Monday 30 December 2013

New Year PostSecret

The final one of the year, let us see what we have in store.

Put a ring on that whore's finger! This guy is fucked in the head and in life.

A rare moment of weirdness. Never mind, take a pill and you'll soon be back to chasing that shit again.

Pining for the unattainable #1.

Pining for the unattainable #2.

Pining for the unattainable #3.

Secret internet fattie in the making.

Pining for the unattainable #4. It still eats you up, so you tried for some sex-tourism. It didn't fill the hole.

Hard to tell if she feels dirty-good or dirty-bad.

Creativity requires madness, when you Prozac it away...

Yep. Expect the backlash/crash to start within 2 years, maybe 1 year.

Women only have frenemies. For the so-called "gregarious" sex, they are chronically alone amongst women and incapable of relating to men.

I predict Eat-Pray-Love for this marriage, followed by cats.

Entrapment into marriage.

Try me instead of fantasising, slut.

Whining powerless victim mentality.

Pining for the unattainable #5 - Alpha achievement unlocked.

Hard to tell if this one is sent by a girl or guy. If girl: pining for the unattainable #6. If guy: pathetic maggot.

Difficult to categorise, seems like someone lucked out in the Hypergamy stakes. At least for the moment.

Have a restful New Year, don't be afraid to slap-a-ho if she needs it. This is a good time of year to find another, they're always out there on the prowl - especially at this time.

Wealth Point

One of the good things about Christmas is the time that you can take to reflect upon the prior year, then to plan for the year to come. I pity those who have such a "social life" (or family) that they never take this gift of time.

One of the things that this time gifts you with is the ability to look at what real wealth is. This is different for everybody: luxury trips, fast cars, big houses, adventures, etc. These things are what the media have sold you on what wealth and riches are.

What you don't realise is: these things are a lie.

Yes, we know the news and the media is a lie. So, a question: Why do you still think that this is wealth?

It would seem that you are still brainwashed by that lifetime of media. To the point where, even though you consciously reject it as shit, you still accept the prior/subliminal messages of "this is wealth" to be gospel truth and something that you should strive for.

Working for 5 days to live it up for 2 days isn't wealth, it's living hand-to-mouth. Enjoy your TGI Friday, enjoy your weekend in Vegas, enjoy your around the world trip.

Glitz, glamor, fame...sheep led to the slaughter, baaaaa.

What is wealth?


Family is good, had a great time Christmas and Boxing Day with them

Fitness is good, just leg-pressed 500kg x10 x5

Must work on that freedom better. Right now it's going around in circles.

What about you?

Christmas PostSecret

Running a little late, here is our Chistmas edition of poison:

Sounds like someone is unhappy at mom's Eat-Pray-Love attempt. Suck it up kiddo, you don't mean squat to her. You never did.

Typical trick of women, I wonder if she will attempt to seduce her Secret Santa.

I have the feeling that this is a young guy. Islam actually has some very good things in it regarding marriage and relationships, so long as you don't go down the extremist track.

Objectification, not as good as a real cock. It does get her through the dry periods though, as well as being valuable for when she hits the wall.

Meow - cat-lady in the making. Seriously, some girls need to learn that it is worth it to actually ask a guy out. They have no problems with making it plain to Alphas. That said, dimwit there needs to learn that when a woman offers a present, she's interested in him.

Funny how women are the ones who shoplift so much. Nice passive-aggressive too.

Christmas, the time of year when it is socially-acceptable to end all relationships.

"Your" Christmas bonus, this is obviously a woman using a man's money. Note that she's not mentioning divorcing her gay/bi husband, only sticking it to the wife of the man who her hubby had an affair with. Passive-aggressive hate for other women, not so much for her man.

Enjoy your dose of Christmas poison. May your eyes open to the blackness in the fucked-up soul of our society.

Saturday 28 December 2013

Preciously Twee

A couple of articles about some PC Nazis who want to stop all fat-shaming of blubbery landwhales aka fat women:

You can still comment on the second article if you want to call out how preciously twee they sound.

Of course, the celebrity from Hunger Games is hardly a fat chick. I am assuming that her stance is so that she will look really slim/good in comparison to all the fatties that we men are no longer allowed to shame into thinness. Amusing the psychological cold-warfare that women wage upon each other, in their efforts to "win" The Game.

"That pixie haircut looks so good on you! You go girl!" Translation: Thanks for butchering your looks, I look way better than you do now. Keep it up.

"It's the inside that matters, not the outside!" Translation: Thanks for keeping that fat and entitled attitude, all the losers will chase you. Keep it up.

