Sunday 15 April 2018

Something To Bitch About

This is some theoretical stuff today. I've been thinking about it for a couple of days, it seems to correlate with my personal experiences. Think it through for yourself, your mileage might vary.

We all know that teh wimminz love to bitch. (In fact, if they don't bitch they will probably blow up. Too much pressure inside and no safety-valve. We don't want to be around when she blows up.)

Looked at in one aspect, the whole of feminazism is just one huge bitch that's gotten to the point of blowing up. (Fucking whining over petty bullshit. Bah.)

Interestingly, a man I know floated an idea past our small group of guys on Friday at our TGI Friday lunchfest. He reckoned that a beard has two functions:

1/ To keep the face warm in winter. (Which it is heading that way now in NZ.)

2/ To give her something minor to bitch about.

Now, in some parts of the manosphere - being an asshole is "the thing". If you think about it, being an asshole gives her a sub-rosa benefit. Effectively along the lines of giving her something to bitch about. (She will never acknowledge this.)

Which kind of makes sense given the comments re beards above.

So taking this theoretically.

If she has something minor to bitch about (ie you're actually a man who doesn't kowtow to her, rather than a soyboy pussy fag yes-man slave who attempts to kiss her ass out of cringing fear all the time) then she's letting off steam - pressure - in small doses.

For you poor bastards in a relationshit that seems to be going south: try growing your beard. Just to piss her off a little and give her something concrete and petty to bitch about.

Hell, rasp her fuckin' face with it. In fact, her whole damn body, if you know what I mean. Just scratch her up a little everywhere.

Cross fingers, this'll keep the pressure from building up to where she goes full-on crazy cunt - leading to frivorce.

(What, she wouldn't like that? Grow a fuckin' spine you maggot. Your cringing is despicable, take your fuckin' balls back outta her purse. Cast those motherfuckers in concrete. Then slap her across the face with 'em. Right, she now has something concrete to bitch about - instead of you being a soyboy pussy fag yes-man slave who attempts to kiss her ass out of cringing fear all the time.)

Good luck, men. Now go out and enjoy yourselves.


  1. Do what I did. Shave your head. Then just as it starts to grow back and she mentions how much she likes your hair; shave it again. I've been doing this for a decade now.

    Also growing an epic beard then shaving it is a cool addition.

    Going a bit nutty helps too. Then when their nurturing instinct kicks in; get better and thank her.

    Fortunately for me this is easy; having been raised by a single mommy with all the NPD, "why does this always happen TO ME" or "I just can't take this anymore", bullshit. I've been well trained.

    Bitching about your rotten childhood seems to quell the drama-troll as well. It helps if you don't have to make up stories; gives your bitch sessions a bit more gravitas.

    hope this helps.

    1. Someone else to corroborate the idea. Nice to know.

      I also grow my beard and shave it off every couple weeks. Have done for three-four years now. I didn't do it because of wimminz, rather because of laziness.