Monday 30 June 2014


Your time is valuable.

This is gonna come across as another railing rant against PUA and pickup and game. In the situation of taking that to an extreme: yep.

The time of your life is precious. Spending it to do what you want is one thing - taking something to excess, to an obsession, to the point of craving it so bad that you're shitting on your own dignity - is just dumb. It's also an indication of how badly you're addicted to attention, narcissistic-wise.

You can pretty-much get ass anywhere, though the quality varies. So does the amount of silliness and shit you have to go through to get it.

When you're responsible for millions of dollars of other peoples livelihoods, you tend to become somewhat allergic to the silliness. All these drama games that dumbass women seem to love - all horseshit. Mindfuck games, he-said-she-said, snipe-snipe-snipe, politics, backstabbing, shit-stirring, drama. Fuck that noise. I don't give a flying fuck, other than as antipathy: wanting to stay as far away as possible from that shit.

I got more important stuff on my mind. So should you. (In fact, so should they - however, they've been screwed over mentally and emotionally by their fellow-women all their lives. I'd pity them, except that on the whole they're undeserving of any form of pity. Plus schadenfreude is more fun.)

So I look now at PUA and think: guys, you really don't have anything that important in your lives, do you.

Don't get me wrong. It's good to have the skills of seduction to some degree. To have Game integrated into your life. To be a man that a woman would be proud to associate with. It's good to learn something new.

An endless chasing after pussy, validation coming from the quality (looks) of pussy that you're sticking your dick into? To a certain extent, sure. To excess though?

Fuck, you really don't have anything that important in your lives, do you.

I look at the female dancers, their propensity for drama and shit. Their obsession with dance and games and backstabbing and politics and suchlike. How that takes precedence over everything else.

Fuck, you really don't have anything that important in your lives, do you.

Get something worthwhile in your life, worth spending your time on.

Monday 23 June 2014

Cult vs PUA

Cults use a technique known as "love bombing" to entice members into the fold. In simple terms it is overwhelming people with affection. They effectively "drug" their targets with love, admiration, validation, affection, flattery, intense attention, responsiveness, and sexual and non-sexual touching. They feed the ego of even the mildest narcissistic by hanging onto their every word, creating a sense of instant rapport, connection and intimacy.

Everybody is of course at least mildly narcissistic in this day and age, constantly being trained and pandered to so that they make nice little machines for propaganda to work on. Remember also that to a narcissist, any attention is good attention. Whether it is from the Nice Guy who does things for her to the bad boy she craves for sex; whether it is being treated as a queen through to having a screaming row with her boyfriend of the moment to getting beaten to a pulp by the man she "just can't bring herself to leave".

The seductive techniques of the Cultist, the PUA, the Vamp, the Lothario, the Bad Boy. All a cynical use of another's emotions for their own gain. All startlingly similar. All of these abusers play to your ego needs. All of these narcissists suck the last drop of pain that they can from you, before the discarding and moving on to the next victim.

Love bomb. Love is a drug we crave, one that makes us feel wonderful. Like any other drug, it is addictive. It's the only drug pushed unceasingly by the mainstream media and society as a whole. "True Love", "The One", "Soul Mates", etc.

We swallow it whole, have withdrawal symptoms, etc because society has taught us unceasingly that we require/deserve it. Us men can do without it better because we are also taught to suck it up and deal with loneliness. Women not so much, thus the general wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Thoroughly poisonous and dangerous. Are you now forewarned enough?

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Reach Out And Touch

My relationships hinge on one philosophy: if I want to touch her and she wants to touch me, then the relationship is going well. Especially if we can't keep our hands off each other.

If she - or I - no longer want to touch, then the relationship is done for. Regretfully let it go and go looking for another.

When something is demonstrably dead, let it go. Don't cling to it stubbornly, no matter what anyone might say. That way lies only heartache, wasted time, and lost opportunity.

Also the drama that the immature and foolish love to indulge in, because that's all they have in their lives and souls.

The Real Problem With The Manosphere

Something that has struck me recently, also dovetailing into the PUA is stupid thing: there is an unacknowledged elephant in the room when it comes to the Manosphere. Or more accurately, the thing is that we/they are in the wrong room entirely.

PUA has the effect of filtering out damaged women, yes. You end up jumping through hoops of some worthless woman's devising for the "maybe" chance of getting to fuck her. In the process dancing around like a monkey and taking a huge shit on your personal dignity. For doing this, you get to dump a load of semen into a borderline narcissistic lunatic.

