Sunday 31 May 2015

Freedom Your Own Way

I think that for Men, as we become more disgusted by the women that are available out there -

- vivacious
- flighty
- fickle
- shallow
- silly
- dramatic
- pathetic
- sad
- slutty
- insane
- disease-ridden
- cum-buckets

- I think that we finally reach the ultimate point of no return.

We look at these things. These creatures called women. We look at what they bring into our lives. We think: "Why bother?"

Then we decide.

It's done.

Hang up the hat.

Put away the suit.

Stop going out.

Stop interacting with them.

Go do your own thing.

Other things become of far more importance in your life. Even finding out about women becomes of lesser - perhaps no - importance. Documenting their silliness, their drama, their stupidity, their ultimate self-destructiveness and worthlessness.

Even documenting the myriad ways that they are heedlessly shattering their own hard-built (it took a lot of whining on their part /snark) safety-net that is called civilization and society.

Not important. Not to you.

Some Men do their thing - if a woman makes it very plain that she's interested he might fuck her, not really that important though. Some Men go heavy-duty celibate. Some Men go full-on Galt/Ghost.

Some Men wibble on about "levels of MGTOW". Who cares about the label. Really. It doesn't need to be categorized to death by some armchair academic who is watching from miles away and pulling theories out of their ass. Too much mental effort for something that you are simply experiencing and enjoying.

It's not important.

You've finally gone. Left even the most far-flung fringes of the plantation.

Your feet are on the trail, looking out over the plains of freedom. Not much thought for what you've left behind, beyond a vague thankfulness that it is behind you. All eyes, all thoughts, on what's ahead of you.

Step. Step. Step.

A profound and peaceful joy fills your being. Freedom speaks to you.

Step. Step. Step.

At the end of the day you camp, cooking over the fire.

You reflect on the past.

You laugh a little. Mostly at yourself. "Why did I bother with that? Why did I waste my time with that? Why did I take so long to wake up?"

When you turn in, you look up at the stars. You look at something that is as close to eternal beauty as is possible.

You drift to sleep with a smile on your face.

It's done.

Righteous Anger vs Bitter Hatred

People need to understand the difference between:

* righteous anger
* bitter hatred

The sooner people stop automatically saying to someone: "You're a misogynist!" the better. Simply by attempting to shame someone in this manner shows to the world how closed and unthinkingly judgmental their mind is. It's so very unattractive - though the men and women who use this type of shaming language are incapable of grasping that subtlety of nuance. (A brick to the head would go unnoticed too.)

So here is the difference:

Righteous Anger: Anger that is justified for various reasons. In the context of the manosphere, that "righteous anger" is towards those who told them the lies and handed them the treatment that they've been dished out by others (typically feminuts and their mangina/white knight enablers, plus women who proclaim "I'm not like that!" while hypocritically being exactly like that - or worse).

Bitter Hatred: This has become the conflated trope of the now, where the word "misogynist" automatically means someone who is "bitter" and "hating" of women. Yes, there are men out there who are bitter towards and harbor hatred for women. Saying some men = all men is typical female non-logic: some P is Q, therefore all P is Q.

Some men hate women, therefore all men hate women.

Some men are rapists, therefore all men are rapists.

Funny how it always negatively put, instead of positively. How about this?

Some men give women multiple screaming orgasms, therefore all men give women multiple screaming orgasms.

Yeah, you're never gonna see that one around at all. Gives men far too much value. Can't have that! The vibrator is far more important than any man - and she will cry bitterly if that breaks, at least until she gets another one. (Funny how a man-substitute is just as disposable as a man, in the end...)

Misogynist (defn.): A man who hates women as much as women hate each other.

I'd have that put on my gravestone, however I sincerely doubt that I will be so fortunate as to have a gravestone. Assuming that that kind of posterity really matters to me. On the whole I have to say that it doesn't.

Maybe I should carve it on a mountain before I die, in letters 100 feet tall...

Saturday 30 May 2015

NAWALT's Are Irrelevant

I believe that I've said before about YAWALT's and NAWALT's and the like. How statistically hard the latter are to find.

I've also mentioned off and on concepts like: "if you don't actively oppose it, then you are implicitly and passively endorsing it". Yes, women in general, I'm once again talking about that lunatic who wrote the S.C.U.M. Manifesto - and who shot Andy Warhol (wait femiwhores, you say that's not relevant? I think it was plenty relevant for Andy, getting it through both of his lungs, spleen, stomach, liver, and esophagus).

Now we have this gem of common-sense. Again from /r/MGTOW, courtesy of Darth-Sin:
I would also like to add more to the irrelevance of NAWALT. This is inspired by an article titled. "Why The Peaceful Majority Is Irrelevant" 
The crux of this article applies to NAWALTs and why they are irrelevant or more specifically, why they have made themselves irrelevant by virtue of their actions. 
Historical and biological lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet for all our powers of reason we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points. NAWALTs have been made irrelevant by their actions. [Or lack thereof. - BPS] 
Where were the NAWALTs in the 1600s when women in England moved en masse to ban coffee shops an gathering spaces ?
Where were the NAWALTs when American women made the push that resulted in Prohibition and all the shite that came along with it ?
Where were the NAWALTs when women in UK were handing out white feathers to publicly shame men to fight in a war that killed millions of men and left millions more disable and shellshocked ?
Where were the NAWALTs when modern feminism was making a big brewhaha about destroying the family unit ?
Where were the NAWALTs when they instituted no fault divorce laws and made most of the men pay for alimony and child support ?
Where were the NAWALTs when they instituted discriminatory policies on the basis of sex, skin color and ancestral origins to achieve "equality" ?
Where were the NAWALTs when feminists made the push to brand all men as sexist misogynistic rapists who hate women ?
Where were the NAWALTs when feminists decided to push the Patriarchy Theory, which is a conspiracy theory with no basis in history or logic or reality ?
Where were the NAWALTs when they made the education system more favorable towards women and girls at the expense of men and boys and then proceeded to criminalize male behavior in schools ?
Where were the NAWALTs when they made the workplace environment saturated with political correctness nonsense and harassment laws to make women have an illusion of safety and security ?
Where were the NAWALTs pushing for equality when it came to conscription for war ?
Where were the NAWALTs when feminist was pushing the narrative of men as bumbling fools in the media ?
Where were the NAWALTs who spoke against criminal laws favoring women and creation of female safe space when in reality it was men who are in higher danger from all forms of violent crime ?
Where were the NAWALTs that spoke up against and pushed against nonsensical things that have no basis in reality such as female rape culture and the wage gap ?
Where were the NAWALTs when one brings up the issue of male genital mutilation ?
Especially when one brings up how the foreskin of the penis is used for the make up industry ? [In fairness while this is true - the amount of foreskin is miniscule per femikook using this shit. It just gives them sick and twisted tingles. Though that's bad enough and makes her an instant candidate for the kook-ward. I mean, what if I used circumcised clits in my toothpaste, for a nicer and brighter smile? Cue screaming shit-hemorrhages from the femikooks-in-waiting. - BPS]
Where were the NAWALTs speaking up for male victims of domestic violence and male victims of war ?
Almost every women you meet will tell you that she is somehow "different", that she is somehow "special" and she is "not like that". [The chameleon hides well. - BPS]
Yet, where is the evidence for this ? Women across history have had multiple chances, time and time again, to prove that they are NAWALT or to prove their NAWALT-ness. However, each and every time the chance props up, all we see are dismissive laughter or male shaming or silent consent or indifference or a combination of these things. [Ignore their words, (in)actions show the truth. - BPS]
At best and I emphasize and stress on the word best, we have one or two or perhaps five women in a population of millions of women who prove themselves as NAWALT or at least appear to be NAWALT. Karen Straughan, Diana Davison, Erin Pizzey, Esther Vilar, to name a few. The number is so small that is statistically insiginificant. One might as well be looking for a specific subatomic particle in a haystack.
So there you go fellas. Another compelling reason why NAWALTs are irrelevant.
There you go. Let me get at that electron microscope, I have a haystack to examine atom by atom...nah fuck it, I've got way more important stuff to do.

Friday 29 May 2015

Why Women Buy So Much Junk

One of the things that has amused me as I've grown and explored the nature of women has been applying it to the idea (the so-called "study") of modern economics.

