Wednesday 28 November 2018

Forget Why

Why is irrelevant.

Do you get that? Completely irrelevant.

There is no rational why.

I remember back to the ending "conversation" with my last girl, must be close to three years ago now. ("Conversation" hah! She turned up at an awkward time of night, barged in, and was basically being a self-centered bitch on the whole instead of leaving me alone when I made it clear that I wasn't interested any more.)

I got her the hell out of my home in the guise of "dropping her off to her hotel". She asks if she'll be seeing me again.

Me: No.

Her: Why not?

Me: I don't want to.

Her: Finish that sentence! (A quite loud'n'clear self-centered "I am entitled to know why!")

Me: I don't want to see you again. (Yeah, it's a total lack of interest, now stay the fuck away.)

Her face scrunches up and she heads away to her room, probably because I shattered her heart'n'soul. I leave, not caring at all.

Yes, teh wimminz would call me a fuckin' psychopath. Given what she did to me, there was no interest left on my side. That is my "why" for treating her like that.

Yet still. There is no "why" in life.

There is only: I want to X/I don't want to X.

I want to see you again. I don't want to see you again.

I want to fuck you again. I don't want to fuck you again.

I want to read that book again. I don't want to read that book again.

I want to see that movie again. I don't want to see that movie again.

I want to continue hanging around those people. I don't want to continue hanging around those people.

Why? I can come up with a million "reasons" for "why". They're not relevant. Not really. The "why" is just the brain attempting to provide a rational reason of some type. A rational reason for an internal emotional reaction.

Essentially it boils down to: I want to / I don't want to. The rest of the palaver is just social self-justification and face-saving.

In the guts of it, the want-to/don't-want-to is an emotional inner reaction, not something intellectually reasoned out. Not in the guts of it.

She wants to fuck you. She doesn't want to fuck you.

She wants to fuck you again. She doesn't want to fuck you again.

Why do you care why? Why do you want to know why?

Forget why. There is no why. There is only a gut-basic reaction, a feeling, of: "I want to / I don't want to".

She wants a boyfriend. She doesn't want a boyfriend.

She wants to be married. She doesn't want to be married.

She wants to be married to you. She doesn't want to be married to you.

She wants to part her legs for you. She doesn't want to part her legs for you.

Even when the basic "I don't want to" shatters her/your soul. And you, or her, start going down down down the rabbit-hole of emotional turmoil and horseshit.

>>>> Why?!?!?!!!! <<<< Add insistent whiny brat emotional crap as appropriate. You and/or her both.

There is no why. Down at the core, it just fucking is.

Make me want to, rather than not want to. Teh wimminz, leftists, femiwhores, the unwashed mass of generally shitty people on the whole, will never truly grasp that. Make me want to, rather than not want to.

Being a complete cunt is not making me want to X. It makes me not want to X. Fill in the X with whatever is appropriate.

Summertime in New Zealand. I'm starting to do more outdoor stuff.

Why? I want to. There may be many "reasons". They all boil down to: I want to.

Deep down in the guts of it. It's an emotional thing. There's no real reason as such for it. That's why.

Sunday 4 November 2018

You Talk Too Much - TGI Friday Edition

Most times something interesting comes out of our TGI Friday. (Guns, wimminz, hunting, customers, archery, bikes, camping, surfing, life - all sorts of stuff that I don't share on here). We had a goodie this Friday though: guy finally got (aka paid) his ex the fuck out of his home (it took 3-4 years?!?!?! and cost you how much in the end?!?!?! fuck me...)

When she's out of his life, last few bits of driving her shit around, just to make sure it's the fuck out and etc. She starts jawing and jabbering about her family shit. "So and so brother's, sister's, husband's, second cousin..." blah blah fucking blah.

He had a moment of sanity. As he said to us: "Hey. You walked the fuck away from me. I don't know why you want to tell me this crap. This is no longer relevant to me. Not interested."

Object lesson right there on getting her the fuck out of yours ASAP when things go south. Otherwise you're still wasting time, energy, life on someone who has basically said "I don't want you between my legs, piss off..." yet she is quite happy to suck the rest of everything out of you.

The actual words and excuses she used don't matter. They are meaningless. She still wants out of your life...

...and you're still wasting your time, energy, life on that. Until you realize.

You ain't related to it.

You ain't married to it.

You ain't best buddies with it. (Fucking aye you ain't best buddies with it! What, you nuts?)

You shouldn't have it in your life any more. It's just another leech on you.

Literally a leech. Still sucking down your time, energy, life.

When what you really want to do is what he's doing. Makes his dinner in the skillet. Eats out of the skillet. Cleans up and puts it in the rack. Life is simple, life is great.

Nice, simple, easy, not 15 separate pots per meal for something that really tastes only mediocre. Then she bitches about how long a day she's had etc. That doesn't actually matter. Not to you. You just want a decent, filling, tasty meal. Here she's put 15 separate pots into the sink, is bitching about cleanup (trying to get you to do it), and she asks the loaded question: "What'd you think of dinner?"

You can be the tactless "complete asshole" and say "it was okay". Because that's all it was. It was an okay meal.

You learn not to do that if you're married. You *know* what she'll be like for the next month - and intermittently for the rest of your life, whenever she feels like being a bitch.

So you grit your teeth, praise the meal to the skies, then go over to her and hug and kiss her and guide her to the couch and sit her down and clean the goddamn 15 pots that she messed up. Funny, this one looks like all she did with it was boil water. Better not mention that.

Yet hang on man.

She doesn't want you between her legs. Piss off.

By all means, be as stupid as you want. I'll continue to laugh at you for bein' a fuckin' dipshit.

The longer it takes you to wake up, the harder I'll be laughing at you once you get it together.

Yes, I know that's crushing your soul. So? Do you really have any actual, valid reason for being such a completely stupid idiot?

I didn't think so.

Do I *actually* enjoy your pain? Fuck no!

I am gonna laugh at you though. The more that my laughter hurts you, the harsher the lesson. Which is really all that I can honestly do for you. Drive that lesson home into your heart, rub salt into it, and make you hurt so badly that you will never forget that hurt which was done to you.

By me? You know better. You did it to yourself. You let *her* do it to you. You're just too chickenshit to admit it to yourself.

Back to him. He's been dating around. As I guess many do, when divorce hits us. Conditioned to have a wimminz in our lives, come hell or high water...

...except that these wimminz are expecting to go out. All the time. "What are we going to do this Friday night?" she asks him. "Eh. The weather's not that great. I think I'll have myself a nice bourbon on lemon ice, sit in front of the fire with a book, relax and read for the night." Sounds good to me. To her though: "What what what what what?"

And she completely cannot understand it. The concept of actually stopping, relaxing, doing something quietly - it means nothing to her. It's meaningless. She has to be *out there*, *being seen*, *doing something* - all that social shit that in her mind means "a good time".

As he says: he'd rather sit in front of a nice fire, sipping bourbon, reading a good book. The drama and insanity can stay out of his door. He's got his shelter, warmth, a good-tasting drink, and some interesting and thoughtful mental stimulation.

He's starting to realize the joys of personal peace and quiet.

Not hanging around with someone who talks too fuckin' much. Especially about utterly meaningless drivel.

Brother, have a bourbon. You've earned it. Good on you for starting to realize what life actually *is* to you, versus what other people *think life is* and *think your life should be*.

Wednesday 31 October 2018

In Your Face

A few weeks ago I noticed some younger bloke driving a car with a number plate that essentially stated: No fucks given.

While I applaud the sentiment, something about it has nagged me. Quite a bit. My brain being slow at times, it has taken a while to figure out what was bugging me.

Actually, he does give a fuck. It's straight there in the "in your face" attitude that he's displaying to the world. Which is all cool and all, that's his thing. At least he's up front about it.

It occurs to me though: a true "no fucks given" attitude doesn't feel the need to slam it out in the world's face. A true no fucks given attitude just goes off and does what it wants. It doesn't require telling others about it (essentially, angrily giving the world the finger).

It just buggers off and does what it wants. If you don't like it, so what? You're not relevant. Certainly not to me. Stop poking your nose into my business, my life, my thoughts. Just leave me be and we'll get along swimmingly.

Which is I believe what the disappearing types of MGTOW do. They're doing their own thing. They don't have the urge to tell others what they're up to. They don't care about those others - the others are simply not relevant to them.

Which is an interesting thought when it comes to much of the Manosphere community and MGTOW. I've noticed it over the last three-four years. Some people become...