Effectively the Manosphere is looking in the wrong places for their women. Bars, dives, nightclubs, strip joints, whorehouses - you are looking amongst long-term good-time girls for someone who wants to settle down (or deluding herself that way). These people are so set in their ways that they will never change. They will never settle down, incapable of being fully-content.

You simply damage yourself when you hook up with these types, becoming more vapid and shallow to match the women of your surroundings. This is why I don't generally attempt to pick up girls in bars: they're fucked up and it's contagious.

So, what type of women is predominantly in bars etc? Extroverts.

Now, introversion is strongly linked to intelligence (developed by evaluating and thinking about life). Similarly, extroversion is strongly linked to impulsiveness - which doesn't involve a whole lot of intelligence, since intelligence controls impulsiveness. This is why most, if not all, people in jail are lower-IQ impulsive extroverts.

So effectively the typical woman out on the town is an impulsive extrovert. Thus the prevalence of sluts and one-night-stands, etc. False rape claims are made by extroverts who regret their impulsive actions of the night before, yet are incapable of being responsible for these actions (which introverts are far better at accepting responsibility for anything).

But wait - these girls are high-IQ, they have degrees! No, they have worthless and simple degrees. They have education and intellect, which is not the same as having intelligence: the propensity to reflect upon the experiences of your life, integrate them, and modify your behaviours accordingly. Going further and thinking about the future rather than impulsively giving in to the moment.

So this is how we can see these highly intelligent yet stupid types everywhere.

Going back to PUA is stupid, the guys who are getting into PUA are training themselves to be the same as the women they associate with and try to fuck: they're training themselves to throw caution and prudence to the winds and act impulsively. They're so desperate for a fuck they're teaching themselves to be impulsive low-IQ extroverts.

Desperation, PUAs reek of it.

Instead of actively seeking out and associating with properly intelligent women, they're settling for the easily-found extroverted stupid types. Completely in the wrong room, guys.

Sunday 15 June 2014


Morons. Morons, all of them.

Here is proof that 99+% of people on FaceBook (and probably in the entire world) should be dead, preferably killed with extreme prejudice:

This was posted by a man mangina. The 5 likes and 2 comments were by women. It would have been worse if a woman had posted it: there would have been more likes and comments.

The overall intellectual tone is of IQ 85 or less.

For this, we men sweated our guts out - slaved for centuries - built up our knowledge - provided a life for the next generation - brought them up as well as we could. Building and building and building, layer upon layer upon layer of complexity. To eventually provide a marvellous platform of communication for people to make inane comments on random cat pictures.

This gifts me with a deep inner crushing of my spirit. I think any remaining sense of idealism was long-gone before this, though.

Thursday 12 June 2014

Feminism Revealed

From a local rag, the foolish fashion of feminism is revealed:

"Feminism & Fashion" - an oxymoron of course. Let's deconstruct this stupidity.

• short and unfeminine hair

• rictus grimace mouth (never learned to smile)

• chain padlocked around throat (can anything be more eloquent of a desire to be chained up and treated like a dog)

• sloppy and ugly shirt (with incitement to violence)

• sloppy and ugly pants

• hands arrogantly in pockets

• mannish aggressive body-language

The overall effect is a large "up yours" to all looking at her.

Of course, feminists need men like fish need bicycles - thus the oxymoron of them having any kind of fashion or fashion sense. The only reason for fashion is to dress to attract a man, which their fishy selves do not need at all.

Therefore the only real reason for them to have any form of fashion is so they can enrich the parasites who tell them how they should dress and act. Women especially seem to be herd-animals, even (especially?) feminists. Thus this stupidity writ large.

Sadly it's their own hating selves that are wasting their lives enriching others. Their own blood, sweat and tears dribbled away for a mess of pottage.

Feminism, just another religion. Like the Manosphere is it's religious antithesis.

Thou shalt envy, hate and denigrate the opposite sex.
Thou shalt treat the opposite sex like shit at all times.
Thou shalt worship the cock and vagina.
Thou shalt practise any degenerate sexuality that catches your fancy.
Thou shalt waste the fruits of thy efforts on worthless things and worthless people.
Thou shalt lie at all times, especially to thyself.
Thou shalt grow a bloated ego based upon nothing of worth.
Thou shalt chase money endlessly.
Thou shalt ignore reality in favor of emotions.
Thou shalt enjoy these degenerate times without common sense, thought or mindfulness.

