Monday 9 June 2014

Black and White and Shades of Grey

Everything in black and white, good and bad, Alpha and Beta, madonna and whore. Everything taken to extremes.

This is life these days, always taken to the maximum, dialectic up to eleven, balls to the fucking wall, taken 2XS.

The reality is not the extremes, not the dichomy, not the paradox. The Alpha sees woman as Whore, the Beta sees woman as Madonna. The Beta is supposed to be deluded, the Alpha is supposed to see reality.

Woman on a pedestal, feet to be kissed. Woman a gold digging slut, whore that'll jump ship at any opportunity, who will fuck anything at the drop of a hat.

One is supposedly right, the other supposedly wrong, yet are they both deluded?

Perhaps the reality is different. Madonna, whore, hell with that noise - maybe the real reality is the playmate.

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