Saturday 28 December 2013

Preciously Twee

A couple of articles about some PC Nazis who want to stop all fat-shaming of blubbery landwhales aka fat women:

You can still comment on the second article if you want to call out how preciously twee they sound.

Of course, the celebrity from Hunger Games is hardly a fat chick. I am assuming that her stance is so that she will look really slim/good in comparison to all the fatties that we men are no longer allowed to shame into thinness. Amusing the psychological cold-warfare that women wage upon each other, in their efforts to "win" The Game.

"That pixie haircut looks so good on you! You go girl!" Translation: Thanks for butchering your looks, I look way better than you do now. Keep it up.

"It's the inside that matters, not the outside!" Translation: Thanks for keeping that fat and entitled attitude, all the losers will chase you. Keep it up.

Don't abuse or swear at them - just mock them. It cuts deeper into their ego.

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