Thursday 14 May 2015

Social Deconstruction: Enabling Our Destruction

There are times when I have to admit that a technology has become very disruptive with regards to an otherwise-functioning society. The technology I'm thinking about in this situation: the internet.

The disruptive chain of the internet has two bases:

* enhanced communications
* relative anonymity

This causes the rise of various websites, some seemingly innocuous (at first) and some outright designed for various socially-disruptive shenanigans (I've stated before, to a woman on the prowl any website becomes a place to look for a man - thus the groupies in the Manosphere):

* facebook - validation and exhibitionism and surreptitious hookups
* twitter - validation and exhibitionism (haven't looked to see if hookups are possible)
* instagram - validation and exhibitionism and hookups (various sponsors)
* dating sites - validation and surreptitious hookups and "proper" dating
* video-sharing sites - validation and exhibitionism
* story-sharing sites - validation and exhibitionism (and sharing of fantasies)
* tinder - validation and exhibitionism and hookups
* sex and adultery sites - validation and exhibitionism and hookups

So the common threads of all these methods of communication is:

* pumping up a girl's ego to impossible boundaries
* enabling surreptitious bad behavior
* allowing deniability

Overall allowing her the opportunity to be a slut while at the same time concealing this slutty behavior from 99+% of people.

Is there a solution to this? I personally can't see one.

We can't destroy this system of enhanced communications. If it were possible, it's still what makes civilization go 'round. Even better, it's what has allowed us Men to get together - share experiences - and learn what we've learned about overwhelmingly-common female behaviors. It's far too valuable to us to destroy them out of what would effectively be pique.

We can't destroy this system of relative anonymity. It's a natural outgrowth of a desire for privacy. For those who don't want society (in the form of Government) poking their sticky fingers into every single thing they think and do, that privacy is vital (including for us Men). With the ability for good (protecting those in oppressive regimes, keeping your personal stuff private) we have to deal with the bad (criminal and socially-disruptive behavior).

Can you "ban" the above types of websites? No. You would simply force them underground, into the dark web, along with the more criminalized activities that places like Silk Road and it's replacements and derivatives cater to. You can't stop a tool being used for something it wasn't originally intended, like a hammer being used to commit murder. So we're forced to tolerate these places sprouting up like toadstools.

In a way it's a mixed blessing. With it being so overtly available (just look at the website for Ashley Madison) while retaining plausible deniability for the girls who use these services, we can at least see that the services are available and are obviously being used. From that we can base our interactions with women accordingly, stating with a fair amount of confidence: YAWALT.

So looking at these websites, these services, they actually enable these lunatic women to continue their childish, self-absorbed garbage "lifestyle". Every time that we are using these things, we have to face the fact that we are encouraging this insanity that we despise. We have to face the fact that any potential NAWALT is going to be destroyed because she is forced to climb upon the bandwagon to have a chance of getting what she wants (going downhill from that point).

Eventually I had to stop using them. Twitter [I meant Tinder. - BPS], PoF, Match, whatever. Partly because the women were such overwhelming garbage, partly because I was simply contributing to the problem. (Yes, yes, go ahead and say that I'm a loser and that I've not run across a quality woman - what many people consider quality is based only upon sexy looks and wantonness with the narcissistic suck of a Black Hole (check out #2 and #4 on the urban dictionary for the slang).)

My stopping - Men in droves stopping - using these services will not stop the girls from using them. They simply become more desperate, doubling down on the use of such places. The men who continue to use these places will continue to perpetrate the overall problem. They just want their dick in something, anything, and don't give a damn about the bigger picture.

This overall dynamic of destruction is not going away any time soon.

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  1. The business model for all those sex/adultery sites operate like ladies night at the bar, except more extreme. Women get free use of the site and men pay full price. Some of those sites are even more insulting by making a man pay to sign up, and then pay even more to use. What's even more criminal, is many of the profiles on these sites aren't even real people. It's just a bad deal all the way around.

    1. As always, women are the favored sex. Everything is free for them.

      Pay twice? That makes me glad that I didn't bother with the paid ones. Sheesh. Anyway, in the end: if a woman's seriously on the prowl, she'll be looking on any site - paid or not.