...less communicative...

...and eventually disappear.

They're slowly growing to the true point of no fucks given. While they might have philosophical thoughts about the subject, there is no urge to pass those thoughts on. It's just internalised and acted upon in the way they see fit.

I've noticed it with Hawaiian Libertarian. He's off doing his own thing, there's almost no interest in letting others know. (I applaud that by the by. I hope that he's doing well.)

I see Aaron Clary, Captain Capitalism, still putting up examples and the like of social stupidity. There is still much anger and frustration in him, in many of us. Somehow, I think that if he starts changing to a true viewpoint of no fucks given, he will slowly and quietly disappear from the scene. Good luck to you, Aaron.

I've noticed it a bit myself since my holiday in America. Something about the silence and being away by myself for a month has seeped into me. Maybe lodged itself into my soul, for want of a better metaphor.

A slow point of reassessment? I am unsure.

The stupidities of the world, society, and people are still there. I still look at them and marvel at times.

In the end though ... No real fucks are given. It's too big, it's too stupid, it's too sheeplike, it's too self-destructive. I refuse to stand in the front of the stampede, screaming warnings, only to be crushed into a bloody pulp.

Ghosting? No. I like many things about the world. There are many places to visit, many people who are actually worthwhile to meet (damn it, I missed out talking with Big Country in person - there is a Man with a fuck-ton of life and experiences!), many things that I find interesting.

Just not the damn social lemmings charging headlong over the cliff. Dull, uninteresting, bland. The sooner they are over that cliff and gone, the better.

I don't really have much of a point to this post. I suppose that it's a kind of explanation and apology of why I've not been around much.

I do strongly suggest, though: get yourself some camping gear and go bush for a while, even if it's just driving around the tourist traps and staying in hotels and camping grounds. Try to keep interacting with people to a minimum.

Talking and yap-yap with the useless types can be your enemy these days. Seek the more interesting people who have actually lived and have stories to tell. Especially the older people. Even if you have nothing to tell in exchange, they are giving you the gift of experience to listen and learn from.

Something about doing that changes your mindset. You start to realize what actually is relevant, what is needed, what is useful, and what is pure garbage.

Then you can work on purging the garbage.

I am still around and do check back fairly often. Just not huge on the talking at the moment. Maybe the urge will come back, not sure.

Be well, Brothers.

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Class, Dignity, Respect

Class, dignity, and respect.

Three things that this laughable excuse of a Western society loves to shit on. Especially that of Men, of course.

Why is this?

Let's start a trip down this little rabbit-hole and see where it leads us.

Looking at teh wimminz in general with a skeptical eye, a good number enjoy mucking men around. It helps them weed the Men from the boys, soyboys, pathetics, pussy-panderers, etc. For certain types of wimminz this of course is great from an entertainment point of view, plus lets them know who they can soak for $$$$ and favours.

Teh feminazis and similarly inclined ilk - who have no real power, so they scream until we throw them a bone to shut them the fuck up - get their feelz of empowerment from the process. Winner winner chicken dinner for them.

Looking at the Left, these wiperags love doing it as a power-trip. It makes them feel personally strong and empowered to tear others down. Bonus points for successful trolling aka getting someone to lose their shit. The more public the anger/humiliation reaction the better. PJEAR MAH IMPORTANTS!!!

In common, all three are doing it for the ego/power feelz.

In common, all three appear to be running on emotional highs.

In common, all three are essentially powerless.

So effectively, this behaviour is the powerless screaming and thrashing and throwing monkey-poo at everything in sight in an effort to gain the power that they lack.

So what can we Men do about this behaviour?

Unfortunately not much - directly. There are a lot of them and few of us. Further, we Men appear to have a lone-wolf mentality when things go wrong for us. We go and lick our wounds, heal, learn from the experience, and come back stronger. Determined to not let that, or similar, happen to us again. Assuming that we survive, of course.

We also don't oppose this type of warped herd behaviour as such very well, which when you think about it makes some sense. When a stampede is heading your way you don't stand in front of it, shouting and trying to get it to stop. You'll get stomped into a bloody mess. You get the fuck out of the way and let it go run over the cliff like the lemmings they are, sucks to be them.

The social herd is sure as hell in full-on-stupidity-stampede mode. The damn lemmings are heading straight for the cliff's edge, hell-for-leather and damn the bloody torpedos.

Out of self-preservation, we need to get the hell out of the way and leave them to it. Realistically it's all we can do. Once the stampede is done - and it's going to be a long time - if we're lucky, we can pick up the pieces once the dust clears. If we're very lucky, we'll have managed to keep our nearest and dearest safe.

Good luck out there.

Sunday 2 September 2018

Generational Bad Decisions

A few days ago I got to yakking with an older woman working as cashier and food-maker in a bakery. (She is an excellent endorsement for Feminaziism. Early 40's in a dead-end job, with less personal enjoyment than if she was making lunches for her family. You go girl! Meh.)

Note that I don't yak with her 'cause she's pretty. She ain't. At early-40's she's used up and gone, it's time she was dropped in the rubbish bin like a used kleenex. Which ironically isn't far from what effectively happened to her recently.

So let us talk a short walk, following this girl's family line down the "path 'o doom".

It seems that she was born of a woman back when, one of the early single mommy types (like my mother, joy joy joy! bah). Her mother obviously made bad decisions and ended up having to raise her daughter by herself. We could refer to her mother as "bad decision generation #1".

Now she, she has just broken up with her "latest partner" of 6 years. (That ole 7-year itch strikes again! Yes, she broke up with him. Why? Reasons undefined...) So a partner of 6 years, she breaks up with her latest. Obviously there was earlier partners, at least one - probably more, considering that she has a daughter just turning 20 years old.

She's never mentioned if she was divorced. I didn't ask. So I could go 50/50 for divorce or single-mommy-dom. Either way, we can refer to her as "bad decision generation #2".

So her daughter just turned 20-odd. Said daughter has just gotten pregnant to a man who "is utterly unsuitable". (BWAHAHAAHAHAHHHHH!!!! The level of dipshit unawareness is fuckin' breathtaking. Especially considering her personal history.) Sad to say, I must now refer to the daughter as "bad decision generation #3".

Some sweet thoughts. Three generations of fucking the wrong man (or wrong type of man) (or more accurately, being fucked by or parting their legs for the wrong type of men). Great stuff, yes?

It gets better. She's just lost out a bunch of money on a trip to some island that she'd arranged for her daughter's 20th birthday - because the island has Zika Virus on it. Ooooops. Can't have bubsy getting zapped by Zika Virus! But she's now out some money...she's agonizing over it, 'cause she's single and works in the hospitality industry 'cause in her early 40's she's single once more and too fuckin' useless for anything else...

Wait wait wait. Let's back up a bit here.

Her momma made massive bad decisions in her life. She made massive bad decisions in her life. Her daughter has made massive bad decisions in her life.


Can't have the baby getting hurt. That baby must be supported. And it's *important* to send dipshit daughter on a 20th birthday holiday, even though dipshit daughter's mum basically lives hand-to-mouth in the hospitality industry, and now dipshit daughter cannot go because dipshit daughter is pregnant and now she's out some money...

My mind is utterly blown by the levels of stupidity, idiocy, and doublethink exhibited.

No, no! Dipshit daughter and bubsy are important!

If that baby is another daughter, will we be referring to her as "bad decision generation #4" sometime down the line? Should we start now?

Round and round and round it goes, as we flush everything sane and sensible so far as society should be concerned with, down the shitter...

...because the completely stupid are encouraged and rewarded for having sex randomly, because they are not actively penalized for breeding indiscriminately with "totally unsuitable" mates, because the more suitable mates are then browbeaten and brainwashed into caring for other people's shit results (man up and marry that slutty single mommy with a half-dozen STDs!), because the more suitable mates are are treated like crap no matter what they do to try and support single mumsy and bubsy... it any wonder that Men look at this horseshit and mentally/emotionally check out?

Friday 24 August 2018

Bleed in Private

No, the title of this post is not referencing me or my life - I have simply been very, very busy in my personal life for the last couple of months. It suddenly occurred to me tonight that I've been bloody remiss about saying hello to people and keeping in touch in general.

This post is about the "sensitive new age guy", aka doormat, aka soyboy, et-fucking-cetera. (™) Specifically, their bloody propensity to go and bleed emotionally in public for the delectation of all and sundry.