These rules apply to both sexes. Truly poisonous when you think it over a bit.

Monday 9 June 2014

Black and White and Shades of Grey

Everything in black and white, good and bad, Alpha and Beta, madonna and whore. Everything taken to extremes.

This is life these days, always taken to the maximum, dialectic up to eleven, balls to the fucking wall, taken 2XS.

The reality is not the extremes, not the dichomy, not the paradox. The Alpha sees woman as Whore, the Beta sees woman as Madonna. The Beta is supposed to be deluded, the Alpha is supposed to see reality.

Woman on a pedestal, feet to be kissed. Woman a gold digging slut, whore that'll jump ship at any opportunity, who will fuck anything at the drop of a hat.

One is supposedly right, the other supposedly wrong, yet are they both deluded?

Perhaps the reality is different. Madonna, whore, hell with that noise - maybe the real reality is the playmate.

Dig Deep

There are times when life gets on top of you, drains you, leaves you exhausted and flat.

It is these times when you have to dig deep and work to keep your humanity, not let the world and it's inanities and insanities rip you to bits.

It seems to be harder for us introverts. We are more easily drained.

Sunday 8 June 2014

Global Warming My Aching Ass

All the garbage about global warming - carbon credits - carbon-dioxide - blah blah blah.

Proven by science to be false for the last 17-18 years.

And here's some more graphs, mapped from data collected by the RSS satellite, showing vs the ICC's projected data.

I would say that the "debate" over climate change is over - but religions don't die that easily, nor do religious fanatics just fade away. We can all expect to continue to pay out the ringhole for this bullshit, while the second- and third-worlds get beaten over the head for "not doing their part" etc ad nauseum.

Poor bastards, being leeched off for the gain of others. What a stinking and poisonous society we live in.


Okay I've done a little looking around and etc regarding climate change. It is rather difficult to easily find information which hasn't already been fucked around to prove somebody's point of view. So, I had to look at things from a slightly longer and larger viewpoint:

The above pic is taken from the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine and shows the longest, median, and shortest Ice Ages. Note that we are currently in the Quarternary Ice Age. Yep, it's an interglacial period between huge sheets of ice potentially covering the entire goddamn planet. Only 2.5 million years in, probably another 72.5 million years to go, maybe 297.5 million years if we get a bad roll of whatever cosmic dice cause Ice Ages.

Now logically, between these damn ice ages there were far warmer periods over the entire planet. Like the times when the South Pole was so warm that there were dinosaurs living there. I shit you not, reptiles living in a place that is now under i-cant-be-arsed-finding-out-how-many kilometres of ice and snow. Look it up yourself if you give a damn.

Now this is from Wikipedia and shows the last 5 million years of temperature drops. About 6C less on average than 5 million years ago, and varying in a 100-thousand year cycle from about 2C less than the average, to about 9C less than the average. The 2C "warmer" part about being right for an interglacial period.

Strangely enough, the warmer period between about 1,000-1,200 AD did not drown the world under hundreds of meters of water. Even though the Vikings were able to run sheep and cattle on the open grassy fields of southern Greenland (good luck trying that shit now, the brass monkeys are on strike). Similarly the ice-sheets didn't scour every speck of life from the planet, nor did the 5 million year ago hotspot drown every speck of life on the planet.

So from what I can tell, we don't know enough to make any sensible predictions stating that humanity is or isn't causing Global Warming. It seems vanishingly unlikely. What I do grasp is that Carbon Credits and suchlike are bullshit because they don't actually stop the burning of fossil fuels and the like: they just let what I will call the "ethically challenged" to salve their conscience by spending a little more money for the enrichment of others.

If people want to stop emitting carbon, just in case it is causing Global Warming, then don't waste your money on Carbon Credits and similar shit. Instead invest in something like Thorium Reactor technology with Bill Gates, or let modern designs be built for nuclear reactors. This instead of keeping open the old 30+yo designs which aren't as safe, like: Fukushima, Chernobyl, and Three Mile Island.

Let the old designs be properly mothballed and stored away safely. Shift to newer, safer models like Toshiba's pebble-bed reactor designs. Do more wind- and solar-power. Invest in researching battery technology that can replace gasoline. Invest in technology that will clean up our rubbish tips. At least things will be cleaner.