One of the basic ideas is that people only buy things they need - which immediately throws a spanner into the works of the whole idea. Marketing (aka propaganda) spends billions yearly trying to manufacture "needs" in people for the non-essential junk that they peddle.

It works, too.

Another concept is obsolescence. So much wastage in society involves creating a "new" shell for a car when the guts of it don't change in any truly revolutionary manner. Are you encouraged to take the old shell off and put the new one on? No! Instead you must buy a new car!

Again, it works.

Women are encouraged to get 100+ pairs of shoes (no really rational reason why - apart from an intangible feelgood).

Men encouraged to get a new car each year (again no really rational reason why - apart from the intangible feelgood of attracting more of teh wimminz).

So all right, perhaps there is a reason. It makes her and him both feel sexier. Both become more attractive to the opposite sex. Marketing, fashion, all that good stuff - which lets somebody sell their garbage to you and they have an opportunity to vacuum your wallet for their profit. Sex sells, baby.

So does social status. "Keeping up with the Jones's", as hackney'd as that sounds. This one is aimed squarely at teh wimminz, because they are the only ones who bother to focus that much on "social appearances". The marketers aren't stupid. Only it's not the Jones's anymore, it's the Jane's. All her femicunt frenemies.

Thus the business of slutting it up in the arms-race to get your very own slave. Work him for a few years, frivorce, slut it up once more while you look for the next useful idiot.

Men tend to wake up relatively quickly and stop themselves from buying too much useless shit. Mostly because it's always the women's crap coming out of our pocket - and those aren't endlessly fuckin' deep.

Women though, they don't seem to wake up to it. It seems that the reason might be twofold: 1/ they're generally more impulsive rather than thinking things through, and 2/ they're generally more entitled and expect the men in their lives to buy this junk for them.

I would be surprised if the latter isn't a large reason for the number of Men seeming to wake up to women's general rapaciousness and worthlessness these days. Marketing focuses their sights predominantly on women, women then expect men to pay for this junk. Men who end up either ruined, or badly burned, or burned out and disgusted by this overt using of them.

I wrote before about a guy whose wife broke up with him out of the blue, said breakup being a total surprise to him. Said ex-wife having over 100 pairs of shoes. Said ex-wife currently living in his house, which he paid for, while he is off working in another city. The reason she's there rent-free while he's away? He needs someone to look after the place and his cats and the like...

These days, what more can you expect for a segment of the population who have been both coddled and trained since birth to expect and demand special treatment? Even better, to conveniently "forget" the last bout of special treatment and look for more? Better yet, the number of men trained since birth to provide this special treatment unthinkingly as a matter of course?

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Why Women Need Men

Just a short list of reasons:

* men are responsible
* men age better
* men gain wisdom
* men are handy
* men have their finances under control
* men are emotionally stable

That's a lot of pluses for men - and conversely, a lot of minuses for women.

(Stolen from /r/MGTOW just for shits and giggles.)

Tuesday 26 May 2015

An Overarching Philosophy

There's a lot of philosophical stuff coming out of my head right now. You can blame the MGTOW-haters for that - plus my own need to go into Monk Mode. Eventually it (the philosophy) will taper off and dry up. Perhaps once I've gotten more fully into Monk Mode and had proper time for thinking. I have allowed myself to be distracted recently, work (and thoughts/decisions around breaking up the business) causing a lot of stress too.

At any rate. Eventually I will get back to more directly poking the ant-hill that is society, eventually back to practicing my own form of meta-game, eventually back to sticking the knife into teh wimminz and their enablers by exposing their hypocrisy and warped thinking. Hopefully making them squirm once more. There's still a couple of incomplete posts floating around along those lines.

So, in the meantime. The rest of the Manosphere is doing their best to paint MGTOW as complete losers sexually - and by extension, in life as a whole. The end-result that is desired by them: for MGTOW to be redefined, labelled, made nice and sanitary, viewed with contempt - and sidelined as irrelevant.

No "fair and balanced" here, is there. Nope. I'm only interested in my pound of flesh. By those who do not realize - or don't want to face - that MGTOW is more of an overarching and all-embracing philosophy than the short-sighted "fuck'm'and'chuck'm" mentality that many of them preach. More than the short-sighted playing games with brain-damaged girls.

For the average Joe who first stumbles into the Manosphere, it's easy enough to go for. "You want to get laid, don't you? You're a man ain't'chu? Then don't listen to those losers - getcha book on how to pick up a new hawt chick every night here!" Just $5.99 for the book, $60 for the seminar, $1,500 for the weekend retreat, we got these videos and audio CDs and courses and...and...and...

Let's be fair, if you've been getting shafted on a regular basis by women: that's what's on your mind anyway. Especially if you're a young guy. You reach out for the glittering bits of candy 'cause by damn it sure as hell looks good. You want your dick in it right now. Totally understandable.

Eventually though - hopefully before you've done irrepairable damage to yourself (more on that in another post) - you'll realize that those bitter, twisted, crazy sluts just aren't worth it. Then you'll start looking a bit further. Hopefully before you become too burned out and embittered by dealing with the crazies.

Hopefully you'll get to Neomasculinity - Roosh's new stuff - early. Before the mainstream media (and the other parts of the Manosphere with their own agenda) gets done messing with it. Before it's been fucked up beyond all recognition. (No, I haven't yet had time to find Sandman and Barbarossa talking about Roosh's distancing - it'll happen, hopefully within this week.)

Eventually, you may decide that even that doesn't fit you too well. You've changed and grown - again. You want something more. Something that just isn't out there.

Eventually, perhaps, you'll realize that you need to blaze your own path through life.

Congratulations. Welcome to the club.

Welcome to Men Going Their Own Way.

Monday 25 May 2015

Why Neomasculinity Will Fail

Yes, this is Roosh's attempt to do something that is much needed - to return real masculinity to the world:

Unfortunately I think that it will ultimately fail, for three reasons:

1/ It's already been picked up by the mainstream media: Neomasculinity Receives Mainstream Recognition. Why has this happened? Because the mainstream believes that they can co-opt it - just like everything else they have co-opted. (Don't believe me? Listen to the songs by Offspring. Compare "Smash" with "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)". Look at the difference between other bands, before-and-after. You'll get the picture.)

2/ It's just another bloody map. Sure, some people will follow it. Some people will become rabid fanboi's. Much like what's going on in the PUAsphere. There will grow cults of personality. There will grow jargon. There will grow "leaders" whose followers will snipe and backbite each other. Doxing will occur.

3/ Men really don't like being told what to do in their private lives - which seems to be what happens as someone goes MGTOW. Finally the question is asked: "Where the fuck do you get off, trying to tell me how to live my life?"

When you reach that ultimate question, when you've achieved the capacity to ask that ultimate question on a meta-level, is when you start down your own road. It's when you take control of your life. It's when you become responsible for your self.

I say a "meta-level" because the entire business of going "red-pill" and wandering into the manosphere is just the first part. The part when a man first gets busted up and/or confused enough to seek answers, gets them, and starts looking at women: "Where the fuck do you get off, trying to tell me how to live my life?"

Then after a bit more experience and looking around, he starts saying to the rest of the world: "Where the fuck do you get off, trying to tell me how to live my life?"

Do I think Neomasculinity is wrong? Shit no! I think that it's a damn good next stepping-stone for those who have:

* gone through PUA and want something more
* don't give a damn about PUA and want something different

Unfortunately Neomasculinity is likely to be chewed up and spat out by the mainstream: redefined, labelled, made nice and sanitary, a buck made off it, and eventually made irrelevant. The current crop of hipsters, sheep, and cows can feel good as they embrace it - only to eventually "grow beyond that" and embrace the next feelgood pap meme pushed by the mainstream.

Until the "next big thing" comes out.

(I would not be surprised if the "next big thing" involved some publically-acceptable form of BDSM. Prepare for a "you're not a man unless you partake in this" mentality from teh wimminz. All nicely sanitary and controlled, of course, for "her safety". Which is why that would ultimately fail also.)

I sincerely hope that I'm wrong about Neomasculinity. I got a hundred bucks that says I'm right, though.

I will leave you with Smash and Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) to compare the original-genuine with the mainstream-pap.
Fairly grungy and rough.
Sound's kinda smooth and pop-music-like, don't it? And the story/imagery!

