Wednesday 18 December 2013

Male Status

Men are inherently superior to and of greater status than women.

This tends to drive feminist (and feminist-brainwashed) women nuts, which is probably why they started asserting that women are worth more than men, women need men like a fish need a bicycle, etc ad nauseum. It drove them so nuts that they had to start shrieking and lobbying for special statuses, to make things "fairer" for them (and supposedly other women).

If women were truly superior to men there would be no need to even mention it. It would be a flat-out self-evident fact.

Instead there has been a furor of hysteria, fueled by what I believe is the self-loathing of knowing that the women involved are of low value. Typically of lower value than the average woman - you can see it by their looks, the first thing that a man assesses a woman by.

It is true: you can tell a woman's inner self by her outer self. A fat, ugly, bitter exterior is the outward expression of a lazy, ugly, bitter interior.

So, years and years of shrieking and whinging, finally leading us to this point: a constant litany of garbage that brainwashes most men. Until they actually believe that they are inferior to women.

No. No. No.

The greatest threat to a woman is a man who knows his true status. It seems to drive them crazy because they can't have it. Plus it drives them crazy the thought that he might actually speak that knowledge aloud. Perhaps it is the worry that he will wake other men up to the value and status that they truly have - then suddenly the entitled gravy-train comes off the rails, leaving them at the mercy of the merciless winds of reality. Unsheltered by the brainwashed and enslaved "settled-for" man.

Payback is such a bitch.

The best that they can do is attempt to convince us that it is a false construct - yet even so they still know. Protestations of "you're dreaming", flat-out assertations of "you're wrong", the heaping of scorn upon men. If it were not truth then why would they bother so stridently to disabuse us of our illusions. They'd simply walk away from such stupidity. It would be a moot point. A flat-out self-evident fact.

The combination of crazy and frustration drives them into a frenzy of rationalization and yapping and thrashing around. Then, as you stick to your guns, suddenly the tingles of their defensive stance opens them up to yield to your now-overwhelmingly-obvious higher status. Higher status turns on the floodgates of their sexuality.

This obvious pre-eminence of men reveals itself in another way: if a man criticises a woman or her behaviour - unless he's the utter worthlessness of loserdom - it really affects her self-image. It bites deep into her self-esteem when a man judges her unfavorably. Instant bitchdom can be a consequence, as she tries reflexively to cut you down in the process of self-defense.

Even a so-called "Beta" male, who is of greater worth than 99.99% of all women that he might happen to run into during his life, can severely screw with the psyche of a high-status woman. This is because any such man has the respect of other men - earned respect, not the bullshit "respect" that is handed unearned to women by default.

Because of feminist brainwashing she lives in a world of cottonwool and candyfloss, unable to cope with any criticism - let alone harsh - from a man. It makes her go crying to her little clique of girls, who will passive-aggressively enjoy her discomforture and oh-so-delicately rub it in. She goes into an endless tailspin of self-doubt that is fed extra fuel by the machinations of her friends aka frenemies.

If an actual honest-to-God Real Man Alpha should judge her harshly - she's fucked, done for, fried and gone. Her ego implodes and she's left in a writhing mess of self-loathing. If she survives and ever manages to come out of that state, I'm unsure of how she will look. She might become a woman - or heaven forbid, actually become a lady.

So now read my lips, girl.

This is me speaking it aloud.

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