Sunday 8 April 2018

Why Women Are Dishonest

Over on /r/MGTOW is a very basic question "Why are American women so dishonest about what they find attractive?":
This makes me annoyed. Why are women so dishonest about what they like. For example in a reddit once I talked about body image issues with men and how they were unhealthy. Of course some chick barged in and said she "only likes what is on the inside and does not like muscly guys"
this made me annoyed and I told her she was full of shit and knows it.
(got banned from that sub by king arthur's white knights at the round table lol).
She denied up and down how she was not attracted to muscly guys. On campus, i see chicks talk about how they "don't like muscly guys" well, their behaviour shows otherwise they are constantly flirting with muscly guys.
Hey nothing wrong with that! you like what you like just be honest!
I can actually SYMPATHIZE with a lot of women.
I shamefully admit I have gay tendenceies. Like I have been physically attracted to fit muscly men. (lol I know that is super gay but I am being 100% honest.) some of those guys had shitty personalities but I liked them better than the smaller nice guys because of their physical appearance.
Why are guys more honest about what they like in a woman?
like most guys like genuinly curvy women (NOT fat) with, large breasts, and thick lips and healthy skin and a nice personality.
Why do women lie about liking "nice guys" but don't just say: "I like a muscly assertive man and am not interested in smaller passive guys".
That would solve 90% of dating issues today.
Its as if guys would say: "I don't like sexy chicks, I like fat chicks with a nice personality" But then they would blow off all of the fat chicks and only pay attention to the hot chicks.
What is so hard about this?
sorry for my spiel.
Ignore the bit about him having gay tendencies: that's his biz and I'm not going to attack him for his honesty. See, he is asking a very relevant question - no matter who asks it.

I'm also cutting his question down to the bare-bones essentials. Not just American women - all women are dishonest. Not just about what they find attractive - dishonest, period, about everything.

They are dishonest - they lie - to stay in practice.

They lie to their family, friends, boyfriends, acquaintances, random people in the street.

You know the types of things. "I'm on the pill." "It's your baby." "He raped me!" "It's not my fault!" "I couldn't do X because of Y (bullshit reason)." "I didn't know!" "I was with the girls. (She was getting fucked by Chad.)"

Most of all, they do this so that they can lie to the Police, Judge and Jury, their Lawyer, the world at large, etc - when it comes down to the final crunch. That time in front of the police, the lawyer, the court. They can lie with an absolutely straight face as they make claims that you are violent and abusive and should never-never-never be allowed anywhere near the children. Though you should pay her out the wazoo for raising them.

By the time she's finished with lying about you to all and sundry, you are the type who would rape your own children and kill and eat the babies that resulted from it.

Oh sure, there are a very rare few (the 10-20% who got snapped up real young and who actually stay in a relationship because they are near-NAWALT material) who don't lie all the time. That still leaves a lot of room: "only" 30% of the time, rather than 100% of the time, is still lying.

Old joke: How do you tell when a woman's lying? She's talking.

Good luck with all that.

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  1. A couple more very common ones are, "I don't do this very often" and "I haven't been with that many other guys."- spoken to me by a 23 year old club stripper after I paid for sex in the VIP who had been working said job for the past 8 years.

    1. The proper answer to that is: "Of course you don't." Lace it with as much or absolutely no irony to your personal taste.