Sunday 24 May 2015

We Suffer From A Lack Of Maturity

Men. Women. Children. Society and civilization as a whole.

I find myself stepping back, looking around, and then looking once more to the wisdom of Zenpriest when he said: Feminism is an Extended Infantile Tantrum.

All people are selfish: What's in it for me? It makes total sense, and it's not selfish to ask that question - if done rightly. That is the most basic question of all, where Men decide what they will do for things they desire plus set and enforce their boundaries. (It's where many women decide to try and get everything they possibly can from Men - which greed is another subject to cover sometime.)

This is where we stop, look, and say: I don't have time for this crap. Your life is your own. It is not there for someone else to hollow out for their entertainment or personal gain.

We suffer from a lack of maturity. We have for a long, long time. I'm beginning to think: many generations, perhaps hundreds of years.

I have been looking at feminism and its fruits for the last five-odd years. It's taken time for me to develop these Crap Colored Glasses™. Many adjustments were made, more will be made in the future. What do I see through them, when I look at feminism and females and the slut-culture and the Sex and the City lifestyle and the marriage-and-frivorce system as a whole?


I have just begun looking at the manosphere through the same Crap Colored Glasses™. Men running through The Matrix on God Mode, wondering why they become bored and burned out on the childish, twisted, bitter sluts they are surrounded by.


Men buying into the mess for their own sexual gain. Men shaming Men because they bought unthinkingly into the feminist mindset. Men shaming Men because they don't want their demographic wandering away plus they're competing for the newcomers into the Manosphere. Men shaming Men so that they can make a buck.


I see a Man saying: "Don't waste your time seeing X movie, it's probably going to be full of feminist garbage." Thanks for the heads-up mate - you're probably right, they've slopped their garbage over pretty-much every other film out there. To the point where there are very few modern films that I feel like watching any more.

Then the media picks it up and starts jumping up and down and screaming about it, indulging in paroxysms of childishness, spreading the message further. Then the main actress says "yes it has a strong feminist message". Still the screaming and dribbling continues from all quarters, with redoubled fury.


I see people touting global-warming hysteria. I see people backstabbing each other and throwing each other under the bus for a buck, or to cover their back. I see people stealing from each other. I see people pissing away their inheritance, stealing from the younger generations, stealing from generations not yet born.


I look at my own writing here, past and present. Probably future too. I realize that most of them are thoughts that have already been thought by great men in the past. That my thoughts are barely the minor founding-pebbles of their thoughts and philosophies.

Painfully infantile.

The world is comprised of 3.5 billion infants, pouting and grabbing for the lollipop, screaming frantically when they can't reach it. Expecting the other 3.5 billion rather-confused inhabitants to give them a helping hand. Then waddling away in search of the next lollipop - perhaps absent-mindedly tossing a "thank you" over their shoulder to their helper.

Say that they get the best-ever sex of their lives. As they're curled up purring and basking in the afterglow, their sex-partner gets up and puts on his clothes and leaves. Perhaps with an absent-minded "that was real good" over his shoulder as he goes out the door.

Her, screeching: "What?!"

Him, absently as he closes the door behind him: "Yeah, that was real good. Yeah."


So I have the hubris to attempt to write a book, to attempt to pass on some shreds of wisdom to others. Half the world expects it's nose and chin to be wiped on cue and gets shitty if you don't read it's mind as to when it's due - plus other stuff as well. The other half is confused as to what the fuck is going on with the first half.

Like one small book is going to help. Laughable.

Even more laughable: I've made three separate attempts to get started so far. I've just trashed the third. I say to myself: "You haven't achieved wisdom yourself. You haven't achieved maturity yourself. You're trying to write a book of this nature? Fool."

Yes. A fool. I'll keep banging my head on the wall. If it only helps one person, then it's worth it.

The steps to wisdom and maturity. An unending road. I feel like a toddler again.

Friday 22 May 2015

The Poisoned Fruits of Feminism

Feminism - to hell with your manufactured hysteria. This is the true fruits of your sick mindset.

'Cold-blooded attempt to hurt children' - Playground laced with hundreds of fish hooks

This is more important than your bullshit. This is more important than your so-called freedom. This is the brain-damaged things that your ideology - focused on destroying families - has caused.

Crime. Alcohol. Drugs. Who knows which or what else was involved? There are some seriously sick and twisted people out there. Their number is on the rise.

By the way: I know in passing the man in the two photographs, with the fish hook and the metal-detector. I'm glad that he helped find that shit. Good on you Nick - though I know it's not the way you wanted to get exposure for your organization.

As someone said: "Glad that was caught before some kid got a handful or faceful of hooks."

I'm going to be away for a day or two. For some reason my mood is bleaker than normal.

Cultural Meta-Game

After yesterday's post about what is MGTOW, I thought it would be an idea to put up some other quick examples of cultural meta-game that was mentioned. In addition to Men saying "no" to women and them being in control of their own lives.

When Return of Kings runs a series of hashtags like: #fatshamingweek, #backtothekitchen, etc.

When Aaron Clarey writes books like: Worthless and Enjoy the Decline. Also putting up a message of: "Don't go to see Mad Max: Feminist Road."

When Captain No-Marriage puts up a post swearing about some useless bitch who frivorced her husband and then had a whine about it on Huffington Post - because she was looking for social validation from teh wimminz. (He's even angrier than I am.)

When an unknown group puts up posters saying "Pretty Little Liar" with mattress-girl's image and the hashtag #rapehoax.
(Though I take exception to the word "pretty" - plus she's still socially irrelevant, especially on the meta-level.)

When various bloggers (whether religious or not) of both sexes put up posts about "traditional" marriage and the like.

Whenever any one of us in the Manosphere documents and comments on the cultural decline in the West. Whether economics, work, employers, women's bad behavior, men's bad behavior, whatever.

When we do any of this. We are using cultural meta-game to strike at the roots of feminism/leftism/Marxism that is causing the decline of Western civilization and society.

Thursday 21 May 2015

The Final Answer: What Is MGTOW?

The answer is: Yes.

Which isn't particularly helpful, stated out baldly like that. So lets back up and examine this in more detail.

This involves JudgyBitch who got a good chunk of it when she said: Okay, MGTOW, I get it now. If this is the option, I'd pass too.

This involves Vox Day when he constantly attempts to paint MGTOW as losers in the sexual marketplace who are completely celibate. In fact it involves anyone who subscribes to and spouts similar blinkered views.

This involves Keoni Galt talking about the Evangical Celibacy Hermitage and how that is what every asshole with an agenda seems to want to paint MGTOW (he's right by the way - read it and think it over for yourself). Thank you Keoni for pointing back to this:
The goal is to instill masculinity in men, femininity in women, and work toward limited government!
By instilling masculinity in men, we make men self-reliant, proud, and independent.
By instilling femininity in women, we make them nurturing, supporting, and responsible.
By working for a limited government, we are working for freedom and justice.
Women having "other qualities" is not interesting to men because we don't need them!
Femininity will be the price women pay for enjoying masculinity in men!
This is the aim of "Men Going Their Own Way".
By holding this point of view, we are helping other men and, more importantly, we are helping boys grow up to become men.
This goal is to take away everyone's "right" to vote on other people's affairs thus rendering it impossible for political organisms and ideologies to impose their personal will on everyone else. It is not about reinstalling patriarchy or revoking female voting rights or making socialism illegal. It might have this as a side effect - but not directly and not as a political ideology. Only the future will show what happens and by going our own way we are preparing men and boys for that future.
Most of all, this goes back to our real roots - No-Ma'am (related h/t to Keoni in the above link-and-quote):
MGTOW as a Form of "Cultural Game"
Women aren’t gonna stop eating our lunch because it's “the right thing to do.” They are only gonna stop when we stop them from doing it.
For all those who understand “game,” you certainly must realize that aloof indifference does not stop women – it makes them try to be noticed harder. If you ignore them, they will escalate until you do pay attention to them.
You have to keep in mind with men and women as well, that when a boy sins it is overt. He shouts and screams and kicks and makes a big scene that you cannot miss. And then he stays quiet again for a long, long time, causing no trouble, until the next overt outburst. But women are covert and their outbursts/sins are subtle but last for a much longer period of time. A woman can keep a subtle running battle going for months and even sometimes years at a time, like Chinese water torture.
And, practitioners of game also should know the rule of “it’s my way or the highway, Toots!” and that any man who doesn’t want to be ruined by woman has to learn to say no without bothering to explain, and say it often… no… No… NONO!!!
Merely because I said so.
Just because I want it that way.
Tough. There’s the door.
Well, this is merely game on a cultural level. Women really are powerless without us. That vote they keep yacking about doesn’t mean a thing without men enforcing its power. Everything that permits the “you go grrl” culture is provided to women by the indulgence of men. If men left the building, women’s vote couldn’t enforce a single thing – because their vote and their rights are not based upon “the barrel of a gun,” but rather upon indirect social manipulation of the people holding the gun.
If men leave the building, women will follow.
I think men understanding how women are manipulating us – as put forth by guys like Schopenhauer – will do ten thousand times more for our “movement” than any amount of billions of dollars funnelled to lobby-groups to manipulate the law into something even worse than we have today.
As much as women like to say that men don’t leave them alone, if the men said “fine, see ya” and actually left, the women would follow us to the ends of the earth.
And if they don’t… tough.
It’s such a joke for women to come around here and try to con us into believing how much we want and need them, when almost none of the men here are on their forums seeking them out. They find guys who are busy with other things and completely ignoring them, and try to intrude and take over. This is the entire history of “feminine-ism.”
And, herein lies the proof of the big lie, and the big paradox for women. Accusations that men don’t care only work when men do care. In order to get his mind in the right frame where he can attract women, he has to reach the place where he no longer cares if he does or not – and in many cases “not” starts to win.
Game - on a cultural level. Never mind the personal man-to-woman level. This is Mankind to Womankind.