Don't come out with this hysteria about Global Warming, though. You sound like religious fanatics - nobody wants to listen to religious fanatics.

So I will stand by my original comments re climate change, carbon credits, etc: Global Warming my aching ass.

Saturday 7 June 2014

Children and Feminism and Leftism

All the whining about oppression, all the bitching, all the pissing, all the moaning.

All the babbling of children, incapable of taking care of themselves.

All afraid of taking personal responsibility.

They can all be boiled down to one short sentence: "It's your fault, not mine."

Thursday 5 June 2014

Tits or GTFO

For all you attention-whores.

You know who you are.

You cunts that walk in proclaiming your sex. You cunts who expect - nay, demand! - that men be nicer when you're around. You cunts who invade male spaces just so you can claim bragging-rights to "first!" or being one of the first. You cunts who don't actually bring anything of worth with you when you intrude into our "men-only" spaces. You cunts who get bent out of shape if a man should even peek in the door of your "female-only" spaces. You cunts who believe that the world revolves around you just because you have a twat.

Yes, you fucking useless hoity-toity self-entitled self-absorbed cunts.

Read this lot fucking thoroughly.

Femanon here. Well done guys, well done.
You managed to destroy this poor girl's self-esteem for no reason whatsoever. She posted tits, she posted vagoo, and she got fucking DEHUMANIZED for your sick viewing pleasure. She is not even fat, and having hair on your pussy is natural and normal. Your warped view of the world has turned you all into disgusting pigs.
Do you realize that you've probably left her with permanent mental scarring, and extreme body image issues? That's just so fucked up, NO-ONE deserves that. She was one of us, and you destroyed her humanity and womanhood for no reason whatsoever. That's so twisted I can't describe how sick it makes me feel.
I think this will be my last day on /b/, you people are just fucking sick in the head.
This thread is all Kinds of Lolz
People (Women mostly) Seem to forget why we have Tits or GTFO.
Because we would get these shameless attention whores coming here, demanding our attention because they have a vagina.
We are all anon, No face No gender Nothing to set up apart from one another.
>Femanon here <---- First sign of an attention whore.
Fist sign of somebody who is demanding preferential treatment based on gender.
We don't care what your fucking gender is!
We are Not asking for it so don't broadcast it!
To fight this we invented Tits or GTFO.
This was done as a deterrent to shun away the
attention whores.
If you do show Tits and Vag with time stamp, your just in the end confirming what we all thank about you.
You are an attention WHORE, your Whoring your body out for attention.
You shame yourself by doing this.
You only have yourself to blame. Because
OUT is always a choice.
>She was one of us, and you destroyed her humanity and womanhood for no reason whatsoever
No she wasn't! If she posted tits and vag she ceased to be anonymous.
She ceased to be one of us and became another girl clamoring to us for attention.
If this is true and not just a troll thread where I believe it is. She got what she deserved.
>I think this will be my last day on /b/, you people are just fucking sick in the head.
LOL and LOL some more.
/b has tough me that we are all sick in the head, here we are just honest with ourselves.
Leave and don't come back, you will not be missed.
Sincerely Anonymous
If i can pontificate a bit, for your edification, one of the rules of the Internet is "there are no girls on the Internet". This rule does not mean what you think it means.

In real life, people like you for being a girl. They want to fuck you, so they pay attention to you and they pretend what you have to say is interesting, or that you are smart or clever. On the Internet, we don't have the chance to fuck you. This means the advantage of being a "girl" does not exist. You don't get a bonus to conversation just because I'd like to put my cock in you.

When you make a post like, "hurr durr, I'm a girl" you are begging for attention. The only reason to post it is because you want your girl-advantage back, because you are too vapid and too stupid to do or say anything interesting without it. You are forgetting the rules, there are no girls on the Internet.

The one exception to this rule, the one way you can get your "girlness" back on the internet, is to post your tits. This is, and should be, degrading for you, an admission that the only interesting thing about you is your naked body.

tl;dr: tits or GET THE FUCK OUT.

Think it through thoroughly. Very thoroughly. Major reading-comprehension and something more than your usual 0.01-second attention-span is required, so make the effort and fucking pay attention.

Then STFU because your sex means shit to us. In fact there are many times when you being a woman is a complete liability - because you're fucking useless to actually getting shit done. Especially in a male space.

In most of your cases, your twat is only useful as a hole to jerk off into.

tl;dr short form (because you're a dumb and very useless cunt) - Tits Or Get The Fuck Out.

