the harem of a man outside the herd.

Sad when a woman's mind and instincts are at war with each other. Take my advice: shit on feminism and become a full-on raving "traditional" woman. Your instincts (under control) won't give you as many regrets as following feminism will.

Ah well. These days I seem to be seeing the weak spots in women's souls. I should just strike those weak spots, instead of wasting my time swearing at them. Stick a knife in the soul and twist, in a plausibly-deniable manner.

After all, that's what women do.


An observation earlier today about a bulimic girl who has baby rabies - at age 32: No amount of children are gonna fill the hole where your soul should be, girl

Saturday 22 February 2014

Friday 21 February 2014

Damn Fool Relapse

Well, there it is. Having a beer with a mate, a pretty girl starts talking to me.

When I say pretty, I mean about a 7 - NZ girls aren't the hottest in the world.

She's not really that interesting, tosses me a few IOI's. The interaction is going well. I head off to the loo and thinking while tinkling. I realise that I've reverted to Beta supplicating bullshit coupled with a bit of PUA mindset.

Fuck my life. Disgusted with myself.

Done, head back, tell my mate that I'm off and give her a farewell nod (more supplication, grief). I think that she might have been a little stunned/surprised, not sure. Was too pissed off with myself to pay much attention. If my mate gets her, more power to him.

So, 44 years of conditioning, still going fucking strong. Some 2+ years of reprogramming still hasn't gotten all that bullshit outta my head yet. By far.

Every now and then you're gonna slip. When you realise that you've slipped, well, that's the dumbass bullshit moment that makes you cringe inside.

When you thought you were doing well,can see the light at the end of the tunnel, fuuuuck.

Where Are All The Good Women

I have been thinking about the age-old complaining refrain of: Where are all the good men? (This was triggered by a typical written piece where a woman whinges about where are all the good men. News sites, typical drivel, humph. Not worth linking to.)

The reverse suddenly struck me: Where are all the good women?

At first glance this sounds dumb as fuck. I mean, we hear women whinging about everything in life. Work, men, fashion, men, the cost of stuff, men, ad nauseum. There are no good women. The average girl might look like a dream, be gracious on the street, be whorish in bed, and all. Yet after 15+ years riding the cock carousel - pushing out another man's illegitimate baby - getting frivorced (sometimes twice) - you can't really consider them to be good women.

So, are there none at all?

For years, where are all the good men. The answer is simple: married, in a relationship, or not interested in you. Especially if you have kids. The average Nice Guy™ man is invisible to women. Also, these days, we have been so beaten on by women that we will no longer go out there and look for the type of woman we want.

Yet where are the good women?

If she is:

• independent (you sure of that? very few women actually make something of worth, the rest is make-work bullshit - often funded by the government)

• strong (has a bad attitude a mile wide, along with an entitled princess attitude that sets the teeth on edge)

• career-driven (has no time for a boyfriend, kids, or even herself)

• has standards (mostly inane and laughably stupid)

These are not the traits of a good woman.

These are the traits of a selfish woman who wants to do whatever she wants, with the expectation of being able to have everything handed to her on a plate. This makes her lazy and uninterested in doing anything to move the process along of finding a man. The whining comes from not getting what she wants at every moment of the day.

She typically has sex with multiple men in her life, the "hot" ones who are effectively the dregs of society. Once she gets no more "hot" guy interest she will be very choosy in settling with the best average guy that she can attract. Actually we can't blame her being very choosy for her last throw of the dice - make the best of what you got, chicky-babe.

Once she gets bored she frivorces (again?), lives it up for a bit, and finds another average guy - if lucky. If not: cats and misery.

There seem to be a lot of shitty women out there. All trying to pass themselves off as good women, when any man with a gram of sense knows that they're nothing more than sex-objects. It's all they know and have been and are good for, they know nothing about being a true woman and wife and mother and raising children properly.

So where are the good women? Are they truly that thin upon the ground?

Let's look at it like they are men. They are: married, in a relationship, or not interested in us. Drowned out in the noise. Lost in the sea of sluttiness. To the point that they are invisible to us also. Or too entitled (read: lazy) to step out there and actively go look for the type of man she wants.

