Thursday 19 December 2013

Let's Fight!

I have been with a couple of women whose MO has been the following:

1/ look at everything that you say or do in the worst possible light

2/ pick a fight

3/ have you apologise (if possible make you crawl) to get back with her

4/ have hot makeup sex

5/ repeat

You go through that a couple of times and you start to recognise the signs and give these women a miss. It actually becomes rather boring, when you realise how many like this there are.

So you add it to the filters of what you consider to be acceptable behaviour. When you run across women who exhibit the signs you simply shake your head and keep looking.

They often respond with the usual litany, of course: "You can't handle a strong woman!" The reality is that I don't stick my dick into dogshit.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the same. It's easier on your life and emotions.

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