Of course, wimminz love it when a man goes and bleeds in public. He lets his hair down, snivels and cries, etc etc ad goddamn nauseum.

Wimminz love this behavior because she immediately knows: I can push this pussy around.

Wrap him around her finger, make him dance for her, a source of endless amusement and entertainment. Pointing him out to her friends: "Hey, lookit this pussy! Watch me push him around! Ain't that cuuuuute?!"

Enough to make your balls shrink with some fucked-up sense of sympathy.

Men, we need to harden up. There's no need to bleed in public for all and sundry.

Your brother or a buddy gets killed in a car crash, or dies from cancer, or something. A friend asks us out, we might say: "Nah, a brother/mate of mine died. Gonna have a drink in private to remember him by." (Or maybe: "Me and some of his mates are getting together to drink and remember him by." Or whatever you-all decide to do. He loves hunting? Go hunting to remember him by.)

To other Men, it's immediately understood.

Nothing more is needed.

In such situations, we just need a little time to deal with things.

To teh wimminz: "Oh! Oh! That's terrible! Do you need to talk about it?" Bleat, bleat, fuckin' bleat, in the most senseless and demeaning manner possible.

I sometimes wonder if they deliberately cheapen such situations (because y'know, men are insensitive brutes and akerchully have no feelings and the fuckin' like) or they're just completely clueless (same non-reasoning applies).

(Maybe a good one will understand like another Man does. I've not met this personally, though I will admit to the possibility of 1% actually being capable of some sensitivity and sense and decorum and the like. If you know of one like that, the chances are they're family or a friend of the buddy and going through all this also.)

This is why it's always good to do your bleeding in private. Other Men (especially the ones who matter) will respect you for it. The few Men who you might open up to about such things, will understand the deep gift that they have been given. (They may not have anything to actually say, 'cause it's an awkward thing, yet they will understand.)

Best of all, you don't get your deepest and most painful situations shat on thoughtlessly and meaninglessly by the attack-bunnies and retards which abound in this decaying excuse of a civilization.

My brothers, I raise to you all a glass of Grand Marnier. May your lives be blessed with strong Men who you are proud to walk alongside. Maybe, even occasionally, bleed beside.

Sunday 17 June 2018

Beauty Is Still Out There

Yes, it's still beautiful out there. Which opinion might be surprising, considering my overall dim view of humanity and society as a whole.

There are some interesting parts of America, both nature and cities. Mostly nature, IMO.

So I've been through part of America on my little adventure-tour thing. I've come back with nine metric fucktons of photographs - of course, most of them are very similar to each other. So I can share a little, ones that I will segregate and that'll never show up anywhere else.

Settle, enjoy, and go out to see your own. After all, you live a shitload closer than I do, aye! You should be able to right-click and open image, to get a bigger version.
Carlsbad Caverns, Sunrise
Carlsbad Caverns, Dawn

Watering Hole


Meteor Crater

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Desert Watchtower, Grand Canyon
Yes, I've been to other places too. Museums. These are just a small sample of what I saw.

There are people out there who build, too. Not the wannabe dudebro's. The older, more established people and their wives. Good, salt of the earth types. (They give me hope that not everything is hell.)

And I hope that a certain ex-military person does write that book, as we talked about. The stories he told had me in stitches. Fuck me, my ribs ached for a couple of days after that.

Cheers and go explore. There are at least some people who actually know how to build and conserve what is beautiful and good - even if the rest of Western society (and the Third World) has almost zero to zero clue.

Monday 11 June 2018

Nothing To Do With Law

Over on /r/MGTOW a man runs across a pro-MGTOW woman and analyzes her:
I was browsing YouTube when I stumbled across a pro-MGTOW woman. There are plenty of them all over the place and they present a very persuasive argument, which is that they understand MGTOW, they agree with MGTOW, and they want to work with MGTOW to change the laws to return society back to the old days when men and women got along. However, this is is just the MRA or tradcon argument repackaged and marketed to MGTOWs in an attempt to bring us back to the plantation.
It is true that unfair marriage laws are a problem, but the laws are the way they are because of female nature. Marriage is a social mechanism designed to transfer wealth from men to women. Females are naturally hypergamous. Women are programmed to extract wealth from men, which is why men who are with women will always be worse off because they will have their resources siphoned off from them.
MRAs and tradcons don't help. They don't offer a system whereby men's resources are not leeched away from them. Rather, the system they propose only leads to a more orderly extraction of wealth from men. Rather than men have their wealth suddenly ripped away from them through divorce rape, the tradcons would have you have your wealth slowly but consistently extracted from you in order to fund her luxurious housewife lifestyle and childrearing hobby.
If you value freedom, MGTOW is the only solution.
As he quite rightly points out, this is the old bait-and-switch like the so-called Red Pill Women bullshit. Stay away from the plantation.

As he quite rightly points out, the laws are the way they are because of female nature. As in, they were agitated for and finally granted (throwing the bitch a bone to shut her up) in the past.

In my opinion he does slip a little, when he states that "marriage is a social mechanism designed to transfer wealth from men to women". While true, this applies to modern marriage - the older version protected the husband (as the main breadwinner) and children from the abuses of modern marriage and the less-pleasant forms of women.

He is in my opinion 100% correct about the MRA/Tradcon "proposed system". It's just a "nicer" means that they propose, rather than the full-on band-aid-rip of frivorce followed by constant blood-donations of cash on an ongoing basis. (At least they're trying, even though I personally think that they're a bit crackers. Asking the slavemasters to please be "nicer" about using the whip...sheesh.)

I think sometimes that we men miss something that's not exactly obvious. It's not actually about the damn laws.

It's about the vile mentality that lays behind those laws, encouraging discontented wimminz to go for the fuckin' throat.

That this happens displays a hateful mentality on the whole. As I think that I've said before, a mentality of using others as though they are nothing more than objects. A machine. Run it at redline, 110%, with minimal to no maintenance - because you can, it's just a bloody machine.

Who cares when it breaks down, just get another.

Which I believe that I've also mentioned before, where the Enterprise is running at Warp Factor 11 all the time and Scotty is sitting on a chair in the engine room, spitting on the engines to cool them down and looking around gloomily as he waits for the next damn thing to break.

As I said back when, too: when you're running the business at 110% and they suddenly need another 10% because of an emergency, and someone has a breakdown and another has a heart-attack and another quits because they've had fuckin' the business gracefully goes over the edge and spirals down the drain, and the domino effect takes another down with it, and another, and another, and another...

Every MGTOW is a business that has stepped away from the edge, has slowed down to a sustainable state, and is coasting along doing well. Every man frivorced and thrown outta his home is a business that's gone over the edge and down, down, down with a huge slurping sound...the sound of his pocket being emptied for the next however-many years.

The laws? Yeah, they're bad. They're not the real problem, though.

It's the sick, demented, hateful mentality which applies those laws to the fullest which is the true problem.

Red Pill Women, pro-MGTOW women, rabbiting on about altering "the system". They're so goddamn blind.

Fuck the system.

They're not addressing the vile mentality which created and uses the system to its' advantage.

Sort that sickness, that mental/emotional disease, out - and it will have nothing to do with law. The laws would mean nothing. In that situation of mental/emotional health the women and society would not apply those laws. Because it would be unthinkable to apply them in the way that they are being applied at this time.

Unthinkable. As if someone were committing rape, pedophilia, or murder out in the open streets for all to watch.

Will that state of mental/emotional health be addressed? When 1 in 4 women are currently on antidepressants and similar? When it's easier for the health system to just throw another antidepressant at the person who is having difficulty? When they're subsidized by Government and Big Pharma to keep doing so?

When the bread and circuses and getting your nose into the Government trough are more important than having a place where your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren can live happily to a ripe old age?

With that rather bleak look through Crap Colored Glasses™, I'm going to have a small glass of Grand Marnier and enjoy my fire. Cold winter nights have some good moments. Good luck my brothers, and always go your own way.

Saturday 9 June 2018

Dying of Laughter

Strangely enough, once you get further into the Red Pill/MGTOW mindset - the lies aka toxic crap which is served up from teh wimminz just starts to make you laugh.

This particular one made me choke, I laughed that hard: 50 Things That Make A Man More Attractive (According to Women) (go ahead, it's on - no clicks from here for those fuckers).
Don't believe the rumors - women aren't just looking for abs, man buns, and impossibly white smiles (though they're all definitely very nice things). Most of the qualities ladies look for aren't even down to physical appearance, so don't stress if you haven't been hitting up the gym. Because there are just so many ways that men can be attractive, we've had to compile a mega list of 50 items. So, settle in and get ready to learn what women want. #41 is the most important according to women!
Time to translate this dogshit propaganda-shaming-hit-piece to reality:

1/ A sense of purpose. Because that can be twisted to becoming something that matches her puposes.