--Edit-- I quoted the text after each image because a commentor noted that they were basically unreadable. Correct, fixed, cheers!

--Extra Thought-- I remember some time back (early-mid February) one of the PostSecret cards was this:

My comment at the time: "You could have said 'no'. You didn't. Slut." This also applies perfectly to the attention-whores above.

The so-called "victim" now gets to play the victim-card for the rest of her life, because she has nothing else of worth about her. The so-called "accusor" gets to play the outraged-defender-card for the rest of her life, because she has nothing else of worth about her.

Yeah. Right.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Eviscerating A Woman

A follow-on from my previous post about Your Voice, I'm back to FreeNortherner's website where I put the boot into a stupid bitch female. I'm not gonna bother quoting it properly - too much hassle right now:

1. Neither psychoanalysis nor ad hominem are valid arguments in a discussion.
2. I did not reject, nitpick or twist Free Northerner’s analogy as I did not use his analogy at all, but instead merely utilized the theme of his analogy to make another.
3. Should you really be trying to psychoanalyze others while having a name like “BlackPoisonSoul”?


3. "Know thyself." I do know myself. It is very evident in my choice of name, visible to all as a heads-up warning - is yours? Thank you for the ad-hominem.

3a. For the record: I know myself because I undertook an extremely thorough (and difficult) look into my motivations and drives and various aspects of my personality. Have you? Again, thank you for the ad-hominem.

3b. Thank you for the opportunity to hit you with two ad-hominems right from the beginning (three counting this one).

2. FreeNortherner's example of the bank was defining what is "socially acceptable", as in it is not acceptable for a contract with a bank where the bank would overstep the bounds of expected contractual behaviour. Similarly a sexual relationship would not overstep bounds of expected social behaviour and decency into deviation, which was what Futrelle was automatically assuming (and claiming) that FreeNortherner was espousing.

2a. You then twisted the analogy by implying that FreeNortherner's analogy meant that he espoused sex within marriage as a free-for-all, "drop everything and do it with me NOW" situation. Basically that he was saying the marriage contract WAS all about one partner unilaterally stepping over acceptable boundaries - you even conflated the two. Read your own writing thoroughly.

2b. Psychoanalysis (Refer #1 below): This thinking is coming from the mentality of the marriage contract is *only a promise to have sex occasionally with the spouse*, on a *when I feel like it* basis. In bald fact you literally stated that it was only a promise, not something set in stone: "you went from: spouses promising to have sex with one another by becoming married - to each spouse promising to have sex with the other spouse whenever the other spouse desires it". (Hyphen and colon added by me for clarity.) A promise can be broken at any time, whereas something set in stone can never be broken.

2c. FreeNortherner's analogy was of a bank: on a regular basis, not on some nebulous wishy-washy never-never nor some brutal and random mugging. Your mindset is the wishy-washy never-never (tomorrow never comes/break a promise at any time). Futrelle's was the brutal (and deviant) random mugging.

2d. FreeNortherner's was on a reasonable and regular basis that did not overstep socially-acceptable boundaries - which was what he was stating. Yes, that statement was socially-implied - though personally I felt that his statements were quite eloquent. I caught his implications of what was socially-implied immediately.

2e. The problem is that you, Futrelle, and FreeNortherner are working from different mindsets of what is implied as being socially-acceptable. In addition, both yourself and Futrelle are automatically assuming that everybody is going to overstep these socially-acceptable boundaries (ie be unreasonable). And further that FreeNortherner was espousing such overstepping. He was not. Yet you both immediately went on attack.

2f. This is why you need to psychoanalyse at all times (Refer #1 below).

1. Any time is appropriate to psychoanalyse anyone. That way you can determine exactly where they are coming from thinking-wise and deal with the implied thinking that lies behind the statements and assertations they make.

1a. You stating that I was inappropriately psychoanalysing and ad-hominem attacking you was actually because *you didn't like that I caught you out and called you on your bullshit*. This is something that a (sarcasm) nice little boy (/sarcasm) would never do. I am not a nice little boy: Refer to #3 above. By the way, thank you for the sub-rosa ad-hominem, here's one in return.

1b. It is not for you to determine what is and isn't appropriate in a discussion. Those assumptions have been socially-developed over centuries and are now socially-implied. As examples: it is not appropriate to shout somebody down while they are talking, scream obscenities, punch or kick someone, stick your fingers in your ears and loudly sing "la-la-la I can't hear you!", or censor their speech for a nebulous reason along the lines of "I don't like what he's saying/he's upsetting me".