An interesting thought-experiment, with perhaps some truth behind it.

Thursday 20 February 2014

Three Jobs For A Man's Life

Every man needs to have three jobs in his life. They are the basics of what will make him happy.

• one to put the food on the table - you gotta eat

• one that is a side-business that you putter around in - try to build it to a real business

• pumping iron - stay in the best shape possible

Yes you gotta eat. It's a requirement neh. Let's be honest though, most jobs - especially corporate ones - are a soul sucking bunch of nothing. Literally most times you could be replaced by a monkey. Further, moving up is impossible: the Baby Boomers are hanging on to their position with a death-grip. No surprise, they pissed away their parents and their own wealth. Now they're stuck with working until they die. Sucks for us younger ones though.

The side-business: this is the good one. It might take several tries to get one that actually grows into a real business. Keep it up, or try another. If it succeeds then you will start making serious bucks. Don't fall into the trap of "doing what you love and the money will follow" - most things won't make enough money to be worth the effort. Also be wary of "businesses" that rely on your time: you've just created yourself a captive job. Don't flat-out buy an existing business: there's a reason it's being sold.

Stay in shape. Stay in shape. Stay in shape. I cannot emphasise this enough. Stay in shape.

We men in the Manosphere give women shit for getting fat and out of shape. We say that it shows an utter lack of consideration for men, an arrogance, a take it or leave it nasty attitude. All of these are true, just look at the fat bitchy women with thin and/or athletic men. It's infuriating to have a landwhale hit on you, as if they really think that they have any chance.

The reverse is also true: if we want slim, healthy, shapely women then we must be in shape as well. Otherwise we are exhibiting our own arrogance, our own double-standard, our own do as I say not as I do. Brass tacks time: we owe these women that we are fucking, that we are having a good time with, the basic decent consideration of giving them a man to be proud of. To enjoy hanging off the arm of. To enjoy having between her legs.

Sure a short, fat, ugly guy can attract good-looking women and get laid when he's got Game. He'll probably find it easier if he were in shape, plus he's showing the woman the basic respect of being the best that he can physically be. This might be a part of why jerks get the girls: they're often well-built. 

We give fat women shit for hitting on us, as if they have a chance. Yet we don't make the common sense connect that beautiful women feel much the same when some slob hits on them. It's no wonder that they become bitchy: it's a natural defense-mechanism.

He. He. He. The folly of humanity, to get stuck in our own heads. Do try to rise above that shit and look around. It's actually sometimes worth trying to look through a woman's eyes - in small doses. The view might be surprising.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Google Glass Is For The Antisocial

I hear that Google has gone to the drastic step of publishing guidelines for the appropriate  wearing and use of Google Glass. From the Google Explorers website, here is the list of don'ts:

Glass-out. Glass was built for short bursts of information and interactions that allow you to quickly get back to doing the other things you love. If you find yourself staring off into the prism for long periods of time you’re probably looking pretty weird to the people around you. So don’t read War and Peace on Glass. Things like that are better done on bigger screens.

Hmmm. No duh.

Rock Glass while doing high-impact sports. Glass is a piece of technology, so use common sense. Water skiing, bull riding or cage fighting with Glass are probably not good ideas.

Hmmm. No duh.

Wear it and expect to be ignored. Let’s face it, you’re gonna get some questions. Be patient and explain that Glass has a lot of the same features as a mobile phone (camera, maps, email, etc.). Also, develop your own etiquette. If you’re worried about someone interrupting that romantic dinner at a nice restaurant with a question about Glass, just take it off and put it around the back of your neck or in your bag.

Hmmm. No duh.

Be creepy or rude (aka, a “Glasshole”). Respect others and if they have questions about Glass don’t get snappy. Be polite and explain what Glass does and remember, a quick demo can go a long way. In places where cell phone cameras aren’t allowed, the same rules will apply to Glass. If you’re asked to turn your phone off, turn Glass off as well. Breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass and will ruin it for other Explorers.

Hmmm. No duh.