2/ The ability to fix things. Enjoy your honey-do list - slave.

3/ Love for his family. This can be twisted to caring for her and her womb-turds - slave.

4/ Goals and dreams. They can be twisted for her purposes - especially, twisted towards making $$$ to sustain her in the manner to which she wishes to become accustomed.

5/ Possession of some old-school class. Ahhh, chivalry is so very dead...dead, dead, dead...feminism killed it with extreme prejudice...but don't worry, she will happily train him to be an attentive slave.

6/ Communication skills. So she can gather ammunition to fuck you over mentally and emotionally for the rest of your life.

7/ Attentive in the bedroom. Though a 7+ inch dick that's massive around helps good too.

8/ Has good manners. Because the words fuck off you crazy cunt hurts her feelz.

9/ Confidence without the attitude. Not that she knows the difference.

10/ The ability to make people laugh. She's very happy to laugh - so long as you're paying the bills and otherwise entertaining her.

11/ Admitting when he's wrong. And he's always wrong, even when he's not - it's ever so nice to aver and affirm to her that you're a pussy who is easily pushed around.

12/ Intelligence. Yeah, only counts if he's easily manipulated despite his smarts, otherwise he might catch on to the bullshit.

13/ Not afraid of commitment. Not that she knows what that is. It's also really unfair when she drives him away with her bullshit - he's afraid to commit!

14/ Full of surprises. The nice ones which involve giving her expensive gifts and paying her attention, not the ones involving surprise buttsex.

15/ Cooking skills. Her having to do so much around the house - it's nice when it can be pawned off on her slave.

16/ Dad potential.
17/ Motivation. It saves her from having to crack the whip. Yeeeee-hah! Move it, slave!

18/ Unafraid to grow. In the directions that will benefit her.

19/ Loveable nerdiness. Heheheheheheh! Yeah...

20/ Good cuddles. Because it's all about her.

21/ Willingness to help out. Take out the garbage. Slave.

22/ Ability to have fun. So long as she's having fun - entertain meeeeeee!

23/ Concern for the environment. Cheap shit from China is more important - there is no environment there. At least it's not in her back yard.

24/ Loves our flaws. Her most important flaw being the extreme number of cocks that she accidentally fell on.

25/ Strong moral fiber.'s always fun to break that down, she if she can get him to cheat with her...that cock in her mouth tastes very sweet, just like victory...

26/ Courageousness. She's not gonna fuck him, but she does appreciate him doing shit for her.
27/ Faithfulness. Blindness to her fucking around helps, too. No, you can't paternity test that womb-turd I pushed out - don't you truuuust me?!

28/ A sense of protectiveness. Variation on another white-knight.

29/ Emotional stability. It's so much fun trying to break this with every load of random emotive bullshit that she can dream up.

30/ Financial maturity. Cha-ching! $$$$$$$$$

31/ Good grooming. As Popp once said: She marries the pretty-boy, and 10 years later finds out that he's gay.

32/ Patience. It's so much fun for her to jack him around. Great emotional payoff for her when he loses it, too.

33/ The ability to forgive and forget. Like those 32 cocks she accidentally fell on. Not that she will forgive and forget anything that he does.

34/ Responsiveness. He's paying attention to me! How cuuuuute! (But only if she wants to fuck him, otherwise it's creepy as fuck shit.)

35/ Curiosity (especially if it's about her and her life).
36/ Respectful of boundaries. Her boundaries - heaven help you if you start inquiring what she was doing last night with the girls with Chad.

37/ An interest in the world. Because travel on his dime is sooo much fun. Hey, is that some new dick I can accidentally fall on?

38/ Health. Only if their health levels match, and once there's a ring on it she'll pull the pin on the fat-grenade.

39/ Not afraid of PDA. You sensitive new-age guy soyboy you...oooo Tyrone over there looks extra-spunky...

40/ Willingness to say I Love You. It better be in the form of an expensive fucking ring, honeymoon, wedding dress, and 1200ft McMansion. Slave.

41/ Appreciation. You will appreciate her. She gives not one shit for you - until the $$$ suddenly hit a bump or disappear. Then you'll know all about it.

42/ Physical desire. She can always find someone else. The sex dries up once the "I do" has been said. (As one poor bastard reader of mine found out within a year. Sheeit.)

43/ Leadership skills. At work only, because that translates to more $$$ for her to spend. Don't even think about pushing her around, you male chauvinist pig sonofabitch.

44/ Authenticity. It's okay for her to play you, it's not okay for you to play her. You male chauvinist pig sonofabitch.

45/ Decisiveness. So long as she doesn't have to think and it all goes smooth and sweet. Did I mention about pushing her around? You male chauvinist pig sonofabitch.

46/ Reliability. It's always nice to have Ole Reliable White Knight to pull her out of awful shituations (spelling deliberate) that she got herself into. It's also nice to cry on your shoulder about Jesse being a bastard - before she goes and fucks him again.
47/ Integrity. Which she knows nothing about herself, but she's real happy that he's not gonna do something dodgy on her. Pussy.

48/ Domestic ability. Slave.

49/ Generosity. Hand over those $$$ fucker.

50/ Self-respect. This is to be crushed. With extreme prejudice. Slave.

After all that sarcasm and hilarity - I leave you with a toast. I raise my Grand Marnier to you my Brothers. Always, go your own way.

Monday 4 June 2018

Change For The Worse

Ever noticed how wimminz will start an argument in public, generally at the most inconvenient aka stupidest time possible?

Stated by a wimminz today, to her man, as I was buying groceries: "I'm not stupid, you know."

Actually, you are. I can tell by the tone of your voice, the look on your face, and - most importantly! - the fact that you chose to start an argument about something in the middle of a grocery store. Wildly inappropriate, you dumb bitch.

It's easy to figure why a wimminz does this, of course. It's part and parcel of weakening a man so that he caves to her unreasonable demands. Note that they're always unreasonable: if they were reasonable then she wouldn't need to resort to these dirty tactics.

The path of dirty tactics follows this general progression:

1/ starting the process in public

2/ making statements that paint the man in a bad light (like "I'm not stupid") to all and sundry

3/ further deflecting and escalating (sometimes to the point of screaming shit-fits, which I have witnessed many times - chances are good that you have too)

This is the nasty dogshit type of manipulative behaviour that far too many men give her the pussy pass for, when she pulls it out and uses it on them. Because she has them by the dick. ("She loves me!" Hahahah no she wants your $$$ and time and effort on an ongoing basis you idjit, and she's testing to see how much of her shit you will accept.)

You may accidentally succumb to this, especially in an unguarded moment. Or when you're completely exhausted. It's happened to me - embarrassing when you realise, however it's not the end of the world.

What it IS, is a fuckin' dealbreaker. 

This person has revealed that they are a piece of shit who is quite happy to fuck you around to get what they want. They have no regard for you as a person (you fuckin' slave) and they will happily do it again in the future (the bitch never changes for the better - only the worse).

Feel free to break whatever agreement she has forced you into. It was forced from you via manipulation and duress, so fuck it. It's not valid. (You'd break it if a "man" forced that shit upon you, why give her the pussy-pass for doing it? No. Don't give her what she wants. She doesn't deserve it.)

Also feel free to dump her skank-ho ass at any time, probably the sooner the better - she'll just try it again and again. While I don't personally condone abuse (like tooling her around a bit, 'cause it can get you in jail) I do understand if you want to go there.

She's always gonna get worse. No point to continuing down that path.

"I'm not stupid, you know."

"Actually, you fucking are. Don't pull those dirty shit tactics on me, you bitch. I'm fully fucking aware of them."

Good luck! - BPS

Saturday 2 June 2018

Wounded By Life

Over here in the States I heard about a military man - the father of a friend's female friend. A Marine, apparently quite hardcore.

He's had a stroke of some type, which has impaired his mobility severely. He's pissed about it - really pissed - and taking out his frustrations on the family around him. Mostly swearing a lot, not actually physically abusive. "Mother-fuckng..." and etc. Quite hard on them.

Getting to be an older bastard myself, with my body starting to pack it in a touch, I can understand and sympathise with him.

