Thursday 5 December 2013

Moral Dilemma

Again from the comments at The Rational Male - the female commentary inside this thread is almost surreal and an endless source of laughs:
On the whole: I find it hilarious that Kate considers the theft of a man's money (buying her a house) to be a "moral dilemma". Perhaps she can pay off a quarter-million-dollar-property at the equivalent of one $100 sex-act at a time, then her conscience will be clear.
'Course, that's the long view. It'd be faster and easier to marry then divorce and collect her well-deserved cash and prizes. After all, she never loved him and so every sexual act was an act of deep humiliation. Having to endure sex once or twice a month while she was housed, clothed, and fed - basically pampered for nothing much - was so degrading to her heart and soul.
She really deserves everything that she can ream out of him, too. On an ongoing basis via alimony. He got her accustomed to living at a certain level of comfort, now that she's kicking his shitty ass out the door she will still by God get that same level of comfort out of him. The courts will enforce it too, on pain of throwing him into jail. It's his own fault.
Oh fuck, apologies to all. There is far too much reality in this comment. Girls and mangina's may feel free to denigrate and scorn it with the utter contempt that it deserves.
Ah, such a moral dilemma: to steal or not to steal.

But wait. If it's legal - it's not theft then is it.

Conscience clear, all lights are green. You go giirrrrllll!

Keep it coming (and cumming and cumming and cumming) girls - you are poisoning your own well thoroughly.

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