Overall impression (from this list of don'ts): Fucking duh, people. Who are these high-functioning morons you're giving this chunk of tech to. Every single one of these things in this list have been specifically mentioned because several of their "ambassador" retards have done it. 'Spose we'd best have a look at each.

Glass-out. Like zoning out. Yeh that's fuckin' weird, what're you on. They also have to be told to use more appropriate technology. The "duh" is becoming redundant.

"Rock Glass." Google, you should be ashamed of using that terminology. I can only assume that some moronic and/or inexperienced marketing drone thought that one up - like the moron who did the Obamacare advertising. It's way too try-hard and sounds. So. Fucking. Old. Duh!

Well, let's continue. Don't wear it while doing high-impact sports. They even say "use common sense". This shows that some of the people who use this technology are retarded to a degree that you would have thought was impossible. Types who do brilliant things like high-diving or record free-dives with things like Mickey-Mouse watches and cheap cellphones and expect them to keep on working. Duh!

Expecting to be ignored...expecting to be ignored?! Would a bunch of guys done up like Blue Man Group walk into a bar and expect to be ignored? The cognitive dissonance and denial from some people is astounding. These people are ambassadors for Google Glass and are truly expecting to be ignored? Duh!

Don't be creepy or rude.
Oh my, I bust something. Plus, the duh-o-meter has shattered. Let's continue, try to ignore my howling laughs of derision.

This has to be the most farcical part of this list. The people who are touting their technology are having to explain to their ambassadors that they need to be polite and considerate of others. Also to be willing to do a quick demo if needed. Their ambassadors are so socially adept and capable of thought that they need to be taught all of this.

Fuck, I broke the sarcasm-o-meter.

While I don't do tech reviews on this blog, I am doing one in this case simply for the laughs at the retarded level of social ability that Google and it's Explorers are displaying. When you have to explicitly tell the users what is and isn't socially-appropriate use of your technology, you have definitely scraped the bottom of the barrel.

So here's my verdict on this piece of technology. For in-the-field military, construction, repair and maintenance work, warehouse inventory: invaluable technology. I can imagine HUD overlays for maps, plans, etc will all be useful. For general civilian use: stillborn technology. A cellphone, Navman GPS, tablet, etc are better-suited for civilians in general situations.

I once read a Luddites piece on "the one man in the world who didn't have Google Glass" and who felt so disconnected and incompetent, while everyone around him was super-connected and super-capable. Just because of Glass some random bystanders could perform emergency triage surgery at an accident, leaving him feeling even less-competent.


You know what'll happen: some fucker will come out with a Tinder app for Glass so that people will be able to hookup more easily. You'll be able to Google- and Facebook-stalk that random person in the bar you just met. When you run out of something to say on a date you can get a quick list of the current "hot" conversational topics.

What a worthy use for high-end technology. Bah. Develop a personality and interests and truly learn something.

While it might actually catch on as a fad amongst the general civilian population - people on the whole can be surprisingly sheeplike - I'm not putting money on it happening.

Man Stuff

Late night sleeplessness again. Funny, last night could semi-sleep through the heat and sweats. Tonight not so much.

Got to thinking about my youth, back when I hunted with a bow. Technically a recurve - this one. I bought it with my own money from working (12yo child labour haa!), hand-made special for me. Cost me a shitload at the time - this was back when money was actually worth something in New Zealand.

Probably break if I tried to string it.

Hand-painted camo pattern in black and brown.

Moulded grip.

Note the arrow-rest and black back, didn't bother with the camo brown on this side of things.

Hunted with this thing, killed stuff. Ate what I killed, tanned the hide and used it. Got bowslap many, many times!

Never had a gun, my mother would have freaked if I'd turned up with one or asked for one. This was "barely tolerable". Heh. What else can a kid with a dad in jail get his hands on.

Well, hell. Got to thinking about this again after reading C M Sturges and dannyfrom504 about guns and such things. I feel a large gap in my youthful education - I was an underprivileged kid. Had to drag myself out of the gutter into upper-middle-class, was nobody to act as a good role-model. Would have been real easy to go criminal, where I grew up was practically rural-gang-central.

Got an urge to see this baby strung again. My old aluminium arrows are long-sold, home-fletched broadheads and all. Though these days you can probably buy better in just about any hunting store.