This is going beyond the God Mode of PUA pushing all the right buttons to make a woman wet and compliant and open her legs for him. This is going to the meta-level of Men pushing the right buttons to make Women compliant on a social stratum.

And if they don't... tough.

MGTOW are Men taking the personal and making it political, flipping the warped mindset and nomenclature of the femicunts back upon them. Attempting to set women as a whole straight on the whole.

MGTOW are Men leaving the building.
Roughly paraphrasing from what Keoni said (quoting from the commentor Hund Hollen) - MGTOW is a label for those who no longer follow the script(s) written by society. Including certain segments of the Manosphere society, in their attempts to push us into following scripts of their own defining, for their own agenda. Those people with their own skin in the game, with their own reasons for doing things, wanting to make us conform for their benefit.

As certain segments of the Manosphere paraphrase and spout: "I view MGTOW as losers of low socio-sexual rank..." blah blah blah feminist/leftist shaming language ad-infinitum. As I said back when: "If FEMICUNTS can't push us into line, with a lifetime of social conditioning backing them up, what makes you think that YOU have a chance?"

Go fuck yourselves.

That goes for anyone who is trying to force us back on the reservation. Anyone trying to drag us back to the plantation.

So: What Is MGTOW?

MGTOW is a man writing his own script and following the (very general) philosophy of: "If it's not right, Go Your Own Way."

It's that simple.

Don't listen to others. Don't seek approval from others. Become independent and self-reliant. Shit, don't listen to me or seek approval from me. It's not relevant to you.

If you want various ideas on how to live your life, there's millions of man-years of writing in books (old-school stuff) and on the internet in the Manosphere. Use it as a general guideline. Choose and customize your own life. Take a bit of this, that, something else, no that's not useful, hmm that's interesting, that is such utter bullshit, that works for me, holy shit on a shingle what a nutjob, hey this is good.

Use what works for you.

MGTOW isn't a script to follow as such. It's a "rip that bullshit script up and do what you want" general philosophy.

Fuck hot chicks? Go for it.

Not bother too much with women? Go for it.

Swear off women totally? Go for it.

Drop out of the system and go Ghost? Go for it.

Build businesses? Go for it.

Sell drugs on the street? Go for it.

Your way. Your consequences. Your responsibility. What works for you. Don't come to me or us or anybody else. It's all yours. Own that motherfucker.

What is MGTOW?

It's when a Man says "no" to a woman.

Recently a girl I'm with has been trying to persuade me to do some things that I don't want to (basically spend less personal time doing stuff that benefits me and spend more time with her - so that she "feels good"):

Me: No.

Her (laughing and still attempting to manipulate/persuade/shame): You don't give an inch, do you?

Me (blocking her attempt): Damn straight.

It's YOUR life. It's YOUR choices. She doesn't have to like them. She can go elsewhere.

YOU are still doing what YOU want to do. Whether that involves personal enjoyment, learning, relaxation, hobbies, improvements to your home, improvements to your body, stuff for work, whatever.

It's YOUR mindset. It's YOUR way - or the highway.

Now, in the past I had thought that only unmarried Men could be MGTOW. I said as much several times. Keoni Galt made me reassess that thinking and helped put me straight. Commentor LosAngelesKing did similar when he stated: "I'm not MGTOW...nor do I ever plan to be, as I'm happily married."

After thinking, I cannot stress it enough:
  • MGTOW is not celibate
  • MGTOW is not loser
  • MGTOW is not unmarried
  • MGTOW is not any of these predefined definitions and scripts foisted on you by others
What is MGTOW?
  • MGTOW is realizing that other's scripts are not necessarily in your own best interests
  • MGTOW is defining your own script
  • MGTOW is your way or the highway
  • MGTOW is you in control of your life
To plagiarize the "Hypergamy Doesn't Care" trope in the Manosphere:
  • MGTOW doesn't care if you're living in your parents basement
  • MGTOW doesn't care if you're playing computer games all day
  • MGTOW doesn't care if you're incel
  • MGTOW doesn't care if you're single
  • MGTOW doesn't care if you're in a relationship
  • MGTOW doesn't care if you're married
  • MGTOW doesn't care if you're a bum on the street
  • MGTOW doesn't care if you're a high-flying billionaire
If you want an example "script" or "path" for MGTOW, then imagine this: a large bowl of spaghetti dropped on the sidewalk. There's your fuckin' map. By the way, that is a large bowl of spaghetti for each individual MGTOW.

For each individual Man.

This image is just the beginning of your own path - the moment you diverge from other's scripts and start going your own way:
Where it fuckin' leads is up to you. That's just the start. Get to walkin'. Shut up and shovel the fuckin' gravel.

As I said to commentor LosAngelesKing:
I think that's what put me off from being a real PUA. Something about the message of "come be trash with us so you can fuck hot sexy trash chicks and then snort a line of coke off her ass" did not attract me. It was not my map of what a Man should be and I was not going to shit all over my map for a chance to stick my dick in some hot trashy chick.
That was not my fuckin' map. Not my fuckin' path. Not my fuckin' way.

Some self-righteous cunt or prick wants to throw monkey-poo at me for making my own choices in life? Because I refuse to follow their definition of what a man does or is or should be? Because I refuse to follow their designated path that ultimately benefits their purpose in life? Because I refuse to make them feel good by doing as they say or want?

Screw you. You ain't paying me. Even if you were paying me, you don't tell me how to live my private life. Go fuck yourself.

Someone else chooses to go follow that way, fine, more power to them. I choose otherwise.

Try to shame me into line with your thinking? Go fuck yourself.

Try to shame me into doing something for your benefit? Go fuck yourself.

Try to shame me into thinking certain ways? Go fuck yourself.

Try to shame me into behaving certain ways? Go fuck yourself.

Try to force me into certain things? Go fuck yourself. (If you're forcing me at the point of a gun, you better be watching me constantly - which kind of defeats the purpose, don't it? I can slack off or fuck things up to a fare-thee-well with the best of them. Watch out for "accidents" that might injure you too.)

It's not in MY interests? It's only for YOUR benefits? Go fuck yourself.

Try to persuade me into any of the above? And I don't want to? No. (A far more genteel way of saying "go fuck yourself" - in keeping with the far more pleasant attempt to shape or push me into line.)

What is Men Going Their Own Way? Yes.

Get it through your fuckin' heads, those who attempt to force Men into a box or follow a script or map of their own making for their own benefits. It's Men Going Their Own Way.

You want Men to do otherwise? To do your own bidding? For little to no benefit to them? For most or all benefit to you? Go fuck yourself.