Don't abuse or swear at them - just mock them. It cuts deeper into their ego.

Friday 27 December 2013

The Predatory Female

Free online here and should be required reading for all men:

The Rev. Lawrence Shannon tells it in a simple Q-and-A style which lays women's actions utterly bare and illustrates how it is. You might think it's disgusting and awful, yet I can guarantee that you've either experienced it or seen someone else experience it. At worst, you can see it in the news.

This is part of why I constantly look at PostSecret: it is a priceless glimpse into the mind, usually female yet sometimes male also.

Cheers and enjoy the poison!

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Unacceptable (Stomp That Bitch)

Sometimes it becomes necessary to stomp some bitch into the ground, like stomping on a mushroom or toadstool.

Okay, as a man it behooves you (ie you have been fucking conditioned) to be generally pleasant and patient with the retarded (women pushing their fucking luck - and they always will). However there comes a time sooner or later when you get to the point of "enough of this fucking shit".

This is the point at which you have to say: "Your behaviour is unacceptable." Perhaps even stronger: "Get the fuck out."

The look on her face is indescribably beautiful. It's the transition from smugly superior "I got you wrapped around my finger and can say and do what I want" to "holy fuck he's not kidding" as her mental edifice of delusion rapidly crumbles around her.

Now, the faster you get to that point the more manly you are. However, for the long-suffering Beta who has taken a build-up of this over the years (with family it might be decades) that look he receives can be infused with both rage and utter shock - perhaps even horror.

Stand your ground.

Stomp that bitch.

You might be surprised a how much respect you get for doing it.

Monday 23 December 2013

The Mens Rights Movement is for whiners

I have been looking around the Manosphere for a couple of years now, finding it endlessly fascinating. On the whole I consider it to be chock-filled with good advice of various types - designed to help your growth as a man.

You can pick-and-choose as you wish to develop yourself, from the pussy-slaying of Roissey to the going-your-own-way of Captain Capitalism. Or your own style entirely, whichever suits you as a man. It's not a one-size-fits-all clothing shop, more like custom tailoring.

There is one part of the Manosphere that I actually dislike intensely: the whininess of the Men's Rights Movement and Men's Rights Activists in general.

The problem is the whole concept of "rights" at all. It's a victim mentality - realistically, the only right you have is to the air you breathe. Everything else you must work for.

Yes, I know that it is a part of going through the five stages of coping: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. A lot however get stuck in this area: they try to bargain or get depressed, without ever moving on.

These men are fundamentally broken.

You see them all the time: ranting about how men need to have this to make things really equal to women's privilege, how X laws need to be enacted to give them equal time with their children, etc etc. They go to the government with hat in hand with their petitions and lobby and what-have-you. It's time that we had our rights back!

These men have lost it. They're acting like irrational women, instead of acting like men do: looking at the problem, deciding on the solution, then doing their best towards implementing. Hell, they might decide much of the time that completely checking out is the way to go - more power to them, if that is their solution.

When things become unacceptable, unendurable, you have every right(!) to split from Dodge.

But forming groups, having a major debate, begging government for assistance to assert their rights? That's not the independence of men, that's the powerless dependence of herd-like women. The powerless dependence that has only one tactic: to shriek and whine until someone puts a gobstopper in their mouth to shut the child the fuck up for a bit.

At least, until the next dose of shrieking and whining.

The excuses and whinging and whiny bullshit. Fuck me, it's enough to make you want to hit someone with a hammer. That's some heavy bleeding you got going there, want a maxipad as well as a tampon? Get a fucking grip you pussies.

Now that I've had my little rant - yeah, you can see the bullshit. The Manosphere is about raising people's awareness, true. It's about how you can improve your lot in life, true. It's about how you can become more attractive to the other sex, true.

It is not about whining like a child until you get your way. Fuck that noise. Oh yes, women find that whiny shit incredibly attractive too.

The Men's Rights Movement is for whiners, not real men. Men's Rights Activists are whining women, not real men. They are not a part of the Manosphere, no matter what they might attempt to assert. They are simply another tick, trying to leech off the system under a disguise of being men.

Never confuse the two.

Sunday 22 December 2013

All Men Are Disposable

I mean absolutely all men, so-called Alphas and Betas alike.

It's not often that I share these kinds of thoughts, so read carefully and think about it. While I might be completely off-base you should still be capable of gleaning something of use from this post.