Once I get back from a trip in a couple months - time to learn about guns. Maybe back into this again too, tho not enthused. The Hunger Games, lots of me-too wannabe's out there.

I hate posers. Be real.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Why You Must Refuse The Friendzone

Never let yourself be friendzoned. Here is why (explained in ordinary Joe guy terms):

• having romantic feelings for a person
• wanting to have a romantic relationship with them
• feeling disappointed when all you get is platonic friendship


So, being a friend is a consolation prize for failure. So then you are supposed to put yourself through the process of seeing someone, being around them, and not being able to act on your feelings for them.

You ain't in it to be "just her friend", you want the whole enchilada, the motherfucking works. With extra pickles, double-cheese and goddamn fries. Supersize that cunt. And then you want to destroy that cunt with a major motherfucking reaming that leaves her a quivering mess of panting and crying pleasure.

Instead she offers you the "consolation prize" of being around her so that all those shitty feelings of wanting and rejection are constantly going to be dragged up over and over on a daily basis. Forcing you to deal with that shit again and again every time you see her.

Fuck that shit. REFUSE to be friendzoned. REFUSE to be crushed emotionally on an ongoing basis by this girl. REFUSE to shit on your own dignity.

Let us be blunt about this. You know what you want, you know you want it with her - not having it and being constantly reminded that you don't have it and cannot have it is a giant motherfucking shit-raping bummer.

Any girl who offers you this crap consolation prize is a selfish cunt without empathy. Additionally she's probably going to use you for as many favors as possible. Because she can, because she's emotionally twisted that way, because she's a user, because she's a manipulator, because she's a malicious and greedy bitch.

Be a man. Refuse that friendzone. Refuse to be used as an emotional tampon. Refuse to be the workhorse. Refuse to do shit for her, be a sounding-board for her, etc. Refuse to waste one second of your precious life in doing anything for her.

Perhaps the word will get around that you essentially told her to shove her bullshit friendship up her ass. When a man acts like a man it intrigues the girls - and that can't be bad.

This Public Service Announcement brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, Fuck That Noise™, Grow A Pair™, and Avoid The Suck™.

What Makes Men Attractive

Even if a man doesn't have any interest in women or sex or reproducing, what makes him a sexy object to women are things that will make his life awesome as an individual. Things like:

Physical fitness
Admiration from others

Hang on. Objectification?!

Objectification is baaaad! Waaaaaa!

Oh wait. Not if you're a woman who is rubbing one out to the image of Dave Beckham. Objectification only matters if it's a man doing it to a woman, not vice versa.

He. He. He.

I enjoy when I'm objectified by women. They realise that I have money, they see that I'm self-sufficient, they see that I have the respect and admiration of others, they see my physical fitness. I am a sexy beast.

Can't touch that, girls. That's for my use, not yours. Just like my time and sweat are for my benefit.

All men should become sexy beasts. Make the effort to make your life awesome.

Avoid Single and Divorced Moms

I ran across this, it's entirely true - decided that it was worth putting out as an example of exceptionally good advice:

The Rough Guide To Single Moms

In my experience this dynamic is 100% in play all the time. Single mommies just can't cope. With anything.

My theory is that it's because becoming a mommy wasn't a priority in their lives, so they never thought about and learned the actual logistics of doing it. At this point they suddenly realise that they *do* need a man - any man will do - to help and provide for her and her little womb-turd(s).

Divorced moms with kiddies have a similar though slightly different dynamic: once they're single they suddenly realise that they have to do it *all*. While they can sponge monetarily off ex-hubby, if he has the slightest spine at all he'll tell her to go to hell if she starts asking for stuff to be done. (I have personally seen an ex-hubby ordered around by his ex, doing shit for her, car and house maintenance, paying for bills, etc. Sackless fucker. The memory still makes my balls shrivel and climb up into my body-cavity.)

She can only call upon her list of friend-helpers to a limited degree - eventually the answer becomes "fuck off". Family is more tolerant, assuming that they live nearby. So she'll try to snag another man fairly soon, with all the wiles that she can manage. Don't be fooled. This is another predator after your time, money, and energy.

