Saturday 30 May 2015

NAWALT's Are Irrelevant

I believe that I've said before about YAWALT's and NAWALT's and the like. How statistically hard the latter are to find.

I've also mentioned off and on concepts like: "if you don't actively oppose it, then you are implicitly and passively endorsing it". Yes, women in general, I'm once again talking about that lunatic who wrote the S.C.U.M. Manifesto - and who shot Andy Warhol (wait femiwhores, you say that's not relevant? I think it was plenty relevant for Andy, getting it through both of his lungs, spleen, stomach, liver, and esophagus).

Now we have this gem of common-sense. Again from /r/MGTOW, courtesy of Darth-Sin:
I would also like to add more to the irrelevance of NAWALT. This is inspired by an article titled. "Why The Peaceful Majority Is Irrelevant" 
The crux of this article applies to NAWALTs and why they are irrelevant or more specifically, why they have made themselves irrelevant by virtue of their actions. 
Historical and biological lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet for all our powers of reason we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points. NAWALTs have been made irrelevant by their actions. [Or lack thereof. - BPS] 
Where were the NAWALTs in the 1600s when women in England moved en masse to ban coffee shops an gathering spaces ?
Where were the NAWALTs when American women made the push that resulted in Prohibition and all the shite that came along with it ?
Where were the NAWALTs when women in UK were handing out white feathers to publicly shame men to fight in a war that killed millions of men and left millions more disable and shellshocked ?
Where were the NAWALTs when modern feminism was making a big brewhaha about destroying the family unit ?
Where were the NAWALTs when they instituted no fault divorce laws and made most of the men pay for alimony and child support ?
Where were the NAWALTs when they instituted discriminatory policies on the basis of sex, skin color and ancestral origins to achieve "equality" ?
Where were the NAWALTs when feminists made the push to brand all men as sexist misogynistic rapists who hate women ?
Where were the NAWALTs when feminists decided to push the Patriarchy Theory, which is a conspiracy theory with no basis in history or logic or reality ?
Where were the NAWALTs when they made the education system more favorable towards women and girls at the expense of men and boys and then proceeded to criminalize male behavior in schools ?
Where were the NAWALTs when they made the workplace environment saturated with political correctness nonsense and harassment laws to make women have an illusion of safety and security ?
Where were the NAWALTs pushing for equality when it came to conscription for war ?
Where were the NAWALTs when feminist was pushing the narrative of men as bumbling fools in the media ?
Where were the NAWALTs who spoke against criminal laws favoring women and creation of female safe space when in reality it was men who are in higher danger from all forms of violent crime ?
Where were the NAWALTs that spoke up against and pushed against nonsensical things that have no basis in reality such as female rape culture and the wage gap ?
Where were the NAWALTs when one brings up the issue of male genital mutilation ?
Especially when one brings up how the foreskin of the penis is used for the make up industry ? [In fairness while this is true - the amount of foreskin is miniscule per femikook using this shit. It just gives them sick and twisted tingles. Though that's bad enough and makes her an instant candidate for the kook-ward. I mean, what if I used circumcised clits in my toothpaste, for a nicer and brighter smile? Cue screaming shit-hemorrhages from the femikooks-in-waiting. - BPS]
Where were the NAWALTs speaking up for male victims of domestic violence and male victims of war ?
Almost every women you meet will tell you that she is somehow "different", that she is somehow "special" and she is "not like that". [The chameleon hides well. - BPS]
Yet, where is the evidence for this ? Women across history have had multiple chances, time and time again, to prove that they are NAWALT or to prove their NAWALT-ness. However, each and every time the chance props up, all we see are dismissive laughter or male shaming or silent consent or indifference or a combination of these things. [Ignore their words, (in)actions show the truth. - BPS]
At best and I emphasize and stress on the word best, we have one or two or perhaps five women in a population of millions of women who prove themselves as NAWALT or at least appear to be NAWALT. Karen Straughan, Diana Davison, Erin Pizzey, Esther Vilar, to name a few. The number is so small that is statistically insiginificant. One might as well be looking for a specific subatomic particle in a haystack.
So there you go fellas. Another compelling reason why NAWALTs are irrelevant.
There you go. Let me get at that electron microscope, I have a haystack to examine atom by atom...nah fuck it, I've got way more important stuff to do.

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