Thursday 7 May 2015

Social Deconstruction: What Rape Culture?

It's time to roast these assholes, with their eternal paean regarding "rape culture", over a slow fire. Maybe we'll get lucky and can make them cry bitter tears of ultimate shame in the process (though they're generally shameless). Let's get started.

First, let's define the assholes involved and why I call them that:

* academics - pushing their theories out into the world (technically I am one of these)

* feminists - attempting to push their agenda and hopes of personal social relevance upon others

* feminist-indoctrinated - this is your average female who has gone to college (or watched too much TV)

* manginas and white knights - enablers and pussy-beggars ("oh you poor dears/do you want some dick?"), no you ain't getting laid

* the media - jumping on everything sensational in an effort to make $$$, rather than to fact-check and share real news

Now let's look at the feminists basic rape-claim from decades ago:

* 1 woman in 4 gets raped during her lifetime (ignoring the "eye-rape" claims of really fucked-up women)

Finally let's look at the mathematics:

* there are 322 million people in the USA (Wolfram|Alpha)
* that makes 161 million women
* that makes 40.25 million women get raped (in America)

If we define a lifetime as being between the ages of 15 and 45 (as the "rape-worthy" agespan category for all but really weird guys):

* assume that perhaps 1/3rd of women are currently in the "rape-worthy" agespan = 13.42 million women
* the agespan is 35 years * 364 days in a year = 12740 days
* that's 13.42 million women / 12740 days = 1053 women get raped every day in the USA

Time to check the newspapers. Births...deaths...marriages...where's the "rapes" section? Even if only 1% of these rapes were actually reported, that'd make a half-page to a page. After all, we *know* that bad news sells. The media even has a saying: "If it bleeds, it leads."

So what do we actually see leading? We see one rape splashed all over the front page of the newspapers. For a week or a month. Then it's back to the bloody Kardashian's or whichever stupid cunt "celebrity" who "accidentally" let her personal nudie pics out onto the interwebs for all to see.

Fucking. Bullshit. Exposed.

So, what's all this crap about a rape-culture? Hysteria. Attention-seeking. Pushing an agenda to change the social mores to make themselves feel important and relevant in the world.
The socially-irrelevant and actually-powerless, agitating to make themselves seem (and feeeeeel) more important than their actual pathetically lowly and worthless status in society. "Look at me! I've done this to help raise awareness about <bullshit feelgood garbage>!"
Stick a fork in 'em. Oh yeah. They're done.
As Mindstorm points out, I messed up my calculation - the real numbers are more like:

* assume that perhaps 1/3rd of women are currently in the "rape-worthy" agespan = 13.42 million women
* the agespan is 45 - 15 = 30 years * 364 days in a year = 10950 days
* that's 13.42 million women / 10950 days = 1225 women get raped every day in the USA

Mindstorm also pointed out that the actual demographics give higher numbers of woman so I dug up some more information from Wolfram|Alpha and found that there are 62.5 million women between the ages of 15-45 in the USA:

* 62.5 million / 4 = 15.625 million rapes
* agespan 30 years * 364 days in a year = 10950 days
* so 15.625 million women / 10950 days = 1427 women get raped every day in the USA

I'm still looking for the "rapes" section in the newspaper - did somebody pinch it?


  1. A fine calculation, with only one detail to be corrected: 45-15 is 30, so there is expectation of even more rapes happening each day. Indeed, there is roughly the same number of women in reproductive age as the number of their male counterparts:
    Those about 3 mln of women that exceeds men between 15 and 64 are mostly older than 50.

  2. Thank you Mindstorm. I dug up some better information and added to the end of the post. It looks way worse now.

  3. The Black Knight8 May 2015 at 08:04

    Oh, come on! Give Mattress Girl a break. This is just her unique way of exercising. She wants to tone her body so she can show off in those tank tops and short shorts that she loves wearing as evident in every picture they have shown of her.

    1. Pfff! I prefer this kind of 'showing off':
      But that would require talent....

    2. Would definitely require talent. Interesting vid Mindstorm.

      Now, if Mattress Girl had a boob-job/plastic surgery/bleached her hair/ate more than 30 calories a week - she would get all the attention she could handle as a Hooters Girl. Far more socially relevant then.

      It's always the ugly ones who bitch about life.

    3. Do you mean this?
      LOL. Still requires above-average coordination.