I'm tired of repeating myself. For all of those who desire that I do otherwise than what I'm doing in my life. For those with the arrogance and hubris to think that they can force their choices and desires upon me. For all those who think that their personal desires and interests and ideas automatically override what I think is for my best personal interests in my own private time in my own personal life and space.

Go fuck yourselves.

For those who think that I should step up and "save" civilization. I am. Individually. In my own way. On a meta-level that you are obviously utterly incapable of comprehending, let alone seeing. You can try to tell me how YOU think that I should be saving civilization. I will make my own decision as to what I actually do. I am a Man Going My Own Way.

You can offer further information and ways of thinking if you want. I might reassess. I might take some of them on board. I might change certain aspects of my path through life. I might change my mind. As I choose. I am a Man Going My Own Way.

I also have the right to get as grumpy and shitty as I want when you lot try to shame or force me to do otherwise than my own choice. Go fuck yourselves.

MGTOW has only one judgement: Are you in control of your own life? (As much as possible.)

MGTOW has only one expectation: That you take responsibility for your self! (As much as possible.)

Tonight, I will hoist a small glass of Grand Marnier in a quiet toast to four people: Janet Bloomfield of JudgyBitch, Keoni Galt of Hawai'ian Libertarian, commentor LosAngelesKing, and - most of all! - to No-Maam.

Thank you.

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Caricatures of Men and Women

The media (in the form of entertainment) portrays both men and women as immature caricatures of what they should be. We see this all the time these days: wimpy ass-kissing men, strong ass-kicking women, etc. This appears to be feminism's message of "women are as good if not better than men" and everybody's noses are rubbed into this from a young age.

Given these as examples, with no real mother/father role-models, is it really surprising that the younger generations have turned out the way they have? Women insanely overconfident, men insanely underconfident. More: encouraging women to become insanely overconfident, plus discouraging men from gaining normal confidence and making them insanely underconfident.

It strikes me that many of the stereotypes from the Manosphere - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Sigma, Lambda, whatever - are based upon these caricatures. Similarly, it strikes me that much of the reason that some segments of women go for certain types of men (scummy "alpha"-types) is also because of these caricatures - it's what they see and expect.

Yes, there's a lot more involved in this process than just the media - I'm simply picking on *one* of the causes. One that I think is quite strongly involved in the process. When children are plunked down in front of the idiot-box to keep them occupied while the parents or single-mommy does stuff, there is a golden opportunity for both marketers and social manipulators to get their claws into a freshly-malleable mind.

As an update: I see that Vox Day has been posturing again. Ragging once more on a certain segment of the manosphere male population, to whit: the MGTOW. Tch, tch. When he does that, it's a prime example of leftist/feminist shaming language coupled with an inability to accept other people's point of view, coupled with immaturity - and like calls to like.

Is he being willfully blind? Or just deliberately stupid? Doesn't he realize that there's at least 10x the number of MGTOW out in the world than the other manosphere guys? Just because they don't give a toss for your dogshit doesn't mean that they don't note you flinging turds in their direction. All he's promoting is divisiveness - or is that his plan? Is he actually a "useful idiot" or shill for the feminists/establishment?

Like calls to like: immaturity might explain a bit more of the business between immature women being attracted to posturing know-nothing criminal-loser-scum "alphas". Their posturing is a sign of great immaturity, striking a chord with the immature women. Which is why we get criminals and other worthless types siring more children upon the immature children that are the modern women.

More thoughts, regarding having to "game" your wife all the time. For sure, keep things fresh for the both of you. Yet when you have to constantly entertain someone - it shows in my opinion a great shallowness and immaturity on her part. If immaturity is all that they respond to then that's a sad indictment regarding their mentality.

Round and round the cycle (of immaturity) goes.

Social Deconstruction: Mutilated Beggars

A while back Keoni Galt reminded me once more of the concept of Mutilated Beggars - I read it first in the book The Garbage Generation. The general situation is that in some countries there is a cottage industry of mutilating children, making them more pitiful (aka effective) beggars. People who give alms to these beggars do both Good and Evil:

* Good - a child eats and does not starve to death

* Evil - more children are encouraged to be mutilated

Leaving the person giving alms caught in a vise. On the surface their act of charity is one of goodness and helpfulness. Once you scratch through the surface skin and into the filth below, their act of charity encourages the further mutilation of children. These mutilated children are effectively slaves, forced to support their mutilators.

In Africa, pregnant South African women are binge drinking so they get more welfare for the babies they harm. (Similarly in the USA, you've probably heard of crackwhores who give birth to children hooked on drugs from the moment of birth.)

There are Welfare Queens, with huge broods of children and no husband - collecting a child support payment for each child.

Finally there is the endemic rise of Single Mommys in the West (49% of children in New Zealand are born to single mothers, according to our government's own statistics).

From a society-wide point of view, these situations are arising because we are giving alms to beggars - thereby encouraging further beggars. These situations cause further social problems like: permanently poor broken families, deadbeats breeding more children to be supported by government taxes (upon the productive), and crime.

Read that again. Taxes upon the productive are paying for beggars to live in relative ease. This making the productive less effective at advancing and sustaining civilization while at the same time creating many more social ills which involve far more wastage of taxes to ultimately create even more mutilated-beggar problems.

What is the solution to this? In my opinion there is only one real, workable one: stop giving alms to beggars.

Leave this social garbage for their family (parents, siblings) to deal with. Leave this social garbage for public charities (churches, foodbanks) to deal with. Leave somebody with skin invested in these parasites to deal with their social garbage selves.

Civilization, society, does not have skin in the game with regards to parasites. It should be concerned mostly with helping the productive: those who support and advance the civilization as a whole.

Good luck with that, though. The mutilated beggars of the West are overwhelmingly female.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Monday 18 May 2015

Empowering Women's Sexuality

The latest in the pile of shit that women can buy to empower themselves - the SmartBod™ aka the "Smart Vibrator". From their homepage:
So now, to satirize this with stereotype huckster marketing - *ahem*:

Soon you, too, can experience the pleasure to be had by having your vagina stimulated perfectly - because our robot penis finds out automatically over time EXACTLY THE WAY YOU ACTUALLY LIKE YOUR SEX TO BE!

Be impressed! Be amazed! Be empowered!

Possible side-effects include (and are not limited to):
* inability to orgasm with normal sex
* vaginal stretching
* excessive dryness
* burning
* chafing
* itching
* rash
* pain
* erratic muscle spasms
* broken limbs
* electrocution
* death

Be aware that the normal speed of this device is 600rpm. It is not recommended that it be re-wired or altered to increase this maximum speed. Attempts to do so will automatically void the warranty and remove all liability of the manufacturers.

The manufacturer is in no manner liable for any of the above or other non-stated side-effects. This device should only be used under the close supervision of a gynecologist. Its preferred use is for treating special cases of sexual dysfunction. Overuse is not recommended.

Satire over.

Soon sexbots will be upon us. Women, you are welcome to take home your Mr Studd™. Men, we are welcome to take home our Midnight Lady™. Teh wimminz will have no need of us Men ever again - except as sperm donors and a pocket to put her hand into (good luck chicky-babe).

Just remember:

Sunday 17 May 2015

Female Slavery: Voluntary or Involuntary

Hold on tight, this is going to be controversial. With that happy thought in mind, I will make feminists squirm and spin in their graves as I use their own definitions to state:

Women, you will become slaves once more. It is inevitable.

The process might be voluntary, submitting yourself willingly to a man. As the so-called Red Pill Women state they are willing to do (not that I personally believe them - at any rate, to feminists this is slavery to the mythical and hated Patriarchy).

The process might be involuntary, as your conqueror takes you forcibly into his bed. As the militants of the Islamic State are doing with the enslaved women of their conquered, after slaughtering the men and boys over 12 years old.

It might be fast and gentle, as you meekly and happily submit yourself to Men once more. With the sure knowledge that you are preserving your civilization and social structure and your own children by voluntarily restricting your choices and submitting to self-discipline enforced by Men.

It might be slow and painful, as only the tougher and nastier Men survive. With the painfully uncertain knowledge that your children and grandchildren will be struggling and dying in a declining world. Your submission and self-discipline will be brutally enforced, your children possibly killed, your genetic line possibly ended.