Many state that the hubby was "abusive" - a nebulous word that can mean a great number of actually-minor things. Another ploy to pull on your heartstrings. Unless she's been through a domestic violence center and been relocated to another part of the country: this is utter bullshit.

You might wonder if the friend-helpers network is bullshit. Nope. Saw it with my own eyes, one of my early LTRs. So-and-so is going on a date, let's babysit for her. She needs her fence fixed, the roof looked at, etc. Eventually you click and cut that dynamic off - or just end the LTR. The latter is easiest on both your ears and sanity.

This all said, you can get a few months of damn-hot insane sex from single/divorced mommies. They're desperate for a new man to leech off, quite willing to do nearly anything - for a time. They know that the only thing they bring to the relationship is their pussy and will use it ruthlessly. Just remember: once you're snared, the dynamic changes tremendously and you get much less sex and time to enjoy yourself.

Your time is valuable. Be careful of how you use it. Don't let any leeches try to suck it away.

Monday 17 February 2014

Pedophiles in Power

First up: this was happening in the early 1980's. This news release was back in December 2013, almost surreal.

So, back in the early 1980's the good old Brit government supported a group who lobbied for the minimum age of consent to be lowered to 4yo. Actually lobbied for it. You can read the goss in the linked article - it's quite enlightening. Power has its privileges, including the privilege of having certain inconvenient things swept under the rug.

A while back, I looked up the old ages of consent. They used to be 10yo, or 7yo if you were married. This is across the world and varied a bit - go have a google search, it's interesting. You might even find the picture of the preggers 10yo prostitute from Victorian times.

In those days life was harder, you did what you had to do to survive. These days we coddle our children, wrap them in cotton-wool. And then you see the above bit of nastiness.

This sort of thing seriously makes me want to laugh. Enjoy the poison in our world!

Sunday 16 February 2014

PostSecret Poison Commentary

I should probably organise the names of these things better. What the hell, I'm not really that bothered. Here, let it begin:

This one's gonna cheat soonish.
Secret internet fatty alert.
Groupie band member pining for the Alpha who ignores her.
Beta - stop with the pedestal, maggot.
This one's gonna cheat soon too. I'll happily be your massage therapist.
Bitching about her Alpha. I hope he didn't make any acknowledgement.
Creepy creepy fetishist.
Pink Floyd - The Wall.
Asian chicks are hot, you are not.
Screwed up mentally, punishing her ex-Alpha by cutting off her hair. Brain-damaged to the extreme.
Pining for her Alpha. The photo is disturbingly appropriate - I wonder if she has the honesty to admit that.
You're afraid of still being a slut? But you never changed.

Women Are Special

Ready for it?

Women are special only when they love you.

When they no longer have those feelings for you, then they are no longer special.

Tattoo that on your motherfuckin' soul. So you REMEMBER it and conduct yourself accordingly.

Saturday 15 February 2014

How I Got Here

A little reflection, it being 2am in New Zealand. Remembering how I got here into the Manosphere.

Two years ago, I was intro'd to Roissey - the earlier incarnation of Heartiste at Chateau Heartiste. At the time I was exploring my mind on a psychology forum, one of the members sensed that I was ready for the Red Pill.

From trying to figure out my own self to figuring out women. He. He. He. It made a hell of a lot more sense and helped explain why my marriage had broken up.

Here is a big fuck you for society, fuck you and your lies and bullshit.
Though there's no real venom behind this finger. I don't really care enough to give much of a shit any more. It is what it is, getting pissed off at society is like swearing and cursing the moon: ultimately futile and pointless and ineffective.

At any rate, I chanced across Rollo Thomassi on The Rational Male. Captain Capitalism. The blog known as No Ma'am. And, more recently, Return of Kings. All of these I still visit, even though (in my opinion) the quality of Chateau Heartiste has declined somewhat since the old Roissey got married and retired. The old posts are still there, still pure gold.

A rollercoaster ride, still with its ups and downs, life goes on and improves and the ride smooths. Little projects - like this blog - get spawned, grow, die, or continue to lead a small life of their own. I continue to delude myself that this small voice has the occasional worthwhile idea to pass on to others.

