Monday 30 June 2014


Your time is valuable.

This is gonna come across as another railing rant against PUA and pickup and game. In the situation of taking that to an extreme: yep.

The time of your life is precious. Spending it to do what you want is one thing - taking something to excess, to an obsession, to the point of craving it so bad that you're shitting on your own dignity - is just dumb. It's also an indication of how badly you're addicted to attention, narcissistic-wise.

You can pretty-much get ass anywhere, though the quality varies. So does the amount of silliness and shit you have to go through to get it.

When you're responsible for millions of dollars of other peoples livelihoods, you tend to become somewhat allergic to the silliness. All these drama games that dumbass women seem to love - all horseshit. Mindfuck games, he-said-she-said, snipe-snipe-snipe, politics, backstabbing, shit-stirring, drama. Fuck that noise. I don't give a flying fuck, other than as antipathy: wanting to stay as far away as possible from that shit.

I got more important stuff on my mind. So should you. (In fact, so should they - however, they've been screwed over mentally and emotionally by their fellow-women all their lives. I'd pity them, except that on the whole they're undeserving of any form of pity. Plus schadenfreude is more fun.)

So I look now at PUA and think: guys, you really don't have anything that important in your lives, do you.

Don't get me wrong. It's good to have the skills of seduction to some degree. To have Game integrated into your life. To be a man that a woman would be proud to associate with. It's good to learn something new.

An endless chasing after pussy, validation coming from the quality (looks) of pussy that you're sticking your dick into? To a certain extent, sure. To excess though?

Fuck, you really don't have anything that important in your lives, do you.

I look at the female dancers, their propensity for drama and shit. Their obsession with dance and games and backstabbing and politics and suchlike. How that takes precedence over everything else.

Fuck, you really don't have anything that important in your lives, do you.

Get something worthwhile in your life, worth spending your time on.


  1. Off topic, but you are a New Zealander? What part of the country are you from?

    I just came across your site, after seeing your comment at Apocalypse Cometh. (Surely, I thought a story about Snooki and placenta eating was something dumb about rich bitches having their dogs get married, I thought. That "Snooki" was a human being is even worse.)

    I'm from Dunedin myself.

    1. Hey Mantis - yep, I'm a New Zealander. North Island, not too far from Aucks/Jafa-land.

      Snooki was one of the more retarded things that I've seen around. And these crazies have the nerve to call men creepy.

      Uncle Mitch, at Apocalypse Cometh. I ain't too far from his age actually. The Red Pill/whatever was later in life for me.