In the former situation, your load will be light and bearable. Technology will remain, improve, grow. Your day's work around the home might be accomplished with a few button-presses. Your duties might be little more than rearing children while being pleasant and warm and accommodating and making a Man feel welcome and valued and appreciated when he returns at the end of the day. Very little real effort for being personally taken care of and your children taken care of. You might hardly call this slavery at all, more a benevolent Patriarchal sexism.

In the latter situation, your load will be harsh and painful. Technology will have declined with civilization, as resources are used up and better technology is not created. Your day's work will become never-ending and of a back-breaking nature. Your duties will be dull and stultify your mind. You will be taken - forcibly - as and when desired, and you will share your life with several other slave-women in the same situation as you. The better-looking you are, the higher the chance of you becoming a favorite, the greater the envy and hatred and various attacks of the other slave-women.

Either way, only slaves of varying social ranks and status remain.

Collectively and individually: your choice, women.
And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying,
We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only
let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach. - Isiah 4:1
I am curious as to what is the reproach of the above seven women. I find that I must ask Isiah one question: What's in it for the man that these seven women accost?

I somehow doubt that the quieter and gentler scenario will happen. That would require self-reflection and introspection and willingness on women's part. The default reaction of the feminist-indoctrinated, with regards to unpleasant (ie anti-doctrine) ideas and thoughts, is to reflexively spit in your eye.

There is another path which I've not mentioned above. It is the path of ectogenesis: artificial wombs. It might be very mild in its application: a fetus taken early from a mother's womb and raised to normalcy. A perfect solution for those mothers who are too posh to push, for the generally heavier babies these days, and for the problem of premature babies.

A little more out there: driven by a better understanding of genetics and the like, Men bypass women entirely and create genetically superior Men. It might be surreptitious at first - simply imagine the squalling from the femme-brigade at the thought of being bypassed entirely, their genetic line flushed down the toilet. Women become effective second-class citizens, looked down upon with either lordly scorn or benign indulgence, depending upon the nature of the Man involved.
Tonight I will sip Grand Marnier and look - admittedly sadly - through these Crap Colored Glasses™ into the murky future. I wonder if what I see will come to fruition, or something better, or something much worse...

Friday 15 May 2015

Define Your Honor and Self

On my post about what marriage is for, commentor Anonymous said: "Today a man can only fight for his own honor. MGTOW is the new paradigm for men."

I must agree.

Which brings up an interesting point: many times, others use a Man's honor as a handle to move him.

Women and children first - the Concordia showed the popular paradigm-change there.

Get a woman knocked up, you marry her - these days you're generally not wanted by her anyway, though in many cases she's happy to put her hand into your wallet and take what she can.

Mistakes suck. Some mistakes make your life suck completely and for a very long time. Which is why the Men's wisdom that we try to pass on, out here in these wastelands of the interwebs.

Am I saying to not have honor? No.

What I'm saying is to look hard at what is your personal honor - and to not let others use your honor as a handle to move you.

This is what manipulative shaming tactics appear to target predominantly in men: their honor. "A real man would...", "Man up and...", et-fucking-cetera. The public perceptions of "what a man is". This is a liberty which far too many people (especially women) just reach out and take - when they do not have the right.

In the old days there was strong justification for it. It gave a moral structure to follow which helped people to grow, also to support civilization and society. These days, where women have dismantled the mechanisms for shaming towards women: we Men need to follow suit and dismantle some of the mechanisms for shaming men as well.

Here are some potential ways to do this:

1/ Realize that nobody - nobody! - has the right to shame you. Not women. Not men.

2/ Realize that any attempt to shame you is a form of manipulation for the benefit of the shamer. This might be as seemingly-simple as making them "feel good" (because they can control you) right up to extracting resources from you (your time or directly from your wallet).

3/ Realize that much of what is considered "honorable" for men is outright designed to give somebody a handle on you.

4/ Realize that you are at liberty to remove whichever of these handles you please.

5/ Realize that some of these handles are worthwhile - when they involve the mutual exchange of honor and respect between two parties (usually two Men, potentially between a Man and his Wife).

6/ Realize that some of these handles are worthwhile - because they also contribute to civilization and society.

So. Yes, you are free to become what society considers to be completely honorless scum. Am I advocating that? No. Some honor is required to function in this decaying civilization and society that we live in. In my eyes, honor and its attendant respect is definitely worthwhile between Men.

Be aware that the prior paragraph is effectively a shaming tactic. You are free to understand that and reject it utterly. Own your choice though, be responsible for it, accept any consequences that might come your way from your choices. Be aware that you will probably be considered as "honorless as a woman". (Yes, writing that lot is yet another shaming tactic on my part.)

On the whole, it seems to me that much of becoming a Man - of whatever stripe, MGTOW or MRA or PUA or something completely different - is defining for yourself what is your personal code of honor. From that comes what behaviors towards you are acceptable. What behaviors towards others are acceptable. Finally, what behaviors of yours are required to get along in life.

These are hard and often painful decisions - should you choose to walk down that path. Or you can continue to accept the "default" definitions which have been foisted on you through a lifetime of training by civilization and society, whether good or bad for you personally.

Nobody else need be involved. Nobody else need know. Nobody else's approval is needed. It's totally your choice.

MRA and MGTOW - Love and Hate Mixture

On my post about what marriage is for, commentor Anonymous made some very interesting statements:
I do like how in the game of thrones, the dwarf says "screw the king, fight for your families" 
That's the bottom line of why they fought, riches and better life for their children. 
The crusades were made up of 2nd sons for that reason (and I'm a 2nd son). 
Now, they cannot say that. They have sold out men's greatest motivation. Hence they (feminists, females, cultural marxists) have betrayed us, especially themselves. 
This is why all the articles about wanting men to come back are about. 
They are also to stupid to realize they shot themselves in the foot. 
Today a man can only fight for his own honor. MGTOW is the new paradigm for men.
He (both Anonymous and the dwarf) is totally right. It is all about your family - parents, siblings, beloved, children. When you don't get a family, then you're not going to do shit about a situation.

Which seems to be where a large part of the divide between the MGTOW and MRAs comes in. The MRAs do have a family and it's being torn to shreds. The MGTOW don't have a family, because they're seeing what's happening to the MRAs and declining to get stuck in the mincer along with them. (This not including the incels, poor sods. You might consider them to be involuntary MGTOW.)

It's about motivation. For MRAs, the motivation to at least try and protect their blood. For MGTOWs, the motivation is to protect oneself - because there is nothing else to protect. Nor do the MGTOW really believe that there will ever be something to protect other than themselves. They simply cannot see themselves getting married to and having children with the women they can find out there.

I suppose that's the basis of the love-hate relationship. MGTOW are seen as being somewhat selfish by those who have skin in the game. It's even true, we are somewhat selfish: seeing the rigged parts we decline to participate overall. Never mind dropping through the bottom of the system: we step aside, climb out of the box, go do our own thing.

Feel like some sex along the way, that's fine, nothing particularly serious involved though. A kind of PUA-lite, as a commentor once put it. Can't be bothered at all with sex, that's fine, it's all your choice. Walk your own path. Go your own way.

So, a thought experiment. If it suddenly developed that I actually had a child who was being raised by an abusive mother - would I become more MRA-ish? Yep. In a heartbeat. Tooth and fuckin' nail. Then there'd be my skin in the game all right.

Now, from a purely selfish point of view, I see no reason at this late time in life to go out there and deliberately put my skin into the game. I'm overwhelmingly likely to get skinned alive. So being a (hopefully) sensible person, I stay away from the horseshit and drama (and retain my personal sanity) by pretty-much avoiding teh wimminz as much as possible. A lot of other Men feel the same way.

Which brings up one more thing that Anonymous said: "Today a man can only fight for his own honor. MGTOW is the new paradigm for men." I must agree. I will expand on this in another post.

Thursday 14 May 2015

Social Deconstruction: Enabling Our Destruction

There are times when I have to admit that a technology has become very disruptive with regards to an otherwise-functioning society. The technology I'm thinking about in this situation: the internet.

