Sunday 22 December 2013

All Men Are Disposable

I mean absolutely all men, so-called Alphas and Betas alike.

It's not often that I share these kinds of thoughts, so read carefully and think about it. While I might be completely off-base you should still be capable of gleaning something of use from this post.

This disposable-ness is a logical consequence of the selfishness of the female mind. Florence Nightingale herself said that women cried out all the time for sympathy, yet had no attention to spare for sympathising in return. (I'm paraphrasing so do a google search - don't be damn lazy.) Effectively, demanding sympathy all the time shows an extreme degree of selfishness, self-absorption, narcissism, etc.

One of the more difficult things for those new to learning about women is accepting their dual breeding strategy. Breeding with the best genes and being supported by the best provider (popularly known as Alpha fucks and Beta bucks). This can be proactive (single mommies looking for a naive man to support them and their bastard child) or reactive (cheating once married).

Ideally a woman will marry the perfect match: an Alpha provider. Unluckily for her, there are very many women chasing the Alpha - far more than there are available Alphas, let alone those Alpha providers willing to commit. This is why women will tolerate being in the "soft harem" of an Alpha when young - it is better in her mind than being with a Beta.

Eventually though, she will lose all hope of snagging her own Alpha. Generally when the Alphas start ignoring her in favor of younger, hotter, tighter girls. At that point she will bitterly resign herself to the terrible fate of tolerating the arms of a Beta - she who joyously gloried in the arms of one or more Alphas, reduced to mating with a lesser man! It is a resentment that she will take out day-by-day upon her luckless Beta provider, slicing his soul to pieces with the death of a thousand tiny cuts.

At any rate, she will always be looking to trade up - this is why she will constantly test her man and constantly look for another. After all, she might find a better one for her purposes. This is why a man must always be Gaming his wife: failure means divorce, loss of at least half of what he's earned through his life, loss (and mental/emotional scarring) of his children, ongoing loss of his income - it's very un-pretty.

There is always a better man out there.

By the same measure, even an Alpha is disposable. She is still looking for a better man than her current - she always will be - and he must also continue to Game his woman (or women, if he maintains a harem). This is an ongoing requirement, though it's easier for him than the average Beta since it is deeply ingrained into his psyche. Still, she will move up or cheat if she finds what she's looking for in another man.

It's her nature.

There is always a better man out there.

So, Alphas are just as disposable as Betas. It mightn't happen as often, yet it can and will still happen.

So, what advantage does being an Alpha have over being a Beta?

Access to more and better pussy, plus generally being better-satisfied with their life. Part of being Alpha is also knowing deep in your gut that pussy comes and pussy goes - it's not that rare. This takes away a major anxiety that Betas have to deal with and immeasurably improves your quality of life.

In the end, isn't that what any man wants.

Addendum: This means that no man will ever experience true and unconditional love from any woman.

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