Monday 30 December 2013

Wealth Point

One of the good things about Christmas is the time that you can take to reflect upon the prior year, then to plan for the year to come. I pity those who have such a "social life" (or family) that they never take this gift of time.

One of the things that this time gifts you with is the ability to look at what real wealth is. This is different for everybody: luxury trips, fast cars, big houses, adventures, etc. These things are what the media have sold you on what wealth and riches are.

What you don't realise is: these things are a lie.

Yes, we know the news and the media is a lie. So, a question: Why do you still think that this is wealth?

It would seem that you are still brainwashed by that lifetime of media. To the point where, even though you consciously reject it as shit, you still accept the prior/subliminal messages of "this is wealth" to be gospel truth and something that you should strive for.

Working for 5 days to live it up for 2 days isn't wealth, it's living hand-to-mouth. Enjoy your TGI Friday, enjoy your weekend in Vegas, enjoy your around the world trip.

Glitz, glamor, fame...sheep led to the slaughter, baaaaa.

What is wealth?


Family is good, had a great time Christmas and Boxing Day with them

Fitness is good, just leg-pressed 500kg x10 x5

Must work on that freedom better. Right now it's going around in circles.

What about you?

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