It sucks when you can't do what you used to be able to do. When you were improving in life. Especially must suck when it happened so suddenly. Must be hella frustrating for a former Marine type.

Wish that I could say to him:

"Sir, you have been sorely wounded by life. I can understand. Yet you still have a mission to complete, and making it harder for others in that mission is counterproductive. Both for you and them."

That's about all I could say. Hell, it probably wouldn't help him and his, either.

Is there a point to this post? I'm not certain. Maybe something along the lines of: Try not to make the shit that happens to you worse by your actions.

What would I know though? I've not been through anything like that.

Take care all. - BPS

Awesome Form II

Dialled up to eleven again, yessiree!

Last night in LA, going for a walk because it's coolish and I need some exercise.

A wimminz on the corner a half-block away.

Full-throated screaming and ranting into the cellphone. As in, holding it in front of her and screaming full-throated at it, even bending over in the process. (Kinda fuckin' weird actually.)

Seems that she needed a ride from an eeeevil menz type. Maybe she asked and he declined. Maybe she went straight for the throat from the get-go. (Being a biased fucker, I tend to think the latter. Plus I can't see how a simple request could degenerate that badly to screaming and ranting.)

"I'm right on the fucking corner, you can't fucking miss me!"

Correct, you crazy bitch. I can't miss you at all. Nor will I ever. In fact, I thank my lucky stars that your crazed cuntiness is not in my life at all.

Holy Jesus, You gave Your life on the Cross to forgive this craziness? Sometimes, killing it with fire sounds like the better choice.

(Blasphemy, I know - I'm already going to Hell, so never mind.)

Thankfully: Not my circus, not my monkeys. Though my warped sense of humour gets a great deal of entertainment from watching this.

Gentlemen: grow some fucking balls. Preferably some nice big bastards, about the size of bowling balls and made of stainless steel.

Soyboys: keep it up. You can interact with these crazies for all eternity with our blessings. Just keep their craycray the fuck away from the more normal (and sane) people like us.

Getting ready to fly. - BPS

Friday 1 June 2018

Opinions are like assholes...

It's interesting to talk with the Americans here as I've been traveling through the states. Inevitably one question that comes up is: "What does New Zealand think of Trump?"

When I'm with obvious Right-leaning people or military types I simply said: "While a bunch of NZers are fairly leftist, my personal leaning is towards Trump. I sure as shit don't think that Hillary would have been a good choice at all." They've all agreed, one even showed me a video of Hillary spazzing out. (Which is pretty damn freaky right there - how the fuck did she get to be a candidate? What on earth is wrong with the Democrats, to put that out there?)

When I'm with Left-leaning people (or types that I can't determine) I've been more neutral and said stuff like: "It didn't seem like you guys had many choices. Hillary didn't seem like a very good candidate at all." Which from the leftists has elicited some interesting responses.

A lot of them seem to be really pissed that Bernie Sanders was essentially shafted by his own party. A couple stated flat-out that he was thrown under the bus by his own. Those became an interesting conversation, trying to figure out why the hell Hillary was chosen over Sanders. Even the leftists were not thrilled by her.

I get the impression that if Sanders hadn't been shafted, instead had been supported, things would be very different. Trump would likely not have gotten in. (Just a personal impression, and what the hell do I know...)

Another interesting thing is when eating and listening to talk-radio in some leftist yuppie cafe (gay vegan soyboy lattes FTW hahahah!). Trump is selling out the states, he should be impeached, blah blah fricking blah.

Which simply makes me remember the old adage: Opinions are like assholes...everyone's got one.

Including me, of course. The difference (in my opinion, at any rate) is that I know that I'm a biased, opinionated asshole.

I also don't have any delusions that:

1/ what I say matters

2/ what I say is correct

3/ any of my input would be of any real value to the process

I'm totally down with that, which lets me be somewhat amused and detached about the whole thing. Besides, it's kinda funny to see the leftists spazz out schizophrenically about the whole thing.

One last night in LA, before my flight back to Aussie and then New Zealand. Relaxing, chilling out, almost done.

I will have to come back and take another million photographs one day. At least I got to meet with and talk with some interesting people. Including, strangely enough, some people from New Zealand. Small world.

I find that I especially enjoy the military people. Maybe it's because their realism matches in some weird way with my general bloody-mindedness and skepticism re the bullshit which goes on in the world. God knows, I'd never make it in the military myself: I'd likely be insubordinated out within 24 hours.

Tomorrow, I will be flying for a bit under 24 hours. Back to 3C (36F?) temperatures and wintertime in New Zealand.

I shoulda found myself a MAGA hat while I was in flyover country. Damn, bit late now.

Catch ya's later. - BPS

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Twisted Obsessions

It has never ceased to amaze me, the hamsterbations of the female mind. You'd have thought that I'd'a learned by now, yet they can still surprise me.

So here I am in America, I do talk with people. Mostly the older set, because they are actually interesting (astronomers, a guy who was in the NASA space program, engineers who built missiles, an ex-army man who was involved in the Titan II missile biz). Very interesting people.

I don't bother with the younger ones. The males're more interested in making money and showing it off so that they can get their dick wet. The females are brain dead followers of the Karshitdians and whatever loopy drama they can stir up in their lives (a weird thing by itself). The things that us old farts kinda look down on...

Youth, their heedlessness makes me feel old and fuckin' crusty.

Yet for really twisted obsessions, the older females seem to be tops. This is both in NZ and America. Probably the rest of the world too, I have no real personal experience of that though.

The number of older wimminz this past three weeks. They learn that I'm single, the first thing that pops out of their mouths is: "We need to get you a girlfriend." With the obvious "you need to be married" bullshit at a deeper level of meaning in their words.

Yep, like that's gonna happen. I'm picking that Hell will achieve negative Kelvin first.

Of course, being a single man with some spare $$$ to enjoy himself with, that's a straightforward combination of threat/opportunity for wimminz. Can't let him run around loose - he'll wake up the other plantation slaves. Besides, he's got $$$ that some woman isn't sucking dry.

This situation cannot be borne!

So I've had the fortune (aka pain in the ass) of having wimminz making ominous rumbling noises in my direction. All being attempts to curtail my freedom, disguised as "opportunities" to "get a good wimminz in my life" aka become host to a pathetic class of parasitic fuckin' leech.

When I say pathetic, I mean definitively past it. Not to say that some of these wimminz ain't good-looking for chicks in their fourties and fifties. (MakeApp. Use it. Even on the older ones - no, especially on the older ones!) A couple of them would have been real stunners in their twenties.

They're still single/divorced and looking though, which immediately clues you in to the fact that they just couldn't manage one of three things:

1/ choose the right type of man to start with (he was abusive)

2/ stick with the man they'd chosen for more than a decade or so (she got bored)

3/ find the right type of man in the first place (too busy blowing and riding those musical cocks on the carousel)

Yet at this age they are stuck with the weirdest idea that they're still God's gift to men plus still have that twisted obsession with getting married again. He'd better have a giant cock as well. As if the fuckin' world owes it to them or something.

'Scuse me, Martha. You ain't all that. Go squat on your purple cactus for a while.

Because I ain't giving up my freedom for some worn-out loose cunt that's already shat out three watermelons aka womb-turds to multiple men, and is incapable of having any more. There's only downside, no upside atall (having kiddies for the next generation is the only upside, and not much of one these days with frivorce and the weaponisation of the kiddies against the father).

So on the whole: she shoulda planned better and stuck with her "starter marriage" - a term that needs to burn in hell, along with all wimminz who think that way.

That said, there have been a couple of wimminz who knew that I'm from New Zealand and there was no hope of any relationship and who still made some determined moves on me. Perhaps it's because I'm in reasonable shape for a 52yo, perhaps they just wanted some "exotic" foreign dick, perhaps they really thought that I'd change my mind after "sampling" their "wares".

Like I said to someone: I didn't come here looking for some pussy. All it'd take is a false rape accusation and *wham* BPS is in jail for 6-8 months, game and life over man. Supremely fucked.

Though I'll admit that it's fuckin' hard at times, when a halfway-decent-looking (MakeApp, MakeApp, MakeApp) specimen is skilfully putting the moves on you (plenty of practice, that one). I'm not a fuckin' stone, aye. The $$$ that I have is a magnet that's sometimes hard to hide, the temptation is there when they determinedly make all the effort...

Bought to you from the back-bed of an RV up near Grand Canyon. By myself, driving the wimminz en-masse mad because I'm single. Just remember that rawdogging the roadwhore is a supremely bad idea, no matter how don't let the camel get its head in the tent door.