This disposable-ness is a logical consequence of the selfishness of the female mind. Florence Nightingale herself said that women cried out all the time for sympathy, yet had no attention to spare for sympathising in return. (I'm paraphrasing so do a google search - don't be damn lazy.) Effectively, demanding sympathy all the time shows an extreme degree of selfishness, self-absorption, narcissism, etc.

One of the more difficult things for those new to learning about women is accepting their dual breeding strategy. Breeding with the best genes and being supported by the best provider (popularly known as Alpha fucks and Beta bucks). This can be proactive (single mommies looking for a naive man to support them and their bastard child) or reactive (cheating once married).

Ideally a woman will marry the perfect match: an Alpha provider. Unluckily for her, there are very many women chasing the Alpha - far more than there are available Alphas, let alone those Alpha providers willing to commit. This is why women will tolerate being in the "soft harem" of an Alpha when young - it is better in her mind than being with a Beta.

Eventually though, she will lose all hope of snagging her own Alpha. Generally when the Alphas start ignoring her in favor of younger, hotter, tighter girls. At that point she will bitterly resign herself to the terrible fate of tolerating the arms of a Beta - she who joyously gloried in the arms of one or more Alphas, reduced to mating with a lesser man! It is a resentment that she will take out day-by-day upon her luckless Beta provider, slicing his soul to pieces with the death of a thousand tiny cuts.

At any rate, she will always be looking to trade up - this is why she will constantly test her man and constantly look for another. After all, she might find a better one for her purposes. This is why a man must always be Gaming his wife: failure means divorce, loss of at least half of what he's earned through his life, loss (and mental/emotional scarring) of his children, ongoing loss of his income - it's very un-pretty.

There is always a better man out there.

By the same measure, even an Alpha is disposable. She is still looking for a better man than her current - she always will be - and he must also continue to Game his woman (or women, if he maintains a harem). This is an ongoing requirement, though it's easier for him than the average Beta since it is deeply ingrained into his psyche. Still, she will move up or cheat if she finds what she's looking for in another man.

It's her nature.

There is always a better man out there.

So, Alphas are just as disposable as Betas. It mightn't happen as often, yet it can and will still happen.

So, what advantage does being an Alpha have over being a Beta?

Access to more and better pussy, plus generally being better-satisfied with their life. Part of being Alpha is also knowing deep in your gut that pussy comes and pussy goes - it's not that rare. This takes away a major anxiety that Betas have to deal with and immeasurably improves your quality of life.

In the end, isn't that what any man wants.

Addendum: This means that no man will ever experience true and unconditional love from any woman.

Saturday 21 December 2013

The Price

You can be a sheep, or you can be a wolf.

The price of being a sheep is mediocrity.

The price of being a wolf is loneliness.

Choose one or the other with great care.

I Already Have...

I already have a cook (when I can't be arsed cooking for myself).

I already have a dishwasher.

I already have a washing machine.

already have a dryer.

I already have a vacuum.

I already have a duster.

I already have a bed warmer.

I already have a good friend.

I already have a source of entertainment.

I already have a project of my own (multiple, actually).

I already have a goal of my own (multiple, actually).

I already have a car.

I already have a home.

I already have a career.

I already have a lifestyle.

I already have a mother for my children (if I want children - I can just pay for them).

What don't I have?

I can only think of one thing.

Someone beautiful and pleasant who is relaxed and content to drift off to sleep with her head on my chest after a couple hours of raunchy and exhausting sex.

Do you offer that? Is that all you have?

That's not much return for the price of a marriage, wedding, ring (expensive) and listening to endless lamentations about perceived slights and minor niggles in your life of ease and luxury (wearying). When you get bored, I then have to split half of what I've earned and built up over my entire life with you - so you can then go and "explore" and "find" yourself - and the next victim of your needy, greedy, predatory instincts.

Tell you what. Let's just try it for a year, see how I feel. After all, I might find a better model.

In fact, I'm betting on it.

Thursday 19 December 2013

PostSecret Times

Here we have it again, the last week's PostSecret reveals of the female psyche.

Pervy chick fantasising about children. If a man was doing this it would be "ewwww!" and creepy to the max. Not when a woman does it though.

Safely dangerous hah! So women decide to do the Eat-Pray-Love thing and go seeking adventurous men - aka adrenalin-junkies.

Don't put a ring on that ho's finger, mate.

Hypergamy, fucking another girl's guy. Always worth doing over your frenemy, isn't it.

Shouldn't have gotten divorced then aye. What's unusual is that the husband got custody - wonder what you did that was bad enough to cause the courts to decide that.

