Friday 8 September 2023

As The World Burns Down

It's no secret that I have a few bucks. In fact I make way more now than I did back when the bitch pulled her version of Eat-Pray-Love on me.

Have'n those few bucks opens a few doors.

Which lets out some info about the future finances of New Zealand and etc - probably Aussieland as well.

It's no secret the good old Labor Gubnermint has been rapin' and pillagin' everything in sight money-wise. Currently inflation in NZ is over the 8% mark, probably over 10%, across the board. They been buyin' votes, though I don't think it's gonna help 'em this election.

To give you an idea: 3 years ago gas was $1.54 a liter, now it's $3.11 a liter. That has a nasty on-flowing effect with the prices of everything else. (AKA it's an excuse for prices to jump and sizes to shrink, which is why eggs are now $12 for 10. Yes more than a buck per. Sheeeit, get yourself some chooks ASAP.)

The word from behind closed doors is: Next April, expect the banks to get harder with lending money.

This makes a certain amount of sense. Governments need bucks, cannot have those bucks going into houses - because the average good house in NZ is currently in the $800k+ range. That's money going to the bank-owners (Aussies) and not Das NZ Gubnerment in the form of GST and other crapola taxes.

Solution: Force banks into tougher lending criteria.

Which is very interesting when we think about the history of it all. Das NZ Gubnerment has, several times, floated New Zealand banks. They go for 5-10 years, get profitable, then get flogged off to the Aussie banks.

I'm not sure why. It seems...self-sabotaging. Though it also seems to happen with a change in the leadership of Das Gubnermint, so maybe that's it: the National Party gets things on track and then Labor rips the fuckin' track up again.

Tells you lots about how this third-world country is run.

Any rate. If nobody can afford houses...then the idea seems to be that people will lose hope and start living hand-to-mouth instead of saving up to get ahead. AKA everyone forced to become grasshoppers and the ants get slaughtered.

It's like they want people to stay in their lower-class place, you ain't getting ahead bruvva.

So we'll see what happens soon, here in what might become New Shitsville. There's rumblings and rumors of some form of basic living amount being given out, so everyone is on the dole - if you want more, work for it.

Not sure how that'll work out.

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