Friday 18 May 2018

White Noise

Have you ever noticed that teh wimminz just can't shut their fuckin' gob?

Everything that happens that might be the slightest upsetting is broadcast to all and sundry. Ad nauseum. To the fuckin' world. Most especially if it's to the detriment of a man.

It reminds me very much of No-Ma'am and The Fine Art of TV Repair.

I ran across a textbook case last night, actually. (Here in America, of course. The break is going well.) This is not to say that it only happens in America - I've seen (heard) it in New Zealand too. England. Thailand. Not personally in Australia, though I see no reason why there would be an exception.

How it came about. I went and parked my RV up at a place called Grindstone Lake, near Ruidoso NM. A nice area, reminds me of the pine forests back in NZ. It's an artificial lake actually, a dam where people can go picnic, fish, swim, etc. Also walk and mountain bike, with lots of trails. Something that I desperately need: the heat has been limiting my walking exercise, I'm literally putting on weight just because of not enough movement.

I go to start my walk, there turns out to be a wimminz in awesome form in the parking lot. Not fine form - awesome form. Dialled up to eleven.

Sittin' in the truck with the door wide open.

Full-throated bitching on the phone to someone else.

When I say full-throated, I mean looooud. I was over 30 meters away (think 30 yards, almost a third of a football field away). I could hear her plain as day.

"Reeeeereereeeeeee I'm fucking stressed out reereeeeereeereerereee I'm fucking sick of it this's got to stop rereeeeeeeererereeeeeee four more fucking days of this shit reeeeeeeeee....!" All of it with that nasty little cutting undertone that bitches can have when they're really going to town.

I turned my head and looked at her as I was walking past. Pretty good looker, IMO - for a mid-thirties bitch. Long legs, blond hair, good shape, and what probably would have been a delicately pretty face if she wasn't twisting it into the shape of her fucked-up emotional/mental state. Looked like a vicious harpy (though maybe that was prejudice on my part).

I kept walking while checking her out pretty damn obviously. She suddenly realised when I was about 5 meters (yards) away and made a lame excuse and hung up. Probably my face showed some of my disgust and she finally picked up on it - took her long enough, I was blatant as hell with the checking her out.

Goes to show: no matter how sexy as fuck she might be, someone somewhere is fed up with her bullshit.

Kept on walking. Good walk around the lake, maybe two miles - sure felt it, being out of shape, though.


Sunday 6 May 2018

Victory and Defeat

Damn. So here I am over in America - land in Los Angelos, intending to catch up with a man in Florida, and cousins up in Canada, and see as much as possible while I'm driving on the way and back. I'm driving an RV.

A week has gone past. I'm in Big Bend country, down Alpine Texas. Holy fuck, I thought that I'd be in Florida by now. I forgot how damn huge you guys are. Haven't been over here at least ten years, completely forgot. (Strong winds and routing around a fire here in Texas didn't help. Friday was ten hours driving, a few breaks. Sheeeiiit, I'm feeling like a dumbass. And exhausted.)

So I call the Florida man up, I can't just not show. Completely not fucking cool to do that to someone. "Hello, is that XXX?" "Who is this?" "It's Black Poison Soul."

We spent a few minutes jawing and I let him go back to his evening with family and all. Got to hear each other's voice, I made the effort. It's lame to say, really wanted to get there. I was just dumb. Will most probably yack with him again in the next two-three weeks.

Then called up my cousin in Canada - voicemail - damn, left a lame-ass message.

Feel like a fuckin dipshit.

Next time I'll just fly to where I wanna check out, hire a car, go see the local history and scenery and hike and stuff. You could probably spend a month in each state - I hope you Americans really take advantage of it. You have so much to go look at and do.

I'm gonna have to fly to Florida next year sometime. Do it the smart way. This time, defeated by reality.
So a quick check back with family in NZ, and friends on FaceCrap. My mate who married the hairdresser has changed all his man-shit profile stuff to wedding photos.

Sad. You once had large, plentiful balls, man. Now you've pussified yourself, and the look on her face - that you obviously can't see - is so fuckin smug with victory.

It's like my balls also winced in sympathy with him.

You know when you see another man kicked in the nuts? Your balls just clench in sympathy?

That feeling.

Stick a fork in him. He's done.

I would have a glass of Grand Marnier in, in remembrance for a dead mate...only that stuff is back in New Zealand. I'll have to do it when I get back.

Peace...driving. (Tomorrow.)

Saturday 28 April 2018

Your Silence is Mandatory and Enforced

Given the "soft censorship" going on these days on Google, YouTube, and everywhere else - I decided to see if I had been softbanned. (The BlackPoisonSoul account.)

I went over to Terrence Popp's YouTube and popped up an appropriate comment (to the video). After a couple days I went back to check any replies.

Hmmm. Top of the list when signed in as BPS...yet not visible at all when not signed in. No likes, dislikes, whatever.

Yep. Softbanned. The very definition.

Your silence is mandatory, unwilling, and enforced.

Those who do not exhibit the signs of perfect groupthink will be made invisible to all others. Even other misanthropes, misfits, and deplorables like themselves. After all, we must protect those virgin minds our brainwashed serfs from any hint of anything that might possibly have a snowballs' chance in hell of making them unhappy.

Reality be damned. Wrap them all in cotton wool, so that they will only think/feel/act in ways that we determine to be predictable and useful.

By the time the misery has finally sunk its teeth into them, we will have extracted every last drop of utility from them. Even the juice is now gone. They can go into the dumpster with the rest of the deplorable waste. Because we already got our pound of flesh, down to the last drops of blood possible.

That is why I believe that this blog will eventually disappear. Not overtly. They'll probably leave it in an empty echo-chamber, with no links from nor visibility to the rest of the net.

It's just the insane rantings of another deplorable lunatic. Best to hide them from the rest. We don't want to cause them pain by letting them view such disturbing things.

Let's just obscurify it. Drop it a touch, reduce it's ranking a hair...a hair more...a hair more still...okay, now we can throw it into the list of "never show this shit"...

...job done. On to the next one. There's this other fucking lunatic over here...the list of crazy off-script bastards never ends...

So, still, keep a copy of what you want to keep. Off-line. Preferably in some non-volatile storage. Hard copy, if you must. After all: lots of copies keep stuff safe.

You never know when things might become more zealous. The feminasties and leftidroids and assorted SJW/PC Police keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing. It would only take a few manufactured incidents, then suddenly "let's make things self-policing" becomes the mindset. At which point, a certain number of complaints about this person and his things will vaporize.

Because when you think about it, our modern computerized world has one massive disadvantage that the ancients never had. It's real easy to erase something permanently.

When it's chiseled in stone, it's pretty-much forever. Wish that I could laser-etch it into fused quartz in my basement, however that's a bit beyond the readily-available technology at the moment. I'm stuck with spinning rust and electron-charges in SSD's. So damn ephemeral.

This bleak look at reality brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Castrating the Son

After a bit of thinking about it, I have realized certain things about the kind of low-class "women" who do weird stuff with their children. "Women" like:

* the whore wannabe soccer-mom who dressed her son in girls clothing

* the whack-job who has brought her young son up to the point where he says "I'm still homo"

* both of whom love, love, love their little childrenz scorecards...

* also those who divorce/frivorce and weaponize the kiddies in the war against the former-father

* making the man out to be so eeevil, he would repeatedly rape his own kiddies and then eat the resulting babies (no you ain't getting no child custody, you filth)

Such beautiful minds.

Such poisonous souls. (That's my line. Caught you fucker's trying to steal it.)

So overflowing with hatred and bile.

So twisted and warped, that they continue their process of castrating the ex-husband by castrating the son. Castration by proxy.

"*WHACK!* There! No filthy male behavior from you! You've been castrated now!"

And she must be sure to tell the father - and all others that she can - what she's done. All that sub-rosa foulness coming out. In the nicest way, of course - plausible deniability is still required.

Further down the line, the consequences strike:

"Why can't I find a maaaannnn!"

It's because we've realized how fucking sick, twisted, and broken you are. To the point of being completely unfuckable, let alone marriageable. Thank you for putting it out there 11,000% on display for all to take heed of.

Fair warning is good.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Sunday 15 April 2018

Something To Bitch About

This is some theoretical stuff today. I've been thinking about it for a couple of days, it seems to correlate with my personal experiences. Think it through for yourself, your mileage might vary.