Unlike others, I never really pinned my self-worth on the number of notches racked up. So the whole PUA lifestyle thing kind of passed me by, even though I dabbled in it a bit. It never sat well with me, jumping through the hoops of another's devising - playing the dancing clown - just to bust a nut in a hot chick.

Once I realised how mentally-damaged even ordinary girls are: that kind of destroyed the desire to chase 'em much. What I do these days is reflexive teasing, pull-push, without the intention to actually close. It probably pisses them off and drives them nuts. Hell, they probably wonder if I'm gay or something.

Burned out by hanging around too many damaged girls, I reckon. Which has literally been all of them here in NZ.

The western world, destroying itself, like ouroboros eating its own tail. Sit in the sun on my deck, walking down the beach on a sunny day, or leaning at the side of the bar - having a sip while enjoying the view. Detached, uncaring about others, doing stuff only for myself.

Not for me the outer shell of confidence slipped on by the PUA. For me, the rock-hard unshakeable confidence of the man who has achieved. Who is actual stone and steel to the icy-cold bones, rather than a crabshell hiding soft vulnerability within. Who truly thinks of himself first, with women being a secondary thing that can be replaced as desired.

Wondering when the world will crack, come down in pieces, go up in flames. When the egg at the center of society will shatter, split open, reveal the dead fetus to all and sundry. Watch as all the retards continue to deny the final and obvious truth, ignoring the blood of the beast on the pole, ignoring the crazed reflections from the shattered mirror that they're admiring themselves in.

When it does I'll have a little smile and lift my glass to it all.

Then - who knows? - I might go for a wander, explore this destroyed and fractured mess of a planet. There are many beautiful things to see. There are many beautiful girls to tease the fuck out of. Their beauty is another commodity, if you have the means to pay for it. Who cares if it fades?

There'll always be another.

What to do with my time in the interim. I think another business. I built one once, still own part of it. The structure was all wrong for anything to grow truly large, something that I've come to realise. Thankfully it's not the type of business to consume your entire life, weekends and all. Though that was pure luck. I pity the poor fools who basically turned self-employment into a 24/7/365 job that they can't get out of.

It's after 3am. Time to post, time to sleep, time to wake up and think and look for somebody's need. Objective: to fulfill it.

I'll be around.

Thursday 13 February 2014

Valentines Day Once More

Surprisingly, after a year I'm still writing random thoughts on this blog. I hadn't expected another Valentines Day to roll around. In that time I've posted an average of once every two days.


Well, it's vayjayjayday again. It tends to bring out the worst in me, thanks to the giant shit-test that it is. Add the marketing hype around it and that it's an American tradition, all I feel like doing is a giant raspberry. I think its time to put up a few naughty Valentines messages.

"She says she wants a pearl necklace for Valentines Day. Dunno why she asked special, she gets that every day."

"She shaved her head as a present for herself for Valentines Day. I got her a leash and collar as a present for myself."

"Nothing says 'I love you' like saturated fat and slutty lingerie."

"She says she wants chocolates. I'm getting her vegetables."

"If I don't get a good night in, I'll find another girl."

"Sex on the beach. A fantastic Valentines gift for summertime New Zealand."

"Natural tits are the best."

A couple of non-valentines just for the hell of it:

"Twinkle twinkle little tart, I can't decide just where to start."

"Then Little Red Riding Hood said: 'Oh goody! Once you've eaten me, do me doggy-style!'"

Women Love Freedom

The old adage: money is evil. An adage foisted by those in power upon the masses, designed to keep them subservient and under control.

Let's have a little fun with this, since it is fairly well-known that men with money attract Golddiggers™ like shit attracts flies.

The love of money is the root of all evil. Not money itself. Money is just a medium of exchange and a means of keeping value for emergencies. Like when the damn refrigerator blows it's guts and you need a new one. You gotta keep some around, both for emergencies or to take advantage of opportunities that might suddenly appear.

Money equals freedom. Freedom to do as you wish, when you wish, with whoever you wish: so long as you have enough money to pay for it. Just look at the movie "Indecent Proposal" for an example.