Now, what caused this estrangement I wonder.

This becomes less-surprising as time passes. Simply interesting, forensically examining the poison in society.

Let's Fight!

I have been with a couple of women whose MO has been the following:

1/ look at everything that you say or do in the worst possible light

2/ pick a fight

3/ have you apologise (if possible make you crawl) to get back with her

4/ have hot makeup sex

5/ repeat

You go through that a couple of times and you start to recognise the signs and give these women a miss. It actually becomes rather boring, when you realise how many like this there are.

So you add it to the filters of what you consider to be acceptable behaviour. When you run across women who exhibit the signs you simply shake your head and keep looking.

They often respond with the usual litany, of course: "You can't handle a strong woman!" The reality is that I don't stick my dick into dogshit.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the same. It's easier on your life and emotions.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Male Status

Men are inherently superior to and of greater status than women.

This tends to drive feminist (and feminist-brainwashed) women nuts, which is probably why they started asserting that women are worth more than men, women need men like a fish need a bicycle, etc ad nauseum. It drove them so nuts that they had to start shrieking and lobbying for special statuses, to make things "fairer" for them (and supposedly other women).

If women were truly superior to men there would be no need to even mention it. It would be a flat-out self-evident fact.

Instead there has been a furor of hysteria, fueled by what I believe is the self-loathing of knowing that the women involved are of low value. Typically of lower value than the average woman - you can see it by their looks, the first thing that a man assesses a woman by.

It is true: you can tell a woman's inner self by her outer self. A fat, ugly, bitter exterior is the outward expression of a lazy, ugly, bitter interior.

So, years and years of shrieking and whinging, finally leading us to this point: a constant litany of garbage that brainwashes most men. Until they actually believe that they are inferior to women.

No. No. No.

The greatest threat to a woman is a man who knows his true status. It seems to drive them crazy because they can't have it. Plus it drives them crazy the thought that he might actually speak that knowledge aloud. Perhaps it is the worry that he will wake other men up to the value and status that they truly have - then suddenly the entitled gravy-train comes off the rails, leaving them at the mercy of the merciless winds of reality. Unsheltered by the brainwashed and enslaved "settled-for" man.

Payback is such a bitch.

The best that they can do is attempt to convince us that it is a false construct - yet even so they still know. Protestations of "you're dreaming", flat-out assertations of "you're wrong", the heaping of scorn upon men. If it were not truth then why would they bother so stridently to disabuse us of our illusions. They'd simply walk away from such stupidity. It would be a moot point. A flat-out self-evident fact.

The combination of crazy and frustration drives them into a frenzy of rationalization and yapping and thrashing around. Then, as you stick to your guns, suddenly the tingles of their defensive stance opens them up to yield to your now-overwhelmingly-obvious higher status. Higher status turns on the floodgates of their sexuality.

This obvious pre-eminence of men reveals itself in another way: if a man criticises a woman or her behaviour - unless he's the utter worthlessness of loserdom - it really affects her self-image. It bites deep into her self-esteem when a man judges her unfavorably. Instant bitchdom can be a consequence, as she tries reflexively to cut you down in the process of self-defense.

Even a so-called "Beta" male, who is of greater worth than 99.99% of all women that he might happen to run into during his life, can severely screw with the psyche of a high-status woman. This is because any such man has the respect of other men - earned respect, not the bullshit "respect" that is handed unearned to women by default.

Because of feminist brainwashing she lives in a world of cottonwool and candyfloss, unable to cope with any criticism - let alone harsh - from a man. It makes her go crying to her little clique of girls, who will passive-aggressively enjoy her discomforture and oh-so-delicately rub it in. She goes into an endless tailspin of self-doubt that is fed extra fuel by the machinations of her friends aka frenemies.

If an actual honest-to-God Real Man Alpha should judge her harshly - she's fucked, done for, fried and gone. Her ego implodes and she's left in a writhing mess of self-loathing. If she survives and ever manages to come out of that state, I'm unsure of how she will look. She might become a woman - or heaven forbid, actually become a lady.

So now read my lips, girl.

This is me speaking it aloud.

Monday 16 December 2013

Pay me the money, honey

You see the female imperative everywhere, hidden in just about every nook and cranny in the world. Case in point: driving to work this morning, a poster stuck on a bus shelter. "Are you man enough to stop violence against women?"

Ubiquitous. Innocuous on the surface. Full of feel-good pablum, delivering a virtuous feeling that you are definitely man enough to stop violence against women - in fact you would NEVER commit violence upon a woman!