We all know that teh wimminz love to bitch. (In fact, if they don't bitch they will probably blow up. Too much pressure inside and no safety-valve. We don't want to be around when she blows up.)

Looked at in one aspect, the whole of feminazism is just one huge bitch that's gotten to the point of blowing up. (Fucking whining over petty bullshit. Bah.)

Interestingly, a man I know floated an idea past our small group of guys on Friday at our TGI Friday lunchfest. He reckoned that a beard has two functions:

1/ To keep the face warm in winter. (Which it is heading that way now in NZ.)

2/ To give her something minor to bitch about.

Now, in some parts of the manosphere - being an asshole is "the thing". If you think about it, being an asshole gives her a sub-rosa benefit. Effectively along the lines of giving her something to bitch about. (She will never acknowledge this.)

Which kind of makes sense given the comments re beards above.

So taking this theoretically.

If she has something minor to bitch about (ie you're actually a man who doesn't kowtow to her, rather than a soyboy pussy fag yes-man slave who attempts to kiss her ass out of cringing fear all the time) then she's letting off steam - pressure - in small doses.

For you poor bastards in a relationshit that seems to be going south: try growing your beard. Just to piss her off a little and give her something concrete and petty to bitch about.

Hell, rasp her fuckin' face with it. In fact, her whole damn body, if you know what I mean. Just scratch her up a little everywhere.

Cross fingers, this'll keep the pressure from building up to where she goes full-on crazy cunt - leading to frivorce.

(What, she wouldn't like that? Grow a fuckin' spine you maggot. Your cringing is despicable, take your fuckin' balls back outta her purse. Cast those motherfuckers in concrete. Then slap her across the face with 'em. Right, she now has something concrete to bitch about - instead of you being a soyboy pussy fag yes-man slave who attempts to kiss her ass out of cringing fear all the time.)

Good luck, men. Now go out and enjoy yourselves.

Sunday 8 April 2018

Why Women Are Dishonest

Over on /r/MGTOW is a very basic question "Why are American women so dishonest about what they find attractive?":
This makes me annoyed. Why are women so dishonest about what they like. For example in a reddit once I talked about body image issues with men and how they were unhealthy. Of course some chick barged in and said she "only likes what is on the inside and does not like muscly guys"
this made me annoyed and I told her she was full of shit and knows it.
(got banned from that sub by king arthur's white knights at the round table lol).
She denied up and down how she was not attracted to muscly guys. On campus, i see chicks talk about how they "don't like muscly guys" well, their behaviour shows otherwise they are constantly flirting with muscly guys.
Hey nothing wrong with that! you like what you like just be honest!
I can actually SYMPATHIZE with a lot of women.
I shamefully admit I have gay tendenceies. Like I have been physically attracted to fit muscly men. (lol I know that is super gay but I am being 100% honest.) some of those guys had shitty personalities but I liked them better than the smaller nice guys because of their physical appearance.
Why are guys more honest about what they like in a woman?
like most guys like genuinly curvy women (NOT fat) with, large breasts, and thick lips and healthy skin and a nice personality.
Why do women lie about liking "nice guys" but don't just say: "I like a muscly assertive man and am not interested in smaller passive guys".
That would solve 90% of dating issues today.
Its as if guys would say: "I don't like sexy chicks, I like fat chicks with a nice personality" But then they would blow off all of the fat chicks and only pay attention to the hot chicks.
What is so hard about this?
sorry for my spiel.
Ignore the bit about him having gay tendencies: that's his biz and I'm not going to attack him for his honesty. See, he is asking a very relevant question - no matter who asks it.

I'm also cutting his question down to the bare-bones essentials. Not just American women - all women are dishonest. Not just about what they find attractive - dishonest, period, about everything.

They are dishonest - they lie - to stay in practice.

They lie to their family, friends, boyfriends, acquaintances, random people in the street.

You know the types of things. "I'm on the pill." "It's your baby." "He raped me!" "It's not my fault!" "I couldn't do X because of Y (bullshit reason)." "I didn't know!" "I was with the girls. (She was getting fucked by Chad.)"

Most of all, they do this so that they can lie to the Police, Judge and Jury, their Lawyer, the world at large, etc - when it comes down to the final crunch. That time in front of the police, the lawyer, the court. They can lie with an absolutely straight face as they make claims that you are violent and abusive and should never-never-never be allowed anywhere near the children. Though you should pay her out the wazoo for raising them.

By the time she's finished with lying about you to all and sundry, you are the type who would rape your own children and kill and eat the babies that resulted from it.

Oh sure, there are a very rare few (the 10-20% who got snapped up real young and who actually stay in a relationship because they are near-NAWALT material) who don't lie all the time. That still leaves a lot of room: "only" 30% of the time, rather than 100% of the time, is still lying.

Old joke: How do you tell when a woman's lying? She's talking.

Good luck with all that.

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Saturday 31 March 2018


Yes, I'm going back to The Matrix: Reloaded. Specifically, The Merovingian and the concept of causality:
Action. Reaction.

Cause and effect.

You think you have a choice. In reality, that's only a very small part of the total equation. The tiniest part of it, the mere beginning.

Choice and consequences.

The bigger part - really the only relevant part - is the results. What is the end-result. What is the consequence.

The choice is a seed. The consequences might be an enormous tangled web that you had absolutely no inkling of when you planted that seed.

For men:

You can choose to be a pansified blue-pill simp, soy-boy, etc. This has a consequence of you helplessly dancing to someone else's tune.

You can choose to be a PUA. This has a consequence of you fucking plenty of other women.

You can choose to be a MGTOW. This has a consequence of seeing through the bullshit, refusing to deal with many aspects of it, and basically ending up an alienated Lone Wolf type.

Some people choose to go full-on Ghost. Call that MGTOW ^ 10. I'm not certain what the full consequences of that are. Even some of the consequences. A mystery to me.

Some consequences have hidden negatives and positives. As a blue-pill simp you have an almost-certain chance of having your emotions and head messed around. Also a very high chance of being divorce-raped, your children used as weapons against you, and the next several years being spent paying someone else to spread her legs for a variety of other men.

As a PUA, you effectively have to act like a slightly better grade of blue-pill simp. You entertain someone else of generally low mental acuity and likely zero basic ethics, on the off-chance that you will get to fuck her. Even Roosh V came to hate the thought of being a dancing monkey for someone else's entertainment.

As a MGTOW, you become slowly more insulated from the emotional/mental turmoil and general bullshit that the opposite sex generates. You start seeing through the smoke-and-mirrors illusions. You start choosing (with varying consequences) what you allow into your life. One originally-unintended consequence is a better, more relaxed life and lifestyle.

As a Ghost, you completely insulate yourself from the warped system that is our society, our civilization. I have only inklings of what the consequences of this might be. I suspect more do-it-yourself hardship. As a side-effect though, I suspect one hell of a lot more personal satisfaction is involved with this choice.

I also suspect that surviving as a Ghost is where the *real* men will develop themselves. In comparison the rest of us are children. Teenagers at best.

For women:

You can choose to be a crazy, feral cunt who parts her legs for anyone that turns you on at the moment. The consequences include:

* becoming an effective nymphomaniac aka sex maniac

* becoming destroyed "down there" (those vibrating baseball bats can't be good for you)

* becoming unable to bond with others in any way

* emotional and mental instability

* several personal STDs

* several unwanted children that you have to "raise" alone

* several fucked up next generations

* an overall degeneration of the civilization/society that you live in

You can choose to be the more "traditional" type of woman. The consequences (might) include:

* bonding strongly with someone who will actually be with you all your life

* emotional and mental stability

* very likely good health and life (shit sometimes happens)

* an exceptional family

* exceptional next generations

* an overall improvement of the civilization/society that you live in


1/ I deliberately left out cats.

2/ Any backsliding, even once, turns you into a crazy feral cunt. You can't change once that happens. Remorse simply doesn't cut it. Nor can you change or be "born again" or whatever delusions you might attempt to shove down others' throats.

3/ Nobody - men or women - understands what the "traditional" type of woman might be. If there ever was such a thing as a Unicorn at all. I strongly suspect that it was only force which caused certain behaviors, which force is now long-gone.

As things are, the aggregate consequences of a large proportion of fucked-up choices and lack of basic ethics are what's causing the fucked-up mess that is our society. No wonder that MGTOW is happening.

Action. Reaction.

Shit in the water. It becomes undrinkable. You get sick and die.