Women want freedom. With a passion. Freedom is release from the drudgery and tedium of their lives. Freedom is experiences that not 1% of women will ever know. They really lust for that freedom and the status and power granted by that freedom. The power to lord it over other women of lesser status and freedom.

For women, lust equates to love. Thus they will chase it - freedom/money - ad-nauseum. It's said that women are always looking to "trade up" their man. Yes indeed. A large amount of that looking to trade-up is for a higher amount of freedom.

Therefore, because of a lust for freedom, which translates to a lust for money, women are evil.

Or perhaps they are simply women.

This might be why feminism made such huge inroads into the female mindset. Freedom for your own experiences! You don't need no stinking man to hold you back, you can have your freedom and enjoy it too! Big daddy government will help you and keep you going if things should go wrong.

Until it all goes flop, of course.

Depending how it goes flop, women might start desiring the freedom of a little oppression. Nothing like a guaranteed paycheck to free you from the spectre of starving to death. At least they'd be selling their body to be a housewife and mother - better that than a whore down the corner of the street.

Back to the kitchen, woman. It's freedom for you, more than it is for me. Don't even think of trying to break that contract known as "marriage": bad faith has the consequence of less freedom and working until you die.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Award Winning Barista

Think about this for a moment. Award-Winning Barista.

Is this a symptom of our social times? It seems to be. A preoccupation with "culture", with luxury, with decadence.

When I saw a sign recently - Award-Winning Barista inside - it struck me. There is a stereotype that many women get useless degrees (liberal arts), cannot get any work of note, and eventually become a Barista.

In Italy a Barista is effectively a bartender. They serve hot drinks (coffee, espresso, latte) and cold drinks (alcohol). These days in the Western world they're simply makers of coffee and variations.

Yes, it's considered an art-form. The proper bean selection, grinding, tamping, brewing with just the right amount of water - can result in a brew that ranges from watery to strong, either extreme being undrinkable. In the middle is the sweet spot as it were, when the brew is just right. Humidity changes things also. Properly-frothed milk can be used to create patterns on the surface of the coffee.

Now step back and look at this from a distance. In what sane world does a person who spends tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on an education become reduced to effectively serving beverages in a bar? No matter how "beautiful" the patterns on the surface, it's still nothing more than an ephemeral thing.

Obviously for this to happen then that education must be Worthless™. Yet these people still willingly take this education, despite many examples around them of its complete worthlessness. They continue in denial as to the consequences of their choices.

This shows a breathtaking denial of reality and sense. A coffee-maker with tens to hundreds of thousands dollars debt, what is the realistic chances of paying that off. There is obviously no return of that lost time, either.

The initial stupidity is breathtaking.

These people continue to live and act as though they are the pinnacle of achievement. As though they should be looked up to as a shining example of what others should strive to become. They call themselves strong, empowered, educated, and intelligent.

The continuing stupidity is breathtaking.

In the end you can only shake your head at the stupidity, look in wonder at the continuing wilful plugging and swallowing of lies, marvel at the poison of our times.

I'd say "go back into the kitchen" - yet amazingly, they are already there. They simply ignore this plain reality. Another marvel of denial.

Which brings on another oddball thought: girls in the hospitality industry. They get so many "thirsty" men hitting on them that they must become completely immune to them. I've certainly never thought of them as more than servers, don't even think of them as being someone to hit on. Probably because I consider them to be of low personal worth.

They don't make anything. All they do is like a Barista: serve food and drinks and clean up messy tables. Highly worthwhile work for highly worthwhile people, in a world where those who produce things of real lasting worth to others are the ones who actually become rich.

Their only use in life is to look pretty, smile, and entice others to spend their money. They do it only for money, for a greedy and grasping boss, spending long hours (often at odd times of day and night) for a relative pittance. Effectively they do housework - without even the real satisfaction of doing these things for someone who cares for them, without the satisfaction of providing for their own flesh-and-blood children.

People are peculiar. In some way, I can almost have compassion for how they have to actively twist the reality of their lives and wrap their minds in delusions.

Do otherwise and their souls would shrivel and die, flayed by the pressures of reality and the inner gnawing of their uselessness.