But one day, you actually start to think about it. You might begin to realise the nasty assumption behind the feel-good bullshit: that only violence against women matters.

Never mind violence against men. Never mind violence against children. It is all about violence against women.

Then there's the secondary assumption: that all men are violent assholes and rapists and murderers. Yes, you. Never mind that perhaps one man in ten thousand is violent or a rapist or a murderer. Because of that one man, all men are violent rapist murderers.

That doesn't piss you off? That every woman in the Western world has basically been trained from the get-go to think of you as violent, raping, murderous scum? It should. Of course, when it does piss you off, you simply confirm to all women the vicious, raping, murderous scum that you are. A very neat Catch-22 situation that validates women's opinions of you, leaving you stuck.

As you become more red-pill aware, you start to notice more of these things. The female-only perspective is the only thing that matters about everything. No other perspective matters. This is the strangely warped and twisted reasoning behind our modern society.

This is the reasoning which has special laws to protect fragile women from violence. Never mind that our society has had laws for centuries that deal with violence. Women in their fragile victimhood need special laws, to make them feel special, and safe. In fact those aren't enough, so please pass more special laws to protect her.

With this, there is no surprise that women become narcissistic. They are coddled, swathed in cottonwool, told that they are precious. That the sun shines out of their asses, that their pussy is lined with gold.

The reality is that we men start to become less-interested in helping women, dealing with women, as we become more aware of how tremendously they are favored in our society. It's already starting to happen with regard to marriage. Eventually this will translate to a disinterest in women at all.

This has already happened in China and Japan: women are hiring boyfriends. Why? Because the men are not interested in being boyfriends with these entitled and spoiled girls. Or having anything much to do with these girls at all. Never mind marrying them.

You want the illusion of having a boyfriend?

Pay me the money, honey.

You want the illusion of having a husband?

Pay me the money, honey.

Thursday 12 December 2013

A Quiet PostSecret

It's been a quiet and reflective few days. All the insanity of Christmas, all the inanity of Christmas, when the marketeers try to flog useless shit to girls and mangina's without a clue.

So, here is the latest interlude of PostSecret. My sarcasm-and-bile glands have shut down pretty-much, overwhelmed by the Raping of Christmas™.

Chick swinging from dick to dick, getting a firm grip on the next before releasing the last. He should have suggested an affair instead. Yes this "good match" is also perishable.

Captain Save-A-Ho to the rescue. She probably bore the rapist's child.

Fatty, you better thin down and pretty-up.

One second of truth, revealed by the hamster. PMS does not exist, it's just an excuse to act out: a couple hundred years ago it would have been quickly cured with a beating to within an inch of her life.

One delusional second of truth revealed by the hamster.

Achievement Unlocked: Removing ex-hubby from the children's minds.

Creepy cutter-chicks.


Rationalization about consumerism and wasting money on nonessentials at its finest.

Of course it didn't, creepy cutter-chick.

Thursday 5 December 2013


This makes me ashamed to be a New Zealander:

Moral Dilemma

Again from the comments at The Rational Male - the female commentary inside this thread is almost surreal and an endless source of laughs:
On the whole: I find it hilarious that Kate considers the theft of a man's money (buying her a house) to be a "moral dilemma". Perhaps she can pay off a quarter-million-dollar-property at the equivalent of one $100 sex-act at a time, then her conscience will be clear.
'Course, that's the long view. It'd be faster and easier to marry then divorce and collect her well-deserved cash and prizes. After all, she never loved him and so every sexual act was an act of deep humiliation. Having to endure sex once or twice a month while she was housed, clothed, and fed - basically pampered for nothing much - was so degrading to her heart and soul.
She really deserves everything that she can ream out of him, too. On an ongoing basis via alimony. He got her accustomed to living at a certain level of comfort, now that she's kicking his shitty ass out the door she will still by God get that same level of comfort out of him. The courts will enforce it too, on pain of throwing him into jail. It's his own fault.
Oh fuck, apologies to all. There is far too much reality in this comment. Girls and mangina's may feel free to denigrate and scorn it with the utter contempt that it deserves.
Ah, such a moral dilemma: to steal or not to steal.

But wait. If it's legal - it's not theft then is it.

Conscience clear, all lights are green. You go giirrrrllll!