The disruptive chain of the internet has two bases:

* enhanced communications
* relative anonymity

This causes the rise of various websites, some seemingly innocuous (at first) and some outright designed for various socially-disruptive shenanigans (I've stated before, to a woman on the prowl any website becomes a place to look for a man - thus the groupies in the Manosphere):

* facebook - validation and exhibitionism and surreptitious hookups
* twitter - validation and exhibitionism (haven't looked to see if hookups are possible)
* instagram - validation and exhibitionism and hookups (various sponsors)
* dating sites - validation and surreptitious hookups and "proper" dating
* video-sharing sites - validation and exhibitionism
* story-sharing sites - validation and exhibitionism (and sharing of fantasies)
* tinder - validation and exhibitionism and hookups
* sex and adultery sites - validation and exhibitionism and hookups

So the common threads of all these methods of communication is:

* pumping up a girl's ego to impossible boundaries
* enabling surreptitious bad behavior
* allowing deniability

Overall allowing her the opportunity to be a slut while at the same time concealing this slutty behavior from 99+% of people.

Is there a solution to this? I personally can't see one.

We can't destroy this system of enhanced communications. If it were possible, it's still what makes civilization go 'round. Even better, it's what has allowed us Men to get together - share experiences - and learn what we've learned about overwhelmingly-common female behaviors. It's far too valuable to us to destroy them out of what would effectively be pique.

We can't destroy this system of relative anonymity. It's a natural outgrowth of a desire for privacy. For those who don't want society (in the form of Government) poking their sticky fingers into every single thing they think and do, that privacy is vital (including for us Men). With the ability for good (protecting those in oppressive regimes, keeping your personal stuff private) we have to deal with the bad (criminal and socially-disruptive behavior).

Can you "ban" the above types of websites? No. You would simply force them underground, into the dark web, along with the more criminalized activities that places like Silk Road and it's replacements and derivatives cater to. You can't stop a tool being used for something it wasn't originally intended, like a hammer being used to commit murder. So we're forced to tolerate these places sprouting up like toadstools.

In a way it's a mixed blessing. With it being so overtly available (just look at the website for Ashley Madison) while retaining plausible deniability for the girls who use these services, we can at least see that the services are available and are obviously being used. From that we can base our interactions with women accordingly, stating with a fair amount of confidence: YAWALT.

So looking at these websites, these services, they actually enable these lunatic women to continue their childish, self-absorbed garbage "lifestyle". Every time that we are using these things, we have to face the fact that we are encouraging this insanity that we despise. We have to face the fact that any potential NAWALT is going to be destroyed because she is forced to climb upon the bandwagon to have a chance of getting what she wants (going downhill from that point).

Eventually I had to stop using them. Twitter [I meant Tinder. - BPS], PoF, Match, whatever. Partly because the women were such overwhelming garbage, partly because I was simply contributing to the problem. (Yes, yes, go ahead and say that I'm a loser and that I've not run across a quality woman - what many people consider quality is based only upon sexy looks and wantonness with the narcissistic suck of a Black Hole (check out #2 and #4 on the urban dictionary for the slang).)

My stopping - Men in droves stopping - using these services will not stop the girls from using them. They simply become more desperate, doubling down on the use of such places. The men who continue to use these places will continue to perpetrate the overall problem. They just want their dick in something, anything, and don't give a damn about the bigger picture.

This overall dynamic of destruction is not going away any time soon.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Intellectually Dishonest: Academia

All right, I said that I wouldn't write-and-publish stuff that struck me immediately. Here I go, doing it. So sue me.

This concerns Phillip Zimbardo, famed of the Stanford University Prison Experiment (Lord of the Flies, etc).

Now, I'm going to assume a certain amount of media distortion. (Bad News Sells/If It Bleeds It Leads.)
Zimbardo gave a TED talk in 2011 outlining the problems facing young men's social development and academic achievement, which he puts down to excessive use of porn, video games and the internet.
Here is the article which includes the short TED talk about this also (dating from 2011). Watch the 5-minute video and see if you can spot all the instances of what I will label "willful bias" (try not to cringe in the process).

Unfortunately it comes across as another "blame the men" message. Research 20,000 boys/men who prefer to associate with other men, play games, and watch porn rather than interact with girls/women, have a life, etc. There's something very wrong here. Kneejerk reaction: we will blame the internet and pornography for rewiring these men's brains.

It ends with the subtle man-up message: "But who should care? The only people who should care about this is parents with boys - and girls. Educators, gamers, filmmakers, women - who'd like a real man who they can talk to, who can dance, who can make love slowly, and contribute to the evolutionary pressures to keep our species above banana slugs. No offense to banana slug owners. Thank you."

End scene from "The Crowd Goes Wild."

Completely missing one supremely obvious question that he should have asked: "Why are 20,000 men preferring to associate with other men, play video games, and watch porn - instead of interacting with the opposite sex and being horny little shits like they should be?"

I'm not going to bother eviscerating the video and article any more. You-all have the nouse to do it yourselves.

Overall it looks like Zimbardo has the willful blindness of Academia - which I suppose is understandable, he wants to keep his job. Even if you've got tenure, if you still want to get funded to do research: you have to toe the party line, not anger the feminists and other vested interests, etc. Which further illustrates the bias behind everything which comes out of academia, even when they're supposed to be completely independent.

Ending with basically worthless talks and articles like the above for who-knows-how-much-money wasted.

It is no wonder that the West is in decline. When intellectual dishonesty from our brightest minds does not permit us to actually dig down to the actual roots of the problem, no push to fix the problem will be effective.
I see that Uncle Bob beat me to the punch on this one. Ah well!

Monday 11 May 2015

Female Dirty Tricks

There is one thing that I've come across again fairly recently. I wasn't going to bother with it, then realized that I'm not sure if some men are consciously aware of it - and it might cause an "ah-ha!" moment for those who haven't quite clicked to it yet.

It's the tendency of women to take advantage of a Man at his most relaxed periods:

* just woken up
* right after sex
* tired after a long day

At that point she will come up with a demand for something that she wants. Usually nominally relationship-based (spending more time together or making it more of a formal arrangement). Sometimes it can be of a more mercenary ($$$) nature (often disguised as something "romantic" that can be done as a couple).

Of course, being relaxed the man might mumble an assent out of sheer reflex.

If not then nag him. Until he acquiesces or gets extremely pissed off. If he acquiesces - hooray! If he gets pissy - drama! Either way she's won.

Because men will generally grumble yet do what they've agreed to in the heat of the moment. Even though we've been manipulated. We kinda know we have been, on some level, yet we have the grace (aka brainwashing) to still keep our word to our manipulator. Even though we might be pissy about it on the whole.

If it happens on a semi-regular basis, then things will gradually build up in his subconscious - until he finally decides that he's had enough, that he's not happy with the way things are going, and he dumps her. At which time it's an opportunity for her to indulge in more drama. The real reality is that while she may have won individual battles, she's actually lost overall.

There is another couple of situations which this can manifest in too:

* when he's horny
* when he's sick

Ever agreed to something when you're horny? If so then you know intimately what I'm meaning when I say that you just got manipulated and screwed-over. There's even a socially-acceptable situation where women take advantage of this all the time: "Buy me a drink? Thanks, bye sucker!" (There's a reason PUA's flipped the script on these grasping whores, with the old-school: "No, but you can buy me one.")

Any of this is very nasty behavior on a woman's part. Deliberately manipulating a man during these moments in life. Nagging him until he acquiesces just to get her to shut her mouth. Note that this would be the default action for most men. Not to harp on the "mangina" or "beta" or the like - most men have been trained by their mothers/sisters/school/society that saying "no" to a woman is A Bad Thing™. Reinforced by their father having to knuckle under and give mommy what she wants.

Because of this training most guys aren't gonna give her a nasty look and say: "I just woke up and you've just been a bitch and given me a shitty start to the day. Piss off." Where the reality is that any of that kind of behavior is grounds for an instant: "Get lost." For all time, never let her back into your life.

Manipulation. Deceit. Underhandedness. Nasty, cold and calculating selfishness. A real piece of work.

All the hallmarks of a greedy predator trying to get her way.

If you've just had that "ah-hah!" moment - remember it for future reference.

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Thursday 7 May 2015

Masculinity and Self-Improvement

First, Roosh on Neomasculinity. I strongly suggest reading it and have the feeling that the comments will be as much of a goldmine as the meat of the original article.

