Monday 23 December 2013

The Mens Rights Movement is for whiners

I have been looking around the Manosphere for a couple of years now, finding it endlessly fascinating. On the whole I consider it to be chock-filled with good advice of various types - designed to help your growth as a man.

You can pick-and-choose as you wish to develop yourself, from the pussy-slaying of Roissey to the going-your-own-way of Captain Capitalism. Or your own style entirely, whichever suits you as a man. It's not a one-size-fits-all clothing shop, more like custom tailoring.

There is one part of the Manosphere that I actually dislike intensely: the whininess of the Men's Rights Movement and Men's Rights Activists in general.

The problem is the whole concept of "rights" at all. It's a victim mentality - realistically, the only right you have is to the air you breathe. Everything else you must work for.

Yes, I know that it is a part of going through the five stages of coping: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. A lot however get stuck in this area: they try to bargain or get depressed, without ever moving on.

These men are fundamentally broken.

You see them all the time: ranting about how men need to have this to make things really equal to women's privilege, how X laws need to be enacted to give them equal time with their children, etc etc. They go to the government with hat in hand with their petitions and lobby and what-have-you. It's time that we had our rights back!

These men have lost it. They're acting like irrational women, instead of acting like men do: looking at the problem, deciding on the solution, then doing their best towards implementing. Hell, they might decide much of the time that completely checking out is the way to go - more power to them, if that is their solution.

When things become unacceptable, unendurable, you have every right(!) to split from Dodge.

But forming groups, having a major debate, begging government for assistance to assert their rights? That's not the independence of men, that's the powerless dependence of herd-like women. The powerless dependence that has only one tactic: to shriek and whine until someone puts a gobstopper in their mouth to shut the child the fuck up for a bit.

At least, until the next dose of shrieking and whining.

The excuses and whinging and whiny bullshit. Fuck me, it's enough to make you want to hit someone with a hammer. That's some heavy bleeding you got going there, want a maxipad as well as a tampon? Get a fucking grip you pussies.

Now that I've had my little rant - yeah, you can see the bullshit. The Manosphere is about raising people's awareness, true. It's about how you can improve your lot in life, true. It's about how you can become more attractive to the other sex, true.

It is not about whining like a child until you get your way. Fuck that noise. Oh yes, women find that whiny shit incredibly attractive too.

The Men's Rights Movement is for whiners, not real men. Men's Rights Activists are whining women, not real men. They are not a part of the Manosphere, no matter what they might attempt to assert. They are simply another tick, trying to leech off the system under a disguise of being men.

Never confuse the two.

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