Saturday 28 April 2018

Your Silence is Mandatory and Enforced

Given the "soft censorship" going on these days on Google, YouTube, and everywhere else - I decided to see if I had been softbanned. (The BlackPoisonSoul account.)

I went over to Terrence Popp's YouTube and popped up an appropriate comment (to the video). After a couple days I went back to check any replies.

Hmmm. Top of the list when signed in as BPS...yet not visible at all when not signed in. No likes, dislikes, whatever.

Yep. Softbanned. The very definition.

Your silence is mandatory, unwilling, and enforced.

Those who do not exhibit the signs of perfect groupthink will be made invisible to all others. Even other misanthropes, misfits, and deplorables like themselves. After all, we must protect those virgin minds our brainwashed serfs from any hint of anything that might possibly have a snowballs' chance in hell of making them unhappy.

Reality be damned. Wrap them all in cotton wool, so that they will only think/feel/act in ways that we determine to be predictable and useful.

By the time the misery has finally sunk its teeth into them, we will have extracted every last drop of utility from them. Even the juice is now gone. They can go into the dumpster with the rest of the deplorable waste. Because we already got our pound of flesh, down to the last drops of blood possible.

That is why I believe that this blog will eventually disappear. Not overtly. They'll probably leave it in an empty echo-chamber, with no links from nor visibility to the rest of the net.

It's just the insane rantings of another deplorable lunatic. Best to hide them from the rest. We don't want to cause them pain by letting them view such disturbing things.

Let's just obscurify it. Drop it a touch, reduce it's ranking a hair...a hair more...a hair more still...okay, now we can throw it into the list of "never show this shit"...

...job done. On to the next one. There's this other fucking lunatic over here...the list of crazy off-script bastards never ends...

So, still, keep a copy of what you want to keep. Off-line. Preferably in some non-volatile storage. Hard copy, if you must. After all: lots of copies keep stuff safe.

You never know when things might become more zealous. The feminasties and leftidroids and assorted SJW/PC Police keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing. It would only take a few manufactured incidents, then suddenly "let's make things self-policing" becomes the mindset. At which point, a certain number of complaints about this person and his things will vaporize.

Because when you think about it, our modern computerized world has one massive disadvantage that the ancients never had. It's real easy to erase something permanently.

When it's chiseled in stone, it's pretty-much forever. Wish that I could laser-etch it into fused quartz in my basement, however that's a bit beyond the readily-available technology at the moment. I'm stuck with spinning rust and electron-charges in SSD's. So damn ephemeral.

This bleak look at reality brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.


  1. A little OT, but I think it would be awesome if you could design a pair of Crap Colored Glasses for those of us who who want to say f*ck you to the hole gynocentric shit storm that has befallen society.

    And for kicks sell them cheap for Confederate Dollars + USD, or get them for USD only, but more 'spensive.

    I know your not American, but something like this would probably rock in "flyover" country here in the USA. Of course i'm not a marketing guru so what do I know, but for 10x the price I'll sell you my wisdom. :-)

    1. You actually made me laugh. I always thought of them as the old-style WWI aviator goggles. Go do it if you want, hope you make some money.

    2. That is kind of you to say, but I couldn't use the phrase Crap Colored Glasses(TM) without feeling guilty.

      It's probably because the concept of a line of sunglasses called Crap Colored Glasses(TM) provokes a sense of awesomeness from me that I just couldn't claim the idea as my own.

      Maybe if I ever decide to do something with it, we could work a deal.

    3. Laughing again...if you make several million from "Crap Colored Clothing(TM)" then I might ask for something like 0.5 or 1% as royalty. After all, you'll have done the lions share of the heavy-lifting.

      Now like the "copyright" on this blog says, just go and use it. Fill ya boots, man.

    4. Preferably, don't fill ya boots with crap, though...impossible to clean. (Grumble experience grumble cowshit grumble...)

    5. Ha! Been there done that as well.

  2. "They'll probably leave it in an empty echo-chamber, with no links from nor visibility to the rest of the net."

    Were it not for Hawaiian Libertarian or Captain Capitalism, I don't think I would have ever found this blog. That is how obscure your placement online already is sans google shadow bans.

    1. Of course. It was never meant to go mainstream or the like. Just stuff I threw up on the wall. No intention to make any money from it, so I've never pushed it. That said, I'm always pleased to say hello to my readers - when I have time, occasionally I don't.

      Probably mostly Hawaiian Libertarian put it out there, for some reason he decided to link to me. Captain Capitalism, from some comments that I made over there too. Maybe even Rollo Thomassi, before I stopped going there. Unca Bob, may he rest in peace.

      I have a deep suspicion of stuff for sale in the Manosphere. Too much of it seems to be a "if you want to fuck hawt chix, buy my book/recording/seminar at the low-low-low price of $$$". I understand where they come from - they do have to live - it's simply not my way. I also think that it encourages risky thinking/behavior in hurt men.

      I do like Aaron Clary/Captain Capitalism because he does a lot of economic advice. This is stuff that most people simply do not get taught these days - society (especially wimminz) encourages us to live paycheck-to-paycheck, instead of spending within your means and getting proper assets together. In fact Aaron often includes the horrorshow stuff that wimminz do, which I kinda did/do as well.

      I also like Aurini - I don't read him as much as I should. Terrence Popp/Redonkulas, of course.