Second, some of the Men over on Reddit (/r/MGTOW) are inspired by Monk Mode. Don't forget to grab the wallpaper that the Reddit Man created.

Both of which highlight a personal need to step back just a little, clear my head, refocus. Having these damn posts sprouting out from my subconscious is both handy and a pain in the ass. Mostly a pain in the ass, because I am starting to question the overall quality of the posts.

I've been aware of the personal need for some serious introspection for quite some time. Months. Between work, this blog, gym, learning a language, doing stuff around the house, climbing local peaks, and seeing various new places here in New Zealand - it's simply not happened.

Taking well-earned holidays has not happened.

Most especially: neither has there been any work on the book I've been trying to write. A serious lack of self-discipline is evident there.

Time to make time and space for introspection, reflection, and reassessment.

There are a few posts still in the pipeline. I'll work on polishing them a bit rather than tossing off and publishing whatever strikes me at the moment. If I find myself being dragged back into this willy-nilly, it might be time to simply stop for a while. We'll see how that works out.

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves. Have a beer on me.

Social Deconstruction: What Rape Culture?

It's time to roast these assholes, with their eternal paean regarding "rape culture", over a slow fire. Maybe we'll get lucky and can make them cry bitter tears of ultimate shame in the process (though they're generally shameless). Let's get started.

First, let's define the assholes involved and why I call them that:

* academics - pushing their theories out into the world (technically I am one of these)

* feminists - attempting to push their agenda and hopes of personal social relevance upon others

* feminist-indoctrinated - this is your average female who has gone to college (or watched too much TV)

* manginas and white knights - enablers and pussy-beggars ("oh you poor dears/do you want some dick?"), no you ain't getting laid

* the media - jumping on everything sensational in an effort to make $$$, rather than to fact-check and share real news

Now let's look at the feminists basic rape-claim from decades ago:

* 1 woman in 4 gets raped during her lifetime (ignoring the "eye-rape" claims of really fucked-up women)

Finally let's look at the mathematics:

* there are 322 million people in the USA (Wolfram|Alpha)
* that makes 161 million women
* that makes 40.25 million women get raped (in America)

If we define a lifetime as being between the ages of 15 and 45 (as the "rape-worthy" agespan category for all but really weird guys):

* assume that perhaps 1/3rd of women are currently in the "rape-worthy" agespan = 13.42 million women
* the agespan is 35 years * 364 days in a year = 12740 days
* that's 13.42 million women / 12740 days = 1053 women get raped every day in the USA

Time to check the newspapers. Births...deaths...marriages...where's the "rapes" section? Even if only 1% of these rapes were actually reported, that'd make a half-page to a page. After all, we *know* that bad news sells. The media even has a saying: "If it bleeds, it leads."

So what do we actually see leading? We see one rape splashed all over the front page of the newspapers. For a week or a month. Then it's back to the bloody Kardashian's or whichever stupid cunt "celebrity" who "accidentally" let her personal nudie pics out onto the interwebs for all to see.

Fucking. Bullshit. Exposed.

So, what's all this crap about a rape-culture? Hysteria. Attention-seeking. Pushing an agenda to change the social mores to make themselves feel important and relevant in the world.
The socially-irrelevant and actually-powerless, agitating to make themselves seem (and feeeeeel) more important than their actual pathetically lowly and worthless status in society. "Look at me! I've done this to help raise awareness about <bullshit feelgood garbage>!"
Stick a fork in 'em. Oh yeah. They're done.
As Mindstorm points out, I messed up my calculation - the real numbers are more like:

* assume that perhaps 1/3rd of women are currently in the "rape-worthy" agespan = 13.42 million women
* the agespan is 45 - 15 = 30 years * 364 days in a year = 10950 days
* that's 13.42 million women / 10950 days = 1225 women get raped every day in the USA

Mindstorm also pointed out that the actual demographics give higher numbers of woman so I dug up some more information from Wolfram|Alpha and found that there are 62.5 million women between the ages of 15-45 in the USA:

* 62.5 million / 4 = 15.625 million rapes
* agespan 30 years * 364 days in a year = 10950 days
* so 15.625 million women / 10950 days = 1427 women get raped every day in the USA

I'm still looking for the "rapes" section in the newspaper - did somebody pinch it?

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Social Deconstruction: Seeing The Darkness

Over on the post about What You Can Destroy, commentor Robert What? and I had a small discussion about the post and the woman involved. I've decided that the discussion is worth it's own post. Honorable mention to Omega Man.
Robert What? -
At least this woman realizes that woman have to start asking themselves "what do I bring to the table?". That is more than most modern women do, even ostensibly "conservative Christian" women. Ask most young women what they bring to the table to deserve commitment from the guy of their dreams and you will likely get a blank stare. Probably the first thought would be "isn't my vagina enough"?

Black Poison Soul -
True enough, Robert.

I truly wonder though, if she has realized one thing. It requires utterly irrevocable commitment on women's part as well.

Are they willing to bring that to the table? In a non-revocable way? One which cannot, ever, be overturned in the future - for whatever reason, no matter how ostensibly-good?

Until that is a part of the package placed upon the table, in a matter utterly believable to all (including the badly-burned) men - then it is nothing more than an empty mouthing of pretty-sounding platitudes.

Robert What? -
Women have not changed. Young women have always had the instinct to be disloyal. It is in their DNA. However, for most of civilized history, society and law put a check on those instincts. Divorce and affairs had great social stigmas attached to them. (Affairs by men less so, because even a "straying" man usually supports and protects his wife and family. Abandoning them was also met with enormous social stigma.) However, divorce and affairs initiated by women now have little or no stigma attached to them and are often celebrated. So if you are waiting for women to "see the light", you'll be waiting forever. It is society that has to change, and I don't see it changing for the better anytime before the collapse. And that might not come for a hundred years.

Omega Man -
Excellent point about female behavior. Women can deny it all they want, but they are hardwired to betray.

Black Poison Soul -
Females have spent decades if not centuries deconstructing the social and legal limits upon their sex. As you say Robert, they will not be interested in "seeing the light". Which makes the entire post of hers an empty moo-ing of platitudes, designed to soothe certain sectors of men and keep them quiet.

Society will not change. Society is composed of women and those besotted with women. These vastly outnumber those who (like us) consider themselves to be capable of seeing the crap coming down the line. We can shout truth to the skies and nobody will listen, because they have a vested interest in not listening and not changing.

In her gut, every woman knows that she will survive. Even if men starve to death, she will eat. Even if men fight and kill each other, she will still be around and her genes will continue - mixed with the victor's. Since society is comprised to overwhelmingly favor women and most men have a similar mindset of favoring women, then women will continue to be coddled and protected at Men's expense. She doesn't care if the man she "bonds with" (aka marries) dies. She will still survive.

In the end there is always someone willing to fuck her even if she's butthole ugly. Even if it's just to get his rocks off when he's blind-drunk. Even if he's already got a wife and a couple of mistresses on the side (just look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton).

We are in a slow decline and collapse, it will not be sudden and earthshaking. Barring some absolutely revolutionary method of education or breaking down willful barriers in the mind, I can see nothing happening in a hurry. I cannot imagine such a technology coming into existence. So things will simply continue as-is, getting worse and worse.

A while back I posted up a video by Sandman, about the collapse. He stated that he saw women in Belgrade, upping their competition for men with money. This type of thing is what will happen as the West collapses.

Only after the collapse is basically complete will the survivors force and enforce a moral system upon their women. Will this be out of a desire for civilization? Hell no! It will be because they're jealous and brutal bastards who no-fucking-way are going to share "their" women with anyone else.
This can be a bitter pill to choke down. I think that many amongst the MRAs willfully blind themselves to this overall dynamic. I think that the PUAs can see it, so they decide to take advantage of it. I think that we MGTOW can see it, yet can't be bothered taking advantage of it - there's nothing worthwhile in it for us.

Omega Man: Hardwired to betray? Not necessarily hardwired. Trained would be a better word. When someone has been trained and shown and validated their entire life, when the social and legal limits have been removed, it simply becomes female bad behavior. It can and will eventually be held in check once more, whether because of a system of rebuilt social disapproval or a more brutal "step out of line and you're dead, cunt".

This reminds me once more of the reversion to sex slavery in the Islamic State. The women will survive no matter what. Even if it's as a sex slave.

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