Sunday 17 May 2015

Female Slavery: Voluntary or Involuntary

Hold on tight, this is going to be controversial. With that happy thought in mind, I will make feminists squirm and spin in their graves as I use their own definitions to state:

Women, you will become slaves once more. It is inevitable.

The process might be voluntary, submitting yourself willingly to a man. As the so-called Red Pill Women state they are willing to do (not that I personally believe them - at any rate, to feminists this is slavery to the mythical and hated Patriarchy).

The process might be involuntary, as your conqueror takes you forcibly into his bed. As the militants of the Islamic State are doing with the enslaved women of their conquered, after slaughtering the men and boys over 12 years old.

It might be fast and gentle, as you meekly and happily submit yourself to Men once more. With the sure knowledge that you are preserving your civilization and social structure and your own children by voluntarily restricting your choices and submitting to self-discipline enforced by Men.

It might be slow and painful, as only the tougher and nastier Men survive. With the painfully uncertain knowledge that your children and grandchildren will be struggling and dying in a declining world. Your submission and self-discipline will be brutally enforced, your children possibly killed, your genetic line possibly ended.

In the former situation, your load will be light and bearable. Technology will remain, improve, grow. Your day's work around the home might be accomplished with a few button-presses. Your duties might be little more than rearing children while being pleasant and warm and accommodating and making a Man feel welcome and valued and appreciated when he returns at the end of the day. Very little real effort for being personally taken care of and your children taken care of. You might hardly call this slavery at all, more a benevolent Patriarchal sexism.

In the latter situation, your load will be harsh and painful. Technology will have declined with civilization, as resources are used up and better technology is not created. Your day's work will become never-ending and of a back-breaking nature. Your duties will be dull and stultify your mind. You will be taken - forcibly - as and when desired, and you will share your life with several other slave-women in the same situation as you. The better-looking you are, the higher the chance of you becoming a favorite, the greater the envy and hatred and various attacks of the other slave-women.

Either way, only slaves of varying social ranks and status remain.

Collectively and individually: your choice, women.
And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying,
We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only
let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach. - Isiah 4:1
I am curious as to what is the reproach of the above seven women. I find that I must ask Isiah one question: What's in it for the man that these seven women accost?

I somehow doubt that the quieter and gentler scenario will happen. That would require self-reflection and introspection and willingness on women's part. The default reaction of the feminist-indoctrinated, with regards to unpleasant (ie anti-doctrine) ideas and thoughts, is to reflexively spit in your eye.

There is another path which I've not mentioned above. It is the path of ectogenesis: artificial wombs. It might be very mild in its application: a fetus taken early from a mother's womb and raised to normalcy. A perfect solution for those mothers who are too posh to push, for the generally heavier babies these days, and for the problem of premature babies.

A little more out there: driven by a better understanding of genetics and the like, Men bypass women entirely and create genetically superior Men. It might be surreptitious at first - simply imagine the squalling from the femme-brigade at the thought of being bypassed entirely, their genetic line flushed down the toilet. Women become effective second-class citizens, looked down upon with either lordly scorn or benign indulgence, depending upon the nature of the Man involved.
Tonight I will sip Grand Marnier and look - admittedly sadly - through these Crap Colored Glasses™ into the murky future. I wonder if what I see will come to fruition, or something better, or something much worse...


  1. "...your load will be harsh and painful"

    Yep, that's the one that turns them on.

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