Shit in society. It becomes unworkable. It gets sick and dies.

Good luck with all those consequences.
Some personal reflection.

It's been a long set of changes. A weird semi-red-pill quasi-alpha in my youth, to blue-pill simp, the semi-red-pill quasi-alpha borderline-PUA again, to what I guess is full-on MGTOW.

This blog is one helluva mess. Call it 800 posts of general crawling out of the muck, banging the head into the wall over-and-over, looking around and examining the insanity everywhere, traveling through what might be called several moments of clarity.

What's next?

Who the fuck knows?

There may be more thoughts to explore, we will see.

It's better than running through life with a fucked-up mental program of buggered basic ethics, alongside others who are similarly running through life with fucked-up mental programs of no basic ethics coupled with no thought for the consequences or for the future.

Damn near anything has to be better than that.

Friday 30 March 2018

A Basic Difference

This one's about basic ethics. Also how that translates into basic decency in any society. (At least, any society that I - and likely you - want to be in.)

Yes, an odd topic involving philosophy. Damn relevant though. You see, Leftists and Feminists and Marxists and the entire SJW crowd in aggregate lacks the first (basic ethics), which by extension then translates to them lacking the second (basic decency). You can add that most women on the whole are severely lacking in basic ethics too, which causes further rather large problems.

Let's say that there are two general groups of things in the world. (An academic's $20 word would be "classes" of things.)

The first group might include: my wife, my child, my family, my dog, my cat, my girlfriend, my friends, my employer, my employees, random people and things out in the world. Most people might lump "my job" into this group.

The second group might include: my clothes, my car, my house, my computer, my tools, my garden, my business, my health, my life, my thoughts, my opinions, my time, my choices, my money, and various other "stuff" that you personally own.

There is a basic difference between the two groups.

The second group you are free to do with as you wish. Use them, lose them, wreck them, waste them, whatever - however you wish.

The first group you are not free to do with as you wish. Using them, wrecking them, whatever - is basically called abuse, murder, rape, pedophilia, theft, etc.

(Please note: Unlike the insane leftist brigade, most normal people are fully aware of the difference between beating and discipline. The former is abuse, the latter is intended to teach the difference between accepted/desirable and not accepted/desirable behaviour. The result is dogs which bite the faces off children vs seeing-eye dogs, and destructive criminals vs a scientist or brain-surgeon. Call it useless vs useful, worthless vs worthwhile.)

From this basis of ethics we can see how basic decency flows. Keeping those two groups properly separate makes a person basically decent. You can expect certain reasonable behaviours from them, expect them to not fuck you around, to not steal from you, to not destroy your personal stuff, etc. This doesn't automatically make them a pussy, they're just not gonna fuck you around without a damn good reason (ie some slimy fuck started it).

Of course, mixing the groups has huge potential for fucked-up behaviours. This is where you get mommy dearest frivorcing hubby for $$$ and weaponising "her" children in the process. This is where you get confiscatory taxes that go to pay the "less fortunate" aka deadbeat no-hopers (and those running the scam). This is where you get theft (like the latest South African stealing of land from the Boer farmers).

This is where you get unilateral punishments all out of proportion to the "crime", plus "crimes" which are so stupid that common-sense has been lost in an attempt to "punish" the "guilty".

(Where the fuck does this greedy claiming of high expenses for child support "for the benefit of the childreeeen" come from? Never mind, I already answered: greed.

Where does cheating and cuckoldery come from? From when one of the pair says that the relationship is "for my benefit", rather than "for our benefit". The general benefit of children and society can go hang, fuck ya'all, it's all about me. Me me me me meeeeeeeee!)

Now let's look at the Leftist, Feminist, Marxist, SJW brigade as a whole. These indecent people pieces of shit do not separate these two groups. From this fact flows all the troubles that these scum cause.

Telling you that you will think in certain ways and that certain opinions that you happen to hold are wrong. Censoring the same. Intruding into your personal life and time and space to do so.

Blaming you for the shortcomings of themselves and others.

Stealing from you for the benefit of others (especially themselves).

And if you don't like it: ruining your life (often with manufactured lies - false rape accusations, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?). In extreme cases: imprisoning you or beating you to a bloody pulp or killing you as an example to others who might be thinking of stepping over the line in the sand that they've drawn.

Thank you, Communism. You are a playbook for the worst scum of our and all other society.

This "fuck you very much" brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price. Now for some Grand Marnier to wash the taste of nasty, greasy poison outta my mouth.

Thursday 29 March 2018

YouTube Full Retard

From the men over on /r/MGTOW, Turd Flinging Monkey is now gone from YouTube.

Some very thoughtful comments:
SkewerSkewerNA -
Modern day equivalent of book burning.
LexGrom -
More profound, cos 1 book can be read only by 1 person at the time. No feedback loops. The level of knowledge sharing thorough online videos is incomprehensible. It's already changed the world and only speeds up
CrackingYs -
He’s still available if you search TFMonkey on Twitch.
YouTube is in Nazi book burning mode. Society is going downhill VERY fast at this point, guys. I’m actually starting to make plans to leave North America before the feminazis start burning my neighbourhood down.
This is exactly correct.

Forums and blogs are a simple system for creating a shared book of knowledge. Certainly, the content is sometimes dubious. It sure as hell ain't polished, or put into high-falutin' $20 words by some academic with his head up his own ass.

Have you ever heard of Monk's Coefficient? Doesn't mean squat to you? How about the Bugger Factor? Deliberately buggering around with something to break it - or maybe make it show up the way you want. They're the same thing.

The only difference is that Monk's Coefficient is the $20 per word academic's way of putting it. Which high-falutin' way of putting it, puts it out of the comprehension of most people who don't have a higher education (that's $30+k per year thankyouverymuch NEXT!). In comparison the Bugger Factor is 100% comprehensible to anyone. You can get the basic idea just by the name.

So the original internet was set up as a reference of knowledge. It was originally conceived as a reference library for every scientific thought of mankind. This was expanded to every thought of mankind (good and bad both - which is why you can still get Mein Kampf, The Prince, The Communist Manifesto, The S.C.U.M. Manifesto, etc in regular libraries).

The difference is that Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto, and The S.C.U.M. Manifesto are works of hate. You can still read the things though. Of course, you are allowed to read/watch the feminazi hatespeech female reality online too - just not the male hatespeech reality which eloquently, logically, and repeatedly refutes it.

This makes the entire manosphere a reference-shelf of examples and thoughts and philosophies that are centered around one area. You can tell that it's on-mark when the precious-brigade start squealing and crying and wailing and gnashing their teeth. They don't want people to examine those particular sets of reference shelves, because people will awaken to the shit going down.

They don't want the reference shelves even there, because it might warp unformed minds wake people up sooner.

Now that modern Marxism has trained the Left and the latest generations to use the internet as their primary source of news and as a reference (when was the last time you went to your local library for information?) they have shifted full-gear into the next part of their agenda. To recap:

1/ Cry and Scream (effective only with pussies and people without a fuckin' spine)

2/ Shadow Banning (your unpopular opinions will not be visible to others)

3/ Destroying Content (your unpopular content will not be available to anyone) <<< we are here

4/ Revisionism (content will be checked and altered to fit the approved narrative)

5/ Conformity (you will only be able to find information and opinions which are approved)

Conformity is the endgame. You will think only approved thoughts and learn approved knowledge as the Politburo allows, and we know exactly how that caused Russia to implode. Hell, the Middle East under Islam went the same way several hundred years ago.

Which is a great heads-up to what happens at the end of things.

If you have run across content which you really like, download it. If you have put up content that you don't want to lose, keep a copy. This isn't just the manosphere. Everything. Every reference book you can in PDF and EPUB format, every driver, every CD or DVD. Your photographs. Everything you want to keep. Hard copy is good too - it can't be retroactively altered.

Keep what you want to keep on multiple media. If you can, write-once the stuff. Protect it. I personally have a large HD in my PC, a NAS with mirrored drives, and three backup drives. With the backup drives: one is in a fireproof/waterproof case, one is offsite. I learned the value of this process long ago when I found myself having to rewrite some computer code that got deleted when an HD was hit with a virus - lots of copies keep stuff safe (LOCKSS, a system used worldwide by libraries).

An EMP would take me out. Otherwise, I'm guaranteed to have a near-complete copy of everything that is really important to me. Including this blog, after every post. (Especially including all my passwords - written in pen in a notebook.)

Keep yourself and your thoughts safe, brothers.