Sunday 15 June 2014


Morons. Morons, all of them.

Here is proof that 99+% of people on FaceBook (and probably in the entire world) should be dead, preferably killed with extreme prejudice:

This was posted by a man mangina. The 5 likes and 2 comments were by women. It would have been worse if a woman had posted it: there would have been more likes and comments.

The overall intellectual tone is of IQ 85 or less.

For this, we men sweated our guts out - slaved for centuries - built up our knowledge - provided a life for the next generation - brought them up as well as we could. Building and building and building, layer upon layer upon layer of complexity. To eventually provide a marvellous platform of communication for people to make inane comments on random cat pictures.

This gifts me with a deep inner crushing of my spirit. I think any remaining sense of idealism was long-gone before this, though.

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