Keep it coming (and cumming and cumming and cumming) girls - you are poisoning your own well thoroughly.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

No Compromise

Over on The Rational Male, Rollo posts about a man who found that his sexless wife used to be an enthusiastic slut for every man and his dog - except him:

In the comments I put up a small gem and decided to repost my comment here for further analysis and thought:
@Shaman - take it over the edge and enjoy it. As you say, she can deal or GTFO.
I'm still astonished that you guys are bothering to try and educate that retarded LivingTree. It's like you haven't yet figured that anything coming out of a woman's mouth has only one purpose: to deceive you into her frame. Even when she's agreeing, especially when she's arguing, and most especially when she's trying to achieve a consensus or compromise.
The problem when you compromise is that you have walked away from the truth - what is real. You have been lured into a frame that is not your own and into something that is her frame, or as close as she can currently get you into her frame. She can then use that frame as another starting-point for the next compromise.
This progress can and will continue until - surprise! - you find that you have entered her frame fully. You've compromised and compromised at her bequest, until you have fully given in and become her bitch. You're under her thumb, living inside her illusion, instead of her being under your thumb and living in the real world.
There is no surprise that a woman walks from you when she finds how easily bent and twisted from your purpose and plans you are.
Bronislaw Kaper, musical composer and junior saber champion of Poland: when he watched the new music arts deviate from the classics to undisciplined popularity he declared that people, like their music, lose their way. He saw Kenpo deviate from the Way and declared that he saw the very essence of Kenpo dissipate into absurdity. Even Miyamoto Musashi said that it was very easy to deviate from the Way.
So, regarding the poor sod who had a rude awakening: he now knows the lie. The fact that he's even considering staying in that marriage, let alone apologising to her or considering her health and well being as being anything of concern, shows how strong a grip the lie has upon him. The marriage is dead, get the fuck out of it: I did for lesser things and this is so far over the line that you need binoculars to look back at the starting posts.
1/ post that video of her up on the internet
2/ leave (beating her to a pulp is optional though not advised)
Showing any children exactly why you are leaving is also a priority: make it abundantly clear, even though it scars them. Tough shit, the truth is better than any bucket of lies she can then attempt to force-feed them. "Look, mommy got gang-fucked by five other guys and enjoyed it. This is why I'm leaving: she has no decency in her." In the end you're doing them a favour and showing them what real life is like, not the cottonwool swaddling and pap that they normally get.
Now, the problem with compromise is that it is a twisting away from your desires and into hers. This doesn't benefit you in the slightest - in fact it gives her a handle upon you. That handle will then be used to twist you to her desires even more, until it becomes a leash and collar. A leash and collar so powerful that even when you become aware of it, the grip is still there: sucking you into her reality and making you consider her feelings and desires as paramount.

This is Hegelian Dialectic used to warp and subvert the desires of others to fit your agenda. It is the subtle compromise of ongoing brainwashing to make you accept what was once unthinkable as being what is normal. It is a changing of reality to illusion, an illusion of someone else's desire, in small and subtle steps.

The reality in the man's situation is as follows:

Her feelings mean shit, especially when your feelings obviously meant shit to her.

She has constantly lied and deceived you, anything she says or does is going to be another lie or deceit or compromise. (Hah!)

She's done it once and will do it again, and was probably doing it on an ongoing basis while you were oblivious (yes you got cuckolded - multiple times).

You're fucked if you stupidly continue beating this dead fucking horse: best to get it done with, then you can begin the process of healing and do stuff for yourself again instead of being her willing slave.

This Public Service Announcement™ has been brought to you by: "get a fucking clue buddy" and "this is common-fucking-sense" and "grow some fucking balls".

Sunday 1 December 2013

PostSecret once more

As time goes on, these become ever-more the same. You begin to realise how much like sheep women are, how interchangeable they are, and how bland and banal they are.

Let us begin with our banal predictability.

Your family pretends well. Yes, women are this blatant.

Oh God, fattie-encouraging Beta to the core. It won't stop her from cheating on you when she gets bored.

Show me!

Poor bastard caught in a sexless marriage. Wait, that's too empathetic of me. Go have an affair you stupid fucker.

Most women's lives are banal and boring. This is why they crave drama and romance - it lightens the tedium that they drag around them in their cloud of futility.

Betcha you were smoking-hot at that time too. Bulimia is your best friend, skinny girls.

Almost. Romance will do that to you. They have a pill for that now.

Ah yes, classic! Girls absolutely love phone-sex, it turns them on more than you can believe. It can start from a quite innocent sexting...until she has her fingers up her pussy and is squealing in lustful delight. Men, cultivate a deep and sexy voice just for this. Your penis will thank you.

End of a good weekend, feeling a little mellow now - enjoy these moments when they come, for they are what is good and lasting in life.