1c. It is especially not for you to determine what is and isn't appropriate in a discussion when it has been proven that you are attempting to frame said discussion in a manner that benefits your speech/points while restricting (aka censoring or muzzling) the speech/points of others. Refer to #2 above and #1b above.

Also: Refer to my prior post, and both your posts, and this post, and cogitate thoroughly upon why this post/answer is even necessary.

The TL/DR short version: Don't try to snow me under with your bullshit, I am fully cognisant of that female tactic of bellicose obfuscation and browbeating. I am also fully aware that to women, whoever buries her opponent under the most irrelevant garbage wins. Try your tactic elsewhere with someone who has less of a clue.

Here are several ad-hominem attacks, so that you can feel especially outraged at me for beating you repeatedly over the head with a stick (aka mansplaining to infuriate you further) and so you can feel special too:

• Anybody with a social clue would not require me to explain this all in nose-picking detail. (Did you catch the mockery there.)

• Anybody with a social clue would realise the inherent assumptions of decency and common-sense implied in the social fabric of our society. (Except you.)

• Anybody with a social clue would also apply said inherent assumptions sensibly. (Notice that I am implying that you are incapable of such discernment and delicacy in your social interactions. This implication is obvious to all, yet I feel it must be explicitly stated so that you don't miss it.)

• Anybody with a social clue would not be so deliberately obtuse. (That's especially gotta sting.)

Your lack of social ability makes types like you a laughing-stock. This is why I point this out to all reading this. This is why I laugh at you. This is why I am mocking you. This is why every person reading this should mock you.

This is why you should not come back until you can hold a sensible discourse.

Overall: You make a fine example to men of what is subtly wrong with women, in their thinking and their female-centric assumptions which permeate our twisted and sick society. This is why I point this out. Beginners need to learn to see this: and everybody starts out as a beginner.

Nor am I being subtle or sub-rosa about any of it.

Nor do I feel bad about verbally attacking and "being mean" to a girl. You can try to pull that card to gather some sympathy from other readers if you want. Good luck.
Ironic in the extreme given my prior post being mostly about debating nobodies on the internet, that I should bother debating some worthless nobody cunt on the internet.

I'd say "somebody's gotta do it" - except why bother, on the whole.

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Your Voice

Free Northerner provides a graphic illustration of the futility of debating with leftist retards. I give him kudos for doing it at all, and he himself admits that it was ultimately a waste of time - even though he enjoyed doing it. I'll admit that it was amusing to see the opposite side attempting to shame the man - and in the attempt, show that they were completely clueless socially. Perfectly illustrated by their reframing/irrelevancy attempts.

The problem with debating with a brainless retard (Fucktard Futrelle in this case) is that even if you win, you are still debating with a brainless retard. These people are actually random nobodies on the internet and not worth your time in the slightest. If you choose to attempt this type of debating, the best you can manage is to stay on point for the debate and refuse to let them reframe it, derail it, or bring up irrelevancies.

Thinking it through, much of this bullshit with the moronic lefties is because the internet provides utter morons with a voice. Yep, they can talk and be heard. You're still debating a nobody who is a completely retarded moron. (An amusing thought-experiment: ask them what their IQ is. When they come out with it, look disgusted and say: "Fuck is that all? Why the hell am I even attempting to communicate with somebody so far below my level? Sheeeeeit!")

In the old days if you wanted a voice, you had to prove that your voice was worth listening to. These days with the internet, the bar to entry is extremely low. I have to say that in my opinion: Twitter is not the best place to do it. It's a brainless sound-byte medium which I have had the greatest pleasure in avoiding.

Now here is the extra irony: here I am trashing the medium that I use to get my own voice across. The barrier to entry is so low that I decided to use it one day. By extension, the entire Manosphere et-al is tarred with the same brush. It's hard to filter out the voices of (potential) sanity in an endless sea of shit.

You have to laugh at these little ironies in life. Everyone requires a good sense of the ridiculous.

Monday 2 June 2014


Women whinging about how they're being persecuted. How they've always been persecuted.

Feminist: "Men persecute women!"

Man: "With pleasure. Whips and chains tonight, might throw in a ball-gag as well. See ya in an hour."

Just laugh at the retards and illustrate how stupid they are. It's hilarious.